Junk or Gold? Cheap Backpack Fishing Rod

I’ve just ordered myself a $40
telescopic rod from Amazon and we’re testing out if it’s actually worth $40
what the capability of this rod is and have a little bit of fun with it So collapsed it’s very portable, look at
that, real small keep it in your backpack… keep in your car but when you extend it
gets to 9 feet long and I love these kind of rods because I can just have
this with me, I can have it on me, I can fish at any time it’s called the “so-gai- ylong”
I don’t know how to pronounce it it’s called, I’ll include a link below.
We’re gonna be doing two kinds of fishing with it
to see if it is a good overall rod. First kind of fishing we’re doing is we’re
gonna be throwing plugs and then we’re going to be trying throwing some bait
with it. Has anybody used this kind of telescopic rod before?
I’ve ordered mine off of Amazon for thirty-forty dollars I’m wondering what
your guys experience is to comment that below. We’re here with my brothers my
brother Sean my brother Brian. That was crazy I just saw that! oh there
they are. There’s a ton of stuff jumping. All these fish are jumping. What? This is crazy! I’ve never seen this. Yes, I’m already recording.. do you think
there might be too big? I need a smaller plug. Something hit that. On. He He! On the topwater! Calm yourself All right so the trick with these when
it hits it…don’t set the hook you just reel. When you set the hook it could pull it right out of its mouth. This rod is not good for using lures like this…it’s just too floppy. I don’t have any control over my lure. Using a Deadly
Dick now. (full volume whisper) What?? Yeah!! What are you throwing? I’m throwing a deadly dick. Which is just basically a piece of metal right? Yep it’s just a
piece of metal. Caught a nice little striped bass. So hows the rod feeling? Feels shaky it’s not a sturdy
rod by any means… it’s not good for what kind of fishin I’m doing right now.
What happened? It took it.. it took my whole thing…I tie.. I think it just cut
it right off look.. During times like this when it’s a feeding frenzy.. you need to have reliable gear you don’t want to have to be
worrying about missing fish and That’s what’s
happening to me right now They came in in a second and they left
in a second and I was not equipped or ready to do that. I was just introducing
the rod and then I hear and hear crazy splashing over there
I didn’t tie up correctly or anything and I ended up losing one of my favorite
top water plugs because I didn’t tie it right. This worked well but this was the
only thing that actually works well. This is probably a quarter ounce/half ounce.
The deadly dick worked well. This would not work. The rod is not stiff enough.
It’s not a great overall lure rod Definitely not a good top water rod. Now
the sun’s going down we’re going to settle, we’re gonna settle in and do some
bait fishing now. Just chill. Chill Sean, you have the luscious flowing locks of…. John Snow. Haha! (Sorry, forgot to put an audio track here! ) Something on this one! Woah! Ooo thats a big one! Rod is holding up. The rod is so long! Do you need a net? Yeah. Oh almost! Alright! That was a big one. That rod bend.That’s nice it felt nice it felt really good to hook that. Need pliers?
Actually yeah why not? Channel cat? Channel cat. Shaking its head alot? Yeah it is. This is
not the telescopic rod this is just our fun rod. This is just the bait rod. Hello you. I’m afraid the rod will break. I think its a cat. Its a nice cat. We got worms on here trying to catch spot. Thats a big one! haha! Feel it first Sean. that’s it got it all right slow down Looks like its on, set it! Got it. Alright, slow it down. Rod feeling sturdy? Sturdy enough. Alright Bryan! There we go. Ima take a picture of that one. AHHH. Its storming. The consensus: This doesn’t work well for lures. This works well for bait fishing and that’s it! We gotta get
out of here is storming real bad.

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