Kamie Crawford’s Best ‘Catfish’ Moments | Ranked: Catfish

(laid back hip hop music) – What’s up, everybody? Back, and this week, with
a very special co-host, someone I’m very excited about. – Hi. – And here she is, Kamie Crawford. – Hey, guys. (upbeat music) – Welcome to the show. – Thank you, I’m a huge fan. – What’s your favorite episode? – “You shoulda never called
me a fat-ass Kelly Price.” – You shoulda never called
me a fat-ass Kelly Price. (Kamie laughing) – That’s my favorite. – Yeah, Antwane and Carm. – Yes, and you couldn’t find Tony, and you guys were out in the cold. That would’ve pissed me off. – That was cold, that was. – (laughs) I would’ve been so mad. – Let’s sit down, find
out what’s going on. – I’ve been thinking about it all night. Just so you know. I like couldn’t get sleep. – Aren’t you tired? – That’s what concealer’s for. – (laughs) Now comes a very important part of the episode. Where I bestow upon you the responsibility of the MaxCam. Basically film me. – [Kamie] Yes – From the best angle. – I’m like so stuck right now. I can’t even think. – [Kamie] It’s time to boss up. Let’s get it together. You owe it to yourself, you wanna know, you can do it. – Oh my god, I feel sick to my stomach – [Kamie] Well if you throw
up I’ll catch it for ya. – Hey everyone, we are back with an all new episode of Catfish and this week we’re very
lucky, back by popular demand, is a co-host you met not to long ago, I don’t know if you’re gonna
recognize her though, Kamie. – Oh hello, didn’t see you there. – You look like you’re about to go on stage for Lion King. – I am actually – I have a– – Oh you wanna draw on me? – Just a little draw. – Okay, that was the wrong place – I know but I’m doing whiskers – What? – So you look like a
little lioness, It’s cute. – Actually it does go
with the rest of the look. – You kinda look awesome though right? – We’ll make it work – You can make it work. That’s called contour? – Contour – See we help people on the show take off their masks and you’re all
about putting on a mask. – Sometimes god does make mistakes and contour fixes it. (both laughing) – You said you guys talked on the phone? Do you have like voicemails
or anything like that? – Yeah I have a voicemail. – Let’s listen, I wanna hear
Chris Brown’s voicemail. – [Chris Brown] Hey, I
just wanted to say hi, and let you know that I miss you. Talk to you late, bye. – Shaquena. – Yes. – Baby. – Yes. – Girl, you know, you
know you’re my friend. That’s not Chris Brown, that sounds like a 13 year old boy or a 20 year old woman. – What’s it gonna take to convince you that it’s not Chris Brown? – I feel like you’re gonna
need a lot of convincing. – All right guys, Nev’s
house, let’s go find him. This is Nev’s front door. – [Nev] No solicitors please. – Good morning.
– [Nev] Morning. – Nice shoes. – These are my house slides. – [Kamie] I would hope that
they stay in the house. – [Nev] They stay in the house. (both laughing) – How’s it going? – What’s up, Kamie. I gotta say, people are loving you. – I love them, they’re being so nice! – From what I’ve seen on Twitter, you’ve got fans girl. – I’ve been getting fan mail. – Wow. – My grandma texted her pastor to be like “Kamie’s on Catfish” – Oh really? – “You know tune in” and I said dick pic on national TV
(Nev laughing) Grandma was literally like, “Ah Kamie.” (Kamie Laughing) You make an accent
– Were you with her? – Yes I was with her, and I
was just kinda like sorry. (Nev laughing) – That sounds like a
shockingly pleasant individual. – She seems nice. – But this is gonna be bad, I can see it. And I don’t want to so no. (phone ringing) – [Voicemail] Please
leave your message for– – Oh honey, whooo. – [Man] That’s not a good sign. – How do you feel? – I’m not mad at her. (Kamie sighs) I know Kamie, I know I know. – You’re kidding me, The
nice route like is no more. – No more? – She’s been playing you and playing games, I want
for you to want better for yourself even as a friend. Friends don’t ghost you, friends are there no matter what. Good friends at least, like she should be just
as excited to see you. Even if it’s not in a romantic way, but just be like “Oh my friend’s in town, “I wanna see my friend”. In the back of your mind are you hoping that when she sees you that
she like is head over heels in love and wants to
pursue a relationship? Be honest. – I would like that, but
then again, you know, this is gonna be the first time, like, I’m meeting her and
actually getting to know the real her, so… – At least you know face
to face you can’t drop the phone and disappear for five months. She’s gonna have to talk,
she can’t just run away. – Just to let you guys
know, I’m actually staying with my friend for a couple days ’cause my Mom didn’t want me
to like go on national TV. She kicked me out for that reason. – So you’re gonna risk
it all for this girl? – You miss 100% of the
shots you don’t take. – Yeah, but you also miss your
bed if you can’t come home. (man laughing) – That’s true. Okay, so wait a second,
how did that happen? – [Alicia] So um, one day like, I was looking on her accounts,
and I noticed a Kaden. So I asked her about him because I thought he was cute and asked if it was okay if I
would be able to talk to him on her account but it just
went on for a lot longer than I expected it to and I didn’t know how to
say that it wasn’t her. – Alicia, I’m sorry,
I’m calling bull (beep) for a second because earlier today when we were on the phone
I straight up asked you if you were telling the
truth and you said yes. Are you telling the truth now? How do we know that
you’re telling the truth? – [Alicia] Why would I lie? – Cause you lied a couple hours ago girl. – [Nev] Hold on Alicia, can
you just give us one second? – [Alicia] Sure.
– [Nev] Okay, thanks. – I feel like she’s
lying but we don’t know if she’s lying then or she’s lying now. – Do you want to talk to her right now? How do you want to deal,
move, what do you wanna do? – I just kinda want to
sit on this for a sec. – Okay.
– Okay, yeah. – Hey Alicia, sorry about that. Okay, so look it feel like
there’s been some deception. – [Alicia] I feel like coming clean like at this time was
good because now you guys don’t need to come to Hawaii for him to meet me when
it’s, he knows it’s me now. – We’re gonna plan on coming to Hawaii. – [Alicia] Okay. – [Nev] All right, bye. – Not gonna lie, I’m really pissed. – But then how do you
feel about Adriana now? Like she lied too. It’s time to show up and grow up. We just spoke to you
Adriana a few hours ago and you said that same story. – Yes because I wasn’t
able to get ahold of Alicia and figure out– – If you guys were gonna lie? What about just telling the truth? – That’s what we’re doing. – A little late, I mean why not just say, “I’m not feeling you like that?” Like, I’m just not feeling you. – As a woman, have you
ever like had a friendship that like, I dont know or has a guy ever like hit on you maybe too much and it’s hard to like
shut that down but like, “Hey do you still want to talk and stuff”. – I’ve done it multiple times. – Yeah okay. – I’m just telling you
it’s the best policy, Instead of leading anyone on intentionally or unintentionally. (techno music) Kaden do you have anything to say? – No, I’ve got nothing right now. – He might not be so
vocal and honest right now because he’s got his feelings hurt. But, he had real feelings for you. Can you understand that? – I’m sorry that I allowed
that to be portrayed as me and I didn’t mean to hurt you. None of it was supposed to go this far. – No not at all, I mean I’m not
the one that contacted them. – You missed that, I was sneezing. My allergies, yeah,
I’ve got bad allergies. – I brought Zyrtec but
I left it at the hotel. – Oh man, it’s okay. – Every time I film with you, you’ve got some type of situation. (Nev sneezing) (Kamie screaming) (both laughing) – Oh my… Whose idea was this? – You actually thought for a second that I was about to spill on you? – Yes! – All right that was good, welcome back. – Thanks. – [Female Voice] He started getting weird. He started say like he bought keys. – Keys of cocaine? – Keys of, I don’t know. – Wait what is he talking about? – I don’t know what kind of
keys he was talking about. – That’s gotta be a drug thing. – Cocaine! (intense music) – He said he lost 13 to 15 keys. – Cherline. – Come on. – The cartel has him hanging up right now over a highway in Mexico
if he lost 10 to 15 keys. He might actually be dead. I think a PA like gave me
your I think this one’s yours. – Which tea? – Yeah. (gasps) (both laughing) Got yo ass because you got me last time and literally almost killed me. – That’s good, I can’t
believe I totally fell for it. – I was sweating thinking about that. – I didn’t even see it coming. – Wait, what’s wrong with you. – 3 years you’ve been thinking
about this, thank you. (girl laughing) – Awww. – This is so crazy (car engine starting) – Bye, have fun.

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