Kayak Trout Fishing at Quarry Lakes

what’s up guys this is quarry lakes in
Fremont California it’s shaped like a horseshoe and some
locals just told me that most of the big fish is on the other side so I’m gonna
head over there and try to catch some big fish
let’s go guys we are deployed guys huh which first catch of the day as a
clown yeah yeah we can broke off yeah baby my new PB holy Sh this is a
big fish goddang alright dude calm down dude
holy crap dang man that upv guys you freaking pbeing it broke off too bro
holy crap look how big this fish is down look at that dude and I’d lip them look
at that Hooksett look at that Hooksett dang dude right on the lip holy moly
dude whoo that’s what I’m talking about and it snapped off holy moly
yeah alright baby we got you you’re coming home with me gotcha
got a big one that’s what I’m talkin about cut damn dude what all fatty yeah look at that sucker whoo yeah that
fish bent the hook or bent the lure look at this thing
that’s pretty insane that’s a fat fish I haven’t waited yet yo what’s up guys
ending my day here at Quarry Lakes Fremont California you know when I
started this day I wasn’t expecting much I got my lines into fresh water for the
new year and boy what a way to start a new year I got my new PB on a lure for
pound test probably in the first 20 minutes that I
got into the water Cory Lakes I’m pretty impressed

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