Keeping Koi Carp – Nishikigoi Koi Fish Care – Koi Fish Pond

Keeping Koi Carp – Nishikigoi Koi Fish Care – Koi Fish Pond

so keeping koi carp, let’s talk about koi carp for a moment. They’re not for everybody you need a certain size pond to keep
koi carp it’s not necessarily about the depth it’s about the size of the
pond you can keep carp in shallower pond but the pond has to be really big
these guys can get to a meter long so they’re not for everybody like I saying
it’s basically a case of unless you’re really dedicated or have a dedicated koi
pool it’s like a swimming pool with fish in then I would steer clear of the
koi fish what I would recommend in that scenario
is go for goldfish or goldfish sized fish that don’t outgrow the size of the
pond a lot of people get tempted and by small koi carp put them in their small
ponds and then they outgrow and they become obese and basically it becomes a
maintenance nightmare so you have green water issues you have water quality
issues and it becomes a nightmare and it’s not the Koi fish is fault it’s not the
ponds fault it’s basically a case of you should really keep small fish in small
ponds or big fish in big ponds

17 thoughts on “Keeping Koi Carp – Nishikigoi Koi Fish Care – Koi Fish Pond

  1. Good info as i WAS tempted to buy some small koi for my 9ft/5ft/3ft pond i have moved house and kept my goldfish from the small pond i had at the old house and put into the new pond . I am re-vamping the pond new liner , new pump , filter box and was thinking about maybe 2/3 koi for it as well as the goldies but now i think i will stick to some shebubs and goldies ! THANKS

  2. acquiantances have a small pond with so many fish in them and they say they just keep reproducing… and it breaks my heart because it really is tiny…

  3. I was planning to put in my 2000 litre pond 2 koi 2 king carp mirror or common 2 Tench and I already have 2 gold fish. with a 3500 capacity pond pump will this be possible.

  4. Hi..what abt koi in indoors..after Sept koi won't show any interest in taking your other video..thats apply same in indoors too ?

  5. Hello, I currently have A 4000liter pond. I have 6 Koi and 2 ghost Koi in there. There is stream, A pressure filter, A uv filter and A biological filter (vulcanic Stones). Oxygen is provided via A little art work that spits water and 6 plants. Is this the maximum Koi i can put in there? Its 3M on 2M. The deep area wich is 2 on 2M (1M deep) and an undeep area wich is 2 on 1M (20cm deep). Thanks for Your time. 🙂

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