Hey guys Dan here! UMM, so I’ve already been recording this for about 12 minutes bare in mind I started where I left off in the previous video, We’re playing raft today because you guys loved it and wanted to see me play some more! So I did play some more and my goal was this, the shark trophy now. I don’t know about you But Bobby is making my life a little bit difficult. So I’m gonna try to make this today. I… heheha, but it didn’t go well. At all! Oh no. Oh, no. It’s all getting a bit gray so again a little bit gray and It’s gonna fade to black any second now, the survivors never been my strong point Incapacitated waiting for rescue Bobby! I know we’ve been enemies up until now But please save me! so instead of starting in the middle of the ocean with nothing, I thought I would start again. heheh, and I have no shame in putting it on easy because I want you guys to enjoy this video Do not think I suck . Let’s go kill da shark. That’s what we’re gonna do. create world okay, let’s start again!, We’ll get some supplies and Hopefully Get that shark head as well I’ve got one plastic hook I’m back to zero, but at least I’ve got a little bit of knowledge in this noggin Where’s Bobby at? Bobby better be in this mode. Otherwise, I’ll be well upset. There He is! Hey buddy, i’m back! I think my mistake last time was not making a planter because I ate all of the potatoes I scoffed em’ But I’m gonna quickly swim and get this barrel though. There you go Ow, ow, ow, grab this, grab this I just need something to, to move this I think. okay I may or may not have taken a few hits from Barry already It was to get barrels though, because I’m not doing too. Well right now. Let’s grab ourselves I can’t I need rope, rope! craft and then I need a building hammer This is like going back to basics right now, and let’s build a bigger platform Yes! Yes, okay. This is better. Perfect, alright. I’ve got one more platform I can use but I don’t you right now. I do want that barrel though. Come on Come on throw as long as you can. Oh! What reel in yes, this is going much better. I still have no food, though There is an island coming up though. BOBBY! BOBBY! I just built that do you have to!? I have no weapon. I need to make myself a stabby stick as soon as possible What an absolute punk! How dare you? I’ve got a beat! And a potato. Let’s GO! Let’s put that right back! Okay, let’s start this properly now shall we let’s get ourselves a small crop lot. We need rope. Oh, I’m missing the stuff I also need a stabby stick. You know what let’s get a stabby stick and he broke for that as well. Fantastic. [TRIGGERED] oh! I’m missing so much stuff Noooooo!! No, I need things. Ah, there’s that thing from before. I don’t think I can use it though, alright! Let’s just focus on getting things built. I need food. Please small crop plot craft that bad boy. All right, let’s try this. Shall we? Let’s see what happens. So a small crop plot can go let’s put it let’s put it here and then plant this and, Plant the beetroot. yes… Yes!!! This is better simple grill. I need some more rope. Actually. Let’s go to purifier first hold R. I Don’t want to bring around this needs to go. Let’s put this there and We need a grill as well BAM! okay, this is set up and ready to go right now Yes!!! like I’ve learned my lesson. It’s crazy I need a lot more planks though. I don’t know where all the plants come from Oh no, my dude’s getting hungry already How do I solve this hunger situation so quickly? I’ve got, needs fresh water what!?!? it needs fresh water Oh my goodness, okay This game isn’t for me. This game just isn’t for me. I was used to Minecraft I wanna I wanted to scoop up some pigs cook their pork chops, but no, what is that up there? There’s a tent up there. How do I get a sail again? I Need one more p…. Oh my goodness. I can’t even craft it. Oh, geez, this game is hard, you know!?[TRIGGERED EVEN MORE] Here we go. Water crops. I don’t actually know what that does I’m guessing it does something I thought this was supposed to be easy mode>:( . This was supposed to be easy. Ah OHHHHHH BOBBY, BOBBY no. No, I need that get away!>:( It doesn’t even work NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe you just did that -_- What a chump. Is he joking? He’s actually gonna do he’s actually gonna do that, right? That just costs me a load of materials. It’s dark and I’m alone<: well i never alone because bobby always there. um... haw. there no food in either he just hanging around waiting for me to die again. yeah get it. that even easy mode yes do fairly as well. okay potato got myself a need pop place couple planks gonna look at my health bars. dead up right now. least less of punishment dying mean was supposed be easier. guess does make it lot easier begin gatherer. okay. great bird hey what are you doing here huh these better give some good things cooked eat this bad boy. we go. finally fallen jeez definitely weapon where the weapons stabby stick. rope stick will put your head on spike barry whate... whatever name is. seems if angry. bobby. realized hook is broken don fear. new one. why music starting inevitable doom about happen going have grown yet back save own raft time. out oh spike. hear beat and non could plant one but stableness. how many two so turns into not honest. take long time though think can actually sail now enough leaves might that. let try craft. go grab barrel then over know floated by went maybe were humans other doesn like much equipment blank research table useful chopping down trees removing parts should probably point. means when an island game hurts brain watching buddy. roz. watching. looks only stab him provoking fine really getting any closer though. am uh stay away. more scars poke with this. poked him. lost. rain since has been bad. something want steal pick crates stone metal ore bet saw bed. on. mike almost terrible decision. without waves ridiculous made worth raining. horrible harvest sweet. doing. bed gives nails scrap still storm. kind chilling lost basically craft also streamer which way wind forwards. very off geez x100 done dude bird. ho close did forget double four another freshwater. goodness. flying forgot fishing rods here. rod. completely didn use last quite remember tell fish end see little pretty sure bait so. yes. making days catch fish. catfish. beets big fire cook thing. massive. straight-up munch idea beetroot talaper ah catfish thought thing massive all mackerel fill us anymore. good. bigger attack items works. anyway literally anything our stairs full stairs. those shark trophy cost obviously first kill his able display rest sharks day mine figure herring its glory raw straw bit hold guy weird lie. come pokes hit hammer angry mad broke must would hardly blanks cut seeing five built extra isn nice collection foods mackerel. terrifying. goodness face. cant h hits otherwise holes face from hitting want. chewing arm mind. stuff needed. needed beetroots rope. barrels spear comes sharp trophy. from. they straight tried absolute chump no. definetely swimming away fell off. whoa. done. eye miss scrap. simple beds lay ha yourself perfect. hungry. real ok perfect drink keep forgetting everything again feel wreck horizon. please loads bolts amazing getaway space build wall. worry anchor horrible. used once bear mind rock. currently moving. way. welcome meat planning whole head. sinking gone. carry bottom later stole crops potatoes took advantage crazy situation who knows sunk three show find dock anymore came do. wouldn nail ourselves wall phenomenal wooden jeez. before makes hunger next pointing gotcha punk>:D) um, Sorry Bobby / barry The first oh, I can’t. I could only type that much. Sorry Bobby/Barry. Oh dude, does the shark come back though? Yes, he does. Yes, he does!!! :O THERE’S A NEW ONE!! He’s not gonna be happy with this Is he I wish I kind of turned that round so that we had him facing the other way We did it we killed Bobby only took me an hour and a half and Restarting my whole game to get it, but we’re back look all these items as well my goodness We’re back with fully functional we’re renewable and we killed Barry, Bobby Whatever his name was we killed him. And now there’s a second one ready to destroy us what better scenario Could you think of? and just like that another days gone past We actually have a lot of materials right now We have some shark meat as well that we can cook so we do that now It looks a little bit horrific, but I know people do eat shark. Let’s have a little better lay down It looks like we’ve just straight-up fallen over can’t fall asleep during daytime. Oh, okay. That’s probably why now, can I do it? Yeah, there we go. Right I want to try the shark meets watch the sunrise oh, there’s another there’s another wreckage over there still haven’t found ourselves a we haven’t found ourselves an island, which is a little bit worrying So the three barrels I’m just about to miss out on which I’m little upset about and let’s cook this look at it juicy, beautiful It’s got rings on it kind of like a tree So you can chow old Barry was Bobby wherever his name was. You could tell how old Bobby was Wasn’t too old poor thing This is the SSS Bobby. That’s what we’ll call this from now on and you are Bobby in the second! This one has some stairs. So I need to get up there before and before it sinks Well, geez, come on. Come on. Let’s get up there before. It sinks. I got it. Yes i got metal ore as well Wow, okay That was a good find and now it’s gone Bobby the second seems faster, which oh, geez. I need a drink There we go. Fixed got potatoes on deck as well. We got so many I just want to eat this I am real hungry right now. So I do want to eat it. Come on I’ve got inventory slot ready to go and look some juicy. It smells so good I just want to eat him just a little piece of him. He took many pieces of my raft So I took I took many pieces from him. Let this be a warning to you. You don’t see the shark can’t find you Oh, no Okay, you can just you just take that go on get out of here Consider it a gift That’s broad friendship going towards what I eat your son or your best friend either one of them. Oh It feels it full. Oh, that’s great. So our Bobby we did it I’m sorry your head had to come off to be part of the video, but um guys. Thank you for watching this I’m glad we finally got to slay Bobby and even though we restarted looks like we’re doing pretty Good. I don’t know how many more videos if any I’m gonna do on there So let me know if you enjoyed it by leaving a big fat like will be greatly appreciated Also if this happens to be the first video you see about me Please do consider subscribing to join TEAM TDM today for daily videos apart from that guys Thank you guys so much watching how an amazing day. You are. Awesome, and I’ll see you next time. Goodbye

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