hello hello my honey bees its your kitty honey king crab legs and lobster but before we begin I want to thank best fiends for sponsoring this video if it weren’t for you guys or sponsors I wouldn’t be able to enjoy delicious meals like this. So thank you best fiends And if you guys don’t know what best fiends is It’s a free puzzle adventure game where you collect two little fiends to defeat slugs and this Halloween You don’t have to choose between trick-or-treat because you can get both playing best fiends so download the game for free in the link in the description box and get five dollars worth of diamond and gold for free and Now, let’s dig in cuz I’m so hungry Thanks again best fiends for sponsoring this video so today I got 6 pounds of king crab legs and a lobster right here and some corn and potatoes and I’m gonna first start with the king crab legs Whoa Let’s use my scissors Donna dip it in my extra sauce right here Whoo, I also got extra garlic today because I love garlic Hmm Look at this garlic Hmm Guess what you guys so the other day I Was in the shower and I find this huge spider and I try to kill it with my shower head Once I sprayed it it became a ball and I thought it was dead But after a while the legs came out and I started walking again, did you guys know spiders don’t die from water I Was so scared. I Had to step on it. I was like, I remember a long time ago my ex-boyfriend needs to be so scared of bees and then one time we got out of the car and then there was a bee around us, right and Normally, you know your boyfriend would kind of protect you from a bug or something that’s scaring you But nope, you guys know what he did Comment down below Hmm the king-crab today is really really fresh What he did In that other car and he was He pushed me towards the B. Can you guys believe it? He pushed me. He was like what I was actually really shocked because He did that and he started running away I Used to play with bugs when I was really young so The other day I also saw another spider around my window and I just killed it with the palm of my hand I was like Wow look at that you guys don’t get in the sauce Drip get You know what I went to Amsterdam There were so many bees everywhere I don’t know if they’re bees or wasps but everywhere we went I think they knew that Queen Bee was in the house There are all around my food restaurants Today is a return of what would kenny do? Those of you guys who are new to my channel welcome to the honeybee fam And what would honey do is a segment where you guys might honeybee send in? Confessions or advice stories and ask me what I would do in your situation So if you guys have any stories to tell make sure you guys send it to honey eats at That’s honey eats at Before I read the story, let me crack this open You know one thing I love about king crab mukbangs is the sound of people cutting the king crab legs open with the scissors, so status wine Zero potato You guys ready Hi, honey, I need help. I love your channel so much and would love to share something that has been bothering me Last year, I was new to my school as a freshman and I joined the stage crew part of the musical During the musical I spent time with the cast of the show. I noticed that they were occasionally talking to someone let’s call him Tom Mm-hmm. I Thought dang this guy is cute. I Know that feeling With that moment I had a lot of confidence and asked my friends to introduce me It was a funny introduction. We talked a little and he seemed hilarious You know what? I really like funny guys. I think it’s a turn-on when Someone can make you laugh. That’s the best feeling He seemed so sweet and just my type, haha after that one interaction, I Began to overthink my actions every time I saw him. I can’t avoid him now I see him every week any advice on how I should start a conversation Honeybee Katy You know what I actually have the perfect advice for you and if I were in your situation I would be really shy too but what I would do I Would casually go up to them and be like hey and then that would start and spark a conversation I Think that’s the easiest way to get over any awkward moment And because you guys knew each other I think it would be easy for him to open up to you If any of my other honey bees have any recommendations for what she should do, please comment down below And if you do try my approach, please let me know in the email or in the comments section below if that worked Good luck honeybee Mmm this corn Perfect amount of sweetness Hmm Potato you’ll get all this garlic. Do you guys see that? You know what If you guys like someone or have a crush on someone I know it might be hard in the beginning But I say go for it It doesn’t hurt to try you never know he might start falling for you he or she Before we get to the next what would honey do let’s try this lobster Whoo Break it apart This lobster sounds a little empty though. Let’s check him out What do you guys see how tiny this is Mmm taste look No I’m so excited for the head. Let’s try this Dig it out That’s the best part you guys To the bone Are you guys ready for the next one this one I could relate to a little bit You guys might get heated listening to this one Mmm juicy My ears are falling off Ready Hi, honey, I love watching your videos. Thank you. They make me feel so good I’m pregnant and just entered my third trimester Congratulations now that my mother-in-law is here. She is always annoying me by repeating blames on me. My son is gorgeous She’s back. My mother-in-law got her hand surgery. It wasn’t that serious I took a lot of care for her. But in return she is always talking bad about me What would you do in my situation to keep yourself happy? well First of all, I’m so sorry that you’re going through this especially during your pregnancy no one deserves to hear that and The reason why I said I could relate to this Is because When I was dating this guy who was a very mama boy and His mom didn’t really like me so Whenever he was out with me She would always call him Ask him where he is and The girl he was dating before me was really smart and I Don’t think she liked me because I wasn’t Ivy League material And that really bugged me because I knew she Was talking about me But How I dealt through it I just tried to ignore it and just Think about the relationship I had with my boyfriend I Know it’s really hard When someone’s talking bad about you but As long as you know, that’s not true and Kenny be you’re beautiful and I really hope that my videos could really help you ignore your mother-in-law and Maybe you should talk to your husband about it And I know that if he loves you he’ll talk to his mom and I hope that Everything will work out and If my other honey bees have gone through this. Please comment down below and help this honey. Bee out Because I know being in a relationship and being married to this is totally different But just try to just let it out the other ear whatever she sing just Be like hmm. Hmm, and then let it out. The other ear. I Wish the best for you, and I hope that writing this email at least helped Yvette and made you feel better I love you. Annie be the best thing though to deal with hate or negativity has kill them with kindness Whoo Wow eat this whole thing with garlic Bobby Guys we are almost coming to an end But you know what time it is a whole new You know, I had a comment work John he’s good at eating but she is not good at mixing Because all my noodle videos there’s always that one white spot You guys want to know the secret to looking young Garlic And lots of onions Vampire cat If you guys have the notification bail on You know that I went on a podcast with pokey main one of the best female gamers out there If you guys watched it, please let me know in the comments below We had a mini mukbang and we were talking all about mukbang And I had so much fun I went as her a little It was my first ever podcast so I was a little bit nervous But after I had a little bit of food in me, I was like I got this If you guys don’t have the bail notification arm make sure you guys click it So if I do have little surprise events here and there you can come join me What are you guys gonna be for this Halloween, are you guys doing anything? If you guys are dressing up and you guys have Instagram Please tag me I would love to see what you guys are gonna be for Halloween You know, I didn’t know what Halloween was because in Korea we didn’t celebrate it before I don’t know if they do now but When I first moved to Taiwan and I went to an international school there The first time I was a magician because I want it to be like that Mickey Mouse magician thing When the second time around I think I was like a pirate or something over in Taiwan I Lived in like a gated foreigners community. So we had like trick-or-treat we knew all of our neighbors It was so much fun Let me know in the comments what I should dress up as next and whichever one gets the most likes I might dress up as that for the next video. So last bye Thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please gonna hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already and to become a honeybee and like this baby if you guys liked it and I’ll see you guys in my next video Bye


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