King Crab Mukbang!! 🦀😬 RM733 / USD178 | 15 Days Around Seoul – Ep.07 (ENG SUBS)

King Crab Mukbang!! 🦀😬 RM733 / USD178 | 15 Days Around Seoul – Ep.07 (ENG SUBS)

Today is the 8th day I’m in Seoul, Korea. And I’m gonna bring you guys along to eat King Crab! 🦀 *This seller is persuading me to buy crab from his stall. [Uncle is a common slang used by Malaysians to address older men] I requested a smaller one. He offered the crab alone for ±USD94. I agreed on ±USD94 if he includes 10 small prawns in my purchase. There’s a lot of vendors selling fresh seafood, here at the Noryangjin Market. And they each offer different prices. Since I don’t wanna give myself a headache by comparing the prices, I just decided on a stall here… …and tried to bargain for the lowest price possible. Deal! ±USD94 for the crab and prawns. The seller wants me to promote his stall. This is creeping me out 😅 It’s huge. He asked me to promote his stall. Looking to buy some big prawns. [Friendly seller! 😊 We recommend her stall] Done with our seafood shopping. Next, find a restaurant. [Restaurants are located on the 2nd floor] We’ve bought some seafood. So now we’re finding a restaurant where they’ll cook these for us. The Ahjussi gave us free cockles 😃 The prawns are super sweet (fresh). These are the big prawns that I bought before. I ask the restaurant to just grill them. It’s hot. Whoaaa~ Look at that~ There’s a lot of stalls that sell seafood on the entire ground floor. If you ever come here, you may choose whichever stalls you like. Ask for the cheapest price possible. The King Crab that I purchased just now, weighs around 2.2 kg | 4.85 lbs And its price is a little over RM400 | over ±USD97 [Total price for fresh seafood + cooking/serving is ±USD179] I’m currently waiting for my King Crab to be steamed. So I’ll enjoy the prawns first. My King Crab is finally served. Ah-ha. It’s really huge. *RM407.70 | ±USD99 And he also gave me 10 small prawns. This King Crab is around 2.2 kg | 4.85 lbs It’s really huge. Look at that. It fills up the entire space on the plate. Its main body is as big as my palm. Woooo~ Woohoooo~ It’s huge~ They provide each table with kitchen scissors. Ooomph~ That’s the meat. Whoaaa~ It’s thick. Wooooohoo~ The meat is really thick. And the crab is very meaty. Wow. Whoaaa~ Whoaaaaa~ The crab meat is seriously super sweet and fresh. Seriously. There’s a lot of meat inside. Fuh. I’ve only eaten half of it and I’m already super full. I’ve got some cuts on my finger… …from the thorns of the crab. Alright, guys. There are a lot of parts left that I need to break and eat actually. Haha. Thank You so much for watching me eating this King Crab, Mukbang style 😄 I’m currently in front of the New Era Cap, Hongdae Store. Near the Hongik University. And I’m actually looking for a couple of new caps. You might get tired of seeing me in the same cap, right? I bought this cap in Japan (almost 2 years ago). So I need some new ones. To freshen up my appearance on camera. So let’s go inside the New Era Hongdae Store and start hunting! 😃 😆😆😆 •SubtitlesBy😀Pyan’sWife• “Okay. Have you turned the camera off?” 😎👌 Padu Beb! (DOPE!)

100 thoughts on “King Crab Mukbang!! 🦀😬 RM733 / USD178 | 15 Days Around Seoul – Ep.07 (ENG SUBS)

  1. Sebenarnya ada cara nak makan dia utk lagi senang. Just patahkan kaki dia and then tarik. Confirm daging tu terikut sekali..btw padu beb!

  2. Untung bini tiap kali berjalan cari makan , selera mcam2 makan 😩🍛🍣🍱🥟🍤🍲🍜🍝🥘🥪🍦🌯🍬🍜🍧

  3. Bolehlah makan king crab ni kalau ramai2 tapi kalau makan sorang tak lalu lah sebab mesti ingat alien movie ketam yang kena belah terus keluar cecair hijau kuning macam tu…. esss

  4. nasik makan dalam sarung kulit dia tu..gaul sekali dgn jus dia dgn isi dia sekali. depa sana mkn mcm tu patut try. anyway mmg best experience makan kat fish market diarang.

  5. Video ko mmg terbaik pian….sampai bergendang perut aku tengok ko makan ketam tu… Mmg padu giler beb… Gud luck bro… Selamat menyambut bulan ramadhan yg bakal tiba…

  6. Aq teringin berkata 1 je halal ke makanan korang beli tu? Ingin bertanya jer….tengok gaya ketam dia potong macam…..

  7. Ketam 2 kg.berat shield ketam tu je dah sekilo lebih.perghhhhh nasib tk boleh mkn.klu tak dgn kulit2 ak nk bedal hahahah

  8. Halal ke tak ni bai?? Maksud aku tempat ni dorang masak pork/babi selamba je gunakan kuali yang sama bai….cuma selalunya Korea ni tak seteruk di China kot…

  9. Mmg jadi mhal nilai mata wang kita brape klau owng sne beli bgi dorang harga tak berape mahal rasanya lah

  10. Aq seorang ank nelayan bayak orng tnya aq ketam yg mana halal utuk orng islam ketan yg halal ketam yg ad kipas belakang tu kalau tadak orng islam x blh mkn ustat2 pn cakap mcm tu

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