Kitten Dangles From Fishing Net On Mother’s Neck | Animal in Crisis EP31

Kitten Dangles From Fishing Net On Mother’s Neck | Animal in Crisis EP31

Assistant Director : There there there!! PD : Is she there? There.. Is a skinny cat sitting crouched Seems like her body is twined around with something.. A little kitten is with her Upon approaching, she walks away PD : Oh no…! The kitten is helplessly dragged down by the mother cat The kitten is also tied together with the mother cat Informant : I think when the kitten was getting into the mother cat’s arms to take the breast The kitten got stuck in the net too I’m afraid they’re gonna die.. Don’t think they’ll survive PD : Oh my… No… The kitten is dangling from her mom dangerously Meanwhile the mother cat looks into garbage The kitten kicks her feet out of pain After hearing her kitten’s crying, she stopped looking for food Instead, she breastfeeds her kitten But then After sensing something, the mother cat moves to the other place PD : Huh? She goes into that warehouse Informant : We gotta take them and remove the net But she’s too fast to catch up with Also, she hides easily in such broad area While the rescue team comes across in a ship We decided to observe the mother cat After checking nobody’s outside, the mother cat comes out She carefully takes steps due to her kitten ??? Has the kitten escaped from the net? Being startled by the sound, the mother cat comes out Underneath the mother cat Found two kittens She has looked after the other kitten even with the net tied around her neck..? Assistant Director : I found them! The mother cat and her kittens are hiding underneath the piled up buoys How come they end up in such situation..? Informant : Since it’s an island, there are lots of fishing nets The nets to catch the fishes Perhaps the mother cat got stuck in one of them last year while wandering around Many nets are on the street as the village is based around the sea Fishy-smelly nets are the best playground for cats Perhaps the mother cat was caught in one of them while playing with it.. The mother cat was stuck in this net Perhaps when it was torn apart like this At the moment when I cut the huge net where she was stuck inside She ran away, leaving her neck and arms tied with the net The lady found the mother cat caught in the net And hurriedly removed the net around her But the cat ran away before the lady was about to completely remove it A month ago, I found her with a full belly I was like And she gave birth to kittens over there While breastfeeding her kitten, the kitten also was caught in the net too To cause no harm to the kitten The mother can’t even go out for food How painful would it be for both Informant : How can I ignore such poor cats when I can actually see them I’m so heartbroken.. so pitiful With all her heart, the mother cat takes care of her kittens The rescue team has arrived! At that time.. The mother cat comes out from the piled up buoys However The kitten hanging with mom is missing?! Perhaps something’s happened to the kittens?! Checking inside while she’s out Fortunately, the kittens stay inside as they were Vet : Even though the kitten escaped from the net luckily But there’s still a chance where she would get stuck again while being breastfed For more than 20 days, the kitten needs to be breastfed so.. The net is still twined around her body As the net digs into her flesh The wound will be healed above it causing harm to the muscles and blood vessels In the worst case, her skin tissues in the leg will die At the moment when the mother cat goes into the warehouse Blocks every way that links to outside A cage trap and meats are ready The mother cat walks cautiously around the cage Perhaps being starved, she starts to eat the meat And takes a bite of the meat that links to the entrance Informant : Nabi~ We will help you out, relax Successfully rescue two kittens Informant : Oh my.. How’s her neck? Vet : Oh no.. There’s a wound around her neck Clear mark from the fishing net Informant : I thought she was the only kitten.. The one who hung onto the mother cat Informant : Gosh.. They’re finally rescued Informant : I’m relieved now Hope she recovers well and lives happily with her kittens Removes the net first That has tortured her for a year Checks if she has other health issues Vet : As long as the superficial wound is treated well She will be recovered within 2-3 weeks, 1 month for max and lead an ordinary life How’s the kitten’s health condition would be? Vet : The net was digging into the flesh for about 2-3mm But as she could luckily escape from it she’s recovering from the would Her growth condition is fine Because the mother cat has been feeding her well Thanks to the mother cat who has looked after her kittens with lots of love All kittens are in health Finally, the mother cat is able to hold her kittens into her arms

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  1. what a stupid korean.japanes ppl. wait a year with help, make a video against help it right now! It is miracle that this kitten was still alive I thouth that it will be dead in end cos deficyt of oxyneg or brake a neck.

  2. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭baby 😩😩😩😩😩😩🐈🐈please help

  3. いや、バカじゃねぇの。こんな弱ってて糸が巻きついた猫捕まえれないわけがない。

  4. 제보해주시고 구해주신 분들 복받으셔요. 감사합니다.
    God bless those who reported the poor cat and her kitten to the rescuers and the rescue crew!!!! Thank you so much and keep up with the good work, please.

  5. No el gatito está colgando 😭😭😭 quien es tan malo haci 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. Gracias por lo que asen ♡♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥ nose como agradecer por lo que asen dios los bendiga siempre

  7. auguro ogni male peggiore a chi maltrattata gli animali vi auguro di morire bruciati e a quelle putane in calore che partoriscono delle merde come gli umani

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  9. Que dolor tan grande generan los humanos a estas pobres creaturas. Benditos sean ustedes que los salvan, el Infinito los colme de bien

  10. The trap door closed and the cat was like, "Haven't I had enough troubles?" Little did it know it was the start to a new life.

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  12. There needs to be an hour long version where they both die I love to hear the kitten screaming what dumb pets why didn't it suffocate

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