Korean Seafood Breakfast – BIG OCTOPUS + Extreme SQUIRTING Seafood in Seoul, South Korea!

Korean Seafood Breakfast – BIG OCTOPUS + Extreme SQUIRTING Seafood in Seoul, South Korea!

– Good morning, hope you’re
having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m
in Seoul, South Korea. This morning we are at
the Noriyangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market, which is a giant, mega, all things from the sea. There’s fish. There is all things weird and wonderful. And one of the best things
about this fish market, or seafood market, is that
you can buy anything here, and then you can take it to a restaurant, which is right within the fish market, and they will cook it on spot for you. So, I’m about to meet
up with some friends. It’s 8:30 AM, we’re here for breakfast. We’re gonna get a lot of seafood, and we are gonna have a
massive seafood breakfast, Korean food for breakfast today. (upbeat drum music) (water rippling) I love this market. I’ve been here a couple of times on previous visits to Seoul. But actually, we showed
up and the old location, which we actually went there, I mean, it’s right next
to this new location. That’s the place I went to last time, and it’s completely shut down. We looked at it, it’s
completely shut down. So, now they’ve moved to
this new indoor facility. It’s actually really nice, really clean. Again, just all things teeming
and edible from the sea. It really is like a
shopping mall of seafood. And it’s clean, it’s so modern. And we’re here at about 8:30am. It’s pretty calm, it’s pretty quiet. It’s very, very manageable. What’s amazing is that everything is live. It really is an aquarium
of seafood, a paradise. If you love seafood there’s just no way to miss this market when you’re in Seoul. And the great thing about it, also, is that it’s open 24 hours. (drum music) Stepping into the outside
section real fast. I think this is more of the wholesale, more of the packing section. They have frozen seafood,
maybe packing for export. But again it is still
very clean, very nice, the new facility and the
diversity of seafood. You just, if you love seafood, you just start to get this, like, energy. (drum music) – Good morning, how are you doing? – Good morning. – Hey.
– Morning. (traders speaking in foreign language) – Sea cucumber. – [Mark] Oh yeah sea cucumber. (speaking in foreign language) – [Mark] One of the hardest things here is that there’s just so much, and so many stalls to choose from, you kind of eventually
just got to choose one, but we stopped here at the corner, this is possibly the location where we’re gonna buy a bunch of seafood. – This one? – Yeah, oh, big. – This one is big.
– Bigger. – Oh no no. – [Mark] That comes with a bonus! That one comes with a bonus. We’re making some big
life decisions right now. – [Jeffrey] Life decisions, I
mean, what if we get it wrong. There is of course both options. (laughing) That, that would solve it. I think it’s gotta be between
snow crab and king crab – Oh, okay, deciding on
crabs but we’re definitely getting some of the mega, mega pen shells, which are like, they are like mussels. I don’t know, they’re
just, they’re just huge. And she pulled us out a bonus one with a little extra shell attached to it. – Oh, it’s squirting! It’s like a squirt gun! (laughing) That is exactly why
they’re called sea squirts, or those are also called sea pineapples, because they do look like a
pineapple from the outside. I have had those before,
those are delicious. Those are true, true seafood creatures. (speaking in foreign language) (laughing) Also a squirt? – Yeah. – [Mark] A different type. (speaking in foreign language) (laughing) – [Mark] I don’t know if there’s
anything more entertaining than watching a sea squirt, squirt! Oh ho ho ho. But she’s loving it too, she is, you chose the right stall, she’s friendly, she’s awesome, she is just, yeah we’re just getting a selection, that skree skirt, sea
squirt type number two. (water splashing) (speaking in foreign language) – Beautiful. – Like that. Awesome. Huh? – Well these are a family dinner. – You can hold this and give it a try. – On this side?
– Yeah yeah yeah. – I have an itch. (laughing) – [Jeffrey] Thank you. (plastic bags rustling) – [Mark] Yes there was no
way we were gonna get away without having one, a few of those guys. I think the actual name
is, is it a spoon worm? A spoon worm, that’s what it is. But it’s a, it’s a squirter as well. – Steam, steam. – [Jeffrey] What about grilled? Can you grill it or no? Only steam. – Yeah, steam. – [Mark] Yeah. (laughing) You’re awesome. yeah, we’ll take this guy. (dramatic drum music) She’s layed it all out on a tray, that is a bounty of all
things from the sea, that is breakfast. We’ve done well, done well. (laughing) What is your name? (speaking in foreign language) – Yes. – Thank you very much, and she has stall number,
you can see up there, stall number 17, she’s been so nice. So helpful to us, and she’s in seafood so when you come to
Noriyangjin Fish Market this is the spot. Come here, queen of seafood,
she is the queen of seafood. Thank you very much. (speaking in foreign language) Okay, and now we go
upstairs to cook everything. But before that we get some sashimi? Sounds good. – Yeah. (speaking in foreign language) – Haha thank you. Right across from the
other stall they have tuna. We decided it was a necessary
move to have some sashimi as well so she, she just cut
out a chunk from the belly, from the bottom of that fish, that tuna. And now they’re gonna
make it into sashimi. That’s the last, I think
that’s the last of the seafood. I think we, I think we’ve done well. – Follow the yellow brick road. – [Mark] He did just kind
of appear out of nowhere. This is the stairway to heaven. As we were buying the seafood, a man just, he did kind of
just appear out of nowhere, to collect our seafood and
bring us, escort us upstairs. (upbeat electronic music) – Yeah, maybe take a look inside, oh they do have downstairs, they do have low table seating. Is it good, it’s good, okay. Are we just choosing, yeah
they do, they do have. Okay, just trying to choose a place. I think this is the spot right here. We’re at number 16. (speaking in foreign language) – [Mark] A little bit of
confusion on the ordering because you’ve got to choose what you want for each seafood but I
think we figured it out. They were really nice,
they’re helping us out. And I think they know the best
ways to cook all everything. They’re so cool that I got
special access in the kitchen to watch them as they
do some of the cooking Oh here’s the octopus, the baby octopus. (upbeat drums) (chopping) It looks like a passion fruit. They do not mess around. As soon as they got the
word, as soon as we decided what to, what to cook with each, which most of them are raw sashimi, like literally like within
minutes, within seconds, they’re chopping everything up, they’re plating everything,
as fresh as possible. When she cut open, there’s
two different types of the sea squirts. One is the pineapple, one
literally looks like a pig foot and then if you slice it open it’s almost like a passion fruit inside. There’s like, bursting with, membrane-y, seedy, just juiciness on the inside. Oh, sea cucumbers are
on the chopping board. Oh the squirt (upbeat drumming) (chopping) – [Jeffrey] You ready Mark? – [Mark] First piece of
octopus, right in the kitchen. Oh yeah it kinda like sucks
your, the little suction cups. Mmhm, mm, oh that’s as
fresh as possible that, the sesame oil, and that
paste is like a bean paste. Oh that’s amazingly fresh, that texture. Dude you gotta get the spoon worm. And it is just way too
much action happening oh those are the pen shells! She sliced it all up, and
then now it’s gonna grill. All the octopus’s coming out. (speaking in foreign language) They work so fast, I’m just excited and
confused all at the same time and just amazed, but
all the fresh sashimis are all ready, ready to go. For the octopus, big octopus, half of it is gonna be steamed, half of it is grilled, and then I think, I didn’t even see where the crab went, but I think that’s in the boiling water, that’s in the jacuzzi right now. And for those giant pen
shells she emptied them out. They look like scallops,
they’re like massive, like scallop looking,
but those are pen shells and then they slice them
up and those are grilling. (sizzling) First time ever to write Korean. They wanted me to sign
signature on a piece of paper and then write something in Korean. (speaking in foreign language) I don’t know what I’m writing! (laughter) (speaking in foreign language) Not sure what I just wrote, but, they’re very very happy about it. Let me know what I just wrote. Wow, this is unbelievable,
we got the Korean style low table sitting on the floor. The entire table is just filled
with the bounty of the sea. Everything that we, I think
we’re still waiting on the crab, but the sea cucumber is
just kind of like melting on the plate, the spoon
worm, the uni, octopus, two ways, but three ways because
we got the raw one as well. And then the sea squirt,
two types, sashimi. Is that the stir fried octopus? – [Jeffrey] Yeah I’m
glad we did it this way. There’s no need to chew. You can squeeze the
tuna between your tongue and the top of your mouth
and it just dissolves. – [Mark] My first bite is
gonna be the spoon worm. And this is, it is a very
unique, peculiar looking creature from the sea, and
then she hacked it all up into small pieces and now it
kind of looks like intestines. Oh that is chewy! It’s almost like gummy. Like, oh yeah. Oh. It has a little bit of a,
like a seaweed-y taste to it. Okay now I’m gonna try the sea squirt. I believe that the darker red one, is the pig hoof sea squirt,
I just made up that name. But the darker one, the really
orange one, look at that. Oh, it even like squirted
out of the little, you can even squirt it once it’s cut up. It came out of a little
pore when I picked it up. That is, like, straight jelly in a skin. Whoa, that is, whoa. Ho ho ho ho. That has a unique flavor! It tastes like you’re eating the sea, but at the same time it’s kind of like, has like an ammonia taste to it. Yeah that’s the pineapple. Try the dark orange one,
try the dark orange one. Oh here’s the grilled. That sea squirt, that is unique, I think I’ve tried the sea pineapple but never that pig’s hoof one. That pigs hoof one, that is chewy, like I’m still kind of chewing it. A little strand of it. And it has kind of a, it really
is like, that is seafood. Like I don’t think you can
get anything more seafood-y tasting that that. Just came out fresh out of the grill. This is the pen shell. Oh yeah, oh wow that’s great! That’s like, it is like a scallop, but like, almost like, a
little more leathery and smoky, and that’s really good. This is the boiled octopus. For this one, I think
I’ll dip it in sesame oil. That octopus, the freshness of it, the texture like a little bit chewy, mm. Then just with that
complementing sesame oil, is what makes it. One of the joys of Korean
food, kimchi after every bite. Okay this one is the sea cucumber. And it literally looks like
it’s, just melting on the plate. Look at that, that ring. The ring, kind of gooey, and that color is amazing I think this one looks like it needs some sauce. Stuck to the sauce, oh ho ho. Mm, oh ho ho. I have had sea cucumber
before but that is, like slimy, and crunchy at the same time. And just like very neutral taste. It’s not really seafood-y
like the, like the sea squirt. Okay we’re doing some table
shifting on the dishes. This one’s the stir fried octopus. And she just stir fried this in a fire, there’s onions, there’s sesame seeds, there’s chili paste, and maybe zucchini? I’m just gonna reach in for a bite. Oh wow, oh that is delicious. The smoky wok taste, the onions, the chili paste, the sesame
seeds that’s what makes it. I don’t even know if I got a
piece octopus on that bite! (laughter) Yeah, octopus is a little bit chewy. But is is really tasty. I’m gonna try the sea urchin next. Okay, oh, oh perfect, it came out! Oh it’s so delicate. I dropped it, and a chunk of it fell out. Oh man this is kind of. Okay, but if I pick it
up like this it will, oh yeah, you gotta, you
gotta pick it up like this. Okay perfect. Oh yes, oh the sea urchin just, there’s nothing like
sea urchin, like it’s just, it’s a prize from the sea, it’s so perfectly rich,
eggy, creamy, it’s amazing. That one has kind of a
complexity of flavors, some of them had a little more bitterness, some of them, this one is very sweet, and it’s just amazing how
it fits within this shell. (fast paced electronic music) They cut the strip of tuna. The more red meat, akami, is on this side and then more, fattier
meat is over on this side. I’ll go for a medium, medium piece right there that’s perfect. Yeah. That is delicious. Like, just so pure. There’s nothing like tuna, okay, like I’m going for one of the belly pieces and I think I’m gonna try
dipping it into the sesame oil. Mm, mm, it just melts
in your mouth, the fat. Another piece of the tuna. Raw garlic, I think I’ll do
an entire chili on that bite. A little bit of fermented bean sauce. Mm, whoa. The burst of flavors,
the garlic, the chili, the soy bean paste. The fish just kind of melts in your mouth all in between that. Okay we’re moving into the crab. (cracking) – So we’ll break it into half as well (cracking) – [Jeffrey] Wo ho ho ho – Look at this! (cracking) – [Mark] Thank you Thank you Kevin, he just,
created me a perfect snow crab bite that’s just
blooming like a flower. Oh wow. Yeah, I mean, all of the seafood is great, but there’s just, crab
is just, it’s the best. Crab is always good, if it’s fresh. And it’s just like, the
stringiness of that. Skin should be pretty soft
but I don’t know if I’ll be, oh yes, okay, I don’t
know how pretty I am at, I’m not always the greatest crab cracker. There’s some scissors, okay. Oh yeah, it’s, this is the way. (snipping) The amazing thing about a
snow crab is the stringiness, and like, the strands, come on. Okay that’s pretty good. Just look at that. Maybe just a slight dip in the sesame oil, but it really honestly
does not need anything. Oh yeah, even with all the other foods, that is the greatest
mouthful of breakfast. I’m going back in for the sea cucumber. Oh ho ho, that crunch is just, it’ll surprise you every bite. Okay, I think I need to follow
that with something strong. Those peppers are amazing, they’re like, the spiciness
does creep up on you. Okay, saved this creature for last. Some type of a shell. Oh, I’ve got some of the
crab brew on my fingers. Okay, I think I can just
kinda grab it and pull it out. Oh that might be a little, come on guy. No I might, it’s a little slippery. I think it has to be poked, yeah? Okay, I think I got him. Whoa ho ho ho, curled
around the top there. – [Man] Wow, nice! (laughter) – Let me, let me, let me uncurl it so you can see how long that is. – Wow. – Look at that guy. This was the bonus that was
attached to the, the pen shell. That’s kind of like the
poopy section, take that off. Oh it’s, oh it’s like slimy and juicy. All right.
– anybody wants chunks. That’s nice, we really– – [Mark] I think this calls
for some fermented bean paste. Mm, oh that’s really good. It’s not that — – Tastes good with the sauce. – Yeah, yeah. It’s soft, not nearly as chewy as some of the other
seafoods we had this meal, especially the sea cucumber, but mmm that’s, it’s like squid. But like a tender squid. Oh it’s always a little higher and harder to put on your shoes after the meal. We did a little bit of
relaxing on those low tables, the best thing about
sitting onto the ground is that you can kinda, kinda, relax down after you finish your meal. (speaking in foreign language) That was an amazing meal. They are very cool here. (speaking in foreign language) Oh, what is he mixing
up over there that’s, that must be the fermented bean paste. Wow that’s a bucketful. I think our main lady is not here anymore. It’s restaurant number 16. Not totally sure her
name, this is the name, but they did a great job
at slicing and dicing and cooking, I think
just like a few dishes were cooked, but slicing and dicing the seafood definitely very cool. Phew, what a meal, what a breakfast! (upbeat drumming) We have come to the end of
this Seoul Korean seafood just breakfast extravaganza! That was an amazing meal,
that’s one of the most extensive spreads of seafood for break– well for breakfast for
sure that I’ve ever had! Like some of the squid was
a little on the tough side but things, and some of the other little squirty things were a little
bit on the tough side too and very very seafood-y you gotta really love
seafood to enjoy that. The crab was just unbelievably good. The pen shell was delicious. The, yeah, it was just great, and I love the Korean banchan, the different side dishes, the vegetables, the sauces, the sesame
oil just stands out. It’s delicious. What a meal, what another
fantastic time in Seoul. I want to say a big thank
you for watching this video. Please remember to give it a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it, leave a comment below
I’d love to hear from you and if you’re not already subscribed, click subscribe now and also
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the next video that I publish. Thanks again for watching,
goodbye from Seoul, see you on the next video!

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