[KR02S1] Noryangjin Fish Market and Korean Spicy Fire Noodle! Where to go in Seoul?

– Fire noodle. – As you can see, it’s very red. – And… – Oh my god. – You wanna try? – No! – No thank you! – Spicy? – Hi guys, so we just finished touring Myeong-dong. – And we teleported here, which is Noryangjin Fish Market. – The whole building is actually the market. – The Noryangjin Fish Market, the whole building. – So we’re gonna just check it out now! – Let’s go! – I don’t remember it to be like this. Is it like this? – I have no idea. – Is this the market? – Just like that? – No I don’t think it’s just like that. – I think there are more. – I think there are more stuff. – I think we are at the wrong place. Either that or we came damn late. – I think there’s no one here. There’s nothing here. – I think this is a new one. It looks like it’s under construction. – There’s nothing here! – Where are we? – Noryangjin Fish Market. – No this is not Noryangjin Fish Market. – Literally nothing here you know? – There’s literally nothing here, what the f*** is going on? – After going to the wrong place… – Walking around for quite some time. – Noryangjin Fish Market, the original one. – Actually that is the new one. This is the new one I think. – New building. – So the original one is inside here, which is right in-front. – So, come David, lead the way buddy. – I recommend all of you viewers… – If you want to feel the, lively feel… – The lively feel? – Of this place, come here with atmosphere. – Come in the afternoon or evening time. – Now at 9 plus right, this place is a little bit… – Just, relaxed. I would say. Very relaxed. – That side is suppose to have a lot more, but then I think now it’s closed. – That side is more of like a Singapore wet market. – This is like the fresh one. – Fresh one? – The seafood over that side are all dead. The ones here are alive. – What the f***. – It’s damn big. – The prawns, I’m kinda scared to eat them. Looks mutated. Too big. – Why is it so big? It’s huge man! – That one. – Which one do you want? This or that? – I don’t know, what’s the difference? – Fresh. All fresh. – The prawns are really mutated, look. – How much? – One kilo? – No, just one. – One piece? – Yes, one piece. – Six thousand. – We’ve bought like, three abalones, which are all still fresh. – And one super prawn. Looks mutated though. – It’s damn big, I don’t know what the f*** is going on. – And we’re gonna bring it to the restaurant. – I think restaurant and cook right, is another price. – Or you wanna bring it back home, we’ll cook at home. – Why bring it over to cook? What the f***. We’ll be charged extra money. – Yeah we’ve just decided to cook at home. – Before that we’ll also go to one of the convenience store. – To buy some hot fire noodle. – And we can do the fire noodle challenge. – I highly recommend you guys to come here. – But do not eat on the spot. – These are the places that you can cook. Let them cook. – Then this place is where you buy the fresh stuff. – 10 thousand. – You want it? 10 thousand for that is cheap! – It’s cheap! You want it? – That’s a lot! We can’t finish it. – Everything 10 thousand? – Throw it away if you can’t finish it. It’s 20 thousand in the morning. – Are you going to eat here? – Yes. – No! We’re bring it back. – 10 thousand right? – Pick any one you like. – Pick the best one. – Taiwan? Taiwanese? – Oh no, Singaporean. – Thank you! – Sea urchin is good. It’s fresh. – Look, it’s still alive. You see that? – How do I eat it if I bring it home? – Just get a knife, do you have a knife at home? – Yes, yes. – Knife would do, just cut it in half. – So bring it back, cut it and cook it right? – Use a chopstick. – No, don’t cook it. – Eat straight away?! – Yes! Eat it raw! It’s good! – Really? – Yes! I’m serious! – Wait, wait, teach us how to cut again. – Use a knife, and press it down like this – It will be in half after that. – Just use a chopstick to eat it after that. – The stuff inside? – Yes, the yellow eggs inside. – So apparently we bought some sea urchins. – This is 10 US. For two sea urchins. – Let’s get the f*** out of this place. – They are too… they are too warm already. – Too friendly. – A plate of Sashimi. – Wow, one whole plate. – Actually below… – They gave us one more item. – What’s this inside? – Oh this is the sauce. – It’s a… alive. – Oh my god the spike is moving. The spikes. – See? – Oh yeah, yeah! – Right now we’re gonna head to some convenience store to get our sauce and our noodles. – Carrying on with our seafood, Noryangjin seafood fire noodle challenge. – 불닭볶음면 – Let’s go! – We just bought the fire noodles, as you can see. – Which is available easily everywhere. – And in Singapore, it’s so hard to find them. – Five packets of spicy noodles. Ready to rock and roll, to eat with our seafood here. – See you back at the hostel! And we will start to cook! – Okay? – Yeah! – Woo! See ya! – Hi guys! So we’re back! – Lovely hostel here, very good! – Look at the environment here. – It’s very homely. – They are the staff here. – Hi! – And the manager over here. – Hello! – I heard you can’t eat fire noodles right? – Not that well. Not as well as you. – Let’s… Let’s start cooking, come on let’s go! – Chef David over here, is gonna cook. – I brought this, all the way from Taiwan. – This is my stuff. – Now we eat four packs. – The fifth one coming soon. – This is the legendary sauce. – The legendary sauce. – She’s French too. – Hi! – 안녕! – 안녕! – Hi! – Hi! – They are from Singapore. – Hi! – I’m from France. – Ready to eat this awesome stuff. – You can see it’s very red. – And… – Oh my god. – Spicy? – You’re dying? – No! – NO! – You start to… – You start to cry! – So far so good, still able to, take it. – Take the heat. – This abalone is very good. – Don’t pretend like it’s delicious. – It is! – No way. How can you feel any taste after that? – It’s the spiciness that’s making it very delicious. Really. – What’s better than trying the fire noodles here in Korea? – I hate this. – So this is like a, silkworm. The pupa. – Oh no… – I hate this! – I hate this ugh… – No… – This, okay. This… – Whoa, I can’t take it anymore. – I’ll show you Korean style. – Wasabi. – Welcome to Korea! – Round two man! – Round two of 불닭볶음면. – What happened just now? – While we’re cooking just now, see this? Sea urchin. – We idiotically threw the whole sea urchin into the pan and cook it. – And the pan, I think is filled with poison. – Because the whole water in the pan turned purplish. – So we end up throwing it away after we finish cooking it. – This sea urchin, we just cut it in half. – See this? – So the yellowish stuff, are eggs. – We’re suppose to eat that. – Those are eggs? – Yeah. – We went ahead and tried a little bit of the eggs. It tasted like bitter eggs. – Rotten eggs? – Yeah, rotten eggs. Smelly eggs. – This might be the first and the last time I’ll ever eat sea urchins. – I’m not gonna eat it. – Me too. – After hearing what you’ve said I’m totally turned of. – This is the other half of the sea urchin. – The other half. – And… – And this is the mouth of the sea urchin. – Hi guys, so yup now we’re back at our room. – Time now is about 2.30 right? – 2.30, almost 2.30. – And we’re very very tired now. – Noryangjin Fish Market, as you can see. – I’ll recommend you to go at about night time. – I mean if you want to feel the crowd you can go early. – But if you just want to eat like two Sashimi right, or anything like raw fish. – You can go at night, you know, when there are lesser crowd. – Get some discount from the shop keepers. – Yes because they can’t sell and no customers. – So they have to sell you cheaper. – Seafood are good, the sea urchin I have no… – Yeah we literally destroyed the sea urchin… – And yup that’s it for today. – Please stay tuned to my channel! – And we will see you next time! – Is it dead? – No it’s still alive. – Try touching it. – So this is abalone? – Yeah. – I don’t think it’s abalone. Abalone looks like this? – They look like this! – Is it? – Yeah! – Are you sure? – Now I know why they call female’s reproductive organs “Abalones”. They look so similar!

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