Kya & Alex Reveal | Catfish: The TV Show

Kya & Alex Reveal | Catfish: The TV Show

(eerie music) – [Nev] You look great. – Thank you. – Should we try another door? – The side door, I guess. (door closes) – Over here? Oh. – Hi. – Hey.
– Hi. – Hi, Nev. – Dani. – Hey. – Hey. – Hi.
– Hey. (soft electronic music) (Dani laughs) – So how come you didn’t tell
me the truth when I told you? – I was just nervous, and didn’t want to lose you, and I just wanted to
tell you in person. – But, as I always told you, I’m not going anywhere
no matter what. You can’t get rid of me. – It’s just still in
the back of my mind, that flag, like,
no, don’t do it. But I told you now. – Yeah. – You want to sit
around back there? Yo, I’m, like, shaking. I’m like, ah. – Obviously, you’re not exactly the person in the photographs. – Yeah. (chuckles) – So you’re transgender. – Yes. – Yes. How long have you known that? – I think I was six, I
might’ve been younger. (soft acoustic guitar music) I knew something
wasn’t right about me. At the time, I didn’t
know what transgender was, but I felt like I’m not
who I’m supposed to be. I’m different from
the other kids. I didn’t know how to voice it, or how to really make it. Then, when I turned 18, it was like, fine, I’m
gonna shave my head. (beep) it, I’m gonna
dress how I want. I’m gonna buy my own clothes, do what I want to do, and yeah, I did that, and then I
wrote my parents a letter when I was 20, and now they’ve kind of
started accepting it more. Right now, I’m going through
hormone replacement therapy. I had my first shot last Friday, so I’m currently a week and
two days on testosterone. – How many shots? – [Dani] I have to do it
for the rest of my life. – Oh. – I’ll just go less and
less throughout my lifetime. – [Nev] So you’ve
committed to that, which is a big decision. – Yes. Surgery-wise, I will get
the full hysterectomy done and the mastectomy done. I don’t know about
anything else yet. I’m usually really good about
telling people I’m trans in the beginning, like,
within the first week. Most of the time, they walk out, so I’m used to it, but I was
just afraid of losing her. I had this bond with
her in such a short time that I’ve never had
with anybody else, that it was just
like, I need to do what I need to do to keep this for as long as I can. I don’t want to (beep) it up. I don’t want to lose it, so that’s why I just
kept going with it. – What are your feelings, I
guess, you know, about that? – I mean, I have
no problem with it. You’re still a man to me, so. – That’s all that matters,
that’s all that matters. – That doesn’t change anything. I care about his
personality, not the looks, except I like redheads, so
looks plus added onto that. – That’s a plus. – I told you, I love
you no matter what. You can’t get rid of me. – I’m just kind of enjoying
just looking at you guys sitting next to each other,
you know what I mean? I never could’ve
pictured this scenario. – It feels amazing. It feels right. – Yeah, it feels really right, and I just, I can’t explain it. It’s better than what I was
dreaming and everything. It’s like I can
finally hold your hand, and just be here with you. I don’t have to, like,
say I’m holding your hand. I can just do it. – Yes. Gonna shove you in my
suitcase to go back home even though my suitcase
is only this big. (Dani laughs)

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