Laos Thai Morning market – Giant catfish in Market

Laos Thai Morning market – Giant catfish in Market

Hello, My name’s Phumjai Chaiyasorn from Amazing Food Channel. Today in am in the thai-Laos morning market in Mekong river Thatphanom city, Thailand. Every Monday morning open from 05.30-11.00 pm. Market here, Lao people bring local food to sell in Thailand. The market here is a big market. Bamboo shoots in the garden, price $0.63 Garlic, Thai Product, price $4.70 /1kg. Pumpkin, sale break !!! $0.63 /Piece Insect larvae, price 31.31 /1 kg. Insect poison, alive, dangerous Big fish From Lao.price $ 9.39/1kg. Eel from the farm. Sticky rice box, price $5.64 Mushrooms, herbs Vegetables in the water canal Fish from Pakse river ,Nong Bok District.Lao Fresh Food from Laos Pumpkin import from Laos. Shellfish, antipodes and bamboo shoots, local food from Laos. People here like to eat local food from Laos. Local food from Thailand. Catfish shop, price $5.01 /1kg. pickled fish Noodles from Laos Lao silk clothing Duck egg from vietnam please subscribe so that you won’t miss the next video.

20 thoughts on “Laos Thai Morning market – Giant catfish in Market

  1. It's not Bitter Gourd… it's Chau Chau… Love it, like my mom used to make it !! Grated with very lightly spiced. braised lamb or mutton pieces… yum yum.

  2. Where was the 'Giant Catfish' – I saw some small ones but not a big one. I wish for the 'Rest of the World' that looks at these vids we could have a few more subtitles as to what sort of fruit/veg we are looking at, – we are told some but by no means all. I know bananas are obvious, but out of everything we saw I knew about 6 or 7, – very frustrating.

  3. You idiots stop eating endangered species, otherwise it will soon hit you and everything is extinct and poisoned.

    In the poison of the habitat you are Chinese / Koreans and what I do not know everything, anyway the worst!

    I say only tuna, shark fin soup (very tasty but I have not eaten it for 15 years), glass eels (which you can not artificially!) Many lizards and and and …

    Finally start living with nature, or we humans were the longest time on this planet!

  4. Giant Catfish ? your all so lol!
    They grow normally to a much bigger Size…

    Every species needs these big animals to preserve their species … You have taken so many catfishes and other animals that the stock is crippled because you idiots now that no big fish are in there, even the little ones catch it …

    Yes, and then who lays eggs and ensures the reproduction when your squirrel takes everything?

    In the US, the salmon is under serious threat, because you have taken so many sharks that there are no more and without sharks no cycle under water.

    The shark is the number 1 who also eats carrion, mainly he grabs sick and small animals (he lives with his environment and does not rob you as we do), yes missing this robber (the police of the seas), breaks everything together ,

  5. oh no.   sometimes you move your camera ( ur  I phone ) so fast.    it's not good to watching.     please move slower than that

  6. Yukk that bull frog ! Years ago there was a bull frog in front of my house . He was huge and barking all the time like a guy farting

  7. ชีวิตชนบทเป็นชีวืตที่ความสุขที่แท้จริง..หากใครหรือมนุษย์คนไหนไม่โลภมาก อยู่ชนบทนะสบายมากที่สุด

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