Learn How To Make A Baby Shark & Family Craft!

Learn How To Make A Baby Shark & Family Craft!

– Hi, everybody. I’m Caitie and welcome to my classroom. Today we are making a baby shark craft. For our craft today we need
one big blue sheet of paper, one small blue sheet of paper, something to trace to
make a circle, scissors, a sponge for paint, a cotton swab for paint, white paint, blue paint, a glue stick, two googly eyes, a black pencil crayon, a clothes pin, that will help us later, and something to put your paint on. So to get started we are going to trace this bowl to make a circle on
our big blue sheet of paper. Put it down on top like that and take our black pencil crayon and trace it all the way around the circle. There. Now, we’ll use the scissors and cut along the line to cut out our circle. You can get a grown up to help
you with this part if cutting on the line and using
scissors is a little tricky. It takes some practice. We’ll cut all the way around. And this blue circle is going to be the body of our baby shark. We’re gonna decorate it to look just like the baby shark in the video. All the way around. There. We can put this off to the side. And now we have our circle
for our baby shark body. We’re gonna fold it in half. So imagine there’s a line
right down the middle and fold it on that line. And then try and line up the edges of the circle as best as you can. Then push down on that fold just like that. So then it’s kinda like a book. And that’s gonna be our baby shark body. And this is where the
clothes pin comes in handy. So we can put the
clothes pin on the circle and that’s gonna help keep it closed while we start painting. So we’re gonna get our blue paint. Put some blue paint out and use our sponge to dab in the paint. And we’re gonna paint baby shark’s belly. We can hold on to the pin
and dab dab dab dab dab all along the bottom of baby shark’s body. That’s gonna make a nice light
blue body for baby shark. This part’s really fun. There. Now once that’s done you
wanna leave it to dry before you can do anything else. And I have one here that’s already dry so I’ll bring this one out. And now we can keep
making baby shark’s body. So baby shark needs some
other parts of his body. He needs a tail, a fin and a little arm. So we’re gonna use our
smaller blue sheet of paper and our black pencil crayon to
make these parts of the body. So, just freehand, you
can use your crayon, to make a big baby shark tail like that. Make sure to leave some room
where we’re gonna glue it on. And baby shark’s fin
for the top of his body. And baby shark’s little arm. Like that. This doesn’t have to be perfect, you can get a grown up to
help you with this, too. Now we’re gonna cut out
those baby shark pieces. So there is his arm. And his tail. Baby shark needs his tail so he can swim. There we go. And his fin that goes
on the top of his body. All sharks have those big fins on the top of their bodies so you
can see them coming. ♪ Do do do do do do do do ♪ All right. Now these scraps of paper
we don’t need anymore so we’ll take them out of the way. And now we can glue on these
baby shark pieces of his body. So we got his tail. The tail’s gonna go
underneath so we’re gonna glue it here on the top. We’ll put a little bit of glue. Got our glue stick. Put a little bit of glue
on the end of the tail and we’ll stick it right
underneath his body. And give it a little
squeeze so it stays on. There we go. And now baby shark’s fin
for the top of his body. Put a little bit of glue on that. There we go. And that’s gonna go underneath
baby shark right here but right in the middle. And give it a little
squeeze so it sticks on. And finally baby shark’s little arm. It’s gonna go right up here
like he’s waving a hello. Put some glue on his arm and put it right underneath. Woo. Give it a little squeeze so it sticks on. There! It’s looking more and
more like baby shark. His arm, his fin, and his tail. But he still needs a
face so we’re gonna put his two eyes on and a big smile. Let’s get our googly eyes. Put a little bit of glue
on the back of a googly eye and we’ll start making baby shark’s face. Put one right there. Push down a little bit so it sticks on. One eye, two eyes. There. He’s looking cuter already. Now once you’re done with your glue stick you wanna put the cap back on. You don’t want your glue stick to dry out. So now we can use our black crayon to make a big baby shark smile. We’ll start up here and
make a big smile like that. Very nice. And while we have our crayon out, we can draw some marks on the
side of baby shark’s body. Those are his gills. That’s how sharks breathe under water. Baby shark’s missing something still! He needs teeth. Big baby shark teeth. So we’re gonna use our white paint. Little bit of white paint. And this is pretty neat, we’re
gonna use our cotton swab to make baby shark’s teeth. So dip the end of the cotton
swab into the white paint and we’ll press down to
make baby shark’s teeth. Let’s see how many we
can fit on his smile. One. Two. Three. Get a little more paint. Four. Five baby shark teeth. Look at that! Our baby shark is done. When your baby shark is all
dry and ready to play with, then you can prop him up
like this and tip his tail and he swims! ♪ Do do do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Do do do do do do do do ♪ And you can make baby
shark’s whole family. We got lots more paper
and paint and we made a mama shark, a papa shark, a grandma shark and a grandpa shark. You can prop them all up and
make them all swim together by tapping their tails. ♪ Do do do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Do do do do do do do do ♪ There they go! I hope you had fun making
your baby shark craft. We’ll see you next time. – [Narrator] Woo.

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  1. Hi Caitie! We've loved your classroom. My baby Charles and I we're having so much fun! We can't wait to watch the next class on next Tuesday.

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