Legal Shark Tank – SNL

100 thoughts on “Legal Shark Tank – SNL

  1. This was one of their best skits in a long time. They talked shit about BOTH SIDES for once. The right can take a joke, if it's funny.

  2. fuck you youtube. I'm trying to watch this with subtitles because im in class and they aren't working. fix it or I fix you

  3. "The real criminal is the immigrant taking a job from a soft white hand."

    This would be really funny if it weren't almost word-for-word what these people say.

  4. Oh man ,how did Giuliani manage to be the icon of fighting the fucking mafia and their goons…now he is a goon. Pretty disappointing.

  5. We dont have time to charge mr smolett. We have too many dangerous people in the city, to bother with getting actors in our jail system.
    I actually agree with this matter, unfortunately we cant lock up 80% of the city's population.

  6. Anyone else assume that was Mikey next to Alex until you looked really close? This happens to me with so many of Kyle's nondescript roles.

  7. Am I the only one who thinks that the cellino and Barnes guys didn’t know what they about to sing until it popped up on the cue card?

  8. I love Judge Jeanine so I will give Cecily Strong her props, not only is it spot on , it’s prob top 3 all time in realistic impersonations on the show

  9. Wow. More of Legal Shark , please!! Loved the impression of The gremlin city (Juliani). The fan fiction joke was gold and I can never get of John Mulany. Great skit.

  10. If I were the shark I would’ve said, how much are u worth ?
    A lot
    Okay deal I’ll represent you.

  11. For all the NYC people who wondered if the Cellino & Barnes joke comes off for anybody who doesn't know they're real… TOTALLY. I had no idea they were real, but it was so like the kind of thing plenty of lawyers do in cities around the country, it was delightful. Finding out that that's the name of an actual jingle-based law firm was the icing on the cake.

  12. Yo I’m liking this comment section better than one for The Weekend Update where they covered Alabama’s anti-abortion law last time I go to a comment section for
    Controversial topics

  13. I lean right, but this is still really funny. Rudy Giuliani and Michael Avenatti are trash. Pirro is ok and I like Dershowitz actually lol. He tells it like it is and his legal analysis is usually right on the money and Democrats hate him for raining on their "take down Trump" parade.

  14. I love Cecily as Jeanine Pirro. I love Cecily as anything really. The current cast of women on SNL are the best ever.

  15. Giuliani- “If you pick me, I will go on TV, contradict everything you’ve ever said and then add some damaging information free of charge.” Oh, how true is that sentence in October 2019 😂

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