Lisbon Oceanarium, Portugal.

Lisbon Oceanarium, Portugal.

Nom nom nom. Not a bad place for a picnic, is it? So that was yummy, and it’s good timing that we’ve just finished cos the clouds have just come back over now. We were enjoying a little bit of sun, there. Let’s go in. We’re just going up through the ramp to get in, now. We’ve bought our tickets. So for me it was 15 euros. For Isabel it was 10 euros. There was an additional option to see another aquarium as well, but we went for just the normal one. So I’m in the aquarium. This is about…ooh, getting on for an hour after we came in. Izzy asked me not to film for a bit so that we could just have some time together, so I did that. So, I’ve started in a bit of a funny place. This isn’t where you come in. This is down below. This part here is all about flat fish. Can you see that one, there? Look at his face. Looks like a Picasso drawing, doesn’t it? With the eyes both on the same side. They’re pretty camouflaged, aren’t they, once they get under the sand like that. Can you spot them? Hang on, you’re not flat! So basically, there is one huge, enormous main tank, and most of the fish are in the one tank, but there are multiple viewing platforms. So when you first come in you go up a big ramp and you arrive upstairs. Yeh, here’s the tank. I don’t know if you can take in the magnitude of it. But in addition to the one tank, you got all these individual displays down here: lots of smaller tanks, which are kind of topic-specific, as it were. So as you can see, this is an amphibian section. Oh look. This is what a frog skeleton looks like. And with his legs outstretched, look. There are some tiny little frogs in this display. I’d say they are about ooh, an inch and a half to two inches long? My goodness, look at that one: he’s a curious looking creature, isn’t he? He looks almost completely flat. Here’s another one, here. Looks like he’s all shrivelled up and dead, doesn’t he? But, I’m sure they can’t be, or it wouldn’t be in the display. What are you, then? Look at this! Wow – a fossil record of a frog which existed 50 000 000 years ago. There’s yet another viewing platform. There’s a really relaxed atmosphere in here. There’s loads of people just sitting, cross-legged on the floor. Families, groups of friends, and it’s a really calm and relaxing place to be, actually. Shark! It’s hard to see where the glass is. Knowing me, I’ll probably walk into it! The surface looks really beautiful from underneath. Can you see the light coming through? Me and Izzy have been reading quite a lot lately about um, underwater stuff, and one of the things that we read was the visual distortion you get, through the water, cos the light travels differently through water than through air, so it can make things look a little bit bigger than they really are, because of the way the light bends. So these are anemones. It says in the literature here that they can actually move if they want to, cos they er, got like, a big sucky foot. That’s what they’re attached by. So they’re not stuck in the same place all the time. What do you think of these, then? These are the sea dragons. Whoops…. I did ask about filming in here at the entrance, by the way, and they said “yes”, you can film, and you can take photographs, but not with flashes. That lady knew that. She… It was an accident, I think. But yeh, so if you come, don’t use a flash! I’m just looking into the big tank again. Cor! Look at this one with a pointy nose coming! Here’s yet another enormous viewing station. And from the other side. Hey, I found out what that thing was: it’s called a “Guitar Fish”. It’s very distinctive-looking. They belong to the ray family. Somebody’s doing a guided tour. Those recorded sounds you can hear aren’t completely random. Like, they sound a bit like electronic sound effects, don’t they, but actually, they’re recordings of um, various marine species that make noise underwater. Sound travels differently through water than it does through air, as well. It’s a different speed. Oh look here, you can make out that convex glass, there. It’s like a big column that goes right down from upstairs to downstairs. It makes one of the many viewing stations. If you’re not keen on spiders, you probably won’t like this. Spider crab. There are more in there, lurking! Everyone’s getting cuteness overload. Up there is a sea otter. [Tour guide] They can break the food with the rocks above. I’m not the only one filming the tropical jellyfish. Ha ha! That one looks a bit like a flying mushroom. It’s quite fascinating how they propel themselves through the water, isn’t it? Izzy’s texted. She’s got a headache and she’s come to find me. Wheee! Ha ha! We found a bit of a kiddy zone, and in spite of having a headache, Isabel still managed to go down the slide. There are lots of little sort of er, segments here where children can go in and explore. I think it’s mostly to do with environmental issues, actually. Ooh good. I need the toilet. Oh. It’s a bit small. Look at these little sea-eels there. They’re tiny! They remind me of the worms in the Mr Men books. Ooh, that poor eel. He’s getting annoyed! Like, “Oy! Get off!” So we’ve come back upstairs now, um, and we’re going round the whole thing the wrong way. But this is the tropical er, part here, which represents the Indian Ocean climate. Some most extraordinary looking plants, there. Ordinarily you can get in there and walk along a little board walk path all the way along to there, and Izzy used to really love that when she was little. But it’s closed off today, for some reason. So of course, you can look down into the water and see the fish here as well. Moving on… More viewing stations, of course, to the big tank. Right, which one’s this? She’s beckoning us over. The sea otters. I don’t really like the fact that they’re here. Not in the wild. But here they are, anyway. This otter appears to be giving itself a foot massage! Is that nice? So this is the part that represents the climate of the Pacific Ocean. It’s a lot chillier, of course, than the Indian Ocean one, which we were just in, which is more equatorial. And moving on to the next one. It’s the Antarctic Ocean section. They have lots of birds flying around here, as you can see. And some penguins. (Izzy sings to the penguins) Oh, they’ve got some awesome puffin-action. Can you see that bird, there? Is he gonna come back, do you reckon? [Izzy] He’s probably gonna come. Here he comes! [Imo] Oh, here he comes! [Izzy] Hey, now he’s gonna come over. [Izzy] Whooo! This one’s come right up on the rock, here. Right by the people. Doesn’t seem too shy. And we’re leaving. Izzy’s had enough now. She’s getting… I can’t find it! She’s getting her jumper on. It’s chillier out here than it was in there. Back waiting in the Metro now, for the train. We’ve been to the supermarket. There was a MASSIVE queue. It took AGES to get served at the end, but Isabel’s got the most fantastic colouring book, and we’ll show you that later. We’re just waiting for the train, now. Haa. I’ll see you when we get home. We finally made it back to our AirBnB. I am knackered, but thank you so much for joining us today on our day out to the oceanarium in Lisbon. Don’t forget to give a like if you liked the video, cos it really helps the channel to grow. Comment down your thoughts below and subscribe for more adventures if you’d like to hang out with us again. There’ll be a few more Lisbon vlogs after this one. Maybe about another 6 or more, maybe. Anyway, thanks for watching. I’ll see you in the next one. Byeeee! (I write closed captions for all my vlogs) (Thanks for reading. Imo xxx)

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  1. Que bonito, sois dos personas dulces y con un encanto natural que os hace especiales. Que paséis un estupendo día 🐱
    How beautiful, you are two sweet people with a natural charm that makes you special. Have a great day 🐕

  2. I wonder how much Mr. Eel paid for that massage ( 7:33 ). 😂 The fishies looked cool.. And weird. The ocean is a foreign & creepy place! It made me sad to see some of those animals in captivity, though. 😞 Looking forward to your next one! 💚

  3. The aquarium put me in mind of a late-1960s/early-1970s song by "The Fuggs" (if I recall correctly) called "Look at Them Toad-Lickers", dealing with folks that licked toads that had psychedelic secretions on their skin. Nature — red in tooth and claw — or at least small mouths with sharp teeth trying to eat each other. Zoo-type places generally make me very sad.

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  6. The flat frogs looked like they had been run over by a car. One of my favorite descriptions every is in this video, "a big sucky foot." Looks like a good day.

  7. I cracked up when I read 50 million years. What's really strange is that science still uses the terms Millions when radiocarbon 14 deteriorates after 80,000 years. Thus they are teaching a hypothesis as fact. Stuff like that bothers me. But what a gorgeous Aquarium. Our local aquarium in Long Beach is not as

  8. I agree with you about the sea otters needing to be in the wild. That's one of the reasons why I stopped going to SeaWorld. I believe the animals are better off in the wild. However I loves me a good Aquarium

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