“Live” Penis Fish (=Spoon Worm) Sashimi ユムシ刺身 개불

“Live” Penis Fish (=Spoon Worm) Sashimi ユムシ刺身 개불

*WARNING* This video is about cutting & eating “LIVE” spoon worm. Please get out of this video, if you don’t like.

100 thoughts on ““Live” Penis Fish (=Spoon Worm) Sashimi ユムシ刺身 개불

  1. **This video is about cutting & eating live spoon worm
    **Please get out of this video, if you don't like

    **This video includes the entire process of making sashimi using

    live fish or live non-fish seafood

    **This video is made in Korea, and Koreans prefer live fish sashimi

    or live non-fish seafood sashimi rather than aged sashimi

    **The scene of killing fish will be deleted or at least shown

    but, the whole process of killing Crustaceans,shellfish, mollusks

    and other non-fish seafood can be seen without deletion

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  3. literally every cringe/gross mukbang compilation has this video and i’m over here like:

    am i the only one who genuinely wants to try it? idk imma foodie and i have tried several “gross” foods, but this would be a first for me.

  4. Recommendation: come on, just watch it!
    Me: but it looks gross…
    No one:

    Recommendations: I said watch it

    my brain listening afterwards

  5. imagine in a parallel universe those worms are the ones chopping our heads off and draining our blood and intestines

  6. Me when he starts cutting the fish and the blood comes out:EEEW ITS ALL OVER YOUR TABLE

    Also me : Oh, there’s a baking dish…

  7. The comments here are sick, absolutely sick.

    I get it, I’m a vegetarian but I understand why people eat meat and he eats all of it so it’s not necessarily bad but to comment stuff like “you didn’t kill it enough” or “I like to watch you kill it” is sick, sick sick sick sick.

    I’m disgusted at use. I hope use take that personally, I am not talking to the creator of the video although liking the comments makes me angry but I’m talking about the actual comments itself, sick people.

  8. Obviously you don’t care about wild life and rather eat it and kill it instead of it living a happy life in the water

  9. Something is fucking mentally wrong with y’all at this fucking point. Y’all need a mf crazy hospital if y’all can eat this and not gag. WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT OF EATING THE SHITS WHERE TF IS IT GETTING YOU IN LIFE?!

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