Lost In Raja Ampat- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 32

Lost In Raja Ampat- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 32

Previously on Delos We finally caught a fish!
only to lose half of it to a shark! The crew went on pirate watch
And Phoebe joined Delos as new crew! “We just left Sorong 4 or 5 hours ago”
“The wind is absolutely.. none!”
“It’s about 4.30 in the morning.. nearing the end of my watch, and pretty quiet.. reefs and islands on both sides of us.. but the chart seems to be pretty good and everythings lining up with radar” “There’s island.. this is all rain, rain rain over here too so.. middle of a bunch of squalls. Here’s uh, down here is Sorong where we left from. And up here is Wasai, where we’re going to get our Raja Ampat permit tags for diving” The sunrise brought back the wind, and Brady was able to set sail again.
We were so happy to be out of Sorong. It’s hard sometimes because you always try to see the good in a place. The people were extremely friendly and outgoing, but unfortunately that and a decent grocery store is just about all Sorong had to offer for us. The anchorage was polluted, the streets piled with rubbish, and last but not least the thieves that boarded and stole some of our gear were probably still watching and waiting for us to let our guard down. So we were sailing to the village of Wasai, to get our dive permit tags sorted out for the rest of Raja Ampat. “What’s going on man?”
(sighs jokingly) ♪
“F*ck, I don’t know man” “Well it says here on the chart..” “We’re not crazy!”
“Wasai.. there’s… only there’s no city” “So this is Wasai.. and there should be a …a village, the capital village of Raja Ampat, and when we look out here.. and there’s absolutely nothing! Welcome to Wasai!”
“Tourism Village Guide” “So this one shows.. Wasai there “So our situation right now, is that we have lost the city of Wasai!” “It’s supposed to be here! on the chart.. and obviously it’s not” “So.. we are now turning around “What I mean is, you know these waters pretty well, right?” “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, no problem there.. besides, if you get lost, just gotta pull in somewheres and ask directions!” “As we can’t really find anybody to ask for directions, we will trust some other maps.. how does it feel Brain? Have you ever got lost before?”
(laughs) “Not like this”
“No?” “I mean, we’re at the right island I suppose, so that’s good.. but, no village here it just sucks, cos we’re having to motor, so we motor.. if this other position is right, that means we motored 40 miles too far this way, so now we have to motor 40 miles too far the other way, which runs a lot of diesel which kinda sucks.. what can you do? It’s cruising”
“Yeah!” The chart showed a shortcut through two islands that would basically cut our mistake in half. With nothing to lose but time we decided to go for it. Of course, we hoped we had the right location this time, and the charts were a little more accurate. “Holding steady at 15” “Ok, still no bottom” “So it’s pretty shallow..” “Yeah, it might be shallowing up Bri..”
“yeah, we’re down to 2 now”
“yeah, it’s slow” “Really shallows up Bri” “I’m in reverse” “Yeah, you’ll touch if we keep going” “What do you guys think?”
“I think we should get the dingy in” “It’s a bit deeper over to starboard” “Yeah, it’s really shallow on this side, Brian” “like I would say maybe.. a metre and a half”
“Yeah, I think it’s just more sea grass, so it’s looks darker”
“yeah, it’s almost back up to 2 now..”
“Alright” We decided to inch forward, keeping to the outside of the bends where the water should move a little faster, and also cut a deeper channel. “We’re holding around 3… 2 and a half” “So it’s a good sign” “Maybe a bit more to starboard” “More to starboard?”
“Yep!” (laughing) “You’re all soaked up, it just stops.. you’re like f*ck!”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah!”
(laughs) “Ready?” “On the count of three! 1, 2, 3!”
“WOAH!” “Ohhh”
“It’s really warm!”
(laughing) “This is amazing!”
“Now watch, swim and you’ll go nowhere”
“WOAH!” (laughing) “oh yeah!
“oh man!” “Woo!” There really is nothing like a random swim in the rain. See, getting lost isn’t so bad right? “Pretty cool!” “Hi”
“Do you wanna tell us whats going on Brady?”
“yeah, we’re gonna find a sweet anchorage to hang out for a couple days because the past week has been pretty shit with getting robbed, f*cking night watches and going to the wrong Wasai.. that didn’t even exist!”
(laughing) “so we’re ready to chill out for a couple days, and it looks like we’re gonna have a cool spot up ahead” “Oh yeah!”
“Are you ready?” ♪ We had a GPS position of a spot that looked pretty sweet on google earth, so Brady and Josje took Maggie to see if it was safe for Delos. “What do you think about our first anchorage Phoebe?”
“I didn’t even have.. I think it’s f*cking awesome!”
(laughs) “I’m so happy!”
“It’s pretty cool huh?”
“F*cking beautiful eh!” “Amazing!”
“Mmm!” “Cool!”
“A lot of colour on the walls man!” “Yeah, amazing eh”
“Alright, we’re off on our first dingy adventure in South West Kabui Bay. We’ve taken the dingy up the small little pass here, that goes between the main island Waigo and the Kabui side which we’re on right now. And we were just cruising up the river and saw this sweet little cave, so we decided to check it out, and it’s just full of flying foxes! There’s just heaps of em hanging from the walls.. its pretty cool!” “Woah!”
“Sh*t man! They’re huge!” (gasps)
“That’s a creepy noise” “They’re up against that wall!”
“Wow!” “I stepped down here and it was really slippery” (squawking) (laughing) “So Phoebe just got in about 2 days ago” “yeah, I think so.. 2 days ago”
“yeah, 2 days ago.. never been on a boat before, struggled once when she was 11.. and now we’re sailing through Raja Ampat and teaching her how to scuba dive!”
“WOOO!” “It’s amazing! And look where we are! It’s very pretty” “Mmmm hmmmm” “The ultimate hunter!” (laughing) “So serious his face was! oh yeah, I’m a bad-ass!”
“I’m a predator!”
“look what I caught!” “Oh, great Brady! Good job!” “It’s too big!” “What’s going on brother?” “How you feeling buddy?” “Oh, f*ck! Not good man.. it’s been about 4 hours since the symptoms started, and then it just… gradually got worse” “my fever is… 100.6 degrees F or like 38. something celsius, I don’t know..” “Yeah, that’s a fairly high fever..”
“It seems like.. dysentery, sounds pretty pretty close to what it might be..” “just gurgling stomach.. when you listen to it with a stethoscope..”
“Do you wanna give it a listen?” “Josje-Rama?”
“Yeah” “Drink that babe”
“There’s a nice salty lemonade for you to replenish your fluids after that diarrhea..” “It’s really salty”
“Yeah, you gotta drink it” “Is it suppose to be that salty?”
“Yeah” (sighs) “Yeah it sounds really nasty”
“Sounds like a boiling pot of soup down there doesn’t it?”
“Mmm hmm.” “Like when I put it on yours, it sounded kinda just like.. smooth flowing liquid..”
“Yeah..” “And then in there, it’s all choppy and gurgerly” “Yeah, you really hear all the gurgling in there” “So what we’ve been reading in the book, it looks like some sort of dysentery.. bacillary dysentery” “it is caused by the salmonella group of bacteria perhaps.. but pretty much all the symptoms that it lists here.. fever, discomfort, abdominal pain, gurgling stomach, sweaty, pale diarrhea.. it’s all in there and so if it is an infection, the treatment is ah, cipro”
“Let me see what it tastes like” “Oh.. it’s really gross” “Is it good?”
“Yeah, do you wanna try some?” “Ok”
“I dunno if I wanna drink after him” “Oh, I’ll pass”
(laughing) “You go on girl!” “Oh, it’s doing the same thing”
“Oh…” “Oh, it sounds terrible!” “Alright, what have we got here Josje-Rama?”
“So we’re gonna start Brady on some anti-biotics, cipro 200 mg”
“500 mg”
“500 mg!?” “And, hopefully that will clear” “so our little bag of anti-biotics that we got stocked up with in Australia”
“Everything you would ever need”
“And hopefully he will be getting better tomorrow.. soon” “Yeah” “How are you feeling Phoebe?”
“Pretty good! Apart from the runs!”
(laughs) “Yeah..” “hows it going Brady?”
“Oh… heaps better mate!” “Still feel really terrible.. but don’t have a crazy, delirious fever anymore” “Thats a good sign!”
“Yeah” Luckily we have a pretty decent medical kit and some good diagnoses books on board. We weren’t sure if it was street food or something we had cooked on Delos, but all of us got sick. By far, Brady got the worst of it Eventually we did find Wasai and got our dive permit sorted out. Chances are, if it wasn’t for this little detour, we would have never found this sweet little spot. Up Next! The crew invades the Raja Ampat Dive Lodge! gets the guests and staff drunk on Delos moonshine and of course, does more diving! “Here in Raja Ampat! Some of the most amazing sunse..”
(laughing) “Wow, this is so good!”
“Ok, we’ll see you guys, have a nice swim to the boat!”
(laughing) “How are you Bradster? You feel stoked?”
“I am! I feel better Poo’s are back to solid”
(air flows out)
“Woah!” “After that craziness..”

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  1. The best medicine in this case is pure opium, it stopps the pain und the loss of water trough diarrhoe. My grandma taught me this and it works.

  2. Phoebe looks so enthralled with everything in this video. Just all "I can't believe life can be like this."

  3. I'm binging through your channel. Really enjoying so far. Would be nice if Maggie had depth finder on her could be used as scout boat. Maybe she does by now since been 5 years.

  4. I wonder if Brian. Some of that dysentery type illness from swimming near the Batcave a lot of that bat shitt make you batshit crazy. I got a case of the Turnstas back in 1978 where everything I ate just turns to……

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