Love Punjab Full Movie (HD) | Amrinder Gill | Sargun Mehta | Superhit Punjabi Movies

Love Punjab Full Movie (HD) | Amrinder Gill | Sargun Mehta | Superhit Punjabi Movies

Stop it, mom.
I’ll sprain my neck. Manveer.. Let’s get ready. Bro! Bro! Bro!
Dough? How about giving me some dough? How about tomorrow? No. I need it today. I need to pay rent. You will show up tomorrow? Of course. I am here to work. – Be here on time.
– That’s too less. You just got paid in
dollars instead of rupees. And you say this is less? Be grateful. Sorry, money brings
out the local in you. But still, I worked for 13 hours. Don’t kill this poor soul.
This is too less. Do one thing. Remit it home. It’s 4000 Indian rupees. 4000 rupees!
For a day! For a labor job! And you should talk softly. You don’t know,
I have kept you here on my own risk. Don’t get me killed. – Don’t call out after I leave.
– Okay. Listen up! – Yes?
– I need to talk to you. It’s not about the money.
Sorry. Yes? – When I become a resident..
– Okay? If in your relationship.. Someone close or far away.. Married or unmarried.. – A beautiful resident..
– Okay. I will keep her well. With respect. I’ll give her no reason to complain.
I will keep her well. – She should be beautiful and a resident..
– Yes. – You stay hidden..
– What? Ambulance’s siren scares you to death. You cannot carry heavy load. And you say you want to get married. I will find someone. I will find someone for you. Shall I find two for you? Be here on time tomorrow. Leave. What are you waiting for now?
To kill me? “Both her eyes are cunning thieves.” “Both her eyes are cunning thieves.” “Both her eyes are cunning thieves.” “That’s why he refused
to get engaged to any.” “Both her eyes are cunning thieves.” “Both her eyes are cunning thieves.” “They embroidery on her
top stole hearts of many.” “She is a birdie who ruined many.” “They embroidery on her
top stole hearts of many.” “She is a little
birdie who ruined many.” “And she colors eyes with kohl,
pitch black.” “Both her eyes are cunning thieves.” “Both her eyes are cunning thieves.” How are you, Tuti? How’s my son? How are you doing? Mom’s cartoon! You can stare at me later.
First, give me something to eat. I am starving. Payment due. I’ll quit soon. – Papa, we are going.
– Where, son? Finally! Yes, Lakha? No, I am already home. You should have called
me five minutes ago. No, I am already home. – Parghat..
– Hold on. What? You know what will happen if I come. Let’s go. Family is also important, bro. You should give time to your family. Learn from me. Hold on. Where are you guys going? What difference does it make to you? Nothing. They are going somewhere. So, what else? Okay, I’ll talk to you later. Where are you guys going? What happened Manveer? What’s this?
Can I know what’s happening? If you don’t know then
it’s no use telling you. How will I know? Am I a wizard? Everything is fine. I just refused work in front of you. I said I need to
give time to my family. Can I know the reason at least? Go! Don’t come back! Manveer! You are not going. I am going. Go. You too go away. Get lost. Hold on! At least tell me what’s wrong. I don’t even remember if I did
anything wrong in the past few days. I have brought the cheque too. I have kept only as much
money in the bank account.. much as I had
when I left the job. Electricity bill, insurance papers and
bank loan papers are on the fridge. I will be sending you divorce papers. Please sign them. Send them quickly.
Sent them today itself. Sent them today itself. – Bye, papa.
– Go. Get lost. – Go. Get lost.
– Bye. You could have at
least told me the reason. She will come back. She has left earlier
as well a couple of times. – Don’t worry.
– Okay. – Are you new here?
– Yes. It’s a good area. Peaceful. I can see that. Papa, wake up. We will be late for school. Give me just two minutes.
Just two minutes. Please. Please.
Please. Just two minutes. We are already late. Please wake up. Why you want to go to school so early?
To flirt with your teachers? Give me a few minutes.
I will drop you off to school. Please! Wake up. – Since how many days are you here?
– Seven days. I will have to tolerate
this for another eight days. I’ll give your custody to your mother. Because of you, I will
lose the divorce case on purpose. Let’s go. – Keep the phone down.
– Okay. Papa, we are late. I too am late. – Papa, fast.
– I couldn’t fix your lunch. I have kept sweets and snacks in this. Eat them. There’s no life in Canada. If you go to work,
your wife leaves you. If you go home to your wife,
you lose your work. Here you go. Papa, don’t say bad
things about my country. I didn’t say bad things
about your country. I said bad things about my wife. What was I looking for? Keys! Hello? Let’s make this quick, dad.
I am getting late. Jessica isn’t home. She has gone for a jog. She has gone for a run, dad. Yes, Manveer is here. But make it short.
We are already late. Manveer.. I will talk to him today.
Please don’t tell him about it. – Keys! Where are they?
– Hello? I hold your legs, grandpa. No. I seek your blessings. – How many times do I have to tell you?
– I seek your blessings. Keys? Where is it? – In the washroom!
– Yes. Right. Hurry up.
Hurry up! Grandpa.. Yes, grandpa. I will come there soon. After I grow up. Brother?
No, I need an aunt for my kids. – But papa and mom are..
– Manveer, no! Don’t! – Talk to him about your teeth!
– Breaking news, grandpa! My tooth on the upper
side about to fall. Hurry up. Go, go, go. We are so late. We are so late. Okay. Bye, grandpa. Goodbye. Give it to me. Let’s go. Let’s go. How are you, my boy? Whom do you love more? Your mom or me? Mom. We are so late. Listen up.. Study well. Okay, son? Don’t touch my hair. Really, attitude? Oh hi, Julia! Hi, Manveer. He’s my dad. Parghat. – Hi, Parghat.
– Hi, Julia. Very confident. – How old are you?
– Seven. Papa, you shouldn’t
ask girls their age. Fine. I understand what you are up to. Bye, Parghat. Bye, Julia. Get this straight.
She is okay as a friend. But you will be marrying
into the Jat community. I am so late! Your father seems very nice. Yeah, but my mom is
getting divorced from him. Oh, so you’ll have
a new father then? Yeah. Well, what kind of
a father do you want? Depends on mom. I hope he will be good. But I like Parghat. Wait, dear. He’ll be here soon. – Hi, sir.
– Hello. Hi. Sorry, I am late.
I have to drop off the kid. What’s new in that? Hold on, I just came.
Let me at least settle. We will fight in a while. Sorry. Yes? Well, these are petty tiffs. Why don’t you sit
together and resolve them? You are absolutely right, sir. Anyway, one person alone
cannot bring up a child. What say? I will manage. The child isn’t as
troublesome as he is, sir. He is, sir. One child is as troublesome
as six women are. Tell me something. What problem do you have with him? Sir, this is what I keep
asking as well. What is the problem? You try asking her.
Perhaps she might tell you. Really? You don’t know? I will know only if you tell me. Problem One: I think you two don’t
communicate with each other. Unnecessary communication gap. Exactly. After a few years of marriage,
ask him.. ..did he ever spend
quality time with me? It’s not so, sir.
We talked a lot in the beginning. But slowly we released
how each other is. We ran out of topics. Now what should I talk about, sir? I come home tired. I just wish to have a
drink or two and go to bed. I have to go to work the next day. Hence, I go out to
spend time with my friends. Then why don’t you spend
that time with me instead? Because of them,
you forgot my birthday this time. I didn’t forget, sir.
I came home late by two hours. How can I forget her birthday? I wouldn’t have become
a resident if she wasn’t born. So, was our love a lie? Was it because you wanted
to become a permanent resident? It’s not so, sir. When I saw her for the first time,
I thought she is beautiful. Okay? Then I learnt that
she is a permanent resident. I thought I should give it a try. What’s the harm if we manage to click? But I truly loved her after marriage. I swear by plumbing, sir. Let it be. It’s done now. I now know. All the problem is solved. He got married to me to
become a permanent resident. What problem do we have now? What is the harm in that, sir? Look, when people
get married in Punjab.. ..elders get together
and discuss it through, right? They see what the girl does. The girl has a government job.
She is had done BEd. She’s a teacher. What does the boy do?
He is working in a bank. So, let’s get them married. Now my parents are not here. So here, I am going to decide
who I am going to marry, right? So, I saw that she’s a permanent
resident and got married to her. What is the harm in that? I didn’t care if she
has a government job. There’s a point in that, dear. Oh please, that’s enough. Actually, it is my fault. My mother told me that he is getting
married to me for permanent residence. You will face trouble later in life. Then why didn’t you
listen to your mother? I had fought with her. Look at that, sir.
She fights with everyone. Just a few moments ago,
she said that’s enough to you. It’s a different case
that you didn’t mind it. Moreover, your mother
isn’t good in giving advices. She comes up with
a new one every day, sir. Everything that she
said turned out to be true. She had told me,
he would never take me to parties. If he does,
you’ll be sitting with the ladies.. ..and he will be sitting with the men. And if he ever takes you to shopping.. ..then he will multiple
everything with 50. Ask him. That’s what he does. Listen to me, sir. When my father sent me here, he had
multiplied by 50 and sent me, right? Secondly as she spoke
about the party.. She doesn’t fit into my social circle. The clothes she wears.. Sometimes they are so thin.. We use thicker clothes than
that to cover bread in our village. Then why don’t you get a better
understanding of your culture? Why don’t you go in your
Bhangra costume to fix the taps? Conservative thinking. Conservative what? – I am conservative?
– Yes, you are. He has stopped giving me time. Hence,
I too got busy in my friend circle. If my friends come over to meet
me or if I go to meet my friends.. Oh God! He sulks for four days. Hold on, sir. You tell me.
Wives don’t need to have friends, sir. My mother doesn’t have a friend. My mother never said.. “Your father doesn’t
spare time for me.” “I went to my friend
Nazar Singh’s house.” “Nichchatar Singh showed up there.” “We kept chilling till 12:00am.” Listen, don’t talk about your mother.. ..forget about the past
and move forward. If you keep talking about the past
then you won’t be able go forward. You are right.
You are absolutely right. I’ll let it go.
Let’s go ahead. I am done. I want a divorce. Thank you. Bye. This is what I want as well, sir. I came here just because of Manveer. Tell him not to talk about Manveer. Does he even know in
which grade Manveer is? How much did he score
in his last exams? Have you ever gone to
his parent-teacher meeting? I have been looking
after Manveer so far. And I will do so
in the future as well. Giving birth doesn’t
make anyone a father. Don’t use him and attempt a patch up. I am done with him. What do you think,
sir, will she come back? She will. If she is angry,
it means she wants to come back. But after teaching you a lesson. But even if the wife leaves,
what difference does it make? Let her go. The world doesn’t come to an end. If someone old leaves the world,
someone new enters. Best of luck. God bless you. Let it be. Let her do whatever she wants to.
She is no longer related to me anyway. He might be just a friend. There’s no use asking. If I ask,
she will say he’s her friend. It’s not like she will accept it. Forget it. You can’t be
bothered about the whole world. You better live your own life. If I ask her whom she was with,
she says I am suspicious. She wants a divorce.
I will give her 5-7 divorces. You can divorce her later.
First, do the job in hand. This is where I have
been going wrong so far. I have been only concentrating
on work until now. I kept working hard and slogging. I kept paying the mortgages.
I kept paying the bills. Why are you wearing the gloves.
Whom are you going to operate on? – Check the wiring.
– Okay. Tell me something, sir. If I couldn’t give time at home because
of work then what is the problem? I think one shouldn’t
get married at all. What say? Don’t cross wire the
fitting in your fit of anger. Don’t talk about work. It is my bread and butter.
I survive because of this. My job is always perfect. Sharp. Very sharp. Amazing. Great. Do you want to check it, sir? Yes. Let’s go. 100 dollars, sir. What? Can’t you change it a little? I can only change the flow.
Do you want me to change it? Here you go. – Let’s go.
– Coming. Let’s go. Bro! Bro! Bro! You took money from
me just yesterday.. I don’t want money.
What do I need for? Then? – Are you divorcing your wife?
– Yes. Then she will be available, right? What do you mean? I mean, if you fix her up with me..
I will get permanent residency. How? She will stay in the family. It will be your house.
You can do whatever you please. There will be no problem from my end. Whenever you want to meet Manveer. Whenever you want.
You can do whatever you want. – Just one condition..
– I want to take divorce from here.. ..and not revenge. You shouldn’t be so courageous. The village is yet to set
up and the beggars are already here. – Bro! Bro!
– Yes. At least pay me. You can take it tomorrow. And then why do you
want to be permanent? Getting married will
only make you impermanent. She will keep insulting
you before others. If you ever talk about this
again then I’ll pull your ears. Don’t call out after I leave. How can he please anyone? If his friend isn’t happy
with him how will his wife be happy? Leave. What are you waiting for now?
To kill me? Hey Julia,
why are you friends with him? He’s such a freak. Why don’t you go back to India? Let’s go, Julia. Why didn’t you react? I’ve seen lots of things in my life. But now these things do not affect me. Very mature. Hey! What’s up? No, Facebook? You are funny. It’s very cold today. The weather here is unpredictable. It keeps changing like a chameleon. It was absolutely clear in
the morning. And then it snowed. I have been noticing
since the past few days. You stay quite busy on the phone. I don’t have anyone else.
Whom do I talk to? You will know if you
lift your eyes off the phone. There are many people you can talk to. – Really?
– Yes. – Are you from Pakistan?
– Yes. Lahore. I guessed it right. I am from Amritsar.
We are neighbors. I never knew. We have been staying close
to each other from quite some time. Yes. Are you married? Yes. Oh, sorry. – Actually, I am a divorcee.
– Oh, wow. I mean even I am
going through a divorce. – Oh. So sorry.
– You are a divorcee. I too am a divorcee. Too many divorcees, don’t you think?
– Yes. Mr. Peter’s whole family.. It’s very common these days. So what caused it?
I mean what was the reason? Nothing much.
He was very conservative. It’s the same with me. – My wife was very conservative.
– Really? She used to ask me to wear Bhangra
costume and go for plumbing jobs. I was kept busy with
marriage and work. – Okay.
– I never made friends. Oh. What are you doing in the evening? Nothing. I am going for shopping.
After that, I am free. Then.. Dinner? – Sure.
– Okay. We will make it at my place. – Your place?
– Yes. Do you know how to cook? Look Canada teaches you only two
things. How to earn and how to cook. Really? – See you later then.
– Yes. – Bye.
– Bye. Drive carefully.
There’s a lot of snow. – Yes.
– A lot of accidents happened today. Okay. Black ice.. I am sure you know. – The car skids sometimes.
– Yes. Okay. Sure. – Bye.
– Bye. Bye. Keep driving. Auntie, make a large one for me. I know, darling. Come on, Jessica. It’s not a big deal.
It’s a misunderstanding. Such things keep
happening in every family. Just get over it.
At least for Manveer’s sake. Look at him. There is a vast difference in
the way he thinks and Parghat thinks. This is the difference
of basic education. I had told you,
the guy should be a Canadian. But you didn’t get me. You won’t find anyone like Zora. I am sorry, Zora. I took your name without asking you. Oh God, mom. Please. We are just friends. So what?
Can’t friends become husband? If a friend can become a husband.. ..then it will end all
the enmity in the world. Auntie, we went to school together. I never saw Jessica in that way. Then grow up, man.
You can do that now. Mom, please. I am really sorry. You have to stop this. Anyway, I want to give
Parghat another chance. Chance? What is wrong with you,
Jessica? Met take advantage
of this very weakness. Look at me. I too took a divorce. Next day I was completely happy. We haven’t given birth to
them that we cannot leave them. Take a divorce and end the topic. – Am I right, auntie?
– Absolutely. You know it is not so easy for me. Fine, I don’t know
whether he ever loved me. But I loved him. Just.. Just a chance and.. I am sorry. You are standing at the shore,
what sorrows hold you back? Go on, I am still drowning. I haven’t drowned as yet. Good. Amazing. My sister is amazing. My sister is a great poet. Amazing.
Superb. Fantastic. She is wounded. She is hurt. What do you mean? – I mean the man she married..
– Yes. Her husband wasn’t permanent. God bless my wife. She said we will settle
ourselves in Beijing later. First let us settle down sister. We caught the next
flight and came here. Brother, this might be a little personal
but what brought you two together? Okay. It’s a very long story but
I will make it short and tell you. One day I was wondering in the streets
of Beijing in the middle of the night. – Ok.
– Four goons surrounded me. I don’t know from where she showed up. She hit me black and blue.
I said, don’t hit me, save me. You need to hit them. Then from the bottom
of my heart I said.. Oh. What? – Do you know what it means?
– No. Not at all. I love you. You need to say it to someone else.
Not to her. Have some kebabs. You look weak.
Your plate is also empty. Take some. Someone is giving special
attention to someone. Brother! You cooked good food. Whatever you say.. The food cooked by my
sister smells like Lahore. Amazing. The food from Lahore and
Amritsar smell the same, brother. Not just the smell. People are also the same.
The same villages, the same streets. The same language,
the same youth and the same childhood. Brother, don’t make
me recall my childhood. Those sweet memories of my childhood. Sour berries, sweet mangoes.
Sweet breads. – And a mother sweet scolding.
– Amazing. Brother, too much sweet.
It causes worms. Worms! What have
you just reminded me of! Worms! You guys too get them? Of course. Worms don’t have a religion,
caste or country. She too must be getting them. Eating sugar.. Everyone gets them. In the childhood kids get worms.. Everyone is the world worries. A mother worries the most.
She keeps trying to find a treatment. Father will go behind
you with his slipper.. “Now dare you eat more sugar!” So true, brother. Now look,
there is so much happening in life.. ..but there is no
one to worry about us. I have decided that I will make
some money and go back to my country. I am not going anywhere. I am Canadian. Brother, loneliness kills one. If you find the right
companion is such countries.. ..then one starts enjoying the place. Bro, you can look
at the photographs later. Please give me a helping hand.
I am getting late. I need to go back and do the laundry. Okay. I am coming after
sending this message. Do you know any emotional poetry? The ones one sends
on anniversaries etc. Whose it is? Mine. I want to send
her a nice message. You will send a message to your wife? Where is that person who used
to say I don’t care about anyone? “She can do whatever she wants.” “She can go wherever she wants.” Beer has lost its fizz? I sometimes say things I don’t mean,
you know that. Let me send her a message. She will be angry if I don’t send one. This is a little different,
a little emotional. Read it. Fill it the glow and
let’s get out of her. Okay, so you are messaging Parghat. Why not? Continue. Go ahead. Tell him,
“forgive me, I made a mistake.” “I will die without you.” “Who will take care of me.” I have another idea. Write a letter to him in your blood. “I am your slave.” Okay, okay, okay. Stop. I was only asking about Manveer. I know you are asking about Manveer. Students, I have this exciting
project to announce today. The family heritage project. I always look forward
to this every year. It gives us a chance to
talk about where we come from. So, I will give you an example. My father’s from Canada, but my
mother actually comes from Scotland. Canada is a multicultural country. And we have a lot of different people
come from a lot of different places. So, I’d like for you to
include facts and photographs. Getting facts off the
internet is very easy. Manveer,
your project is going to suck. There is nothing
good about your country. Thank you. You are right, brother.
You are absolutely right. Just kidding, brother. Here you go.
Sister-in-law has made it. This is my wife’s favorite food. – Only a little.
– Take it. – That’s enough.
– Try it. Try it. Eat it. – What was this?
– This? Cockroaches with onions. – Sorry. Sorry.
– He must have got an onion. It would have tasted delicious
if it were a cockroach. – You too eat some.
– No, I don’t eat it. I don’t touch such things.
I am into greens and bread. I too am into greens and bread. Greens and bread reminds me of Punjab. Punjab reflects in everything you say. You can remove someone from Punjab.. But you can never remove
Punjab from a person. You are being so poetic. Amazing. It will be quite a pair
when two poets will get together. Listen.. Manveer? What happened to him? Oh, history of Punjab. Let’s read it together. – Punjab has a great history and..
– Kids said that Canada isn’t my country. I want to go to Punjab. You got influenced by kids? So many intelligent people
told me and yet I didn’t believe them. It is such a beautiful country. We won’t leave it just
because people ask us to. This is the problem.
Those kids insulted me. They said that my country is bad. Okay. Insult. You know son,
insult is just like cold. The more you think about
it the more you feel it. I want to go to Punjab. That’s it. Fine, we will go in the morning.
Go to sleep now. Now should I go to Punjab or
the counselor’s office in the morning? Or should I go get the
tissue as we ran out of them. Oh. I need to also
fix a flush urgently. Hey Tuti, you are not up as yet? Who will switch off the alarm? Why should I switch it off?
I don’t want to go to school. What? I don’t want to go to school. Oh! That’s more like it! Today I realized that you
are my son and I am your father. You know I didn’t
complete my education. I will take you to
school by your ears. I don’t want to go there. – You will go there for sure.
– No, I don’t want to go there. Okay, bye. Study well. Your mother will come to pick you up. Okay? Bye-bye. Hi. – Oh hi, how are you?
– I am very well. I am sorry, I can’t find Manveer.
Do you know where he is? He didn’t come to school today. He.. he didn’t come? No. No. I haven’t seen him. Thank you. No problem. – Everything okay?
– Yeah. Manveer!
Manveer! What are you doing over here? What are you doing over here?
You know how scared I was? – You didn’t go to school?
– No. – Does your father know you are here?
– No. Let’s go. He couldn’t take care
of his child for 15 days. “Don’t mix up love
with a fake friendship.” “If you don’t wish to give
a hug then don’t even shake hands.” Beautiful. Very beautiful. – It’s very deep too.
– Not so much. Now your turn. I had brought a book
from the bus stand in India. There was a good one in it. “I cannot tell my father,
mother, you cannot keep it hidden..” No, this wasn’t in the book.
It was something else. I thought so. “I cannot tell my father,
mother, you cannot keep it hidden..” “They say I am just a kid,
pampered by my parents.” “I wish to get married, mother..” I won’t be able to say it.
You go ahead with yours. No. It’s okay. Go ahead. – No, you recite good ones. Go ahead.
– No. – You..
– No, you recite one. – You..
– No, you recite one. You.. – No, you recite one.
– You recite one. Sorry, sorry.
I think I am interrupting. No, brother. No. Have a seat. Brother,
your kitchen is in a bad state. A house without a woman and
a woman without a house are useless. Am I right? If there is a bulb switch on at home.. ..and there is no one to
switch it off, then it is not far. Didn’t I say wrong? I think you two are feeling shy. It’s okay.
You carry on. I will look away. No brother, sit. Why are you making
him feeling uncomfortable? Just kidding, sister.
Tell me, did you recite that one.. “Don’t look at me with
such passionate eyes..” “Otherwise, I am sure to die.” You are.. Who are you? Didn’t they teach you
to knock before entering? – Are you new here?
– My wife. You didn’t tell me about her.
Sister, put your feet down. Hello. Hi. Do you know where Manveer was? Yes, he had gone to school. I dropped
him off to school in the morning. – Why?
– You don’t need to pretend. I thought you are just
not concerned about me. But I didn’t know that you aren’t
concerned about your child either. But I dropped him to school.. In your life, everything is
about you.. Your life, your happiness. You don’t deserve a relationship,
Parghat. Enjoy your company. She is my friend’s sister. They are my friends. I have come to talk
to you for the final time. I know that you like Jessica. Then what is the problem
is getting married with her? Without sugar. I love her. But I don’t want her
family life to be disturbed. Anyway, she considers
me as her friend. If I talk about the wedding,
then it won’t look good. I have no problem. I am ready to marry Zora. “I feel scared at night..” “My eyes seek light.” “I will be happy..” “I will be happy..” “Just look at me with a smile.” “Keep this apple of
your eyes in your heart..” “Keep this apple of
your eyes in your heart..” Okay, I’ll do it. Just get out of my whole life. Manveer! “Mom, I am used to
sleeping in your arms.” “Papa, I am used to
sitting on your knees.” “Mom, I am used to
sleeping in your arms.” “Papa, I am used to
sitting on your knees.” “I haven’t seen God.” “I haven’t seen God.” “You should side me.” Be brave, son.
India is a really good country. And your parents,
they are really nice. Right? I think your child is
suffering from depression. He thinks this isn’t
his country anymore. And after your divorce, his
father too will be separated from him. Hence, he thinks he can no
longer look into his friends’ eyes. It happens.
Kids are sensitive. Hence, both of you will
need to take good care of him. Fine. If you two cannot be
together then can you do this? Take him to India and show him
that his country is a beautiful one. He is a good boy. You are right, doctor. But do we show its beauty? We can show beauty only
if it is beautiful, right? Don’t you see the news?
Or don’t you have a Facebook account? Look, you will have do it. I can try. Let it be. He is in depression
over here, so over there he’ll.. No, India is indeed
a beautiful country. It has its own beauty. Yes, it is indeed
it has a lot of beauty. Like unemployment, bribery.. ..drugs, traffic,
bullets, farmers suicide.. Tell me honestly, doctor.. If India was better than Canada.. ..then would you have come to Canada? Wouldn’t you have opened
a clinic in your village? Nothing is wrong with him.
he is absolutely fine. When I was small someone told
me that a lizard fell into water.. ..and someone died
after drinking that water. Fearing that I didn’t
water for quite some time. I was about to die from dehydration. Slowly everything went back to normal. He too will be fine. He doesn’t
have much to worry about anyway. My son will be fine, right? Manveer, let’s go. Thank you, doctor. – You are welcome.
– Let’s go. Look, don’t lose hope.
At least make an attempt towards this. Sure. I’ll talk to the prime minister. I’ll tell him,
my son needs to visit India. Please make India better
than Canada for a few days. Down with – This government. Down with – This government. We will destroy it! Down with – This government. Down with – This government. Hello? Hello, father. Yes? Hello, father. Hello, dear. How are you? Is everyone fine? Hale and hearty? Yes, yes. All is fine. – How are you?
– Yes? Father, Manveer wants
to come to Punjab. My grandson is coming? Brar’s grandson is coming? You have added four years
to my life by saying that. Come quickly.
I say you just come quickly. – But there is a small problem.
– Yes? Can we somehow show Manveer
that Punjab is better than Canada? – Yes?
– Father? Can we somehow show Manveer
that Punjab is better than Canada? What’s happening over there? It’s nothing. It’s festive time.
People are bursting firecrackers. – Move!
– What happened? It hit my bum. I’ll talk to you later. I need to run! Run? Like you run everyday, dear.
Now I need to run. Bye. Hit them! Hit them! It is hurting me. You! Leave! – Watch out!
– It really hit me! Stop scaring me like that! Headman, why did you
have to do that protest? I can’t help it. I am helpless.
I need to be with the people. If I don’t then they said
that I don’t support them. He made my bum hurt. What can I say? We too are helpless. We get strict orders
from the headquarters. Otherwise, would we want
to hit people like you with sticks? Our helplessness always
gets the better of us. – Here, sign over here.
– Give. Where do I need to sign? Take this. Yes, dear? Did you finish your run, father? Yes. I am very tired. Don’t ask. What were you saying? Punjab what than Canada? We need to show its better. What is wrong with you? 54 rupees is equal
to one Canadian dollar. If the rupees keeps
rising every year.. ..then we won’t be able to
compete with it for another 54 years. What are you talking about? No, no, no. This is impossible. I know it is difficult. But Manveer isn’t well. We don’t know what’s wrong. They said, he has depression. Someone told him something in school.. He isn’t talking to anyone.
He isn’t eating anything. He isn’t saying anything. They said that.. We will have to take him to Punjab. They say that if he
doesn’t come out of it.. ..then he will face more
problems once he grows up. It’s okay. It’s okay, dear. Don’t cry. Don’t cry, my child. Don’t cry. You shouldn’t cry, dear.
I will do something. I will do something about it. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. I will do something. Thank you, father. Please try. So, this is what it is in brief. We need to change
for good for 15 days. Okay? I shouldn’t be saying this.
I don’t want to say it either. No more local brewing. And there will be no loitering around
in the streets in a drunkard state. This is my only request. Oh great headman! Just because your
grandson is visiting you.. want all the
villagers to stop drinking? Is your grandson visiting us,
or some prince? You are right.
I didn’t want to say it but.. If it would be great
if you can do that. What are you doing, uncle? According to Canada’s list,
spitting is prohibited. No spitting? Where do I spit then? In his pocket? Or should I sell it in the bank? They can use it to count money. Today you say that I should spit. Next, you will say
that I cannot sneeze. Then, you will say that I cannot burp. Then, you will say that I cannot fart. In this manner,
you will stop our innate reflexes. He is right as well. Do we wish to stop
his innate reflexes? It is a very natural thing. Right. He is right.
But his manners are wrong. Listen to me. Whatever we do we in front
of that kid, we need to be polite. Don’t spitting in
your fists repeatedly. One more thing. Whenever you pass each other,
without differentiating.. ..between male and female,
you will smile at each other. How can anyone do that! I will behead the one
who even looks at my wife! He is right as well. We should behead anyone who looks
at anyone’s wife, sister daughter. – He is absolutely right.
– Yes. I am your headman. I help you when you are in need. Now it is your turn, right? What have you done for us, headman? You have always only
stolen from our village. You had said that you would
install computer in our village. Tell me, where are they? – I had said so?
– Yes. – When?
– Hey.. I must have said
so in a drunkard state. You are unnecessarily
bringing up ghosts of the past. Tell me,
what will you do with a computer? Have you seen your
face in the mirror, uncle? Do you think you can run a computer? You should be running
a bar or something. What if you run your
computer into someone? Mind your language. I can even make you run,
that too without any gears. We can no longer be fooled, headman. We won’t be fooled by you anymore. We voted for you.
What did you do? Tell us. You are just acting stubborn now. What if I say that you took Rs.
1000 to vote for me? Look at me. I have noted in my diary.
You can ask him. I think none of you
are going to listen to me. Let it be. I will talk to Parghat. How can you do that? Listen to me, villagers. If my grandson doesn’t
come here because of all of you.. ..then I will be your worst enemy. Look into my stomach.. I have so many desires! When he
will come, he will bite my stomach. If my grandson doesn’t come here.. ..then you will find my dead
body in front one of your fields. It is also possible that
I tear my veil before I die. Then don’t say that the
old hag got two cases on you. Have some shame.
These people respect me. I just saw how much they respect you. None of them listened to you. If you don’t listen to me,
how will they listen to me? Be grateful that I stayed with you. You should be grateful
that I stayed with you You tell us not to fight
when your grandson comes over. But both of you aren’t
stopping either. Let’s go, villagers. Hold on. You guys have stooped so low now? Can’t you change
for good for a few days? You forgot your history. When did you blood turn white? When did your conscience die? You need to wake up conscience. Whenever Punjabis
have been in trouble.. ..they have come together
and fought against it. When warriors and the braves one
used to fight, a poet had written.. People have the illusion
that we are just a handful. Even dead won’t be an end to us,
we are so many in number. Get together once again. Tell the world that we are no less. Long live.. Long live.. Lambardar.. get up. Let’s go. Wait. When I won, I had paid some Rs.
500, some Rs. 1000 to vote for me. And in exchange,
I had asked for five years from you. Now I ask you for 15 days. And I will pay double the money. From Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000. Long live Revolution! Long live Revolution! Long live Revolution! Long live Revolution! Yes, we have made our
village better than Canada. That’s great, father. Thanks. Just ask Parghat to send
me a grant of 25,00,000 or so. Grant? I am the headman here, dear. I am used to asking for grants.
Tell him to send me Rs. 25,00,000. I need it. Oh. Okay. Okay, father.
It’s not a problem. We will send it. But try to use it
for the village itself. What are you saying, dear? I am the headman for villagers,
and not for the family members. Thank you, father. Bye. I will see you soon. – Guess what?
– What? We are going to Punjab! Oh really? “It is different from all!” “It is different from all!” “Jats hold their pride high.” “Young males are going to the fair!” “The sticks on the shoulders clashed.” “The sticks on the shoulders clashed.” “Now it will cause a storm.” “The girls are wearing
cleaned slippers.” “The girls are wearing
cleaned slippers.” “And they have a
smile on their faces..” “Now the girls dance
in a carefree manner!” “Look the chief is on his knees.” “Sister-in-law, look Baba Bishana.. ” “Sister-in-law, look Baba
Bishana the devil has changed.” “Now everyone gets
together at the square..” “Now everyone gets
together at the square..” “And everyone is heard.” “Now the girls dance
in a carefree manner!” – Hello?
– Hello, father. Hi, son. How are you? Why do you sound so sad? No, just.. I just felt like talking to you. Oh really?
You are really missing me today. Usually whenever I call you,
you seem to be in a hurry. What is wrong? Anyway, you are coming
day after tomorrow.. Then we will get together and talk. – We?
– Yes, we. I cannot say Canada. But we have made something out of it. You can come and take a look at it. Once he meets his grandpa,
he will forget Canada and America! Be strong. See you. Bye. Let’s go, Manveer. Okay, bye. I am doubtful Manveer
will get well over there. But you can make an attempt. – Take care of his health.
– Okay. Your ex-wife. Oh wow. What brings you here? Are you too going to India? You too? – No.
– Thank God. – You?
– Oh God! – Hello, brother.
– Hi! Business or economy? It has to be business. After all,
his uncle is going with him. – I am flying economy.
– Are you too going, papa? Yes, son. I too am going there. What a co-incidence, isn’t it? But brother, you already
knew that they were going to India. You are going after
doing all the planning. Planning? Now what is this drama? Jessica, you are not going. Mother, I am not going there for fun. You know how many
flushes I have to repair? I am going for Manveer. These two won’t be able
to take care of him. You don’t need to worry. I will take care of everything. Look, we too don’t
want him to go with you. But I advice you to take him with you. God forbid if anything goes bad,
he will make it worse. I mean he will make it good. It’s okay, Jessica. Don’t worry. Moreover, there is one more condition. Actually, it’s a request. My family doesn’t know
that we are taking a divorce. Please don’t tell them. You should be all
smiles in front of them. – Just a little, not too much.
– No. Just sometimes,
when they are in front of you. Smile a little. Brother, if she has your
permission she will laugh sometimes. That’s okay.
But tell them about the divorce. Thank you, I will tell them as
soon as I get an opportunity. Okay, that’s enough. We are leaving.
Manveer, let’s go. Bye. Manveer, I am coming. Balkar Singh’s grandson is coming. I will expose the
drama he has been doing. If I don’t expose the truth in front
of him then don’t call me Gajjan. I don’t understand these people. They will keep slogging
to death for five years. But during elections,
as soon as they see the money.. ..they will pee on the spot. Bloody double-tongued scoundrels. I don’t trust you guys either. Drink some tea. No. After all he is
your brother’s grandson. What brother? He has always only
stolen from our village. His grandson is coming here.
But what about our grandsons? We have kept our grandsons
away from our village. They have come from the city. Look, there is no
charm on their faces. Take your tea. – Take it, Gurdev Singh.
– Give it to me. “Come soon, oh my beloved.” “My eyes are getting
tired of waiting..” “Come back soon.” “Come back,
my heart eagerly awaits you.” “I cannot stay alone anymore.” “Alone..” “Waiting for you is killing me.” “Waiting for you is killing me.” “Waiting for you is killing me.” “You have turned my face into stone.” “You have turned my face into stone.” “Let the eyes shed tears,
oh my beloved.” “Let the eyes shed tears,
oh my beloved.” “Oh my beloved!” “Oh my beloved!” “Oh my beloved!” “Oh my beloved!” “My sightseeing is going weak,
but the wait isn’t over.” “Come back at least now.” “Come back, I plead to you.” “You should know, I am dying.” “I am dying..” “But this period of separation
doesn’t seem to come to an end.” “But this period of separation
doesn’t seem to come to an end.” “But this period of separation
doesn’t seem to come to an end.” So my brave son,
how did you like our Punjab? Amazing.
– Isn’t it better than Canada? This new trend of
dancing in the fields.. It is absolutely amazing. The happy farming of Punjab. – I am sure Obama will hear about this.
– Yes. I am sure it must have been your idea. Yes, brother. It has all been my idea. So Manveer, did you like it? Yes, I really like it. – Like it.
– He likes it. How did you like Punjab, dear? I thought it is amazing.
It’s beautiful. I wonder why do people
leave this place to go to Canada! Why don’t they permanently stay here? Now tell me, how can you stay
where you are not destined to stay. – So true.
– So true. Parghat, did you miss us over there? You ask if I miss you guys, uncle? Only my body has gone there.
My heart is still here. Yes, he is absolutely right. His heart is still over here. He didn’t take it to Canada. Stop it now. You are so sweet! They make such a cute couple. They look good together. They make a beautiful couple. My grandson is also very beautiful. He is my grandson. He smells like me. Let me tell you. Hey, as if you smell good.
You always stink. She is just joking, son. Here son, this is your
wedding reception’s invite. Wedding reception? Reception? It was not needed, mother. You should give the
money to the poor instead. Or you could have gotten
group weddings done. You don’t want a reception? You got married and settled in Canada. I have given around Rs.
2.5 lakhs as gifts.. Don’t I have a right to recover it? It’s a desire, dear. Of the villagers as
well as the relatives. Yes. Now if everyone is insisting
then for how long can we refuse? And then, Manveer is also here. He will get a chance to attend
his parents’ wedding reception. You also complete you wish. What is wrong with her? I think she felt shy after hearing
us talk about the wedding reception. But the way she got up,
she didn’t look shy. Now in what proper manner
should she feel shy for you? – This is how a tired person feels shy.
– True. Let’s go home now. Bye. Let’s go to the bar then. No, I mean the fields. – Let’s go. Let’s go.
– Hurry up. Drink it, there’s a sip left. Let’s go. Start moving now. Finally. What is this function? It’s just like a wedding reception. Villagers just eat
and have a gala time. I didn’t ask for a definition. I am asking for the reason. Why did they keep this party, Parghat? I don’t know. I too was surprised
to hear about it, Jessica. My meal came up from my stomach. Oh God. One lentil’s dish.. Two dry veggies and chicken.
That’s all people would like to eat. It’s no use telling this idiot
anything. I am going to meet the cook. Okay, okay. You have to stop them. Please. Please, Parghat.
Just stop them. Well, I will try.
But it’s not in my hands. It is all your fault. If you wouldn’t have
insisted on coming here.. ..then they wouldn’t have
printed the wedding invites. It is so difficult for me too.
Think about it. I will be sitting with
someone’s future wife. It’s okay. We will somehow manage this difficult
situation with a smile on our face. Oh please. I don’t know what have
I gotten myself into. She says I felt shy. Don’t feel shy,
this is your own house. She loves me a lot. Look, how much your
parents love each other. – Don’t they, son?
– Yes. The dinner was so tasty, mother. I swear, I was yearning to
eat the food cooked by my mother. Yes. I didn’t cook it, son. My daughter-in-law cooked it. Oh really? But you must have
been standing next to her, right? Even a mother’s shadow
makes the food tasty. Yes, son. I was standing close to her. – She is very nice.
– Yes. When she came, she said I
will do all the household chores. Cooking, handling the dung cakes.
Cleaning the utensils.. She is very affectionate. – Let’s go to bed, son.
– Yes. Okay? But we won’t let her do it,
will we, mother? We will handle it on our own. – We won’t let her work.
– No. – And son..
– Yes? I am not like my mother-in-law. Two days after my marriage,
she tied her veil on her head. She said she is an asthma patient. She stayed alive for another 10 years. Nothing happened to her.
She was as healthy as a horse. She was waiting for my mother to die. When we got her eyes operated.. ..she had kept the stove
right next to her bed. The smoke gave her
eyes an asthma attack. Oh my mother! Don’t teach him bad things. As if she was a good human being. It was only me how managed
to survive living with her. And plus you and your family. – Shut up. You better shut up.
– Crazy guy. She was good for nothing
and she is finding faults in others. Stop it, father.
You are the smart one. Dear, is this how you fight with him? Tell me. No. – No.
– No. No.. We don’t fight. Why will we fight? She is very good. Only fortunate ones get such wives. She doesn’t eat till
I don’t come home. Really? – Yes. Yes.
– And what about him? Tell me. Do you have any
complaints against him? Tell him that I too am good. Yes. He is very good. He does much more than what
a wife expects her husband to do. My son is very nice. But let me tell you something. There are many people
here who marry Canadian girls.. get permanent residency. Let me tell you.
They are very selfish. You are absolutely right, father. – Enough, Jessica.
– Such boys are very.. What are you guys talking about? Tell him about the time.. the zoo when the
monkey snatched your ice cream. I had scolded the monkey. Talk about good things. Happy couples are those who have
done good deeds in their past lives. – Enough, enough.
– Look at them. Learn something from them. Here, garbage down your medicines. What do you mean by garbage down? I mean, please have your medicines. Oh so sweet. Such sweetness,
I hope you are not offering me poison. Poison won’t kill you. – Oh no.
– Lovely. You are amazing. What are you saying
in front of the kids? Have some shame. You have one leg in the grave. The legs are in the grave,
but my head it still out. You think you are very smart? Drama. Papa.. I want to go to school. We came to India but
you don’t go to school. Now you say that you
want to go to school. Now do you want me to go
to Canada to drop you off to school? Go to sleep. I want to see the
school of this village. What? Let me teach a few of
them a lesson until they come. No, sir. Listen to me.. Let me hit one of
them until they come. Both of us will feel better. Use your brains, sir.
We have to do a drama. According to Canadian schooling.. ..beating them up makes
them lose their confidence. They are the future of our country. If you teach them properly, our
country won’t move towards darkness. – They are the future of our country?
– Yes. Then what! Think about yourself as well. We have got the grant.
You can get a transfer. Country’s future, no.
They are our future. Right. Stand up, Futures. Today the present saved you. Go on, boys. But how will I teach
them without beating them up? No, you cannot beat them up.
Make them your friends. – Whatsapp madam..
– Yes? Listen to him. He says make these
kids your friends. Friends. Yes, of course. They are our friends. This means madam is also our friend? – Your friend..!
– Oh it hurts! It’s only for a matter of minutes. Then it’s back to your
stick and their hands. – Right.
– Okay. Yes. Uncle, he has arrived. Let’s start. Today’s news. The government will pardon
all the dues of the farmers. Punjab overnight become
the world’s No. 1 state. Peoples from America, Canada and
Uganda wants to get settled in Punjab. Wifi free in the whole of Punjab. Wow, they keep the place so clean. They give us a bad
name for no reason at all. Everyone reads newspapers and books. Good riddance. They are here.
They are here. – Whatsapp madam, they are here.
– Start teaching. Hurry up. Hurry up. Start reciting the poetry.
He should feel it’s canada’s school. – One two..
– One two.. – Buckle my shoe.
– Buckle my shoe.. – Three four..
– Three four.. – Shut the door.
– Shut the door.. Welcome. Hello, Mr. Parghat Singh. – How are you?
– Hello, son. Hello, sir. Nice to meet you. I hope you teach them good
lessons for their whole life. He knows better English
than our teacher. Yes. I like Canada school.
Very intelligent. Yes. How many kids know about computers? What do you know about it? – I know.
– Ghudda, stand up. Tell us. In a computer apart from
Facebook there is Youtube as well. In Youtube we can listen to songs.. If we find a singer’s
song to be offensive.. ..then we came curse them as well. By making a fake profile. I too have a profile. Jinda Jat. – Enough. Sit down.
– Thank you. Before our friendship take
a painful turn, sit down. Okay. So, this is the computer class. Do you wish to ask anything? I think that’s enough.
Am I right, son? Let’s go. Very good. Well done, sir. Come on, say bye to him. I will come back again tomorrow.
This school is very nice. – Let it be. Tomorrow..
– He is coming back tomorrow? – Bye.
– Fine. Try not to come tomorrow. Carry on, Whatsap ma’am. So.. Youtube.. Stand up, Jinda Jat. I will change your profile. What is this nonsense! Earlier we used find faults in
the headman while sitting over here. Look at the politics now. Now that same headman
is finding faults in us. He says you should changed,
yourself for the good. Only then will your
village get better. Now did we change the whole village? The headman changed it, didn’t he? It is headman’s fault. I am yearning to
get my hands on a drink. What’s that, papa? Hurry up! Hurry up! Get up! Get up! – What is it?
– The square. – Quickly start the drama.
– So as I was saying.. Why is our country
ahead of other countries? Is everything set? The reason is that
we love our country. We stay together like a family. America, Uganda, Turkmenia
all are feel jealousy. It is not what the government
will do something for us. No. No. We too have some duty. We have to do something for ourselves. If we are hungry then we
are the ones who will have to eat. If someone else eats,
we don’t feel sated. Will we feel sated? Am I right, Happy? So, while talking about food.
We will have a look at the moon. Am I right. Moon is round,
just like a circular flatbread. Hey scientist uncle, how you doing? I want to see the Milky Way. Look, we don’t talk
in English while working. No, son. Actually only those
who are above 18 years old.. ..can see through
that telescope. Sorry. – Prasabh..
– Yes? – You cannot grow grams on moon.
– Why? I heard that there is no.. I have seen. There is no water there. If there is no water,
then we can grow cotton, right? No, we cannot even grow cotton. Because the Americans have already
reached there. Come, have a look. Son, I think they will
soon shift to the moon. We shouldn’t disturb them.
Let’s go, shall we? – Let’s hurry up.
– Hold on. Stop this drama. This one who is looking at the moon
has never even looked at his uncle. Hello, uncle. Your hello won’t stop me from telling
the truth, Parghat. Let me tell you. This isn’t the real image of Punjab. This is your grandpa’s drama. What do I tell you, son? Farmers are in a bad state. Groundwater levels are
getting lower by the day. Medicines have become expensive. If a man goes out
with a rope in his hand.. His wife makes a boy follow him. To know where is he actually going. You didn’t recognize him, son? He is my uncle who does drama. He does street plays
to make people aware.. that no problem
arises in the system. You heard his speech? I thought that it was true. Look, he thought it was true. Your acting is a hit.
Amazing. Let’s go, son. – Let’s go. Let’s go.
– Son, your grandpa is fooling you. All this is a drama. He has gathered all idlers at a wage. Well done, oh great artist. Well done. Did you aunt just danced
that you are applauding? Stop it. Show me a nice dress, son. Here auntie.
This is a very good dress. It is in fashion. Let it be. This looks like a blanket. Show me something nice. Listen show me something
that makes the villagers say.. ..that there is no one
like the Brar’s daughter-in-law. Okay wait, I’ll find one for you. Watch out brother, don’t
increase the rate after this. Don’t try to fool us
just because we are women. Mother..
Mother, all this is not needed. I will fulfill all my desires. Whenever a boy used to
get married in our village.. ..I used to feel like throwing
myself in front of the car. Now, I will dance
in front of your car. “She flew away..” “She flew away..” Mother! Hold on.. Sorry, mother. It’s okay. Hi. Hey Jessica, how are you? I am good. How is Manveer? Thankfully Manveer is happy. Okay, that’s good. Is everyone fine in Punjab? Oh, Punjab is beautiful. These people are also very nice. Listen, your mom is here.
We all have got together.. I am making plans for my future. Yeah. Are you liking it in Punjab? Now don’t say that and
make her like it. Give it to me. Hello Jessica. Hello? Hi! Keep Manveer away from
the dust and the grim. And stay away from
all the black magic. They start asking
money from foreigners. Keep your fists closed. Anyway, I have blocked
your credit card. Come soon.
We have a big surprise for you. One more thing. Get me a Punjabi
sandal on your way back. – Sister, do you want something?
– No, thank you. Okay, dear. Okay. Take care. – Come on..
– No. No. – No..
– No, now don’t run away. – Drink it.
– No, no. You have tired me. Here, drink it. – He won’t drink it that easily, mother.
– Okay. This generation
eats chocolates and ice creams. I will have to force him to drink it. Come on, finish it. – Give birth to another one like him.
– Finish it. I will go crazy playing with them. She keeps saying, mother. She also has a child’s
photo in our room. But I refuse. Why, son? It’s not easy to bring up two kids. It’s more than enough
if we bring one up together. Ofcourse. You can leave him with us. Son, you should ask
God to give you a brother. God answers kids’ prayers quickly. No, grandma. I want a sister. I want an aunt for my children. – Hey, come here.
– Oh God. Hear him talk. He says he wants an aunt for his kids. Don’t listen to your father. Take after your mother. – No, no one can be like his mother.
– Really? Such people are not born every day. She is better than
ten angels put together. If she wasn’t born then I would.. How would I become
a permanent resident? Let it be, mother. How do I praise her in front of her? When we will sit alone,
I will tell you how good she is. – Really?
– It is true, mother. I too will tell you
how good he really is. Okay, dear. So sweet! They love each other a lot. A lot. Keeping love aside,
you shouldn’t pamper him. Such people end up troubling you. Take his father for example. I was newly married. I loved him a lot.
I did everything for him. He used to come home drunk at night. And he used to ask me to
serve him fresh hot flatbreads. I used to serve him
fresh hot flatbreads. Once, late in the night
he came home sloshed. He kept roaring. He asked me to serve him
fresh hot flatbreads. – Then?
– I got angry. I don’t know what happened to me. I think I was possessed. I picked up a small bat, covered
my face and started beating him up. I hit him black and blue. Really? From that day onwards.. ..he never ever mentioned them. Now when I serve hot flatbreads.. ..he cools them down
and then eats them. – Stop it now.
– Great. The Brar family seems
very happy today. What’s happening? Laughter is echoing
in the Brar household today. The whole family is
sitting together, father. Tell me what’s the reason, dear. I.. Nothing. Why are you laughing? Tell me. Females have so many
things to talk about. Now we won’t be telling
you everything, will we? Let it be father. It won’t be anything
meaningful anyway. They must be making fun of someone. – I know everything.
– Quiet. Oh God. Aren’t you ashamed of
insulting me in this old age.. front of my son
and my daughter-in-law? Look dear,
how he is threatening me with the bat. Grandma, you two always keep fighting. Why don’t you take
a divorce from grandpa? He never gives me anything. He sold the instruments
to buy machinery. He still hasn’t returned them. He is a miser. Try me and then you will know. Go and get my medicines. I won’t. Live or die, I don’t care. Oh my Zeenat Aman, go and get it. Damn you. You flirt with me
in front of the kids. – He thinks he is Rajesh Khanna.
– Get lost. Look son, this is how you
can sweetly make woman do your work. Yes. Drama. My son will sleep with me? Let’s go. Okay. So that boys knows better
English than your teacher. Lift your bum, son. Higher. Sir, if you don’t stop
punishing us like this.. ..then I will come about
you to the headman’s grandson. Threats? I will beat your friendship
until it is red. Let me tell you. Sir, don’t punish them
till his grandson is here. I cannot eat until
I see them punished. So what do you mean now,
that I should stay hungry for 15 days? I am going on a leave. Approve my 15 days’ leave.
I cannot do this drama. Friend, get back to your seat. Go and sit down. – Hey teacher, how you doing?
– Well. – How’s schooling, teacher?
– Good. Will anyone of them
become the prime minister? What do you say? – I..
– I.. – Am..
– Am.. – Not..
– Not.. – Going..
– Going.. – On a..
– On a.. – Leave!
– Leave! That’s great, teacher. You framed an English
sentence perfectly. – Really?
– Yes. This means it was just fear. Take this, dear. You will get twins. – Twins.
– Hail the great sage. Go. Yes, dear? One or two? One. Already have one. Yes, according to your age,
only one is fine. Not me, I want it
for my daughter-in-law. Oh. Okay. Okay. Okay. Here, dear. Feed it to your husband. Take it. But remember, tell him not to
think about monkeys while eating it. What? Well, dear,
only he knows what he talks about. – Go.
– I praise the sage. – Twins.
– I praise the sage. – Twins.
– I praise the sage. Go. Good. This is making all the villagers play. Manveer is also very happy here. He is much better than before. Father.. You have always fought with mother. But from the time I have come back.. ..I have been noticing
that you fight with her a lot. Do you ever feel that you made
a mistake by getting married to her? What do you think,
I don’t know the truth? Have you lost your mind? All the old women are the same. You shouldn’t get angry with them,
let me tell you. No man can be ever happy with them. Don’t tell your father
about this sweet. He will start lecturing
for no good reason. You know he has already lost his mind. I don’t get it, mother. You fight with him all day long. How did you spend
so manyyears with him? This is life. What’s so special with life otherwise? My aunt’s daughter’s
husband hits her every day. – Oh my God!
– She still lived a good life. This means what those sweet
talks about love are also fake? What love? Have you lost your mind? Love? That too with that old hag? You should love your friends. – You love your children.
– True. But still, even if they
have a snake instead of a tongue.. They are better off at home. All men are worthy of being killed. – Yes. So true.
– Absolutely. Help me up, dear. My knees. I think he is a quack. Wow. You were the smart one, weren’t you? I am very smart,
but everyone makes mistakes, Parbo. Yes, like Zora.. Who is Zora, son? Mother, Zora is her
eldest uncle’s son. – Is he your real uncle’s..?
– No. He isn’t. Why do you talk about
things you know nothing about? – Let it be, you liar.
– He is just.. I want to discuss
something with you two. – Yes?
– Yes? I am having doubts on you two. Did you two have a
disagreement or something? We are always smiling and laughing. – Did you?
– No. – Oh mother..!
– I have never seen you two fighting. Come again? You want me to buy a dress worth Rs.
20000 for the reception? You want two dresses worth Rs. 40,000! I’ve been going bankrupt
from the time I have married you. Talk to me and stop punching me..!
Stop punching me! Mother, you better come
here and save your son! What are you saying? Please don’t
ruin my image in front of everyone. I don’t like this drama.. Mother, save your son! – Please! Shut up! Please!
– They are fighting! Mother, save your son! Now I am assured
that everything is fine. – They will make a good couple.
– Mother, save your son! Mother! Now I will tell you who is good. No! – She might hit him.
– They will handle it on their own. – Mother, save your son!
– Oh God! Smile. “I had got matches from
big shots near and far.” Your earrings are beautiful. “The middleman had lured
me with promises of cars.” You perhaps never noticed before. I have worn them earlier as well. “I had got matches from
big shots near and far.” “The middleman had lured
me with promises of cars.” “Sisters-in-law too tried
to cajole me but I didn’t give in.” “Take me into your fair arms,
I belong to you.” “Take me into your fair arms,
I belong to you.” “Take me into your fair arms,
I belong to you.” “Take me into your fair arms,
I belong to you.” “There is no more beautiful
in this world other than you.” “Boys look for excuses
to befriend you.” “There is no more beautiful
in this world other than you.” “Boys look for excuses
to befriend you.” “I am known as the
example of loyalty.” “I only chant your name.” “Take me into your fair arms,
I belong to you.” “Take me into your fair arms,
I belong to you.” “Take me into your fair arms,
I belong to you.” “Take me into your fair arms,
I belong to you.” Uncle Rajvinder Singh.. Rs. 2000. Uncle Amarjit Singh.. Rs. 500. – Listen..
– Yes? Come here, please. What is it? You called out to me? Yes, I called you. You used to say that your brothers.. you a bungalow,
bought land for you etc, etc. Your darling eldest
brother gave just Rs. 500. You shouldn’t be so greedy. What about the Rs.
5100 which was given separately? Show it to me? You show me what
did your brother give? Forget my brother. – Stop talking about my brother.
– Why are you two fighting, uncle? How about spending some time with us? – Come outside.
– Coming. Find me a permanent resident like you. Have you seen your face in the mirror? She is an angel. Don’t cast an evil
eye on my daughter-in-law. Come with me, dear.
I wanted to talk to you. She is so beautiful. This is our treasure. And this trunk.. This belongs to my mother-in-law. And this box belongs to me. From now onwards,
these two belong to you. – No, mother.
– Don’t say no, dear. Men have land and women
have such boxes and trunks. This is how we transfer our heritage. Look, from today this
house belongs to you. And after we are gone,
you can come here if you want. You can sell it or distribute it.
Do whatever you want. Okay, dear? Here you go, my child. What happened? Keys? Did.. Mother! Please Parghat. I cannot do this anymore. I cannot play with
their emotions anymore. I cannot deceive them anymore. I.. Please tell them the truth. I will try. I will tell mother.. Shall I talk to her
tomorrow or in a few days? Keep these keys safe. There is jewelry in them. Manveer! – Manveer!
– No. – Give it here.
– No. – Oh mom, my game!
– Manveer! What is wrong, son? You look wistful. You seem sad over something. It’s nothing, mother. Something is wrong for sure. No. It’s nothing important. Actually.. You know my friend Sunny.
He just called me. He is upset. He has been fighting
a lot with his wife. She says that she wants a divorce. He too is very stubborn. He said whenever you want. You can take a divorce
right away if you want. What caused this, son? It’s nothing big.
She says you don’t talk to me. He says there is
nothing to talk about. Just like that. Why don’t they just talk it out? What will they gain from a divorce? No, they will benefit. Yes! The girl will benefit a little more. – The girl will get half the property.
– Okay. Money and wealth will also
be distributed equally. Okay. And he will have to pay
monthly alimony to her as well. – Really?
– Like a salary. What kind of a boy
is your friend Sunny? Sunny, is like.. You can say he is like father. That girl is doomed. Then she should leave him. Oh really? First of all,
she will get monthly alimony. She will also get property. If you ask me, I will suggest
that she should divorce him. You are right, mother. It is better to take a divorce. Instead of fighting all the time. If Jessica and I fight in near future,
I will divorce her. Don’t make me hit you. He will take a divorce! I’ll hit you ten times
and count it as one. Why? She is a gem of a girl. Don’t you dare talk
about such a thing again! – Now what are you staring at me?
– Nothing. I.. Mother, are you making corn
bread or wheat bread with the greens? Corn bread, son. These people don’t understand
but being separated or being together. I will try again. It’s difficult but.. I know. Please keep trying. Yes. But you too should reduce
your love towards them. Make them hate you a little. You should refuse to do any work. Back answer them. One more thing.. Come and help me, dear. Say no. Tell her no. Be firm. Tell her that I am not free. – Say no.
– Come here. Come here, dear. I told you, don’t go. Oh, sorry. Thank you. By the way, you are looking beautiful. I know your brothers,
your parents and your family. What are you blabbering? Now if you argue with me,
I will divorce you. I will take half your house, half of
your land, plus monthly maintenance. I say hurry up.
I have 20 acres of land. Even after give you 10 acres
I will be left with 10 acres. Anyone will be ready
to marry their daughter.. someone who
owns 10 acres of land. Do you understand? What are you telling me? Won’t anyone accept
me if I have 10 acres? Only God will accept you.
Stop blabbering. If the lentils don’t turn
out to be tasty then I will tell you. Nice book. Isn’t this the one in
which the hero dies in the end? Or was it the other one? Papa, if your parents take a divorce,
whom will you stay with? Their divorce?
They won’t get divorced. They are conservative. You tell me, when we get divorced,
whom will you stay with? I haven’t decided as yet. Keep the divorce papers ready,
let me tell you. I will be right back. – Come with me.
– Yes! Of course, with me. Hi. Manveer is calling you. He isn’t ready to sleep without you. Okay. The moon of our country
looks beautiful, doesn’t it? It’s the same moon there as well. It is possible that
you never looked at it. I don’t know. I know this moon very well. I have had many conversations with it. It knows me well. I know it well. If you would’ve had
conversations with that moon.. ..then maybe you would’ve
know it well too. Maybe. But there is a difference.. Of language and level.. Yes. Manveer is calling. Okay, tell me something.. The moon’s light.. it is its own
or does it reflects the sun’s light? What does that mean? I just asked. There can be some things without
any hidden meaning behind them, right? Sorry. Good night. “I shall take the light from
the sun and make an ornament.” “Instead of a diamond, I’ll
embed the moon in it and beautify it.” “I seek a treasure
to place on your forehead.” “The stars from the sky..” “The stars from the sky..” “I pluck the stars from the sky..” “To decorate your veil.” “I pluck the stars from the sky..” “To decorate your veil.” “I’ll steal the darkness from the
night, to apply kohl in your eyes.” “I’ll use flower seeds
to apply on your forehead.” “I’ll steal the color from
the sunset and apply on your hands.” “I keep gathering precious
gems to grow them in your garden.” “I keep gathering precious
gems to grow them in your garden.” “The stars from the sky..” “The stars from the sky..” “I pluck the stars from the sky..” “To decorate your veil.” “I flow with the water.” “I keep burning with the lamps.” “I keep looking like a fool
after falling in love with you.” “I keep searching
for you in my dreams.” “I always seeking your presence..” “To wake up my sleepy destiny.” “I always seeking your presence..” “To wake up my sleepy destiny.” “The stars from the sky..” “The stars from the sky..” “I pluck the stars from the sky..” “To decorate your veil.” “To decorate your veil.” Inspector.. Very good. We will gather every single penny. I had taken Rs. 2500 from the headman. I am not lying. I am left with only Rs.
500. Why return it? – Let it be.
– Give it to me. You won’t change so quickly. Stop loving this. Learn to love your conscience. Papa, looking the uncle
who does drama. Yes, son. What’s happening out here? Cops are also in the drama? What accounts are you balancing? You have so much money in your hand.
Are you selling drugs? Take them money. Seal it.
– What drugs? Why did you have that money with you? He acts smarts.
The headman keeps calling me. – What is wrong with you?
– Inspector.. listen to me. Hold on. Don’t touch my uncle. Who are you? – I..
– I what? I am the headman’s son. We will settle it between ourselves. You know, we are trying to show the
child that our village is nice. Say that it is a drama. We are just acting, son. It’s possible that at the end
of the scene they might take me away. They might even beat me up. – Acting.
– Look over here. Listen, fulfill what you have promise. Make sure it all reaches me. I didn’t even spare your father. It’s just acting, son. Look, I will poke him. Just wind. He doesn’t say anything. No. I will settle the accounts at night. – Let’s go.
– Bye. Acting. Acting. It’s not me, it’s your
uncle who is being impossible. You are being impossible. He is trying to make
this village better.. ..and you are sending
cops to arrest him. Let this village get better, headman. Okay, so you will teach me sense,
Mr. Parghat. Why are you ruining his mood? He is leaving tomorrow. Shut up. Stop blabbering. First of all,
you should talk properly with mother. She got married and came
to your house with a lot desires. Have you ever spoken to her with love? You take your Bullet
and go to your friends. You take your Jeep
and go to your friends. Friends are important
but not more than your family. Mother has looked after your family. When I was a kid, did you
know where I was what I was doing? Just giving birth,
don’t make you a father. Did you ever take us shopping.. First of all sell your Bullet
and Jeep and buy a family car. Something like a Maruti. Take a newspaper subscription
and read it early in the morning. It’s never too late to improve. A person can change anytime in life. He should just get an opportunity. Have you packed my clothes? I would have beaten him
up if he wasn’t to leave tomorrow. Calm down now. Son, the black-underwear
thieves are out these days. What are you doing here alone? Is this a way to talk to your father? Yes, I said a little too much. Sit down. Now you will see, father
will stay upset with me tomorrow. He will show that it doesn’t
make a difference to him. But after I leave,
he will cry when he is alone. Some people are like that. He cannot say it, but.. ..they feel hurt when
someone leaves them. People get attached. Yes.. Even Manveer is attached
with all of them. Yes. He too won’t feel
like leaving tomorrow. But thank God, he is all better now. Father had made the village look good. My favorite song. You love old songs, don’t you? A lot. I have heard them
a lot when I was small. Manik, Sadiq.. I should used to spend the
whole day at the pumping station.. Listening to Chamkila’s
songs and playing cards. No worries or tensions. Those were some good times. You had sent me a song as well,
hadn’t you? Of Chamkila.. – Before we got married.
– Yes. What was that song? “I wish to get married.
But my mother doesn’t agree.” Your mother didn’t agree.
But we still got married. I understood. You had sent another one. Yes, I had sent you one more. The second one.. – What was that song?
– What was that song? “The moon rises early in love..” “The moon rises early in love,
but it is..” Hello? Hi, Jessica. How are you? Hello? Can you hear me? Yeah. Hi. Our engagement date is fixed.
It’s on the 28th. Are you happy? Hello? I will come to receive
you at the airport. Can’t wait to see you. I miss you. – Me too.
– Okay. Bye. Yeah. Bye. Zora? Yes. He is a nice guy. He is your friend. Childhood friend. Our engagement date has been fixed. Will you invite me
for your engagement? Yes, I can come as
someone’s wife’s friend. Wives don’t have friends. From where does one learn to talk? Keep it. Hurry up. Be careful. Dear! Hurry up. You are getting late. Also, make sure you
take your passports and all. Also, get that smartypants’. Yes. What is it? You look sad. Listen.. Don’t cry in front
of your grandparents. If you really want to cry.
Cry once you are in the car. You don’t feel like
going back to Canada? – You think Punjab is that beautiful?
– Yes. My family heritage project
will be even better than John’s. Did you give the keys back to mother? What do you think.. ..will she give the keys back? Yes. Okay, I’ll for a bath.
Or else we will get late. Okay? Okay. Daughters take care of the house. Where are you, mother? Coming, son. Wait. – God bless you.
– Here, I forgot about this. Take this, son.
It is our buffalo’s clarified butter. You look weak. Next time you come,
you better be healthy. He looks weak to you. Stop it. They are getting late. Come on. Hurry up. Let’s go. Stop it. Let me love him to my heart’s content. Who knows whether I am
alive the next time he visits. Nothing will happen to you. The flexible branches
don’t fall so easily. Understood? Yes. Stop it. You should stop it. Bye, dear. Good that you paid us a visit. You have made us so happy. I too am pleased to meet you, mother. I will miss you and father a lot. Did you eat that sweet? Next time come with a pair of kids. Do you want them to
give you a pair right away? Listen to me, dear. You and my son will come
and meet us every year. Understood? I won’t say anything to him. Mr. New-Turned-Smartypants. Okay? I thought the kids are leaving.
You might feel lonely. Come in now that you
have come here by mistake. One has to mistake sometimes. Take this, my child.
This is a gift, dear. Take this, kiddo. – Here, you too take it.
– How are you? Take it. Saw that? Your eldest brother gave just Rs. 500. And look at my brother, he gave Rs.
1000 to everyone. You ran after the headman’s
post all your life.. ..and never tried to find
out how your brother is doing. And now he is your brother. Is it so? Fine then, next time you
can be the headman. I won’t contest. Let me see how you improve
the village by becoming the headman. If my NRI nephew will support me.. ..we will together turn
our village into heaven. I am with you, uncle. Moreover, if we keep
our villages maintained.. ..then grandsons will
keep visiting the village. Well done, Mr. Smartypants. Come here. You have started saying
such smart things. Come on now. God bless you. Let’s go now. – Let’s go. Let’s go.
– No. Don’t go. And stop crying. Let’s go. Get in. Come on, everyone. They have left now. Let’s go inside. Okay, boys and girls. Listen up for a second. I just got back Manveer’s
family heritage project. And he did such a fantastic job. And I want everybody to
come over here congratulate him. Really great job, Manveer. – Really great job.
– Thank you so much. Wow. My village! Folk dance! Field. It’s our fields. Mud house! The mother will take
custody of the child. And you will be allowed
weekend visitations. And special visits at her discretion. Please sign. Can I keep Manveer
till your engagement? Thank you. ‘We got together
with such difficulty.’ ‘What complaints did
you have against me?’ ‘We got together
with such difficulty.’ ‘What complaints did
you have against me?’ ‘You couldn’t trust the
one hanging by the noose.’ ‘I lost my life and
you didn’t even love me.’ ‘I lost my life and
you didn’t even love me.’ ‘You didn’t even love me.’ ‘That affection and loyalties..’ ‘Those yearnings and emotions..’ ‘My share of love..’ ‘Look what happened to them.’ ‘That affection and loyalties..’ ‘Those yearnings and emotions..’ ‘My share of love..’ ‘Look what happened to them.’ ‘I lost my life and
you didn’t even love me.’ ‘I lost my life and
you didn’t even love me.’ ‘You didn’t even love me.’ Whom do you love more? Your mom or your dad? Mom. ‘That affection and loyalties..’ ‘Those yearnings and emotions..’ ‘My share of love..’ ‘Look what happened to them.’ ‘Look what happened to them.’ God has made such a nice pair. Zora, who are you waiting for? Isn’t he the boy she
was married to earlier? Yes, mother.
I think he used to hit her. I think so too. It ruined my clothes. The tap in the bathroom is broken. Oh. I will go and check. Please. Thank God he was here. He is at least being
useful for something. Mom, stop. Wait for him, please. Fine. – I repaired it. Check it.
– Thank you. So shall we begin
the ring ceremony now? – Of course.
– Thank you. Zora, exchange the rings. Where is the ring? – Ring?
– Yes. Where it is? Did you keep it somewhere? Don’t no. Sorry. – Thanks.
– Thank God. Yes, father? Hello. Sorry.. Yes, yes. She isn’t with me. She has gone for a run. – You still didn’t tell them?
– No. Why? When were you planning to tell them? I don’t know. Yes? – Give me the phone, I will tell him.
– I.. Here, talk to her. One second. One second. Hello, father. Hello. Hello? Father? Hello? Can you hear me? – What?
– I think the network is weak. Just one second. I am sorry. – Jessica!
– Yes, I am going outside. – Network issue?
– Speak louder, father. Yes, I am going outside. Hello? Hello, father? Let’s go. I think this girl is out of network. Where did she go? I think she has gone for a run. – Shall I go and get her.
– Let’s go. Let’s go, Tuti. Zora, get your car. Papa, fast. Papa, fast. Hurry up, papa! You drive. You drove really fast. I had to jump a red
signal to come after you. Okay. I just took a chance and
lied that it was father’s call. But you understood everything.. As to why I lied. Really? Why did you lie? Because I don’t want you
to get engaged to anyone else. I tried living without you. I have learned a lesson. A snake cannot survive without poison. I am poison. No, I am poison. So I am a snake. I am the snake and I am the poison. Okay, I love you. ‘Okay, I love you.’ After all this? Is this how you will tell me? Then how else should I say it?
I mean.. I love you. Okay? Let it be. No, you should let it be. Just.. Manveer.. I love you. I don’t want you to be
‘X’ed’ from my life’s ABC. I cannot do better than this. You can leave if you want to. But it’s no use going there now. Even the cooks must have left by now. When you two feel like,
you guys get together. When you two feel like,
you guys start fighting. Have you ever thought about me,
you scoundrels? – Manveer.
– Hit him. Hit him hard! Wife.. she is back. Manveer.. – Who taught you all this?
– Grandpa. Let’s go, home – Okay?
– Mom.. They look happy together. Let’s go. She is your daughter? She is the first girl in the
world who ran away with her husband. I feel so sad, brother. By the way, do you like chicken? – Are you are permanent resident?
– Yes. Brother,
please stay true to your word. My sister will take good care of you. Brother? Sister, make chicken! Yes, Lakha? You should have called sooner. I have made plans with my family. Otherwise we would’ve got
together for a drink or two. Yes, Lakha. No, I cannot make it. I am going out with my family. I will be away for two days. We will tour around
and catch some fishes. Family is also important, brother. See you. Okay, bye.. – Let’s go.
– You said no to Lakha again? – It’s okay.
– Friends are also important, right? – I love you.
– I love you. Let’s go. Be careful with Tuti’s
children’s aunt. Hello? Hi, mother. How are you? Yes. All of us are doing well. Yes, Tejo is also doing well. She will come there to meet you soon. I have already booked the tickets. Yes, yes. 29th July. You booked them so well in advance? We don’t even know
if we will be able to make it. Mother, did uncle do
anything good for our village? Or was father better than them? Here, talk to Tejo. Tejo, say hello to your grandma. ‘Jats hold their pride high.’ ‘Young males are going to the fair!’ ‘The sticks on the shoulders clashed.’ ‘The sticks on the shoulders clashed.’ ‘Now it will cause a storm.’ ‘The girls are wearing
cleaned slippers.’ ‘The girls are wearing
cleaned slippers.’ ‘And they have a
smile on their faces..’ ‘Now the girls dance
in a carefree manner!’ ‘With grace of God, there is peace.’ ‘Look the chief is on his knees.’ ‘Sister-in-law, look Baba Bishana.. ‘ ‘Sister-in-law, look Baba
Bishana the devil has changed.’ ‘Now everyone gets
together at the square..’ ‘Now everyone gets
together at the square..’ ‘And everyone is heard.’ ‘Now the girls dance
in a carefree manner!’ ‘Here food and beverages
are in plenty.’ ‘Jat still loves his buttermilk.’ ‘Our hearts are ailment free.’ ‘Our hearts are ailment free.’ ‘The Jats works hard every day.’ ‘He feeds his cows
and buffaloes daily.’ ‘He feeds his cows
and buffaloes daily.’ ‘And the kids go to school.’ ‘Now the girls dance
in a carefree manner!’

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  4. ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  5. Seriously i can't know all the words of punjabi but watching that movie and really enjoying so nice movie , love these punjabi movies ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ love from ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ

  6. This is ur brain illness that a Muslim girl want to marry a non Muslim. We respect u as a punjabi but dont de-respect us (Pakostani) in ur movies.

  7. Ghr di bhabi ghr ch rehjoo ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“

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