Low Fat Grilled Fish with Chilli Sauce Recipe

Low Fat Grilled Fish with Chilli Sauce Recipe

[Intro music] [Intro music] Assalaamu Alaikum and welcome to Titli’s Busy
Kitchen with me Titli Nihaan. When you hear the words “fish” and “diet”,
you’ll probably think… BORING !! But I’m gonna change your perception of that… Look into my eyes. Look into my eyes. Not around the eyes. Not around the eyes. Look into my eyes. Look into my eyes. Look
into my eyes… There’s enough here for 2 people. I’ve got 2 very nice salmon fillets but any
kind of fish will do for this recipe, 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and a tablespoon of freshly chopped coriander. Put the fish in a bowl, pour on the lemon juice, oil and coriander and rub it well into the surface of the fish. Cover and leave to marinate for about an hour. After an hour, place the fish on a grill tray. Pop under a hot grill for about 10 minutes
to cook the fish. Meanwhile, we can make the chilli sauce. I’ve got a cup of water, 1 tablespoon of malt vinegar, 1 tablespoon of chilli sauce, 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, half a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon
of sugar and a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger. Put all the ingredients in a small pan, bring it gently to the boil, then allow to simmer gently for 5 or 6 minutes
to let the flavours develop. After about 5 or 6 minutes, your sauce should
thicken up. But if it isn’t thick enough, then simply
whisk a teaspoon of cornflour in 2 tablespoons of water and add it into the sauce with whisking. and add it into the sauce with whisking. Oh, that’s much better! Oh, that’s much better! Oh, that’s much better! Alrighty! Now we’re ready to serve up. Serve the fish with the sauce, a couple of
lemon wedges and some rice. In a moment I’m gonna click my fingers and when I do so you’ll want to make this
delicious fish dish. Three, two, one… [finger-click] And you’re back in the room! Join me next time in Titli’s Busy..hang on,
where are you going? Khuda hafiz

69 thoughts on “Low Fat Grilled Fish with Chilli Sauce Recipe

  1. It almost does, but for that extra flavour and cooking throughout it needs grilling. Flat fish will need grilling for a lot less time than the salmon I used.

  2. At first I thought I heard you say when you thickened the sauce…."and stir it with WHiSKEY!!" That would certainly pep up the sauce I bet 😀

  3. Hey ! Could you please do a recipe using mackerel ? I love the taste fish and it is really inexpensive, however I really don't know how to prepare it other than in the oven with a mustard sauce… Thank you !

  4. chili sauce in chili sauce… chili sauce inception style? lol! love the recipe, looks to be full of flavor. yum!

  5. Désolée Titli mais j'avais une envie pressante … Je trouve presque dommage de faire mariner le saumon qui,à la différence du cabillaud ou du lieu ,a un bon petit goût au naturel ! Mais c'est MON avis évidemment !!!

  6. I think I need my hearing checked. I could have sworn you said "Now add it to the sauce with whiskey," when you added the corn starch mixture to the sauce. I didn't notice you adding whiskey to the recipe, but I sure it would've added a nice kick to it.

  7. Your videos should have more views. They are both entertaining and informative. They are also very nicely edited. Do you edit your own videos?

  8. Titli, your videos are one of the high points of my week! Thank you so much for the inspiration and the humour – really, I love you to bits! . . . and now I must go and make that fish . . . .

  9. Surprised to see no salt in the marinade. Looks delicious. We are having this tonight .. and that was before we saw your video. lol

  10. I do like your low-fat dishes. I have high cholesterol so am on a mission to bring it down,what type of oil do you use Til ? Great Vids btw very quirky&fun

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