Making vegan FISH from BANANA BLOSSOMS?! | Vegan Fish and Chips Recipe

100 thoughts on “Making vegan FISH from BANANA BLOSSOMS?! | Vegan Fish and Chips Recipe

  1. Love this format where you put close-ups of how you're getting the ingredients ready and you add some music on the background! It's awesome! 🍀

  2. Omg! Candice, you’re absolutely incredible! Thank you so very much! This is genius – YOU are genius! This is so darn exciting! PS. How the heck did you and your team know that “Carmen” is my favourite opera?! Love it & love you! ♥️ I cannot wait to try this recipe and share it with my family and friends!

  3. My girl, I went back and watched a tofu scramble video of yours from like 2015….lemme just say I f*cking love you. 🤣 🙌🏼💚

  4. We have a company that makes fresh banana blossoms into fried chicken here on Oahu. Even as a vegan I can appreciate someone that eats the “unedible” animal parts. Because if you’re going to kill the animal, than eat it ALL. And this is how I feel about the banana blossom. #fleshoverfresh

  5. There is actually a vegan version of fish sauce from Vietnam that might add a little more fishiness. Subbed for some of the soy sauce maybe.

  6. that honestly looks amazing I’m probably gonna have a sleepover with my friends and we have to try this recipe!!!

  7. old bay!!! noooooooooooooooooooo. but this looks awesome though, rice paper looks so damn creepy i cannot bring myself to try anything with it. love your vids cutie.

  8. if you want meat then eat meat… if your body says you need meat then dont showel banana down your throat… this s mental illness

  9. I like you videos better, when your team (friends) tries the food in the end as well 🙂
    Lots of love from Germany xxx

  10. Will never understand why MEAT EATERS…… COME TO VEGAN/VEGETARIAN CHANNELS TO TALK SHIT. Just like skeptics go to paranormal channels and athiests go to religious channels, JUST TO TALK SHIT. Stay in YOUR OWN fucking lane and watch YOUR CHANNELS if you got a problem. Fucking pests.

  11. Oh my god, I HAVE to test this. I got so excited about the restaurant in London (UK) serving this but so sad not to be able to go their, I can now make it at home !!!!
    Thank you so much for this amazing recipe 😍

  12. I live in Thailand and we have several banana palms growing around the house – so this looks amazing. For me, Old Bay Seasoning will be the problem – any suggestions on alternatives? BTW, Thais often use banana blossoms as a garnish on Pat Thai, or as an ingredient in curries.

  13. omg. Firstly, the rice paper was GENIUS. I'm sorry I didn't think of it myself when struggling with breading and battering all these finicky things. GENIUS.

    Also, loved the music with dramatic shots…didn't understand the choice in music but still loved it.

  14. Flax seed oil > Olive oil when trying to make anything vegan fish!! Has that like fish oil taste + omega-3s!!! Just a trick I learned.

  15. Amazing. Must find banana blossoms + do GF version, since I can no longer have gluten. I agree with below comments. I like the style – but the blasting music & extremely quiet voice caught me off guard. Especially since I was watching it on my phone in public, lol.

  16. those songs you used during the mixing camera shots made me feel like i was watching the 'Fantasia' of food

  17. Candice have you tried Russula xerampelina or 'Shrimp Russulas' as they're sometimes called? I just heard they're a mushroom with a fishy taste, apparently like shrimp with a flavour that's supposed to get stronger if you keep them for a few days before use. Then there's Lactarius volemus, again getting fishier the longer they're kept.

  18. Mmmm looks delicious. Your suggestions to get the sea flavour in there are spot on. So happy that we're just getting better and better at this because of people like you who will properly critique a recipe.

  19. I’m so loving this Candice compared to the Candice from 3-4 years ago! These vids are so much more authentic and her wonderful personality and skills shine through the roof! Love the editing too. Now where can I get my hands on some banana blossoms?!

  20. In VN we use banana blossoms for many dishes such as Gỏi bắp chuối in the south and Nộm hoa chuối in the north

  21. Just curious did you get the wrapping it in the rice paper idea from another video? I saw that technic used for the first time on THEOFFICIALHUNGRY PAGE by CHEF Roberto Martin (Shout out to him and his cookbook so far he has been one of many including you and your cookbook to help turn my husband vegetarian then vegan!!!) The video was called Vegan Recipe: Vegan Fried Chicken?! it was an amazing recipe and the rice paper was like skin sooo cool! it was back in 2013 but we use it all the time your the only other person I've seen use it besides him but definitely works!!!!

  22. You are wasting your time and life being vegan. Wake up, eat meat and move on with life. This video proves you want fish so just eat fish.

  23. As others said your cooking is so authentic , and you are looking smoking hot and different from a few years ago (back when your cook book came out and you were in another kitchen), I think the editing is good, this video just came up while I was tooling around YT. Someone via Google said Berkeley Bowl has banana blossoms if anyone is in the Bay Area! I'm gonna look for them if I get over that way. Also 99 Ranch Market in Mountain View should also have them too if you are in that area of the Bay Area!

  24. Got in trouble for sending this to the pastors wife🥴😲🤬😂🙏🔥💩 Didn’t hear the Expletive 😂🥴🤯

  25. Oh! Thanks for your rapid reply! Have you ever tried Miyoko Schinner’s recipes? I bought years ago all her vegan books. I didn’t have success with her book Artisan Vegan Cheese. Great idea creating this You Tube space. I have recently found your videos and watched some of them. Since I’m in Japan, some ingredients I don’t have in the stores near by, I’m in the county not in Tokyo, I hope you can suggest some ingredientes which can replace the ones in the original recipe. For example, instead of Tahini soy sauce?

  26. I would have used used flaxeed oil for the omega flavour kick and wrapped them in nori instead of rice paper. Whole 'nother level 🙂

  27. I live in the philippines and im so glad we have banana blossoms here for cheap 😌 here it's called puso ng saging or can be translated as the banana's heart! Great recipe 💕

  28. I couldn't find any banana blossoms nearby so I ordered them online at! Can't wait to try them! Thanks!

  29. I LOVE how you say what you'd do differently after it's done! A lot of channels don't and that honesty is super helpful 🙂

  30. have you tried raw jackfruit? if you can get hold of a actual fruit instead of the canned version.. its pretty awesome too

  31. I know you live in upside down world, but vegan "fish" isnt fish. So you call something that isnt fish, fish? Explain that one. You're profile pic has more face paint than a circus clown. And did you struggle to find a shirt that had buttons on it for your thumbnail or are you that desperate for views and attention that you and your husband cheapened and objectified yourself? You're a wicked classless pervert. Less face paint, more clothing. But clearly you think prepping like a circus clown and wearing less clothing makes you feel better about yourself, like some type of pervert clown. You're a perfect example to show kids on what not to be and how not to act as a grown woman. Materialism and vanity has sure crept into your head and has made you mentally ill, along with your terrible diet.

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