Malaysian Grilled Fish in Chilli Paste | Ikan Cili Garam Nyonya [Nyonya Cooking]

Malaysian Grilled Fish in Chilli Paste | Ikan Cili Garam Nyonya [Nyonya Cooking]

Hi everyone, welcome back to Nyonya Cooking! Usually, during Ramadan we will opt for recipes which are easy and delicious Therefore, today I will be showing you Nyonya-styled fish with cili paste). This dish is a little spicy but delicious. Let’s look at the ingredients to prepare this dish. We will need fish, cloves of garlic, a bit of shrimp paste too add some kick to our dish. Some chilies, shallots, oil and some calamansi. Since I can’t find calamansi here, I’m using lime. And some salt. The first step is to cook the fish. Usually the fish will be deep fried. But for this recipe, I will cook the fish in the oven because it only uses a bit of oil and the fish will still be crispy. Let’s begin by adding some salt to the fish. Transfer the fish to a baking pan and pour some oil over. The fish will now be transferred to the oven. Grill the fish at 200 Celsius for 40 Minutes. Next, we will prepare the chili paste. Blend the shallots, chilies, garlic and belacan. If possible, look for “belacan bakar” (toasted/grilled shrimp paste) for a more fragrance smell. To ease the blending process, cut the ingredients into smaller pieces and add a bit of water. Don’t forget to add the shrimp paste. After blending, add a bit of oil and stir fry the chili paste until fragrant. Once the colour of the chili paste becomes darker, add some salt The chili paste is now ready. Pour the excess oil away. The chili paste will be placed on the fish. 40 minutes passed and we’ll remove the fish from the oven. Remove the fish from the baking pan and place it on a plate. Last step is to place the chili paste on the fish. Add some slices of lime/calamansi. The juice from the sliced lime/calamansi will perk up this dish! For other easy and yummylicious recipes, subscribe to Nyonya Cooking. Till then, Happy Fasting and Happy Ramadan!

45 thoughts on “Malaysian Grilled Fish in Chilli Paste | Ikan Cili Garam Nyonya [Nyonya Cooking]

  1. This is why its so easy to gain weight in a month of fasting! This looks amazing @Nyonya Cooking (Malaysian Recipes) 

  2. I am impressed!  Your bahasa is far better than mine and I live in Malaysia!  🙂  Another great recipe…..thank you! 

  3. My mom loves fish and spicy food, so I think she will love this recipe! Thank you!
    By the way, do you use a stainless steel pan? I seasoned mine twice, and after seasoning, it does not stick, but it starts to stick again after a few uses and I have to season it again. Do you have any tricks to using a stainless steel pan?

  4. Wow, this bought back many memories since my late cousin liked this dish! Also i'm pretty impressed for ur malay skills. #thumbsup #yu

  5. Your command of the Malay language puts me to shame, admittedly.  Anyway, thanks for the all great recipes so far, I really enjoy watching the videos.  (I just wish I can click some button and the food is all presented, ready to eat). 😛

  6. Grace, can i put along a lemon grass into the blender because that helps the aroma and the taste too right? Thx 🙂

  7. Hihihi. Rasa pelik sikit awak cakap BM tapi kiut gler lah! 😉 apapun semua masakan awak buat saya terliur! Saya suka saya suka. Hihihi 😉

  8. Just a reminder, if you don't speak Malay (or I guess it's Bahasa, as some commenters have said?), the video is close captioned in English. Press the [CC] button.

    Just in case anyone comments about if there's an English version of this. =P

  9. Wah the music remind me of P Ramlee movie Laksamana Do Re Mi, when they buka silat. hahah,  the recipe is much healthier than frying the fish, but if i'm eating the oven bake one i prefer the chili to be stuffed in the fish cavity and 2 slotted cut at the top close to the dorsal fin, just my personal preference. hmm looks like i have to go to pasar this weekend and get me a whole pink snapper. thanks for the recipe.

  10. Sedapnyeeee… Nice recipe grace. How its taste if i put a litle bit sugar in the chilli paste? Greeting from palembang

  11. AHHHHHH!! I remember this!! T.T Yesh, wifeh. Always, the simple foods are the best! My air liur meleleh now. But all this chili, berak fire nanti. 😀

  12. Just found out your videos when im looking for dry wantan mee recipe.really thankful for your simple and delicious recipes that you sharing with a great efforts when you share with us the chinese cuisine recipes.if possible can you inform us on another alternative ingredients that we can use in the recipes in your next videos. For example the malay can't use what is the another alternative. im looks forward for a new recipes from you. 🙂

  13. Omg sedapnyaa..tengok pn boleh tau..mesti try ni tp sambal tu kasi double in volume and kasi pedas lg..haha
    Thanks for wonderful recipe 😀

  14. Your Bahasa Melayu is sogood. I'm very impressed..
    Btw, next time when you cook fish, try adding a pinch or two of turmeric powder. It will enhance the taste of the fish and the fishy smell will be reduced.

  15. Beside the dish, I really wanna to say is Malay is reaaaaly good n good than mine…. I tried it yesterday n taste really good

  16. just my suggestion,try to add little salt to the oil before sautéed the chill paste. once the chill is well cooked, add in the fish and slightly stir together …..

  17. ok now i percaya you nyonya at first i tought you're just ordinary chinese. you're the next generation chef florance.

  18. Actually, Malay Language was like their mother tongue for Peranakan China (Baba Nyonya) & Chetti Malacca community. Some of them dont even understand Mandarin & Tamil.

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