Male versus Female Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

Male versus Female Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

Is it a boy or a girl? How do you tell sharks
apart? I’m Jonathan Bird and this is Shark Academy! With many fish, it’s extremely hard to tell
a male from a female unless you’re a highly-trained marine biologist. But what about with sharks?
Sharks are easy! The male shark has a pair of organs called claspers that are right near
the pelvic fin. For reproductive purposes they work exactly like a penis, except that
the shark has two. You heard me right! He has two male organs! How cool is that? The female shark is easy to identify because
she doesn’t have claspers, and it’s as simple as that! Alright, so now, let’s see if you can tell
male from female. Here comes a Caribbean Reef shark. Pause! Claspers or no claspers? I see
claspers. That one is a male. So this next one is on you. Here it comes. Pause. Male
or female? If you said female, you’re right! Okay, different shark. Blue shark. Now this
one is a little harder because you’re going to have to watch carefully. Alright, pause.
Back it up. Ah ha! In slow motion it’s pretty easy to see—yeah, those claspers are flapping
in the breeze. That’s a male. So here’s a Scalloped Hammerhead at the cleaning
station. Take a look. Male or female? You’re right, it’s a female, and in fact most of
the Scalloped Hammerheads that we see at Cocos Island are females. Next shark. Now here’s a Greenland shark,
and from this camera angle, if you can’t tell if this is a male or a female, I’m going to
seriously have to wonder if you have been paying attention. Obviously, that’s a male. Here we are swimming underneath a gigantic
Whale shark! Can you tell? Male or female? If you said female, you’re right. No claspers
there. Trust me, it’s very hard to miss the claspers on a Whale shark! And this female
is in fact pregnant. Okay, last one. This one is tricky, you’re
going to have to look carefully. This is a Thresher shark in the Philippines. Let’s pause
it. You can see–they’re very small—but this one has claspers so, it’s a male. So how do the boy sharks and the girl sharks
know which bathroom to use? They don’t! They just pee in the ocean! I’m Jonathan Bird,
and this is Shark Academy! And, don’t forget to check out our other shark-related
videos on our channel!

89 thoughts on “Male versus Female Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

  1. your adventures really helped me on going to the beach sir 🙂 I've never been in the beach or actually been swimming since I was 7 up until I saw your vids and they're amazing so I started to enjoy the beach lately 🙂 continue the Inspiration sir 😉

  2. Thanks Jonathan that's awesome 2 penisis that's weird but pretty cool I never new that. But why do they have two claspers why don't they have one like a animal and a human?

  3. Wondering why you didn't go to Egypt to des over the blue hole and canyon or even normal coral reefs

  4. Very nice.  One of your better segments, especially, considering your attempt to include the viewer in the lesson.  Great work!

  5. That last joke though, hahahhahahhaha loved this! Your videos are amazing. Filled with information that are just easy to follow as well as entertaining. Love.

  6. The males must be saying HEY STOP LOOKING AT MY CLASPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  7. I got them all right P.S Sharks are cool and Amazing and they are the best animals ever and sharks are the best animals in the world!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Can you make a episode of shark academy with dunkleosteus ? It's a huge prehistoric predator ho rules the seas 1234 years

  9. I LAUPHED SO HARD WHEN HE SAID A PRIVATE OF A MAN and my we watched this at school she thought it WASINT bad but it was we starting LAUPHING and then we got sad because she shut her chrombook and we had time out

  10. The male Sharks put There claspers in side The female but The males claspers have a spike to hold his body on The females body

  11. This was a terrific video that I will use in my science classes! Thank you for making simple biology straightforward and fun.

  12. My uncle is so weird, he bought a pair of plush hammerhead sharks from the aquarium gift shop in Seattle, and sewed a pair of claspers on one. He named them Eugene Cloaca and Dolores Cloaca, and he makes them mate and moan and say "touch me there Eugene, ohhhhh yes!" and "Oh, Dolores, Doloooreeeees! OHHHH!"

    My uncle behaves like a 7th grader… smh

  13. Okay, Jonathan, I have a question. So, yesterday I had a really funny thought about shark claspers (don't ask), and I started laughing. My parents were like, "What the heck why are you laughing?" And I said "CLASPERS!" So my dad looked it up and I was facepalming so hard. He found this paragraph on Wikipedia (I KNOW WIKIPEDIA SUCKS BUT APPARENTLY MY DAD DOESN'T KNOW THAT), and it said that male sharks have cephalic claspers (called tenacula) on their heads that help hold the female during the mating process. My first reaction to this was, "What the heck? When I think of the word 'cephalic', I think of Manta rays and their cephalic lobes, not shark claspers!" So, since you're the shark expert, I wanted to ask you if this is true or if this is some Wikipedia shenanigans.

  14. I love sharks They fascinating creatures and should be protected. Johnathan Bird programmes on sharks are interesting. Worth watching

  15. It easy to distinguse male or female salmon and sharks. Cause male salmon have humps and male sharks and suborder fish have claspers

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