Assalamualaikum wr.wb Meet Me Again on the Eel Fishing Channel This, Try Again For Ngobor Where? Just Down. This is Together with Utruk Together with Asep and Atho Here I Come Late, Friends Have Got Many. It’s Half a Bucket How Is It The Result Want To Be Liwet? Liwet,, Haha Oke Guys Please help to subscribe! And turn it on! Why is this the way to go? Uh, the way is slippery Well, this one Please help to subscribe and turn on the bell Ouch the way is good Oke Guys Why haha I saved my cellphone Atho Dirty Yeah, I’m too … Slippery Oke Just wait! Later We Will Shoot Again This Is Not Eel? Lizards are Lizards Haha What to do? Watch Out You Are Blocking You’re So Saucy, Watch Out Eels Fleeing Tuh … Get it again See Sep Sep Try to see Sep Is There A Big One From Where? It hasn’t been worked on next to there, Utruk Not a lot of viewers It’s Cold It’s Raining Mending there Utruk Better to Come the Way for Many Snakes to Get There The Same That Has This Field In Neat-Neat, But The Same We Are on the Injek-Injek Slippery Audience Slippery Ouch … Ih Asep ,, I Ask, There Is No Continuing Look out, don’t see the flashlight HAHAHA Maybe Coffee … Look Here First! Oops Get it, Come on Enter it Skip Yes Skip Stop it This is the Utruk Relaxing Relaxing Relax That’s That Come on, come on Release the Audience See viewers We Search Again Viewers Hahaha Well Guys Are the Results Tonight. How many Sep? Not bad Create a Swallow Now Also difficult to calculate What to do? Do not know Already exhausted Oke Guys are like this for tonight. It’s Night Too, Already 1 Hour Yes! Thank you for your support, anyway, thank you What is the point now? 6:25.1
Assalamualaikum Already Going Home Haha, what’s that? Already … Rainy Rainy Rain Eh ,, Well Gitu Audience, Thank you Create Tonight That First

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