Masstalism by Chairman Park Han-Gill in Atomy Success Academy

Masstalism by Chairman Park Han-Gill in Atomy Success Academy

I’m more popular than I thought.
It’s good to see all of you. I know a few of you were
really nervous about coming here. Many of you might
have come voluntarily, but I often see people
wearing hiking boots. I guess you thought
you would be hiking, but instead you wound up
in this crowded room. I imagine some of you probably
aren’t not too happy about that. In any case,
please rest assured, I will make sure
you are very well-informed about Atomy’s incredible
products and prices, to prepare you, should you
decide to join Atomy. After hearing this lecture,
if you have any doubts, such as I can’t see any point
in using Atomy products unless I was just
going to sell them” or “I really think
I would be better off buying my daily necessities
from retail stores, through TV shopping networks,
or over the Internet just as I have done
every day of my life,” then, you probably shouldn’t
consider doing much business with Atomy. In that case, who should
join up with Atomy? Atomy is for people who,
even if they weren’t involved, would still choose to use Atomy products,
simply due to the cost and quality. It’s also for people who would choose Atomy
cosmetics over those of other brands simply for their higher quality
and lower price. Atomy is for people who are convinced
of the superiority of the Atomy brand and would not consider ever going back
to the products that they used before. It is for people who have
an eye for value and quality. Even if they didn’t become
Atomy contractors, they would still
use the products. Those are the people
who should join Atomy. If non-Atomy product users
were to join, I don’t believe they could
ever succeed. Why is that? Well, if you keep pressuring people to buy
products that you don’t even believe in, simply because you want to make money,
people aren’t going to take you seriously. Moreover, since you didn’t believe in
the product, it becomes harder to do sales. It might sound hard to believe,
but sales can actually be easy and fun. For example,
you go to a new diner that was clean, delicious,
and reasonably priced. You would naturally
suggest to others to try out that diner
the next time they are in the area. That is basically
a sales pitch. You won’t be paid for
your advertisement, of course, but you are still happy
to spread good word of mouth because it is our natural instinct
to share with others anything of good value
and low price. If you saw a very touching movie
or an interesting musical, you become a salesperson the moment
you would recommend it to others. In order for sales
to become easy and fun, it has to fulfill the prerequisite
of being something of value. The value has to be meaningful
to the consumers, otherwise, how can we expect
them to want to benefit from the sales? When you know you’re delivering
benefits to your consumers, sales become not only easy,
but also even enjoyable. Thus, if you want to become successful
in this business, it has to be fun. If it’s fun, you’ll be able
to do it all the time. If you really
want to be successful, you have to be certain
about Atomy’s value. Atomy is a distributor. Simply speaking, we are a distributing
enterprise that sells consumer goods. We deliver goods to consumers by directly
connecting the manufacturer to them. All you need to know is
whether Atomy sells better products at better prices
than other distribution channels. That is the best way to determine whether
or not a distributor is really any good. You already see that we’re a good company,
due to the handsome CEO. That’s a given. Seriously, though, you must see
for yourselves whether we offer great products
at affordable prices. Let’s take a look at a
few of our products over here. Here is a 200g tube
of toothpaste. This kind of functional toothpaste
is generally sold in drugstores and is priced around $10 to $20
since it contains propolis. Yet, the propolis in the Atomy
toothpaste is water-soluble. Essentially, propolis is used
as a sterilizer in beehives and acts as
a natural antibiotic. Now there are a lot of
germs in our mouths. So we have dental
and oral diseases, such as gingivitis
and tooth decay. Unfortunately, regular antibiotics
can’t be used in the mouth. That’s why this harmless antibiotic is
being used in the Atomy toothpaste. Propolis is not normally soluble
because it’s sealed in wax. So it doesn’t work
well in our mouths. KAERI developed a special
water-soluble propolis and used patented technology
to make a functional toothpaste that contains
water-soluble propolis. This functional toothpaste
is sold at a very affordable price when you are
an Exclusive Distributor. This functional toothpaste
is better than a regular one, right? Of course, it’s better. It’s priced lower than a random
toothpaste without propolis. Many consumers
will change their minds to become life-long
users of this product after trying this
functional toothpaste once. I’ve heard that the only side effect
you get from using this product is that you won’t use
anything else after trying it once. You are so satisfied
with the quality and price that you then become
loyal to the brand. You’re going to want
other people to use it as well, such as your family,
relatives and friends. You just know
that they’re going to love it! So all you have to do is spread
that information with word of mouth. Listen, Atomy
doesn’t force you to study about the products
like other MLM businesses. There’s nothing to study.
What’s there to know? How much is there to know
about an affordable toothpaste? You used it, liked it
and it was low-priced. All you need to do is tell people
to become a member and to try it. Our products don’t really
need much explanation. Other MLMs make you do a lot of
studying about their products, like about ingredients,
how they work and what not. Why do you think that is? There can be only
one reason for it. They’re preparing you
to defend the high prices. They’re only speaking
gibberish. Our goods are of
excellent quality and low prices. It’s very affordable.
See for yourself how good it is.” I use it myself, and it is just great.
That’s all you need to say. Thus, our business can be
carried out by people who aren’t any good
with studying or explaining things. Please raise your hand
if you can’t even say that much. I’ve personally tried all
the toothbrushes sold in department and retail stores
until my gums became raw. I bet I brushed my teeth
up to 20 times a day. After this tough experience, I found one
that I loved and wanted to use forever. So I contacted a manufacturer
and had a meeting with the owner to have them
work with us as a supplier. These are sold for $2.20
in retail stores. They frequently have
a ‘Buy 2, Get 1 Free’ sale, which means it is around $1.60.
Ours are sold at a lower price. What do you think you would
choose given the same brush? Would you buy it at
a retail store or from Atomy? Sure!
The choice is obvious. I found this ramen
in a retail store, too. I tried tasting
all kinds of ramen as well and decided that this one
tasted the best. Instead of being made with flour
like other ramen noodles, this is made
with potatoes. Five small potatoes can make just
about one pack of ramen. This is called
Potato Ramen. Similar ramens are available
in most retail stores and are sold for
about $1.45 per pack. However, our ramen is sold
at an economical price. The quality is identical as they are
made by the same manufacturer. Still, I wanted ours
to be better quality so I asked them to add a few more
vegetable flakes to the soup. Although the quality
is only slightly better, we wanted to give our consumers
a little more than others. Assuming that these
are of the same quality, the deciding factor would then
just be the price of the product. Plus, you don’t need to drive
to the store wasting time and gas. It will be delivered
straight to your door. So with Atomy goods,
consumers will reap very noticeable savings
just by using the products. Look at this oversized
lotion bottle. Someone was shocked to
see how big this is and asked if we knew
what we were doing. She questioned how we can
make money by giving so much because it would be a long time
before a consumer needed more. I still wanted to give more.
This started out as 120g and we increased
the content to 135g. This lotion is the end result of some of
KAERI’s patented technologies, that are exclusively
available to us. We take our mission
of making great products and selling them at
the lowest prices very seriously. I insist that the quality
be unparalleled, as good as that
of luxury brands. Hence, when looking for new items,
we always search for the best ones. Whether in department
or outlet stores, we always look for
the best quality items. Next, we begin negotiating
with the manufacturers. When placing sales orders,
we emphasize the quality first. Pricing negotiations
can always come later. One manufacturer was not having it
when I told him the price. He said it was
completely unacceptable. Once I said, “What if
I sell 10 million of these?”, his face completely
brightened up. Ten million?
Yes! Ten million! Ten million of these have since sold.
We sell around one million a month. This is the bestselling
toothbrush in Korea’s history. You might not know
since we don’t advertise but you wouldn’t believe
how popular this became. I said to the supplier,
I will make things easier for you. How about I advance you
material costs?” You can buy raw
materials with cash.” If you import materials from
a world-market dealer at bulk price, you can lower
the costs quite a bit.” Upon delivery, we always
pay in full and in cash. We don’t make
purchases on credit. We quickly pay in cash
either the payment in advance or upon delivery of the goods
so that there is a continuous cash flow. We don’t deal
with IOU’s. I’ve never signed a single IOU
running this business. Therefore, thanks to
these special conditions, our suppliers were
able to lower costs. I said to them,
Make a new molding machine. What’s the yield
per cavity?” Engrave maximum cavities
and run a large, high-speed ejector.” Automate the process
and run the machine 24/7.” Produce only one
type of toothbrush.” If you do this, I guarantee
that the cost will go down.” Even at our low price
you will still make a profit.” When I first told him
that he wouldn’t go under, he didn’t seem very sure,
but now, he is quite happy. That factory became
fully automated and is now running
around the clock. Atomy launches new products
only when we are convinced that no other makers can possibly
compete with our level of quality. So we like to call this
‘Absolute Quality’, meaning, no one else can match
this level of quality. Only high quality products
will hit the market. While maintaining
such a high level of quality, we lower the prices
as much as possible. No one will be able to
match our prices. This is what we call
‘Absolute Price’. We do business with this kind
of ‘Absolute Goal’ in mind. What I mean by
‘Absolute Goal’ is that no one can possibly
do better this than us. That is our goal. We will have a quality
that no others can match with the current
technology setting. That is the target
we’re aiming for. For prices, we will
drive hard bargains with suppliers until we can achieve
the lowest possible prices. We even think about
latent competitors. Even though we might have
the lowest price now, other distributors who sell
dental-hygiene products might slowly but surely suffer
from decreased sales as Atomy penetrates
more into the market. This is currently occurring in
the cosmetics industry of Korea. Many once high-flying
cosmetics companies are struggling with
decreasing sales lately. As we continually sell
more toothpaste and the other products
that we have, sooner or later,
other companies will falter. Rather than maintaining their strategy,
they will try to do whatever they can to stay in the market
before they go out of business, such as lowering prices
or improving quality. It becomes their last-ditch
attempt to survive because these competitors
won’t just die quietly but do everything
they can to stay alive. No matter how hard
they kick and scream, by lowering the prices
and enhancing the quality, I am making sure that they will
never be able to match us! Our product policy is to distribute goods of ‘Prestige’
that are of ‘Absolute Quality’, at the prices that the ‘Masses’
of ordinary people can afford. A portmanteau word was created
by combining these two terms. It is the word ‘Masstige’. Please repeat after me,
Masstige. To be more specific,
what it really means is ‘luxury goods
for ordinary people’. Again, repeat after me,
Masstige. We have always been taught that
luxury quality means high prices and that ordinary goods are
not only cheap but also of poor quality. However, I’m telling you proudly
that we utilize a ‘Masstige’ strategy where we create luxurious
products of ‘Absolute Quality’ and sell them at ‘Absolute Prices’
that are affordable to the masses. Even though we’re creating
and distributing ‘Absolute Quality’ and
‘Absolute Price’ goods, our entire company itself
is actually managed and run by only a small handful
of employees. Therefore, we can manage
the lowest possible overhead, which include various
office expenses. Even if our sales increase
by five times, we would need only
a few extra office workers. Of course, there are areas
where we need more people as we expand globally. For instance, 50 foreign branch offices
would require 50 new branch managers, who would need
to be trained. So we would find and train
more people when they are needed. One foreign office requires
at least one employee, right? So when the Taiwan branch opened,
we sent a branch chief. He had to find an office
and recruit staff. Then our IT team went
to install the computer system. Our accounting team installed
a bookkeeping program so that they
could start their work, while complying with international
accounting laws. In other words, since we’re taking
on the global market in the future, we will need a lot more people
so that our system can be well-equipped and running
as smoothly as possible. Just to maintain the current level,
a skeleton staff would be plenty. We’ve opened up a Taiwan
branch not too long ago and we’re gearing up
our enterprise for globalism now. We’ve also expanded into Singapore
and will be going into Indonesia, Malaysia and the rest of
South-East Asia. Next up on the list is China. In order to enter
the Chinese market, the current production level
won’t even come close. It’s way too low.
That’s why we’re in the process of building Asia’s, no, in fact, the world’s
largest cosmetics blending facility. It will produce 100 tons of
beauty products daily! There is a reason for building
such a large plant now. The rationale for the biggest
cosmetics facility is that we’ll be taking on
the big markets, such as China, South America and India,
which, as I’m sure you all know, is a very
populous nation. In order to set off to places
like Russia and Europe, we must start building now as it takes
a few years to finish a building. Construction on the factory
has already begun. First, they will do blending
in huge receptacles. Those receptacles will be
moved to Beijing. Beijing Kolmar is
up and running now. Since their facilities are not big enough,
they need to be expanded. Next, bottling will be done. They will bottle
and wrap products. Finally, they will be sold all over China
with the ‘Made in Korea’ label. Our current production system is not
sufficient to meet world-wide demand. That is why we’re constructing the biggest cosmetics
blending facility. Next up is the massive
South American market. These are Brazil, Mexico, Colombia,
Chile, Peru, and Argentina. These nations have great potential
as they have huge populations. So we’re now
getting ready by building a thorough
foundation with which we will be able to take on
the world market. Now is the time
for your decision. Are you going to be
one of the people distributing cosmetics
that have been manufactured in the world’s biggest facilities,
where 100 tons are pumped out everyday into twenty trucks
that can hold 5 tons, or will you be at the bottom
of the food chain and remain as
a mere consumer? If these products are finally
distributed through you, you will be able
to make tons of money. Someone will deliver
these products to consumers. Don’t you want
to be that person? This is only the
beginning for us. We have only just begun. There’s a reason why
we started out with the U.S. The U.S.
is a melting pot. All the races and ethnicities
of the world live there. There are so many
Asians in the U.S. who will be able to connect
with their home countries. Its South American population is huge, too.
All kinds of immigrants live there. Those immigrants can
reach their home countries. Those people
simply must succeed. I’m going to make the people
in the U.S. successful. Next, we will explore
South America. Then, we need to turn
the Chinese into Royal Masters. For those enormous markets,
we need to have the best facilities. Now tell me.
If we distribute the production from
the world’s biggest factory, would we become the world’s
biggest distributor or not? Yes, we would! When I say,
We’re becoming a ‘Distribution HUB’, We’re going to conquer
the global market!” I’m not just saying
what I want to be true. This has already
been put into action. We have begun construction
and investments. We’re inching closer to making
our globalization strategy a reality. The scale of our already-started
construction and investments is probably much bigger than
you can currently imagine. With complete and total
globalization in mind, the executives of our
manufacturing partner, Kolmar, and of Atomy,
the distributor, have already begun working
towards that globalization. We are investing
on a very large scale. Every one of you will have nothing
to lose, as you are making no investment. On the other hand,
investors have quite a lot to lose. They’re risking everything they have.
It’s a matter of life or death for them. You still
don’t trust me? It’s your problem
if you can’t. I really don’t blame you
for not trusting me so easily. It’s a wild world
out there. Still, if you
won’t trust anyone, you will never
open any doors to success. There must be at least
one person you can believe in. I’m pleading with you now
to please take that chance on me. As you know, Atomy’s goal is to become the biggest
‘Distribution HUB’ in the world. That’s one of
our objectives. Our ‘Company Vision’, from
the beginning, hasn’t changed. Those early members
had to memorize our ‘Motto’, ‘Founding Principles’,
‘Company Vision’, and policies before they could even
get ready to go to bed. They practiced
into the early morning. I can’t have you do that now
as there are so many of you. There were at most
25 or so members then. I made them recite loudly
until their voices went hoarse. I hope that you
will memorize them anyway. So what is our ‘Company Vision’?
First is ‘Member’s Success’. Second is becoming
a ‘Distribution ‘HUB’. Third is becoming
a ‘Premier Company’. A ‘Premier Company’ is one that
surpasses even the first-rate ones. Through the concept of
‘Office Automation’, or ‘OA’, we’re working toward becoming
an ‘Unmanned Company’. That’s how we become
a ‘Premier Company’. One of the goals is
‘Member’s Success’. We don’t use members
to make money. Instead, we want to help
our members achieve success. They commonly talk about
‘Customer Satisfaction’. You’ve heard a lot
about that, haven’t you? Some people
abbreviate it to ‘CS’. Then, some very smart
management experts thought that it was also important
to deeply move the customers. So they were talking about
how to impress the customers. Why would we deeply
more the customers? So that they buy goods
and we make money. Right?
What’s the purpose? It’s to make money and there’s
nothing wrong with that. The main purpose to running
a business is to create profit. Businesses want to
impress customers so that they can
create profits. If deeply moving them
doesn’t do the trick, we have
to swoon them. Dr. Eungi Yoon
of SNU emphasized that it’s necessary to wow
the customers to death. Sadly, consumer’s pockets seem to be
getting a little shallow these days. The best way to fix this is
to make customers successful. We should fill their
pockets with money and help them save
on living costs. In this way, Atomy will enable
consumers to save more than shopping at retail stores,
TV home shopping, or on the Internet. Consumers will win simply
by buying and using our goods that are of superior quality
to everything else that is available. Atomy will effectively make
your consumption a success. Our cosmetics are priced at one-fifth,
or even one-tenth, of many other brands. Our functional health supplements are
available at prices one-third or one-fifth of those in the existing market,
most of which are badly overpriced. Our system enables consumers
to succeed in their spending by selling them great quality
products at affordable prices. Successful consumption
is not enough. We’re experiencing
a tough job market right now. By creating employment, we make them
succeed as a business person, too. We need to put money
in the consumers’ pockets. If you have experienced
the great value of our products, all you have to do is
to tell people and we will compensate you
for spreading the word. This will put money
to the member’s pocket. Thus, Atomy’s goal is to help
our member’s achieve success. We are not going to
make consumers spend money so that they become poorer
while we become richer. We want to become rich
along with the consumers and create a new paradigm
of working together! All this time, other businesses
have run a system that drains customer’s pockets
to benefit only the businesses. Therefore, customers
became poorer and poorer. Now it’s time to
return the favor! How so? We will pay out
35% of the sales! Not only are the consumers benefiting
from the great-value buys but the 35% of that spending is also
going right back to the consumers! Did you know that a great buy
requires certain skills? You need knowledge
in technology. I make purchases for you
as your delegate so that we can produce
the best quality products and so our consumers can be
absolutely satisfied. We are basically
an association of consumers. We, as customers, can now rightfully
demand, from the manufacturers, quality products and
reasonable prices as our purchasing power
increases tremendously. You have entrusted me to represent you
in dealing with suppliers because I’m knowledgeable
in production lines. So here I am executing
the order from the consumers. I monitor
the manufacturers closely to prevent them from
charging too big of a margin. If they charge too much,
I look for new suppliers who would enable me to
get you the best priced goods. Furthermore,
I save here and there to maximize
the compensation for you. Just like how
Royal Master Joo said, we don’t consider other networking
marketers as our competitors. We don’t compete with
ordinary MLM businesses. Most MLMs advertise they are
selling low-price products. Yet unlike the textbooks,
some of these companies don’t even sell
daily necessities. For example, some sold
magnetic mattresses. Something you or
your neighbors would never need
in a million years. They sell such
useless products. That will never work. Daily necessities would be products
that you have always been using: shampoo, cosmetics,
toothpaste, toothbrushes, ramen, soup, fish,
and whatever. Things that your neighbors are using
anyway even if they are of other brands. There can be only two reasons why
those products are bought and used. They are good-quality and low-priced.
It’s that simple. Since you know for a fact
that you’re much better off just by using these products,
you simply recommend them to your family and friends,
who then tell others. So the consumer base
just increases exponentially. If those MLM’s engaged in such
business practices, they wouldn’t get bad names
or sketchy reputations. This wouldn’t have happened if they
were like the MLMs in the textbooks. If the goods are of better quality
and lower price, how can they not
sell incredibly well? They sell themselves! People can’t go one day without using
shampoo. At least, they shouldn’t. How can you not
sell shampoo? Think about going a day
without toothpaste. You would be dying
to brush your teeth. Those are the things that we sell! Our products are things
you can’t live without. Your life would simply
become a terrible mess. Those are our products. At the same time, they are
of great quality and low price. People wonder how Atomy can
be so easy and yet still do so well. They don’t feel uncomfortable
hearing about our products. They agree our products
are great and low-priced. Some people become a member
of our MLM without realizing it and use our products
as a consumer only. When they are told to do
the business for some cash, they’re surprised to learn
that we’re an MLM. People really don’t care whether
they’re MLM goods or not. People simply use them
for their quality and price. Atomy has so many
consumers like that. We’re striving to become
a ‘Distribution HUB’, which means we want
everything to go through us. For example,
if we had a bike wheel, this part is called
a ‘Hub’, right? Well, we want every distribution
channel to always go through Atomy just like how
‘All Roads Led to Rome.’ One of our ‘Company Visions’
is to be a major ‘Distribution HUB’. We will make every product
go through Atomy. Everything! You might ask, “Are you going
to start selling clothing, shoes, furniture, appliances, and what not
just like the discounts stores, department stores,
and internet shopping malls?” Yes, we are!
We will sell everything. Becoming a distributor
that deals with over 100,000 kinds of items
is our goal and vision. We’re just inching forward
one item at a time. Since we’re only at the stage
of building our organization, I know from experience that having
too many products is actually bad. So at this stage, we focus on
expanding the organization selling simple items
and holding seminars like this. When we finally expand to the fullest,
we’ll introduce more items. Whenever a new item is launched, your
compensation and mastership will go up. Now, when you’re just starting,
you yourself will use our products. However, you don’t
get to make money yet. Without anyone in your downlines,
you won’t get compensated. Thus, what you need
to do first is to start establishing
your organization. Slow people always insist
on non-existing goods. When will hair-dyes be available?
I say, “I don’t know.” They haven’t found
what they like so far. Sure, we’re going to
get to those sorts of goods, too. I’m emphasizing that any and all
basic necessities will be sold. I’m making sure you have
everything you need simply by purchasing
through Atomy. You won’t have to go shopping
at retail or department stores. Some people are puzzled
as to how we do it. Please don’t worry about that
because I will be in charge of that puzzling
part of the business. In 2000, I started up
an internet shopping mall that dealt with
over 100,000 items. I had all kinds of
cosmetic brands. In the near future, we’ll release
various make-up products, too. I mean it. We will launch
a great variety of merchandise. We’ll be including a clothing line as well,
which is a real fun job. We’ll be starting
a fashion line shortly. I’m thinking of men’s dress shirts
and women’s underwear. Men’s suits are quite profitable
as they have a high profit margin. Women don’t usually seem to care for
mass-produced fashion accessories. So I have these plans to
take on the fashion industry. I’d like to start with
women’s underwear. I’m interested in eventually
developing a line with advanced features
and functions. There are so many improvements
just waiting to be made in women’s
panties and bras. However, underwear featuring good
designs are usually overly pricey. I’m going to launch really well-designed
panties at very affordable prices. As you see often, women have
these panty lines right here. Why are they made like that?
Why not detour the line this way? It doesn’t have to be a thong
but we can remove the line. I’m going to make bras
with larger straps so that lifting your arms
doesn’t cause so much discomfort. Some ladies with larger cups
complain about sore shoulders because their chest is heavy. So I’m going to widen the straps
and make sure the bra doesn’t slide
when lifting up your arms. Moreover, why are there
wrinkles in this area? Our new bras will
have superior wearability thus the wrinkles
will be all evened out. Many domestic brands have
functions that make you look like you’re wearing
metal armor. Bras don’t necessarily need to
have a wire to be effective. I’m very confident
that we can make these. With premium-quality material,
sweat-absorption and air-circulation,
it can be greatly enhanced. I have a great idea as to
who to contact for such materials. Unlike other existing,
over-priced functional products, I will make them efficiently
in such a way that they can be distributed
at their usual prices. That’s how we will
expand our merchandise. We are even thinking about
girdles and corsets. We can design our own
that works so much better, such as supporting that belly
to reduce back strain. Big bellies cause pain in the back
as we tend to strain. So I’m working on a design
that reduces back pain with effective
body corrections. As our merchandise becomes
larger and more diverse, you will have
a growing desire to continue
to use our products and to share them
with others. The merchandise
will make you want to sell it. The products should move you
and not the other way around. Instead of forcing yourself,
you will be dying to tell others about how great
and low priced they are once you have tried
and used them yourself. With products like that,
how can you not succeed? Atomy is going to
distribute all of those absolutely necessary
items to the world so that everyone can live
successfully and happily. Atomy will be the gateway
for everything. I’m not just giving you
empty words and promises because Atomy is going to
become the ‘Hub’ of distribution. I promise you,
once it happens, a new world will be born. How so? The problems
in this capitalistic society, such as a high
unemployment rate, the widening gap between
the rich and the poor, and other awful social
issues, will be resolved. Our children’s generation
is having it tougher than we did
at their ages. In our generation,
a college diploma got us a job. You were an exception if you
couldn’t find a job with a diploma. These days,
finding a job is the exception. Competition in the job market
is unthinkable. Things are getting really
tough in this day and age. Have you thought about
why and how we wound up living in this tough time
with no jobs available? Such scarcity
in the job market leads to high unemployment,
which, of course, then widens the gap between
the have’s and the have not’s. As only the top 1% become rich
and the remaining 99% become poor, we have severe problems like
the rapidly disappearing middle class. Why did these problems happen
and how can they be resolved? Economists, like our Dr. Lee,
have to find an answer. Yet Dr. Lee
tells us that economists still haven’t
found a solution. I think I have found
the answer within Atomy. There is a solution
in Atomy. A ‘Hub’ is something that doesn’t
really have any duties. ‘Good work’ means
not having to work at all. Do you know
who are truly rich? People who don’t have to work
are the ones who are truly wealthy. I don’t have to work now
but I have a life-long income plus enough
for my children.” Someone who can truthfully say this is
really done with thinking about money. People who work
to put food on the table or the ones working
paycheck-to-paycheck are currently engaged
in gainful employment but they are far from
being complete. What I mean by
‘be done with money’ is either you have amassed
sufficient savings or have an earning system that
brings in steady income. So when you set a
goal of money-making, you ought to set
some detailed objectives. Let me explain what
a ‘Distribution Hub’ really entails. Let’s say Atomy
is located right here. We outsource
our production. We also outsources
our distribution. To whom? You, as the members,
do the distribution. We don’t have a single
salaried contractor. Who does the development?
KAERI handles all that. Or some other
university labs does it. Also, we have other existing suppliers
for toothbrushes and such. Then our members
sell them. Atomy’s main role is
in connecting all these people, which is what it means
to be a ‘Hub’. The ‘Hub” really
shouldn’t do very much. It’s similar to telecommunication
companies like Sprint or Verizon. These companies connect
users and terminals. Your cell phone
is a terminal. The agent that connects
this terminal with that one is what is
known as a ‘Hub’. This ‘Hub’ shouldn’t have
anything else to do. They might have been busy
when the system was first created, but if their technicians
were to became busy now, it means their system
is having problems. A real functional ‘Hub’ shouldn’t
have to do anything significant. Only the terminals connected
to the ‘Hub’ should be doing any real work. Thus, you need
become a ‘Hub’ as well. Atomy is trying
to be a ‘Distribution HUB’. With very little of its own work,
it should only be connecting manufacturers and developers
with consumers. Between the terminal users
and the ‘Hub’, who gets to make money? Again, there is a
telecommunication company. Between the terminal users
and the ‘Hub’, only the company makes money
and the users don’t receive anything. They are treated
as if they are worthless. All the money will flow
into the ‘Hub’. Do you see that? So Atomy will
rake in all the profits. However, if only
Atomy does well and doesn’t care about
suppliers or manufacturers, Atomy will
eventually die. Hence, we must
take good care of them. We must establish
a system in which they fare better with us
than with other distributors. What will all of you become? You will all
become terminals. I know what you’re thinking.
Oh, since CEO Park is the ‘Hub’, we’re just
worthless terminals.” That’s not how
it actually works, though. You actually start
your own terminals. You become consumers
by using the products and then you continually
recruit your own partners to eventually become
an organization. Moreover, you don’t have to worry
about maintaining the organization. Instead, you pass
that job onto Atomy as we have already have
the computer system, the compensation plan, purchasing,
and logistics firmly established. You’re virtually outsourcing
organization maintenance to us and effectively becoming
a ‘Hub’ yourself. Essentially, the Atomy business
would be a ‘Turnkey Base’, meaning all the processes
are organized in a way that one turn of a key
will start everything. Your goal is to outsource
sales to your partners and become a ‘Hub’
yourselves. A discount store
would be a ‘Hub’ and its end-consumers
would be at a disadvantage. The telecommunication
company also becomes a ‘Hub’ that treats their
customers unfairly since the money the customers spend
will never to finds its way back them. Atomy is a ‘Hub’, which means
all the cash will collect here. However, Atomy
is not the only ‘Hub’. It provides opportunities
for you to become another ‘Hub’. This is how we become
mutually beneficial. In essence, you delegate
everything to us as the accounting, taxes, purchasing,
logistics, and the computer system have been made into
a ‘Turnkey Base’ at Atomy. From there, all you need to do
is create your sales network and outsource
the sales as well. Since you have terminals here and there,
you yourself becomes a ‘Hub’. Thus, when I say ‘Distribution HUB’,
not only is Atomy a ‘Hub’, but each and every one
of you is also a ‘Hub’! In other words, this is a system
that will make everyone a ‘Hub’. That is the true meaning behind Atomy’s
vision of becoming a ‘Distribution HUB’. So far, we ordinary people
have always been abused and used as a mere tool for big
companies to make money. From now on, you’re no longer
a channel for their profits. Rather than giving money
to the big companies, we will redistribute
the money amongst ourselves. This concept is known as
‘Masstalism’ at Atomy. We combined the words
‘Mass’ and ‘Capitalism’ to create the portmanteau
word, ‘Masstalism’. Everyone, repeat after me,
Masstalism. Mass Capitalism What Atomy is really pursuing
is this ‘Masstalism’. We, ordinary people,
need to band together and use our purchasing power
to become successful. In the old system, only big
conglomerates enjoyed success, while average people
had to pinch pennies. However,
instead of doing that, we need to circulate
the money amongst ourselves. That is the essence
behind ‘Masstalism’. We at Atomy declare
that we will create an economic system where we can
share the wealth and ‘Live Well’ together. You all did really well
by coming here and I wish you a successful
life through Atomy. I will conclude on that note.
Thank you for listening.

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