Meaning of Turtle Signs or Markers – Yamashita Treasure Sign Part 1

Meaning of Turtle Signs or Markers – Yamashita Treasure Sign Part 1

Meaning of Turtle Signs or Markers – Yamashita Treasure Sign Here is one of the most awaited and requested topic among you guys which is the meaning of a turtle sign or marker. Engraved turtle signs are rarely encountered but rocks that bear turtle shape figures are the most common ones. So what does it mean when you encounter them on your excavation site? Let’s first discuss the general meaning of a turtle sign. We all know that turtles are fresh water and sea-dwelling creatures. Thus, they have a strong relationship with water. So when it comes to the Yamashita treasure signs, the Japanese Imperial Army often used turtle signs to indicate directions toward a certain body or source of water. This can be a creek, river, pond, or any area that has the presence of water. But what if the turtle sign is not found on the surface but deep under the ground? Turtle signs that are found deep under the ground do have slight different meaning as those that are found on the surface. When encountered deep under the ground, turtle signs serve as an early “warning sign” about water trap. Thus, you have to proceed with caution the moment that you uncovered this type of sign. Now, let’s move on to the specific details of the turtle sign particularly the head, feet, and tail. Common turtle signs have their heads, feet, and tails out. However, there are cases where turtle signs have missing body parts where these have important different meanings. The Turtle’s Tail, Leg, or Head is Pointing Directly into the Hidden Spot of the Buried Treasure Deposit If the turtle sign that you found has its head, feet, with its tail out, and it’s like on a standing position then what you have to do is to closely observe its tail, feet, and head. Inspect the tail first and check if it is bent on one side. If it does then you have to follow the direction where the tail is pointing at, and that will be your digging spot. But what if the tail is not bent on one side? If the tail isn’t bent then what you need to inspect next are the legs of the turtle. If you notice that one of its leg is like stretching out then this is actually a clue where it is pointing into the location of the digging spot. The last part that you are going to check is the turtle’s head. So if the tail isn’t bent so as any of the legs, then the head is the one that gives the clue. Most likely, the turtle’s head is looking straight ahead or downward. But on some cases, the head is staring to either left or right side. The key here is simply to follow the direction where the head of the turtle is directly staring at, which will be your digging spot. Sleeping or Resting Turtle means Hidden Deposit is Buried Underneath If the turtle sign that you have discovered has its head, feet, and tail slightly out, it means that the turtle sign is portraying the creature that it finally reached its destination. Thus, it deserves to take a sleep or rest right on that spot. This sign is actually indicating that right on that spot where it rest, underneath it is the buried treasure deposit. What if the turtle sign has no head, feet, or tail? There are two different meaning when you happen to encounter such type of sign around. What makes their meaning different is when you discovered it on the surface or deep under the ground. If you discovered it on the surface then it means that there is some sort of “opening” nearby. So it is most likely a tunnel or entrance to a cave. On the other hand, when found deep under the ground, it serves as a warning sign about danger lying ahead. Turtle with no Legs means, “Right on this Spot” When you happen to encounter a turtle sign with no legs but it has only a head and a tail, its meaning is “Right on this Spot”. The reason behind this sign is that, the creature having no legs means that it no longer want to walk any further. Thus, you no longer need to look or go any further away from that spot. Turtle Sign with an Upside down Position Means Underwater Deposit There are some rare cases where the turtle sign is at an upside down position. If you are going to look and study the sign carefully, it is like you are under the water looking up on the turtle floating on the surface of the water. Thus, the keyword here is “under the water” which makes its meaning an “underwater deposit”. Turtle sign that is Walking Upward or Downward means “A Change in Direction” Turtle signs that seem to be walking at an inclined position are mostly encountered under the ground and it means “a change in direction”. What it exactly means is that, when you are digging straight downwards then you came across this sign; you need to stop because you are heading towards the wrong direction. So make some assessment base on the other signs and markers that you found to locate the next correct direction for you to dig. The reason behind the meaning of this sign is that; try to imagine that the creature was walking on a straight path. This represents the part when you are digging the correct spot towards the hidden treasure. Then suddenly, the creature is heading upward or downward. This represents that you also need to change your direction. Turtle Sign with a Detached Head is a Fake Treasure Sign If you happen to encounter a turtle sign with a detached head but has tail and legs then that is a fake sign made by the Japanese Imperial Army to confuse amateur treasure hunters. You have to know that not all signs will tell you the correct directions of the hidden item where some are meant to create confusion. Thus, ignore this type of turtle sign and proceed with the other signs that you found around the area. Turtle Signs with Engrave Markings on their Back or Shell On some cases, you may encounter turtle signs with engrave markings on their backs or shells. These engrave markings are actually pretty helpful because they provide further details about the exact location of the hidden treasure deposit.

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  1. WOW!
    That is the best explanation of the turtle sign. Many Yamashita code books offer only one or a few definitions.
    Maraming salamat sa lahat. Alam kong video production is a lot of hard work. God bless you .

  2. Sir, i incounter a turtle sign in a surface without head,feet and tail…but there is a hole in the center of a shell,with 3inches diameter and 2inches deep and theres 3 small holes inside that hole…whats that mean??? We started digging under that turtle,after 1 foot we found clay mix with red soil. We dug 7 feet ,still clay and red soil…is this the right spot?

  3. And the other sign is man gingle and his penes point to the water
    Pls. You answer thank you or pm my messanger accoun salanat

  4. Hi sir! We found an upside down turtle with no head feet or tail. What does this mean? We appreciate your response. God bless.

  5. In our garden , there is a very big rock, then there's long dotted line(estimated 3 meters) carved on it , on the end of the line there's an arrow pointing on the bottom of the rock, what's the meaning of that symbol??

  6. Sir..likod ng bahay namin, nag treasure po kami. Bali Sa 8feet na encounter po namin Ang triangle na bato.. kasunod po nito Yong turtle singne.. WLA pong paa at buntot.. pro my uli po na my Mata.. Ani pong ibig sabihin don sir Sa singne nayon.. Bali Malaki po Yong triangle na bato na naka patong Sa turtle singne nayon..

  7. sir what is the meaning of frog statue weighting 3kls with red eyes at 26ft we break it to pcs but we didnt found valuable inside can tell us.

  8. Sir in one of our digging sites, we found a rock shaped like a turtle without legs and tail at 70 feet depth.It has a red head pointing horizontally, but when we inspected it, the red head is just a red big pebble shaped like a turtle head placed beside the body, it was not attached to the body.. Is this a false marker?
    We continued our digging farther and after a meter depth from the said turtle sign, we encountered a layer of soil which is dark brown. It is a soft layer. We are still digging out this layer at the moment. May We ask for your comment on this? Thank you and more power..

  9. Yes sir i pond turtle with out legs and tail but his head under the water pointing under the water?that means the deposet in the water sir

  10. I found turtle in the beach… standing position only head in thier and looking torward to the mountain… What's that mean?
    We dig it and we found so many like turtle eg forms..?

  11. Sir I found a huge rock formed turtle but it dont have legs and tail,it looks like relaxing on the side of the other rock

  12. Sir i found turtle at 4ft under the ground , wat will we do sir? Can we continue down or follow the direction of the head? Pls help sir ty

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