Mediterranean Seafood Stew – Zarzuela de Pescado

Mediterranean Seafood Stew – Zarzuela de Pescado

Hello everyone i´m Albert Bevia with Spain on a Fork in today´s episode we´re going to be making a seafood stew know as a Zarzuela in Spain now the word Zarzuela roughly translates to a small symphony this tells you we´re going to be using a couple different types of seafood in this dish and we´re going to create a harmony of flavors this is another recipe with an extraordinary flavor and i´m going to show you an easy way to make it so let´s get started ok the first thing we´re going to do is we´re going to cut up all our ingredients we´re always going to start by cutting our vegetable first and our fish second so let´s get started by finely mincing 2 garlics next we´ll finely dice 1 onion next we´ll finely dice 1/2 a red bell pepper ok next we´re going to start cutting our seafood we´ll get started by cutting our squid I have 1 tube of squid i´m going to cut into 1/2 x 1/2 squares and for the last ingredient we need to cut I have 1 fresh fillet of hake here I´m going to cut into 6 pieces ok now we can start making our seafood stew the first thing we need is a non-stick frying pan and we´re going to heat it with a medium heat and let´s add about 3 tablespoons of extra virgin Spanish olive oil to the pan and once our oil get´s hot let´s go ahead and season it with some sea salt and let´s add our squid and after cooking our squid for about 2 minutes let´s go ahead and remove it from the pan and now let´s add our diced onions to the pan and after cooking our onion for about 3 minutes let´s go ahead and add our 2 minced garlics and 30 seconds after adding our garlic and you can already smell that garlic fragrance let´s go ahead and add our diced red bell pepper to the pan and about 3 minutes after adding our red bell pepper to the pan let´s go ahead and add 1 tsp of dried thyme 1 tsp of smoked paprika and a pinch of sea salt and let´s mix it all together ok so its been about 5 minutes since we added the red bell pepper to the pan at this point let´s go ahead and grab 1 1/2 cups of diced tomatoes and add it to the pan a pinch of white sugar and a small pinch of sea salt and let´s mix it all together ok its been about 5 minutes since we added our diced tomatoes to the pan at this point let´s go ahead and grab about 1 1/2 cups of fish stock and add it to the pan and about a 1/4 cup of water and now we´ll add some saffron in powder form and let´s turn on our fire to a medium-high heat and once our broth begins to boil let´s go ahead and lower our fire to a LOW heat ok while our broth is simmering let´s go ahead and grab a small frying pan and turn it on to a medium heat and once the pan gets hot let´s go ahead and add about 10 blanched almonds and after dry roasting your almonds for about 3 minutes let´s go ahead and add them to a morter we´ll add about 2 tbsp of fresh parsley and let´s mash it all together and once you have everything well mashed let´s go ahead and add about 1 tablespoon of extra virgin Spanish olive oil and let´s mix it all together and now let´s add our almond and parsley mixture to the pan and let´s mix it all together and after letting our broth simmer for about 10 minutes let´s go ahead and start adding the seafood to the pan we´ll add about 10 jumbo shrimp we´ll add our squid that we cooked earlier to the pan our pices of hake and about 8 fresh mussels and now we´ll cover our pan ok it´s been about 5 minutes since we added the lid to the pan so let´s go ahead and take it off and as you can see all our mussels have opened and all our fish looks perfectly cooked so let´s go ahead and turn off our fire we´ll sprinkle with some fresh parsley and there´s our finished dish of Zarzuela Please Like, Comment and Subscribe

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  1. I'm so impressed by your hard working that upload 3 videos a week! How do you do that? Good Job!

  2. Che spettacolo Albert, questo piatto ha davvero tantissimi sapori! 🙂 Tutto è molto intenso, gli ingredienti sono speciali, io sono sicuro ti lascia un ottimo sapore in bocca!

  3. Wow! Love it! I would love this dish! Thanks for another fantastic video Albert! This would sell like hot cakes around here! Awesome! 😊👍👌✌️💚👊

  4. 20# Wow Aweaome recipe!!! My favourite food is sea food … U r great!!! i like the way u cursh the Garlic.

  5. That looks freaking delicious, I think you can turn any non sea food eating person into one with all your delicious dishes 😊

  6. que buena esta zarzuela con todo el pescaito, se me antojo ahora mismo me voy a la pescaderia para prepararme una para comer, super like 26, saludos

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    Have a nice Weekend 🌸

  8. Always a great tip to remind people to cut the meat AFTER the veggies on the board! I'm going through seafood withdrawal after getting back from Martha's Vineyard! I've always wanted an excuse to use saffron so thanks for giving me one! Thanks so much for this delicious recipe!

  9. Wow great recipes videos. I love your channel so much and also SUBSCRIBE.
    Thank you for sharing all this recipes.

  10. muy bueno lo hice ayer y está riquísimo muchas gracias por esta receta el sabor es diferente y buenísimo

  11. Замечательный видеорецепт!С удовольствием посмотрел!Спасибо за рецепт!Thank you very much, dear friend!

  12. Even though I make my fish stew differently, this dish looks spectacular! I should try and make it! subbed.

  13. Another awesome recipe! Thank you so much Sir. And I really love your plating 🙂

  14. Oh my Lord that looks amazing!  This is a dish I could really get into.  (I ate lobster for breakfast this morning. lol  So you know I love my seafood!)  🙂

  15. Nice! Never heard of this, and thank you for sharing! This weekend is National Paella Day here in our USA, so we will be making a seafood paella tomorrow. Oh wow the squid and garlic sound / smell so nice! What a beautiful simmering sauce. Ay the mashed stuff was so pretty. Zarsuela! Paella sin el arroz! Ay que rico! We must make some here, thanks for sharing, Albert! Added to my favorites.

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    I shared this on Twitter and Pinterest. Please share my videos too on social media. Thank you !

  21. My recipe includes
    Clams,black mussels
    green mussels,
    Oysters,Real Lobster chunks, Crab meat,
    chunks of Chilean sea bass, Clam juice Tomatoes grown from my backyard + paste,1/2 can of Fosters lager, 1-cup of Carlo Rossi Paisano red wine,TONS of garlic,shallots, Vidalia onion,red potatoes,sweet and hot Italian sausage, olive oil,Sweet pea's,baby carrots, celery, a little old bay,
    and mixed wild rice.
    And a shot of Tabasco for a slight heat. YEAH BABY !
    When served….some freshly ground peppercorn.Now beat my recipe !

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