Meet Manhattan’s Turtle Lady

Meet Manhattan’s Turtle Lady

(whimsical music) – Walter, Pepper and Chili. Louvinia, Billy Idol, Lil’
Hootie, Stevie Wonder, Opus, Lolly, Top Hat. Right now I think I have about 36 turtles. I’m Lorri Cramer, I’m the
turtle lady of Manhattan. I’m the only wildlife
rehabilitator in the city that works just specifically with turtles. I rehab turtles in an
apartment in New York City. Bringing turtles into
the country illegally, has become big business. I get turtles from the Department of Environmental Conservation,
U.S. Fish and Wildlife, the urban park rangers, even by policemen. Last summer I had 680 baby
turtles that were brought here from the Department of
Environmental Conservation. It’s overwhelming to have
a large amount of turtles in a New York City apartment. I’ve promised my husband a bathroom and a bedroom without turtles. The back bathroom is
where we take our showers, and it’s a people bathroom. (laughs) If I lived outside the
city and I had a yard, I probably would be rehabilitating all kinds of wild animals. But here in Manhattan,
turtles are perfect. When I was a child there was no place for women in vet school. But somehow things come full circle. I’m a turtle nurse, that’s basically it. I think that I’ll get good
turtle points in Heaven. (whimsical music)

48 thoughts on “Meet Manhattan’s Turtle Lady

  1. I used to have a turtle but a guy around our house killed it by accident with a machete while cutting our grass ;-;

  2. I accidentally ran over a baby turtle today. Was starting to forget about it, then I saw this video. Thanks a lot GBS.

  3. guy is s good filmmaker these short films are highly entertaining. like the ones with the added voice overs more.

  4. "I think that I'll get good turtle points in Heaven." I love her. She seems like the type of Christian who belives Christ died for her and doesn't take his word to any extreme. Instead of "FUCK THE NON-BELIEVERS" it's "I get extra turtle points ❤🐢❤"

  5. I love turtles
    I hate turtles lies
    I like turtles
    I lose turtles
    I have a turtle
    dont harm a turtle
    listen to me
    I have a baby painted turtle!

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