Meet Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Dr. Mike

Meet Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Dr. Mike

*Baby otter squeals* Dr. Mike: I’m a veterinarian. I have 30,000 patients. It’s a small community that we have here. Say “ah, ahhhhh.” Ow, ow, ow! Hi dumpling, how you feeling this morning? Gootchi, gootchi! Every animal in here is like a kid to me. Um, I’m very very concerned for their well-being. Each one of them is just enough different to keep me on my toes. Hi Rey! How you doing, huh? Are you having fun? You know if really doesn’t matter if it’s a sea otter or a sardine. I look at each animal as being THE most important animal in the building when it’s in front of me. A big part of my day and a big part of my job, is just to look at the animals that we have here to see and make sure that what they’re doing is normal, and try and catch problems before they really get a foothold. A really good example–we examine the gills of our sharks, our rays, our guitar fish, our skates, for parasites. So those are some pretty-looking gills! After a couple of rounds of exams and treatments we’re hardly finding any parasites! So it’s preventive medicine and it’s working, and the animals end up benefiting from it. Definitely not the same as looking down the ear of a poodle! Clean as a baby’s butt! I’ve never had two days that have matched in all of my years here at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I’m quite fortunate to have an amazing group of animals, an amazing group of people, and an amazing mission to try and support in inspiring conservation of the ocean. This is the best job in the world!

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  1. Dr mike I would like to give you a medal of honor as the most caring aquatic vet.Not many vets want to do shark surgery,examine a sea otter,or look at a sheepshead's gills

  2. Hello, I am an animal science UCDavis graduate. I will be moving to Monterey Bay fall 2019. I am looking for a full-time job in the animal care field. Are there jobs available? Thank you 🙂

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