Melissa Japan Vlog – Day 6 – Tsukiji Fish Market, Ueno Park & Museum

Melissa Japan Vlog – Day 6 – Tsukiji Fish Market, Ueno Park & Museum

[Music] [Music] there are sushi shop everywhere this is heaven for you Cecille over the furthest salt are suppressed tasteful various kind of fish himself [Music] they also saw various process seafood [Music] look at the strawberry and it’s by it [Music] they also have white strawberry but look at the price it’s all expenses [Music] [Music] Rocinha it looks delicious [Music] oh my look at the marveling [Music] yeah the skirt now look delicious that’s right [Music] it is a very power I missed out the truth it has a boon let’s try the starter e 350 let’s see what else can we in there are lots also the other free sample of their civet unfortunately for now I do not fight growl safely this looks services petraeus alibis discrete scallops and unagi [Music] make you salivate I usually have it yourself [Music] you know what I’m gonna buy this to kid yeah it’s relatively soft and this tighten [Music] so testing there are so many colleges with the juice this is the famous strawberry mochi [Music] [Music] I love show my I definitely it’s writing [Music] this is wasabi [Music] this whole motto has unique taste if it’s cool inside your mouth [Music] these are King go nuts [Music] now let’s go to win a pot this is the famous Tsukiji hung indeed we are taking trend to winnow station at the U n o station we are going to activate our Japan Rail Pass click on the link to know more about Japan real cops [Music] [Music] the park is huge and so beautiful will akita right here in the fall boom [Music] while we are enjoying the field we show a Rockland or time again I’m not sure is to take by the pulse lots of people gather to see it entering the tataki the feel the win is a perfect place to do a little picnic after rows of secretary there is a large Plaza here you can see many performers saw of theirs [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] go hide is all that okay Becky I gotta go something got stuck it there could I get this tell you I go back [Music] serene music oh yeah yeah yes pretty awesome right we are at generational Museum [Music] the museum have a lot of interesting objects to see if you are interested click on the link to watch it in depth [Music] [Music] beside the honky Tonk Museum there is this beautiful and peaceful garden is a nice place to relax after your tour in the museum [Music] [Music] this museum are very nice is you come and visit them now I’m going to shop and get something to eat at Mi yokocho shopping strip thanks for watching my video please like share and subscribe to my channel [Music] [Music]

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  1. Very entertaining vlog! Keep doing more! I am a fellow vlogger as well. If you need inspiration at all just check out one of my vids! Here's just one of many

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