MESSCHECK – Oliver Gill

MESSCHECK – Oliver Gill

You have bell right? No I don’t have a bell, who the fuck has a bell? I’ve been thinking about that, I’ve been thinking about you Francisco… and if a cop pulls
me over right now and says you know where’s your bell? I’m gonna say my
speakers its playing loud enough and I talked to my detective friend Kevin…
something and I talked to him and he said that that works… having a speaker
instead of the bell.. he said as long as you have something that’s loud,
bells not gonna fucking help if you’re gonna hit someone that’s
gonna happen A video by Francisco Borrero MESSCHECK: 1 Warming up? Yeah So it begins. I live in New York City and I’m a bike
messenger I’m 26 years old yeah moved here right when I turned
20 I moved here… so that was like 6 years ago, from Rhode Island! I wanted to be a photographer, I am photographer! I want to make all my money
doing photography but… that’s not how things go. and I became a bike messenger
to make money its because I rode my bike to like… I was a commuter I rode my bike to my job
and then Postmates came in New York City I saw the ad for it that was also one of
the first times that I was an adult and I saw a fixed-gear bike and I really
liked it it was a it was a Cinelli Mash Bolt 2.0 like the Director of
Operations for Postmates when they came to New York and he had a beautiful
gray and black Cinelli Mash Bolt this is a year a year into when I moved here but
it’s really slow because that’s when they first came here sometimes I’d be at
Union Square for four hours and not get one pin on my phone and after
Postmates just Capsule no I never, I never did Uber or… or what are the other one
Amazon yeah yeah I did Postmate but I was a OG Postmates right now I’m working at mothers which
is one of the oldest bike messenger companies in New York City
Steve Athineos if I’m pronouncing that right was the original founder and owner
he passed away in 2015 I think and he led the bike protests in the late 80s
against Mayor Ed Koch who put a ban on bicycles in the Midtown area and he led
the protest against that so that was really cool he’s the founder I get a call and no matter what I’m doing I have to stop and get my manifests out
it’s a piece of paper and I had to take it out and write down the run number the
pick up where I gotta go to get it if there’s any extras extras being if it’s
a rush and rushes can be one rush two rush or three rush, three rush being
the infamous triple rush I’ve only got one of those that was really fun for bike messenger I use a 1994 GT edge which is a triple triangle aluminum
frame a road frame the guy who owned it before me stripped all the paint off it
it’s a polished silver all the logos are off so I kind of like that everyone’s
like what is it it is it’s a GT you know you know it’s a GT but you don’t know
it’s a GT I love the triple triangle those fucking welds those welds are
nickel even quarter welds they’re just huge meaty welds you know that shit’s
strong it’s got a little dent in the top tube that’s okay and then for the wheels
right now I have a like a 90s specialized tri spoke carbon fiber with
an aluminum rim so just just the break rim is aluminum and in the back that’s
carbon fiber tri spoke because it’s sexy and I like the sound and it’s
comfortable because carbon fiber absorbs vibrations so it’s a comfortable ride
and it’s made in USA both of my tires are matching victoria corsa which are
$80 tires 25mm on both for comfort because you know you are when you’re
you bike for nine hours a day you know you can be riding the gator-skin 23mm
feeling every little crack and pebble and also Victoria Corsas are some of the
greatest tires ever made so there’s one gear in the front one chain ring and
then eight in the back I have three different rear wheels all with eight
speed cassettes and this is a Shimano claris derailleur because it’s the only
modern 8-speed derailleur made and like I said it’s a One-by one chain ring on
the front eight in the back I have this which cost me a 130$
and it’s made by K-edge it’s just a chain guard really it
just holds the chain, the chain pops off now
all I have to do is that the chain will never like get actually off the bike crank is a 1990s Shimano Ultegra crank and the pedals
are speedplay things that may change I’m absolutely taking that fucking rack
off the rack sucks I hate the rack it’s like riding with wide bars it’s worst
thing in the world I only use it when I get a box just to look cool just to have
that brown box on the front I don’t use it no, if it’s heavy it’s going on my back you know it cost of like a $140 total that whole chains with the
handlebars and put the rack and all that helmet is a Lazer Z1 boys and girls 295$!!
for that baby it’s super lightweight which I like I don’t like feeling
something on my head I like it’s super light and the front it has like a cutout
for your hats if you want to flip your brim up it’s easy to do that so I feel
like some helmets kind of push it no I wear my own, our these these are my
glasses or sunglasses which are prescription if I had you know $600
which is what it would cost to get prescription like Oakley’s or something
decent with you know polarized prescription and shit custom yeah it’d be like
five hundred six hundred dollars with the frame that’s including the frame My backpack is a Chrome WARSAW v1 version one and organization is key I like having my papers in one pocket my… I have a tool section there’s my own little world like “oh there’s the money this is the
thing this is…” the speaker yeah “UE” which I’m pretty sure its Urban-ears I think
Logitech it owns this company but it’s a great speaker 100$ on eBay they
don’t make it anymore but it’s the best speaker because it has it has a strap on
the back a bungee cord that you can strap it to anything and not a lot of
speakers have that they just have like a clip or something this is like a really
amazing feature shoes are Fizik R4s speedplay clips the soles are like
it’s like a plastic carbon composite so it’s not full carbon like a half plastic
carbon it’s really stiff they’re really stiff and I’ve had them for over two
years and I need to get jelly soles or something because lately lately my…
my feet have been really hurting last day I worked I had to take it off take
my… I just sit down take my shoe off and just massage my foot because I was like
wincing I was like almost… QUESTIONS FROM THE COMMENTS SECTION What would you be doing if you were not a bike-messenger? I’d skate I skateboard but you can’t
make money off you know I go I go back to school
“ESCUELA” wait that’s not the word is it? and then be like a
photojournalist and I do conflict zones like war photography What do you carry on the straps of your bag? I wish I wish I had
a fucking walkie-talkie I might buy a broken one just to look cool I’m that
much of a poser right now I have my I have a chrome phone holder, that’s it! I use sometimes my speaker there but now I put it on my bike Your bike is just a work tool? HAY DIOS MIO! it’s no it’s well yes… kind of I have two bicycles one of them is my work tool my GT and then one
of them is my plaything my toy my Cinelli my track bike but sometimes I
use my Cinelli to work on because I want to have more fun so yeah my
GT and it is a tool yeah I treat it like such Speed or safety? yeah speed or
safety Speed! Speed! Did you think that at some point you would be a bike-messenger? not as much as I no where near as much as I do now and my dad
was a biker and he had a sick fucking bike! oh my.. he had a really nice bike but…
no I never thought I never thought I’d be one. Fixie, road, gravel or single/free wheel? like forever if I had to
choose one forever if I had to choose one forever it would be fixie! yeah I think so it’s just that you can do the most stuff on it and it’s just so much fun brakeless fixed I never thought I’d say
that it’s the best Clips or straps? I have both so WTF?! if I had to choose it would be it
would be straps because it’s just easier to wear your own shoes and it looks
cool especially if you have like a fucking $20,000 bike and you got regular
shoes on Speakers or headphones? speaker, speaker! never headphone! please
never headphone never headphones you gotta heard when I’m gonna yell at you you
know you gotta hear it ok, if you’re in the middle of fucking
nowhere you know in some long road going like out you know the whole day there
you know, barely any cars or anything yeah wear your
headphones but you’re the city city’s you know you the speaker What things can not be missing when you go to work? manifest
my manifest either my manifest its completed that I’ve drop off or just
blank manifest papers that and the number two is gonna be portable battery
gotta have the portable battery for your speaker so you don’t lose your mind and
for your phone just in case my phone usually last the whole day because I
don’t use an app Francisco: ok this is a special edition Bfixie shirt WTF?! special edition? yeah, I don’t know how many of those ill be doing but this is just for there people I interviewed oh my god it’s so black and nice love you
Francisco hasta luego mis mariposas hasta luego hasta luego be happy do what
you love just keep doing whats… doing whats fun, do whats fun. thats whats life its about! Support the series by getting on of these!

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