Michael “Fish” Herring on Orion Studio’s Vintage Guitar Effects

Michael “Fish” Herring on Orion Studio’s Vintage Guitar Effects

About a year – a little more than a year after really digging into the Zen and getting to know it inside and out, Marcel gives me a call and says ‘Hey,
there’s some stuff I want you to check out on a new product that’s the Orion Studio. There’s the firmware that goes with it, you
know, which was familiar to me as far as how things are routed and the way the
mixers work, but they included some guitar modeling. I was shocked because they react more like an app. than any plug-in would. There’s also the reactive thing where you know,
you can get a nice clean tone and then just with the turn of a volume
knob or with you know playing it harder you get a little more grit… and then it can clean up again, just like an amp would. The mic models are really cool. There’s a
ribbon mic, there’s two different condenser mics, there’s a dynamic mic and you
can move them around and get some space. It reacts right away. It’s exactly
what are you doing at the moment. There’s zero latency and its a beautiful thing.

2 thoughts on “Michael “Fish” Herring on Orion Studio’s Vintage Guitar Effects

  1. How about making this a VST plugin UAD-style where the plugin sends the audio away to the Orion Studio, that processes it in the selected mode(s) and sends it back to the output of the plugin. I mean, it already has Thunderbolt (more than enough bandwidth) and the processing power is there. Might as well make it versatile.

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