Mighty Morphin’ Ninja Turtles?! EXPLAINED Spoilers

Mighty Morphin’ Ninja Turtles?! EXPLAINED Spoilers

hey what’s up everyone so
issue number three of the Power Rangers Ninja Turtles crossover comic has come
out and it has some fun stuff to talk about and that’s what we’re here to do
today the ending of this issue should get you excited for what’s coming but
let’s go through what led up to this first for those who are just jumping on
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in Tommy’s been missing trying to help his friend that join the foot the
turtles and the Rangers have already had a clash when they first met but are now
working together to find Tommy shredder has taken two green Power coin from
Tommy and has imprisoned them and shredder is now Green Ranger shredder
there’s a whole video on that go check that out if you missed it now where we
left off on the last issue was Rita had showed up to confront Green Ranger
shredder and in the new issue they just got into a scuffle and it pretty much
ended in a draw but they end up partnering up to take on the turtles and
the Rangers their minions are there too I’m pretty sure I saw Goldar and
Rocksteady going at it for a little bit but that was a cool mashup I never knew
I wanted but here we are and yeah it was a fun little moment asked for the
turtles and the Rangers they’re still hanging out in the turtles den and we
get some funny dialogue there Billy ask splinter did the mutagen turn you from a
rat into a person or a person into a rat and splinter just looks at him and tilts
his head and says exactly a funny nod to splinters different origins throughout
the years I would imagine I thought it was pretty funny now sort out an Alpha
contact the Rangers and say they’ve picked up Morphin energy on their
detection systems and so the Rangers roll out and the turtles stay behind the
Rangers teleport and show up at some docks where Green Ranger shredder awaits
and shredder starts unmorphing them a couple at a time and they slowly start
to notice but it’s too late he unmorphs all of the
Jason is trying to morph saying Tyrannosaurus and nothing is happening
and shredder flies by and cracks him which I thought was pretty cool
it’s always kind of like off-putting in a good way though wouldn’t you see your
heroes getting the beatdown in what normally would be a situation they would
get out of it just makes when they come back the hero comes back just more
satisfying I like it when they do that in just any kind of story and seeing you
know shredder just kind of pummel Jason as these powerless literally kind of
felt like one of these moments it was very brief I could see something like
this in an animated movie maybe being a little bit you know more extended with
the rest of the Rangers being like oh crap you know Jason is getting beat down
but yeah it’s still a cool moment now Zordon and alpha say there’s a
distortion field that’s not letting them teleport the Rangers out of there and so
they call on the Turtles the turtles are too far away so they call on one of
their friends nearby and we get the introduction of Casey Jones into this
crossover event I like the design they went with it’s the classic look it just
looks sharp and he’s there and he helps them for a little bit but they have to
make a strategic retreat and exit that distortion field and they do and so
resort on teleports them back to the command center where he explains that a
molecular disruption field is affecting their DNA or something like that and
it’s not allowing them to unlock their power coins and morph so he offers a
suggestion and this is when we see the turtles on the last page then I believe
April as well and they’re all holding the morphers now I haven’t
seen anything yet but it looks like we’re probably gonna get Mighty Morphin
Ninja Turtles in the last shot or image you can see that leo is holding the
Triceratops Morpher which is for the Blue Ranger and you know that makes
total sense Leo being blue and all Raph will
probably be the red ranger April probably be the yellow but it’ll be
interesting to see if Donnie and Mikey purple and orange Rangers in that Mighty
Morphin style that would be pretty cool considering at least to my knowledge
those weren’t colors in the original Rangers designed the Mighty Morphin ones
with the diamonds on their chests at least from what I remember seeing as a
kid now this is if this even happen so I haven’t seen anything yet on what these
morphed Turtles are gonna look like if it even happens but I don’t think they
would have ended the issue like that if it wasn’t gonna happen in the next issue
but we’ll have to wait and see I could also see Leo being the Blue Ranger Raph
being the red ranger April being the pink ranger
Mikey being the yellow ranger and Donnie being the black Ranger I could see them
going with something like that as well I’m keeping an eye out to see if any of
the artists working on this or any of the companies involved on this crossover
released like an image of them as Rangers sometimes they do that before
like the next issue comes out as soon as something like that is revealed we’ll go
ahead and talk about it and break it down I was hoping it would come out
before I was done with this recording but I haven’t seen anything yet so I’ll
have to just kind of pop in and talk about that with you guys if that happens
to show up in the next few days or weeks until the next issue comes out but yeah
what do you guys think looks like we just might get Mighty Morphin Ninja
Turtles do you think we’ll get Teenage Mutant power rangers by the end of the
crossover will we see shredder jump into the dragon Zord I don’t know but I do
know I like what I’m seeing with this crossover so far hope you guys enjoyed
the video just wanted to share what is happening in this five issue series two
more issues left let’s see how they wrap it up stay tuned and I’ll see you guys
in a little bit with another video take care hey turtle fans thanks for watching
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again thanks everyone for watching it really does mean a lot

93 thoughts on “Mighty Morphin’ Ninja Turtles?! EXPLAINED Spoilers

  1. All I have to say it would be awesome to get green ranger shedder and Mighty Morphin ninja turtle action figure

    This is cool and all, but when are the Turtles going to meet the X-Men?!? I've been waiting for that since the 1990s!

  3. Shredder keeps talking about someone from another dimension. I hope it's the Dragon Lord so bad. From the next mutation.


  5. It makes more sense for Leo to be the red ranger, Donny the blue ranger, and Raph the yellow ranger based purely on the rangers weapons and what the turtles use to using, the only one left out in the cold is Micky but I make him the pink ranger just because I think it be pretty funny lol.

  6. The Turtles have had several amazing crossovers over the years Cerebus, Usagi, Flaming Carrot, Savage Dragon, Spawn, etc. But this is shit. power rangers is just a cheap imitation of Super Sentai and Voltron. The Turtles don't need them.

  7. Well ya Shredder and h; ; are the 2 best fighters on the planet. They are just teens with attitudes. That like putting a high school kid in an iron man suit

  8. This is the movie they need to make!!!! Launching both franchises at once and then they can split off into separate movies. Aren't they owned now by the same company?

  9. I disagree with the Turtle Ranger Colors for Leonardo as the Blue Ranger, Raphael as the Red Ranger, Michelangelo as the Yellow Ranger, and Donatello as the Black Ranger and I agree with April as the Pink Ranger. Well yeah, Leonardo is Blue and Raphael is Red but I hope Mighty Morphin Leonardo doesn't interact with Billy and Mighty Morphin Raphael interacts with Jason. It would be cool seeing Mighty Morphin Ninja Turtles and Teenage Mutant Power Rangers

  10. Im so into this coming book but I always wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover with Daredevil , Fantastic Four , Spider-Man , Moon Knight , Captain America , Batman Beyond , X-Men , Guardians of the Galaxy , The Punisher , The Defenders , Street Fighter , Mortal Kombat , GI Joe , Spawn , Tekken , Justice League of America , Avengers , Titans , Witchblade , The Darkness , Pitt , Red Sonja , Shi , Lady Death , Vampirella , Purgatori , Hellboy , Lara Croft , King of Fighters , Samurai Shodown , Killer Instinct , Green Arrow , Zombies , Xenomorphs , Predator , Black Panther , Wolverine these crossovers would be good as comic books video games or animated cartoon movies but this crossover already happy but I wanted as a video game Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  11. If the tmnt morph I hope they bring out figures for the morphed tmnt and shredder like they did drakkon omg I would buy all of those this is gonna be so awesom love all the cross overs but this one has been my favorite

  12. Leo should be red – leader
    Donny should be blue – smart one
    Raph should be black – muscle
    Leaving Mikey with yellow and April with pink

  13. The ninja turtles have had a lot of crossovers with various heros and such. Except daredevil, which is weird because they're both in the same universe. The "ooze" that mutated the turtles is one in the sane chemical that blinded Daredevil. Daredevil fights the hand, turtles fight the foot, daredevil was trained by stick, turtles by splinter. The turtles were written to be a parody of daredevil. Its insane they never had a teamup.

  14. If the turtles and april morph into Power Rangers…you know companies will bring in toys to sell and they must make an animated movie for this!

  15. The art of this crossover is freaking fantastic.

    I will still laugh very loudly if they end having the opposite colors (Mickey said about picking colors) but Red as always been the leader ranger.
    So Leo getting red will be funny, same with Don getting the Blue one, Raph getting either the black or blue, and Michelangelo getting the pink/yellow.

  16. Man I was wondering if anyone else was reading it! It's basically the coolest thing I've read in a long time. It's so much fun! Bebop and Rocksteady fit in perfectly with Rita's monsters and green ranger shredder! Can't wait till next issue.

  17. LOL, Damn what makes that so funny is that no one has ever asked that ever in any comic movie or cartoon I mean we were taught what happened so we already know but to hear someone asks ESPECIALLY FUCKIN WILLIAM CRANSTON

  18. 1:36 LOL, Damn what makes that so funny is that no one has ever asked that ever in any comic movie or cartoon I mean we were taught what happened so we already know but to hear someone asks ESPECIALLY FUCKIN WILLIAM CRANSTON

  19. Blue Ranger Leo
    Red Ranger Raph
    Yellow Ranger Mikey
    Black Ranger Donnie
    Pink Ranger April

    That's how I see them matching up, can't wait to see what they look like after they morph! Go-go Mighty Morphin' Ninja Turtles!

  20. I reckon Mikey is gonna be Yellow (since yellow and orange are "close enough") and Donny is gonna be pink (pink and purple being "close enough") and April in Black since there really isnt a Black colour parrallel for the turtles.

  21. That will be badass mighty morphen turtle ninja rangers hope we can see that with their ninja bandanas hanging out of the helmet would be awesome but modify the suit make it look more cooler

  22. Wait a minute:

    Turtles X Batman
    Power Ranger X Justice League
    Tmnt X Power Rangers
    Power Rangers X Street Fighter

    Capcom, you know what to do!

  23. I don't work for these guys, but I wanted to let you know that Death Battle will have there fight on Feb. 24th between Leo and Jason. I'm excited.

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