What’s up Sky Squad it’s Nicole Skyes, welcome back to my channel if you are brand new. You should hit that subscribe button down below Become a member of the sky squad if you are already subscribed turn Those post notifications on that way you never Miss the video like this in the future my hairs all fluffy because i took a shower and it dried and it’s just like Whew Boof Yeah, i need, a style it today rockin the merch this is franklin on a $100 bill and it says Sky Squad on it Get yours now that link will be in the description box down, below Since this video is going to be super insane Messy probably, gross maybe there’s possibility of it being gross i don’t know We have some old slime smoothies here and like i don’t know, what to do with them all so i’m just going to be mixing them all together you have our aquarium we’re Gonna take a look at it we’re also
gonna Mix that into all my slime smoothies so let’s get started so as you can see here i have a lot of old slime Smoothies and this is going to be awesome so i’m gonna clear off my table and we are going to begin let’s go So this, is what happened, my slime aquarium leaked oh my, gosh that’s so weird let me get a zoom in on it that is a close-up of the drips and look it looks like hair It’s like that’s so weird little string So it must’ve leaked right here half of the slimes still in there which is weird? The rest of the slime is dried up and it looks like a Puddle actually i think it looks pretty cool, look at this side has more of like, that weird hair What the heck It looks like fishing line, or something all right so let’s take all this slime out ooh That’s actually a really, cute cool, slime they should sell this on etsy all right enough with that So even though this is not a. Slime smoothie This, is my slime aquarium that has spongebob in here and you guys something, weird happened okay can We get a zoom up of the gummy octopuses look, at what happened they look really gross Look, at that they, like, they look, super, we and gooey and not is this gross? also, spongebob’s net flew up to the top, and it cleared up a lot it looks really, pretty i think, though, this side is so beautiful i love it so, we are going to be taking it out, and mixing it all up ooh Including these alright so before i dump this out let’s do some poking Alright i’m gonna, try and put my hand in there and take spongebob out, oh, my. Gosh this is gonna get sticky i think Whoa, this feels so crazy, and weird? My fingers can, barely move Hand looks looks magnified Can you see that my hand looks really huge, and fat oh, my, gosh eww some of the gummy, oh my, gosh let me try to get all of this slime off, slime off Whoa whoa its oh my god it’s pouring all over me oh my god no no no it’s all over my pants no Look, at that what is that that’s? Cloud, slime eww Is that mold where eww that’s from from the gummies There’s like, weird pores look at that, oh, my, god i can’t breathe that’s mold look at look at my fingers do you see it looks like cobwebs Yea thats not mold what do you think it is like it’s just like, their sugar breaking down Look, at my hands like sugar, breaking down eww What, is that it’s like it’s like, the glue string is like the glue so? Candy, melts slime and this part is all melted from the candy, oh, my, gosh, what am i gonna Do it so to sit here and deal with it go get new pants all right this was a bad idea? Pouring it on my table i should just poured it into, my box you put it in the box, we are going to quick cuz, it’s flowing off Whoa, looks like nerds nerds mess good? What a slimy mess? Okay, i changed my pants, and like dang that was stressful Slime gets everywhere but, we must continue so So this is our next, slime smoothie and to be honest this one smells weird i Don’t remember most of these i don’t remember, what videos they go to No, idea this slime is scented though Which is weird? So it looks like a phloem slime to me And i think it has fluffy, slime in it because it’s pretty fluffy And fruit being an old slime it’s still a pretty good texture alright now We are adding it to our giant smoothie alright this one is super random looking it has a bunch of different colors i Think, this is store-bought flying smoothie i can, tell, by the smell and the texture And it did dry up a Little bit it’s a little bit harder Kind of good slime normally is whoa there’s like beads in here Okay, let’s add it to our smoothie now, we have this crazy slime that’s black What the heck, was this even? This just looks, like, black slime to me they’re, like, brown fun Those specks, oh no this Is the art supply slime i remember this one all right as you can see i need To invest in containers alright so here is my slime it still looks good it’s very chunky these are pencil shavings in here wow Alright let’s add it to this last smoothie Alright so this was actually one of my, favorite slimes i’ve made this is Making the crunchiest slime in the world These are all like the winged diamonds, oh, my, gosh this is weird this looks messy, oh no, oh? My, gosh this slime, is like, done there’s nothing in it it’s just, oh? Alright i’m gonna keep it in the bag i’m just gonna pour it in sticky sticky icky oh my, god this used to be the best slime i like this one rio spa, boy, ski crystals Now it’s super sticky and messy, okay so here is another Store-bought, slime smoothie and this color actually scares me i’m hoping this or pot slam will take some of this sticky slime off of me What was this i think this, was the amazon, slime whole? texture still is store-bought, slime texture This color is so weird it’s like Swamp green and this little or being here alright i will just add that Right here ooh? So here is a mystery slime, oh i remember this this, was when i was making slime food? First real food this is clay, slime, which is my favorite? mmm so nice i just, want to play with, this slime i don’t want to add it to the smoothie it looks like a big melty blob i Bet you i can, make an awesome slime swirl with this ooh Alright alright enough playing with inacol you have to put it in the slime smoothie so that’s, what i’ll do, oh? wow this is gonna be a giant, slime, smoothie i’m not even close to being done So this, was from my dollar store slime? Video if you, guys, remember that one this, was my failed cube, slime that’s funny all right still feels good whoa That looks pretty cool Wow this is some good slime? alright i’m just going to pour it in Oh, no cameras blowing and our next slime is i think this was when i added a hundred sequins to? clear slime That’s this one ooh? Ooh, very sticky warning warning, as i’m just going to pour this one in definitely Excellent smoothie is from the video 100 lipstick it looks like the top is definitely hardened so Whoa, there’s like, lipstick in it oh, my, gosh I’ll just be adding the underneath part i remember this Was such good slime and it still is ooh and it smells like, lipstick so bad oh? My, gosh i just got lipstick under my, nail gross, oh? My, gosh all the lipstick is at the bottom wow Look at that All right how am i gonna take this copper, oh my Gosh i’m eating lipstick all over my hands and nails and i’m getting lipstick everywhere i’m flinging it everywhere All right i think that’s about good let’s add this to our swamp smoothie you So i have no idea what video this was i don’t remember? But this slime is very nice ooh? That is some amazing slime i love this color, oh my gosh, oh, my gosh i remember Which one this is this was the makeup swine where i added a bunch of different liquid lipsticks and makeup i think, maybe this is just a liquid lipstick one But, oh? This texture is so nice it’s like, the ultimate glossy slime It’s like it literally just melts in your hand All right now let’s add this slime to a slime smoothie Did i mention that slime smells super good to you it smells like super Fresh all right i’m debating if i even want to add this to my, slime smoothie this i think this Was candy, slime this, was like the skittles and as you can see it’s extremely melted, so i’m probably just going to throw. This, away I’m gonna, save, my, slime smoothie a headache here, we have another slime smoothie in the top is Freaking dry, oh, my, gosh this was a, oh, my, gosh, this, was my other lipstick video If you, guys didn’t know My, cutting 100 lipsticks into slime i actually filmed it twice so i actually bought 200 lipsticks The reason, why i had to refill, my video was because i was at the stables? my horse stables and i left my camera on accident and Somebody took it it disappeared it got stolen and it had all of my footage For the video on it it’s too good of an idea? I just had a refill mitt and let me tell you i was so mad it’s like whip sticking all of it i’m trying not to get it all under my nails like i, did last time all right, well what Why, is that like green under there Wow this is some good slime – i like this all right adding it to? whoo i Don’t know is this one it was a signed smoothie or not i think this is just? Extra slam i had one day so i just saved it It’s just regular old? white slime you That looks so gross look, at that it’s like all he looks, like, toilet paper all right as you can See this slime is not good at. All It’s kind of dried out i’m probably not gonna add this slime to my son smoothie either because it’s not gonna mix very Well alright guys, and last but not least this is just extra aquarium blue Slime that i had made though we’ll go ahead and add that as, well? It goes so nice it’s so pretty and refreshing so i so i guess i Will just mix this up Alright, now that it’s somewhat, makes i’m going to pour it out Fine you can, give this video a like if you are super excited to see how This, turns out but let’s spill all over me again hopefully not also if you Made it this far in the video i want you to comment Did you guys, see the bird flying around in the background of nicole’s video this is gonna confuse people that didn’t watch the Whole video and they’re, gonna say what bird, where where’s the bird and it’s gonna be super funny screencap your favorite part of this video tag me in it on Instagram you have to tied, we don’t at me and i will be liking a lot of your guys’s pictures alright now it’s time Without further, ado my sliding hand we’re going to pour this out on the table, oh? let’s do it i Can’t even lift it up it’s too heavy hold on how much was it whoa This, is starting to look, supercool that looks like a cave like a spline, cave wow look at this i love Using, slime to get slime off my Hands all right so far it’s not making as big of a, mess as i thought it would, oh no? All right now, we have to mix this is the biggest lights, movie i’ve ever made If you think this is as awesome as i think it is? Screenshot this right now and post it on instagram under the hashtag? Nicole skies i will be liking a bunch of your, guys’s pictures i can’t even believe this lime Smoothie is so big whoa look at that this is the store-bought slime versus, my, own slime It like peels off whoa i wonder what color this is gonna turn Probably, purple again What the heck, why is it doing that? you it’s like coming off in layers It’s like, gross but it’s, also satisfying at the same time by sunburned slime That’s really, gross look, there’s a plant in here Be sure to give it a big thumbs up, oh That’s kind of cool, thumbs up thumbs up i love you, guys so much and i will see you guys in my next video bye


  1. Omg did you see the huge bird that flew around in the background?!?!?! I don't think that was her parrot!

  2. Why don't u buy bowls with lids are u that cheap you can't. I mean bags looks like you don't care a noff to invest in your channel

  3. Nicole skies can you please make me use some of that purple glossy slime please and I’m subscribed and I have the notifications on and can I get a shout out I have my sisters phone show my name is actually Kylie it’s spelled KYLEE it’s not spelled KYLIE

  4. Who else went to the comment to see if anyone said what videos each slime came from but only saw comments about the damn bird

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