Monster Catfish| Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Monster Catfish| Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Look at this squad, Bro. Eagle squad, you guys. Three eagles. Eagle-palooza One more eagle and they’ve got a band. There’s another one. OMG guys. The eagles are playing live right now. Welcome to the Hotel Manitoba. What’s up, guys? We’re the Vagabrothers. Right now we are in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It’s dawn. We’re on the Red River, and we’re going cat fishing. Let’s go. You ready? You almost stepped in goose poo. Yeah, but I’m ready. Let’s do it. Oh, he just stepped in goose shit. Did I? Oh no! No, dude. I’m good. The Red River is, as you can see, named because the water is a little bit murky. But it’s good cat fishing territory. We’re here with Todd. He’s going to be our guide today. What’s the plan for today, Todd? We’re going to go slam some monster channel cats, boys. These are the real river monsters of North America. Can you tell us a bit more about the rock’n’roll style? Well you know, I’ve got the long hair; I like to party, and I fish. Rock’n’roll fisherman. Who knew? Sweet. All right. Let’s do it. That was such an incredible view. Cruising down the Red River, blasting it in the boat. And then the pelicans….OMG…. we just chased 25 white pelicans right down the river. Mornings in Canada, Bro. Summertime in Canada. The Red River is one of the only rivers in North America that runs north. Also the water here is kind of a bit muddy, and that’s actually what the word Winnipeg means. In Cree, it means “muddy waters.” Alex doesn’t like my hat. I like my hat, Bro. You look like a little sailor. I am a little sailor. It’s on sideways and backwards. I don’t care. This is called turning 30 and just not caring about this sort of thing anymore. Pull up and then reel down. OMG. That’s heavy. Whoa Getting the hang of it. Getting the hang of it. You’re reeling in a fish like I have sex: not very good and all over the place. When you see it, you go, “Holy F. OMG.” OMG he’s huge. Somebody take this one right here. Grab the other one. I got it, got it, got it. No not this one! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Pull it up. Hand above the reel! OMG. Okay. You got him. Let me just say that this is really intense. There is so much fishing going on. Literally, he’s taken down one fish pole into the boat. The other rod’s going off. They are so strong that you have to jump on it right away, otherwise it’s going to go over the edge Anyway, Todd’s measuring this first fish. It’s 35 inches. No way! Wow. All right. Alex is reeling in the second one. I’m supposed to be trying to capture it all. We’ve just caught two 35 inch plus catfish in five minutes. Look at this beast, Bro. Look at that thing. Whoa. I don’t know why you’re bent over like that. You’re like the Hunchback of Notre Dame or Quasimodo over there. I felt like a brave warrior waiting for the buffalo. That’s what you’re calling it? I’m waiting for the buffalo? Have your ear to the ground and hear the buffalo. Hold on. Hold on. Just focus and shut up for a second. Pull it back. Yeah. You’re on. I can’t stop laughing. It’s uncontrollable. That was a nice one. That’s how you catch the buffalo. You don’t have to hold him against your teeth He’s so heavy. Back where you came from, young one. Go! Little buffalo. This has been the funniest moment honestly. I’m having so much fun. This is really fun. Todd, you are awesome. This is making it a lot of fun. Well, guys. What better way to switch things up from a fishing morning to a spa afternoon. One of my favorite things about all Canadian cities is they all come equipped with a really, really good Nordic-style spa. We’re going to go inside, see what treatments we can do and just chill out until nightfall. Spas are one of those things that just have to be done, occasionally. I think when you’re traveling, your body hurts because you’ve been sitting or moving around and you haven’t been sleeping well because of jet lag and time differences. What better way to just let it all drift away. Here we go. We’re ready. Marko is a sauna Jedi You, young Padawan learner Let the bathing begin. Vagabuddies. Ladies and Gentlemen I’m so relaxed right now. Honestly, it has been just a couple of hours of pure bliss. Perfect way to end this trip. We’ve been in nature; we’ve caught some awesome fish, and we’re chilling. We’re going to have some dinner right now Yeah. We’ve got a very healthy salad. A vegan farmer’s feast. I needed a little bit of meat, so I ordered some chicken on the side. Are you ready, Bro? I’m eating, Bro. Refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated, cleansed Let’s go hit the town and get a beer. Start that process all over again. Eureka! Greek for “we found it”… the craft beer spot here in Winnipeg. Let’s go get one. We’ve just arrived to the forks, which is like a big food hall at the confluence of the two main rives: the Red River and the other river here, which name I don’t know. We’ve made it to the commons, which is a craft brewery. It’s Friday night. We’re going to have some beers. Cheers, Bro. Cheers. It has been a most excellent day in Winnipeg. We have fished, have spa-ed, and chilled, and now we have craft beers here after an excellent meal. Overall, a success. And further more, Manitoba in general with the trip to Lake Aikens, also a success. So if you want more information about Manitoba, check the links in the info box. You know what to do: give the video a thumbs-up, share it with your friends and subscribe to Vagabrothers if you have not already. In the meantime remember: stay curious, keep exploring, and we will see you guys on the road. Peace. Love you guys. Later.

42 thoughts on “Monster Catfish| Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

  1. You guys are awesome! You surprised me with the video, because you are getting better and better! You are my inspiration to make videos… 😊

  2. jajajajaajajjajaj que divertido, muchos pececitos…y cuanta ensalada πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜€, Saludos y mucha suerte a donde sea que apunte el teni…..😘

  3. Cool I'm from Winnipeg, Be sure to make a Timmy's run and grab a couple of maple icecaps before you leave! EhπŸ‘

  4. Spa's in Canada, and like the rest of Europe, are part of the Health Care system. That's why you find them in every city.

  5. Which was your favorite sauna? I Spotted the Finnish one and dry one at least.

    Have fun keep real and stay focused!

  6. This is really nice and relaxing video indeed. Also how cool would it be if you guys did like a 'humans of new york' inspired series but in other cities you go to? Just investigating the people in different countries like that would be really interesting!

  7. It looks like Todd really made it a fun time ! Love his sense of humor. "Little buffalo"

    Great shots over the river, I liked the mist.

  8. Nice one. I went to some hot springs with sauna and cold pool, etc. today myself. It's like a tune-up for your body.

  9. Where are the videos for biggest baddest bucket list ;(. That was my Favourite series and I was kind of hoping to go on that same adventure in the future. Is there any other place where I can find them?

  10. Great video, nice to see my corner of the world in one. The Forks is the intersection of the Red River and the Assiniboine River. If you ever make it back to Winnipeg, I recommend Barley Brothers. There's two locations one with 72 beers on tap and the other with 150+.

  11. So crazy to see you guys in Winnipeg!! That's my hometown πŸ™‚ Living in Romania now, though. Glad you enjoyed Manitoba!

  12. I live there that's not Winnipeg its Lockport Selkirk so not winning. I go catfishing there every year. My best fish there is 54 inches it was like fifty pounds

  13. You didn't fish in Winnipeg. You launched the boat in the City of Selkirk and traveled North on the Red River and fished near Lockport Manitoba.

  14. I'm sure enjoying the adventures with you two, I found you guys from searching my local Alberta surrounding

  15. "you're reeling in the fish like I have sex: not very good and all over the place" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ todd's funny

  16. Complete disrespect to fish throwing them back like that , makes me angry to see that, your daddy didn't raise you right down here in texas that would be an ass whoopin by my dad, stop being lazy and be a man to mother nature and its creations of other living beings. And to top it off getting a spa treatment. You belong in yoga with dudes only ha anyone watching this need to un subscribe

  17. Complete disrespect to fish throwing them back like that , makes me angry to see that, your daddy didn't raise you right down here in texas that would be an ass whoopin by my dad, stop being lazy and be a man to mother nature and its creations of other living beings. And to top it off getting a spa treatment. You belong in yoga with dudes only ha anyone watching this need to un subscribe

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