MTV’s Ghosted: Love Gone Missing | FULL EPISODE Sneak Peek

MTV’s Ghosted: Love Gone Missing | FULL EPISODE Sneak Peek

– [Travis] Have you ever been ghosted? Totally left in the dark
by someone you care about? no texts, no DMs, nothing. ♪ I watched you vanish ♪ ♪ Into thin air ♪ I’m Travis Mills. – And I’m Rachel Lindsay, and we know a thing or two about ghosting. I had an ex. He had a child and I had no idea. – He ghosted you?
– Yeah. Completely just ghosted me. – [Travis] Ever since we bonded over our own ghosting stories,
together Rachel and I are traveling the country
to help people track down their ghosts. – All of a sudden, I was blocked. – What happened? – I don’t know how to
move on without knowing why she cut me out of her life. – We will bring them face
to face to reveal the shocking reason why they were ghosted. – [Rachel] Tonight, we’re in
Aurora, Illinois to help Resee, who was ghosted by his
best friend, Brendan. Resee was left devastated
with no reason why. – Now that Brendan’s not in my life, I feel heartbroken, I feel empty. – [Rachel] We’ll help
Resee track down the clues to help him find his love gone missing. – What are you doing here?
– My friend is missing. I don’t know where he’s at. – You’re literally obsessed with Brendan. – Resee, I gotta ask, are
you in love with Brendan? – Everyone is attracted
to him, everyone wanted to be around him, he had a ton of friends. – I know sometimes when
you’re searching for answers, you don’t always get the
answers that you want. Resee.
(banging on door) – The real reason that I
ghosted you is because… – This is MTV’s…
– Ghosted. ♪ Wherever I go, I go, I’m on my own ♪ ♪ I’m chasing ghosts ♪ – I know one thing about Aurora, Illinois. – What’s that? – I know that one part of
Wayne’s World, the movie, was shot here.
– Was it really? – It takes place in Aurora, Illinois. We’re gonna meet the haunted Resee. I think we’re getting close. Okay.
– Okay. ♪ Baby it’s my time now ♪ ♪ Can’t stop me ♪ ♪ It aint so bad what can you do ♪ ♪ I’m down for you ’til the deep ♪ (knocking) ♪ Can’t stop me ♪ – Hello there, can I help you?
– Hello. Hi.
– I’m Travis. – I’m Rachel.
– We’re here for Resee. – Yes, he’s here, come on in. – Thank you so much.
– You’re more than welcome. Resee.
– Yeah? – There’s someone in here to see you. – Oh my gosh. – [Rachel] Hi Resee. – It’s nice to meet you.
– I’m Travis. – Thank you so much,
like, thank you so much. – Do you got a better place
that we can go and talk? – Yeah. – I have some errands to run,
y’all make yourself at home. – Okay, yeah, yeah. – You wanna go outside?
– Of course. – [Grandmother] Bye. – [Resee] Bye, mom. – So, Aurora, Illinois. – Yes.
– This is our first time here. – [Resee] Really? – What’s it like to grow up here? – On the east side of
Aurora, it definitely had its challenges. It is kind of a small town. Everybody knows everybody,
but it’s very conservative. But, I don’t even talk to
my parents to this day. – I thought that was your mom. – That’s my grandma.
– Oh okay. – I consider my mom. She’s been like my biggest,
biggest supporter right now. I wouldn’t be myself,
honestly, if it wasn’t for her. – So we wanna know more
first hand from you. – Okay. – About your and Brendan’s relationship. How did you guys meet? – We worked in the same
hardware store together, but we never talked,
and one day he came up to me and was like, “What is your sign? “Everybody loves you in this store.” So I was like, “Well I’m a Leo.” – What is Brendan?
– He’s a Libra. And like, we had so much in common, we started hanging out all the time. We were talking everyday,
going out on our lunches. During this time, I was
confused about my sexuality. I started to have feelings for Brendan, but he had a girlfriend, Maggie. She’s like, what’s a good word? Possessive.
– Possessive? – She is. She does not like our relationship at all. – Did she know what you
were struggling with? – No, I didn’t tell anybody. I would consider myself, now, bisexual. – Okay.
– Before that, I didn’t even know my sexuality. I felt like I was gonna get judged. Like I used to get judged
like that all the time, especially in high school. – What about Brendan? – He doesn’t even know. I always wanted to tell
him, like, that’s my friend, but like, he’s gonna judge me like the rest of other people. – Do you feel like Brendan
was every struggling with the same thing?
– I don’t think so. – You said you hung out all the time. Was there ever, like–
– Mm-mm. He’s like fully straight. Like, and I honestly wish I could tell my best friend about it, ’cause
I would confide in him a lot. He would confide in me too, you know. If I was down most of the
time, most of the time I was down ’cause I was
getting judged all the time, nobody’s here never to defend
me or have a conversation. Brendan was that person. I was like literally in
a dark, dark, dark space. One day he hits me up and was like, “Hey how are you doing?” I was like, “I’m not doing good, at all, “I’m not gonna lie.” Five minutes later, I
get a knock at the door, and it’s him.
– Oh wow. – I didn’t believe in myself at the time. – So he made you feel
better about yourself. – It was just a great space,
having somebody next to me, ’cause usually, I don’t have that. Sorry.
– It’s okay, take your time. I know this is bringing up old emotions. – It is.
– Or new, really. Let me tell you something,
when we do this, we’re very passionate about
it, but we’re passionate about it because we’ve been through it. From the time your relationship started, to the time he left, like how
long was that time period? – It was past a year by now. – Take us through the day–
– Yeah. – That he actually ghosted you. – It was November 18, 2015. I was about to take him to the airport. Brendan got a job offer in San Francisco. His girlfriend, Maggie, she
was going to school out there. When I was taking him to the airport, I was like, “I don’t think you should go.” – How is he responding to that? – He was like, “No, I’m gonna be fine.” – So you all argued all
the way to the airport? – All the way there, and
then I had to suck it up and be like, maybe I’m wrong. I’m gonna support you into moving. You’re gonna do good. He was like, “I’m gonna
Facetime you as soon as I land.” Within hours, nothing. I’m Facetiming, blowing his phone up. Next you know, I’m getting
blocked everywhere. And I think it’s because
of that girl, Maggie. She wants to bring him
and keep him away from me, something like that. – How long was Brendan with Maggie? – Five years, I think a little bit longer. – [Travis] Did you guys
date, go on double dates and stuff together?
– Oh hell no. She did not like me. She would like, throw shade about like, “Why you gotta go rock climbing with him?” – She was jealous of your relationship? – Yeah, and I don’t know why. – [Travis] Do you know if
they’re still together? – I don’t know. I try not to get emotional all the time. – [Rachel] It’s okay. – Ugh, this is like freaking crazy. Like, she took my best friend. I was in a dark hole, depressed. Like, I feel like nobody had my back, nobody was there for me but him. And then like now, my
go to friend is gone. – So you’re convinced
that this is all Maggie? – [Resee] Yeah. – And you have no
thought in your mind that it could be anything to
do with you and Brendan? – Mm-mm. – In the four years since
you’ve been ghosted, have you guys had any interactions at all? – He’s sent me like a
request like four months ago on my Instagram. – Did you accept it? – No.
– No? (laughs) – Why not?
– Look, this is the problem. What I did was sent a request
back instead of accepting it. – Does he accept your request? – No, I can’t get no
communication with him. – Resee, I gotta ask: are
you in love with Brendan? – Yes. I’ll say yeah, I’m in love with him. I’m ready to admit, tell the truth, and apologize if I made him
uncomfortable in any way. I want a broship, friendship. I want that back. As long as we have that friendship back, that’s all that matters. – [Travis] Okay, so, let’s
get this timeline straight. Right around November 2014,
you and Brendan become friends. A year later, November 2015, Brendan moves to San Francisco, you took him to the
airport, and he ghosted you. Then, after four years of zero contact, in April 2019, you get a social
media request from Brendan. – Yeah. – Well, you’ve given us a lot to go on. We need to extract the dynamic– – [Rachel] Of the relationship. – So who do you suggest
that we reach out to first? – Kadijah.
(hip hop music) My cousin. She worked with us. I call her K-Girl. She knows all about my
friendship with Brendan. His ex, before Maggie.
– What’s her name? – Her name is Rachel. She might still be in touch with Brendan. – Do you have any contact info for Maggie? – [Resee] Hell no, I don’t
even know her last name. – Nothing?
– Social media, nothing? – Mm-mm.
– Okay. – We got a lot to get into.
– Yup. – So we’re gonna do our due diligence and we’ll let you know what we hear. – Oh my gosh, thank you guys so much. – Of course man.
– Oh, my god. ♪ You know I’m known to
start a conversation ♪ – [Travis] It’s crazy to me
that he’s so convinced that Brendan’s girlfriend stole him away. – Maybe it’s a possibility. Here’s the thing, if they were as close as he says they were, he says
he never came out to Brendan. Do you think Brendan already knew? – I wanna know how vocal he was about his attraction to Brendan. – The question is, did he run away because he was uncomfortable? – We don’t know who Brendan is yet. We don’t know his background. He could have like, put up a wall, acted like everything was okay, was like, “I’m about to move anyways.” – Yeah.
– “When I’m gone, ghost.” First thing’s first, I
want to follow Brendan. Boom.
– Okay. – [Travis] So we friend
request and DM Brendan, and decide to call him too. Yo, Brendan, this is Travis and Rachel. Then we left a message for Kadijah. – Hey Kadijah, my name is
Rachel and I got my boy Travis with me and we’re doing a show with MTV about ghosting. We’re trying to help out your boy Resee. – [Travis] And one for Rachel, too. – Hey Rachel, what’s up? Please call us back as soon
as you get this message, thanks so much, bye. Hopefully somebody’s gotta contact us. – Okay, so, as personable as Resee is, there is a pattern that I noticed. It’s always Maggie’s fault. It’s never anything to do with him. – That’s a red flag. I do feel like the more we keep digging, we’re going to find out that
there’s more to the story. ♪ Runnin’ these streets ♪ – [Rachel] We’re in Aurora,
Illinois helping Resee track down Brendan who
ghosted him four years ago. Resee told us that even though
he’s in love with Brendan, he just wants his friend back. Resee is convinced Maggie stole him away, so we’re hooking up
with his cousin Kadijah, who worked with them, who
might know more than what Resee is letting on.
– Awesome. ♪ Give it to me ♪ – [Rachel] I wonder how close
Kadijah and Brendan were. – She was the fly on the wall in their work environment. What we need to get from
her is how did Resee interact with Brendan, how did
Brendan interact with Resee? – Yeah.
– All right. I think the train station
is up here on our left. (hip hop music) She’s right over there.
– Oh, there. Kadijah. – [Kadijah] Hi. – What’s up?
– Hi, how are you guys? – K-Girl.
(laughing) – How are you?
– You can tell him to stop. – It’s fine.
– Good to meet you. – [Kadijah] You, too. – We know you gotta get to Chicago today so we don’t wanna take
up too much of your time, but we’re trying to get
some insight on what the relationship, or friendship, was like between Brendan and Resee. He says they were close.
– They were. – He says that he opened up a lot to him in ways that he’s never
opened up to a friend before. – Resee and Brendan were always together. They were really close best friends. – Inseparable?
– Yeah. Best friends, for real. – Did Brendan ever mention being uncomfortable around Resee? – Resee was really flamboyant. Like, he was, it’s Resee, you know? – But that never bothered Brendan? – Um, okay, well there was this one time– – Okay.
– In the break room. Me and Brendan were
sitting at the table eating and when Resee was
coming towards the table, he did like one of these. No eye contact with Brendan–
– But just, just– – And then sat like it was
normal, but, it wasn’t. – [Rachel] And how did Brendan respond? – His face was, I will never
forget how his face looked. It was like awkward. – Did you talk about it with Resee? – No, like, a few weeks
later, Brendan changed shifts. A few weeks.
– Whoa, whoa, whoa. – He changed shifts?
– Yeah. And then after he changed
shifts, he just left. – And he never told you
why he was putting in his two weeks?
– No. You know, this is a conservative town, so, he probably wasn’t that comfortable. He wouldn’t think that
Resee would overstep that boundary with him. – Is this your train?
– Yeah. – Is there anything
else you could think of? – No.
– Or maybe your theory as to why Brendan would leave? – Well I can’t think of
anything else other than that. – All right, well, train’s here. Thank you so much for your time. – No, thank you guys for coming out. You guys have a good day.
– Appreciate it. – Seriously, if you
think of anything else, please let us know.
– I sure will. – Thank you.
– Thank you, K-Girl! – One of our theories is
shining brighter than the other. (phone ringing) Wait a minute.
– Let’s take it outside. – Wait a minute. Hello? – Hi Rachel. As our message said, we’re doing a show and it’s about ghosting. Your name came up. Do you think we could meet up with you? – [Rachel] Great, thank you so much. Where are you? Because we’re in Aurora. ♪ When adding all the
work, this is simple math ♪ ♪ Not an easy road so you
gotta train for that ♪ – All right. ♪ There’s so many choices ♪ (hip hop music) – [Rachel] She wants us
to meet her at the bridge. – Oh, there she is.
– Okay. – [Travis] Hi, Rachel. – Hey.
– Hi. Thank you so much for
agreeing to meet with us. – [Rachel] No problem. – We made it no secret as to why we wanted to meet up with you. Resee reached out to us. Do you know Resee? – Um, I know he was friends
with one of my exes, you know, Brendan. We ended up breaking up, so. – Why’d you guys break up? – He kind of got stolen out from under me, I guess you could say. – And when you say stolen, I assume that’s from this girl, Maggie?
– Yup. I haven’t talked to Brendan in probably four or five years. The only seeing that I do when I kind of creep on him on Instagram, but he was just a super gentleman, you know? Like in high school, he was a
classic jock and everything. He was just a nice guy,
so that’s why everyone wanted to be around him. He had a ton of friends. – Would it surprise you to know that he’s still with Maggie? – No, absolutely not.
– No? – I can’t imagine her ever going and doing anything without him. – So once you guys broke up,
did he ghost you as well? Like, did he just cut
off all communication? – Basically. We were all in the same town,
but no one would see Brendan, so we didn’t know where he
was or what he was doing, and then out of nowhere,
they’re just in San Francisco, and then they’re engaged. – They’re engaged?
– Oh, they’re engaged? – Yeah.
(dramatic music) (hip hop music) – [Travis] Would it
surprise you to know that he’s still with Maggie? – No, absolutely not.
– No? – We were all in the same town
but no one would see Brendan, so we didn’t know where he
was or what he was doing, and then out of nowhere,
they’re just in San Francisco, and then they’re engaged. – They’re engaged?
– Oh, they’re engaged? You haven’t talked to Brendan, but you know he’s in San Francisco? How?
– Yeah. I used to follow him on Instagram, and you know, once I saw
the engagement picture, I was like, “No, I don’t
wanna see any of that.” So I just unfollowed him. – Did he cut other people off? – It was all of our friends. He was the best person until
someone else influenced him. – [Host Rachel] Do you
know anybody that still talks to Brendan? – I really wouldn’t know, honestly. I kind of creep on Maggie
just to see if he’s okay. Like, I still care about him. – What’s Maggie’s last name? – Maggie (bleep), yeah.
– Okay, now I have something. – [Rachel] It’s sad. We were best friends. – Here she is. When we met up with Resee,
we said in a perfect world, at the end of the day, for Resee, what happens with Brendan? He says, “I just want my friend back.” Do you see that happening with Brendan as long as Maggie is still in the picture? – No. If it’s taking up Maggie
time with Brendan, then it’s just not gonna happen. I think she’s just really possessive. Any time Brendan was around me, everything was cool until
she started, you know, putting her claws in. – So you feel like he’s
the one that got away? – Basically, yeah. You know, if you see
Brendan, say hi to him for me ’cause it’s been a long
time and I miss him. – [Travis] Rachel, thank you
so much for meeting with us. – Yeah, of course.
– I really appreciate it. – [Rachel] Yeah, no problem. – I knew you wouldn’t let us down. – No.
– From one Rachel to another. – Tell him I said hi, don’t forget. – We won’t. – [Rachel] See you guys. (Rachel squeals) – Rachel just put everything
in perspective for me. – Yeah.
– And, right now, I feel for Resee. I’m like, I get it. Resee and Rachel are in
the exact same position, someone they loved and deeply cared about got taken from them. – It just really seems like Maggie just wanted him all to herself so she took him as far away as possible
so she could just have complete control over him.
– I mean, look, now. So here’s her page. Maggie (bleep). “Infinitely inspired.” Look it, here is her and Brendan. – Okay, he’s in a relationship
with Maggie in San Francisco. She has a website. – She does, that’s for her art. Sunday she has an art
show in San Francisco. – [Rachel] That’s good. – If we go to San
Francisco, this is the first place we’re going. – Oh no, that’s exactly where we’re going. And we know where we can find Brendan. He’ll probably be there
like mopping the floors– – Attached to the hip. – Oh no, he’ll be mopping the floors, wiping things down. – Should we message her?
– Oh you can message her. Should we just play
the angle of we’re just gonna come to your art show, we’re interested in your art. – I’ll be like, “Hey Maggie, it’s Travis. “Saw you had an art show. “I’m doing a show with
MTV and my friend Rachel. “We’d love to stop by and chat.” – So we’re going to San Francisco? – Well, we gotta call Resee. We should do that in the car.
(hip hop music) – Yo, Resee, it’s Travis and Rachel. We found out a little bit of news and we are wondering
if you were available, we could meet up with you in person. (hip hop music) (knocking) – [Resee] Hey, how are you? – We are great. It’s been a long couple of days, Resee. – Yeah, yes it has. – We follow requested Brendan,
we sent him a message. As of right now, he has
not accepted our request, he has not read the message. – [Rachel] We talked to Kadijah. – The one thing that she did
mention was you guys all three were in a break room. I guess you walked by Brendan, you set your arm on his shoulder and kind of like squeezed it and he made a face, and then she said shortly
after that, he changed shifts. – She did say that it all
happened pretty quickly. Like there was that
incident in the break room. – [Travis] It’s like a chain reaction. – Brendan changed his shift,
and then shortly after, he put his two weeks in. Do you remember that? – I don’t remember that at all, but I’m a very touchy person. – Whatever it was, it
caused a big reaction to be stuck in Kadijah’s mind. So then we met with Rachel. She doesn’t talk to
Brendan anymore, however, she did share your same
sentiment about Maggie. – Rachel told us she was
able to still follow Brendan until she unfollowed him
because he posted a picture of Maggie with an engagement ring. – Ooh, Lord, have mercy. – We don’t know if they’re still engaged. (Resee sobbing) ♪ I’ve been shed and
gone, but I’m on feet ♪ – I don’t even know how to feel right now. ♪ But I said my peace ♪ ♪ You can make it up but ♪
My heart is broken. – [Rachel] Hey, I’m sorry. – [Travis] I wanna show
you Maggie’s Instagram, and I just wanna see
if you notice anything. – She has a pop up show
that’s in San Francisco. – And do you think if she had an art show, Brendan, by default, would be there? – Yeah. Oh my gosh. – If you’re down to go to San Francisco, we’re down to go to San Francisco. – Like, we gotta go. There is a big possibility you will come face to face with Brendan. – Do you still think you
would speak your truth? – Yeah. At least I’ll be free. – So, are you ready to
go track down your ghost? – I’m ready. – Well we’ll see you in the morning, man. (exhales) – Thank you guys.
– Bye. ♪ Hey ♪ – [Travis] Peace out Illinois. – [Rachel] San Francisco, here we come. ♪ You about to get burned ♪ ♪ Welcome to the game,
welcome to the game ♪ – You guys ready?
– We are so ready. – I’m ready now. – [Travis] We let Maggie know
we are coming to her art show and she was totally okay with it. But of course, we did not tell her that we are bringing Resee. – [Rachel] ow does the saying go? Prepared for the worst,
but praying for the best. ♪ They always try to test me ♪ – [Travis] You ready to do this? – [Resee] I’m nervous as hell right now. ♪ But I-I-I don’t let it stress me ♪ – It’s beautiful right?
– Yeah. (pop music) – You think Maggie knows that it’s you who has called us?
– No. – I think what I gotta do, I should go in. – Yeah.
– Kind of like feel it out. What should I expect? – She’ll hate y’all. – So I’m gonna work on Resee back here. – Yeah, you prep Resee.
– Uh, you go work on Maggie. – I’ma pray for you. – Oh thank you. Wish me luck. – [Resee] He gonna need
all the prayer he can get. – [Travis] Maggie? – Hi.
– Hey. How are you? I’m Travis.
– Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. How are you?
– I’m good. What is this all about? – I’m with my friend
Rachel, and we’re doing a show about ghosting. – I don’t think I’ve
ghosted anyone, but… (Travis laughs) – We started off in your
hometown, Aurora, Illinois, and we have someone that we brought to San Francisco with us. – Don’t let Maggie steal your shine, don’t let Maggie’s negative attitude, as you’ve described about
her, like, get in the way. – So if it’s okay with
you, I wanna call Rachel, and we can see if they’re ready and then we can just bring the two of them inside. – Okay. – [Rachel] Hey, Trav. – [Travis] Yo, come inside. – Okay, here we come. Are you ready? – Yeah, I think so. – Okay, let’s go.
– Let’s go. (hip hop music) – Oh, my god. – Hi. – What are you doing here?
(dramatic music) (hip hop music) Oh my god.
(laughs) – Hi.
– Hi. – What are you doing here? – I came to ask you a question, well, several questions, actually. So hopefully we can have
an adult conversation. – This is literally crazy. Why are you here right now? – Okay, let’s get this out the way. Why do you have this attitude
towards me all the time? I’m just so confused. – You’re so disrespectful to me. You’re just like, intense
and crazy, and like, you’re literally always trying to weasel your way into our relationship. Like, squirm your way in. I don’t know, it was
just like, so intense. The way that you affected Brendan. – Affected? – I know you guys were friends, but like, he would come home after being with you, just like so upset and uncomfortable and I’d just seen that and
this is like my partner. – It’s been four years,
I haven’t even seen my goddamn friends. – Exactly, I’m like, it’s been four years. I don’t understand why
you’re here right now, like– – My friend is missing, I
don’t know where he’s at. – You’re literally obsessed with Brendan. – Obsessed? That’s my friend. Where he at? – Go find, I don’t have
anything to do with that. If he wants to talk to you, then he will. – Everyone take a deep breath. – Why don’t you ask questions? – Do you know why he ghosted me? – I have no idea. That’s something for you to ask him. – That’s my friend, and you know that. Do you not know what the
(bleep) I’ve been through for the last four years?
– No, I don’t even care. This is crazy.
– I do care. – I have to set up right and like– – I do care.
– One at a time. – I think that if you
could give him the courtesy of hearing out why he’s here. – So, Resee, without getting
overly emotional and combative. – Like, you took my best friend, my bro. Like, that’s gone. – I didn’t take him anywhere. I moved out here, it was his
decision to come with me. He’s a grown man and he
makes his own decisions. – Did you ever give him an ultimatum? – No, of course not, but
it was like a great little cherry on top to move away from Resee, I’m not gonna lie. I mean, me and Brendan have been together, or were together, for so long. – You said were together. Are you guys still together? – No, we’re not anymore.
(dramatic music) We broke up like four months ago. – Oh my god.
– Four months ago? – [Maggie] Yeah. – [Rachel] Can I ask why? – Well, yeah, I actually
met somebody else. We’re still really good friends though. – Okay.
– We’ll always be friends. – Good. Is he coming to the art show today? – No. I really have to get back to work, but– – No, we understand you have a show. Well thank you.
– Thank you Maggie. – Thank you, yeah, take care. ♪ All is fair in love and war ♪ ♪ Doing the things we’ve not done before ♪ – You said that she was
the reason that he left. It sounds like he left
on his own free will. ♪ All is fair in love and war ♪ Oh, Resee.
– You okay? – Resee, you still haven’t
heard Brendan’s side yet. (sobbing) I know sometimes when you’re
searching for answers, you don’t always get the
answers that you want. – You’re one step closer
to figuring out what it is. You know that it’s not Maggie. It’s not this girl that
pulled your best friend away. – Like, you’re right. He had four months to
like reconnect with me. – There’s still another
piece to this puzzle. – It’s Brendan. – Let’s head home, or to
the hotel, I should say. (electronic pop music) (phone pings) Ooh. Hold on, that’s Brendan. Brendan just texted me. – No.
– I’m not kidding. He said, “Maggie just texted
me and told me Resee is here. “Okay, I’ll meet with you. “Just tell me when and where.” Okay.
– Uh… – Oh (bleep).
– Okay. See how quickly stuff can turn here? – God must be on my side today. – That’s huge, Resee. ♪ All bets are off now ♪ ♪ I’ve been feeling so lost now ♪ ♪ I just can’t seem to
get you out of my mind ♪ – All right, we’re here. – You thought today was a big day? Tomorrow’s gonna be even bigger. – I don’t even know. ♪ I just can’t seem to
get you out my mind ♪ ♪ What you see ♪ ♪ Is not ♪ – I think that Resee was so fixated on it was Maggie’s fault, it was Maggie’s fault, and now it’s kind of coming
to fruition that no, this is something that Brendan decided on his own. – Oh, okay.
– Okay. – Resee. (tense music) – Yo, if this fool left, I swear to God. – If Resee is gone, this
is something I didn’t even think about.
(dramatic music) – Oh, (bleep). – [Travis] I’m gonna go up there. I’ll go (bleep) knock on the door. – Yeah, come on, come on, come on. – [Travis] What room’s he in? – [Woman] 545. – 545. (dramatic music) (knocking) – [Travis] Resee. – [Rachel] Resee, it’s Rachel and Travis. (knocking) (dramatic music)
– Resee. It’s Rachel and Travis. (knocking) – What’s up?
– What’s up? We were waiting for you. – [Resee] This is just too much. – Why? – I aint gettin’ no sleep. Like, I’ve been thinking
about this all day long, like, I’m sorry, like I know
I brought y’all out here to help me, but like, I’ve been in denial, I’m not gonna lie. What Maggie had said, it
just really put a toll on me. – What are you in denial about? – ‘Cause I was wrong. Like, when she was
pointing out the fact he’s grown as hell and like,
he could have messaged me and they wasn’t even together. That’s like, that even hurt me even more. – Don’t you feel like
after what Maggie said, you still have questions for Brendan? You didn’t come this far to go home. – [Travis] You’re about
to cross the finish line. – [Rachel] Like, what are you afraid of? Are you afraid of what he has to say? – Yeah. – But what’s the worst that can happen? – Him not even wanting to be my friend. – You don’t have a relationship right now, so the worst case scenario,
if he doesn’t wanna be your friend, you at least get closure. – If you leave today
and you don’t even make an attempt, I swear you will regret it. – You good to go? – [Rachel] All right. – [Travis] Let’s do it. ♪ I’m struggling to make means end, but ♪ ♪ I know I’ll do this by myself ♪ (electronic pop music) – All right. No turning back now. ♪ Pressure ♪ ♪ I know, I know ♪ I think we’re here. All right, Resee. ♪ I know, I know ♪ – [Rachel] Ready? – [Resee] No. You guys go have fun.
– Come on. Now or never dude. Take a deep breath. (inhaling) (exhaling) – Okay. (hip hop music) – [Travis] So, this is where
we’re gonna have you sit. – You got this. This is what you called us for. This is what you’ve been waiting four years for, remember that. – Lord have mercy.
(hip hop music) – Okay. Resee, can you hear us?
– Yeah. – Okay.
– Travis. (laughing)
– Is that a cry for help? – [Resee] Yeah. (exhales) (dramatic music) – How are you guys?
– Good, I’m Travis. – Brendan.
– Nice to meet you. – Hi Brendan.
– Hi. – I’m Rachel, very nice to meet you. – You too. – [Travis] So uh, we’re
gonna bring you inside. – [Brendan] Okay. – Let’s do it. (dramatic music) – [Travis] All right guys,
we brought you both to the studio to hear each other out, and you’ll both get a chance
to speak uninterrupted. – [Rachel] You guys can
hash it out, and at the end, you’ll have to decide whether
you wanna make-up, or ghost. – [Travis] Resee, you’ll go first. – Well we need to first start off with like thank you for
actually like showing up. You have no idea what I’ve been through for the last four years. You were like everything to me. You were like the only
person that I could go to and then you just left. So I went to go see Maggie and had to get answers from her, of all people. And then to hear that you
guys are not together. It’s been four months. You know you sent me
a request on Instagram and then I sent you a message. I didn’t get no response. Nothing. Like, you just brought
me all the way back, out of like, going out of depression. Like, I was out of depression and then you put me right back in there.
(dramatic music) I know it’s been four
years, it sounds crazy, but, I am in love with you.
(dramatic music) (Resee sighs) I am bisexual. I have not told anybody. I couldn’t even share it with you. This is like one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life. We we supposed to be best
friends, like, I’m confused. Did I make you uncomfortable? Did you not like how my attitude was? Did you go to San Francisco
to get away from me? – Yeah.
(dramatic music) – That just put a whole freakin’ bullet in my chest right now. Like, why? I need to know why you ghosted me. – I’m sorry that you feel this way and I’m sorry that you feel
that I wasn’t there for you when you were going through this time. I do miss our friendship,
but I’ve been going through my own stuff
and it’s been difficult. Even like Maggie, like
Maggie’s a big part of the reason why I’m even here today. She’s told me, like I have to
just come and hear you out. The real reason that I
ghosted you is because… (dramatic music) (dramatic pop music) The real reason that I
ghosted you is because… I’m gay.
(dramatic music) It’s been really hard
to find myself and, um, I thought me and Maggie were
gonna be together forever, but, I’m starting to
realize who I really am. I was scared back then. I didn’t know how to feel. – Well we come from a
conservative town, so. – [Travis] Brendan, you
said earlier that you left Illinois because of Resee. Why did you say that? – I could feel that he
had feelings for me and I didn’t know how to react to you having feelings to me at the time. I was just very confused. I felt like getting away from you would’ve given me and Maggie a better relationship. I did love you too. When you said goodbye
to me at the airport and we hugged, I just knew, I just knew that there was something there
but I just didn’t wanna, I just didn’t know how
I guess, I didn’t know. – Like, you know we could’ve
been through this together? We’re supposed to be best friends. – I moved to a new city. I only have Maggie, and
yeah, we did break up four months ago. Imagine how hard that was for me, after I moved here
across the whole country with someone who I felt
was the love of my life, you know what I mean? What really did you want? – A friendship. – I did reach out to you four months ago, I sent you a friend request and when I saw you message me, I just didn’t know how to respond at the time. And I wish I could’ve
been there for you, but, I’m here now.
(dramatic music) – [Travis] Guys, we’re all
here because Brendan decided to ghost Resee four years ago. Will you decide to make up, or ghost? – Please send a final text now. (tapping)
(dramatic mnusic) (pinging)
(dramatic music) Okay, Reese, what did you decide? – I would love to have, like,
a relationship with you, so I’ve decided make-up.
(dramatic music) – Brendan, what did you decide? – I’ve decided to make-up as well. Just seeing you again just
brings all my feelings back and I’m excited to see what the future has. ♪ Oh, hey oh, hey oh ♪ (laughing) – Aww, you guys! – [Resee] Okay, fine. (laughing) – [Rachel] You guys! – Group hug.
– Group hug, group hug. – Can we get out of here?
– Yeah, okay. – [Travis] All right,
let’s give Resee a call. – Resee!
– Yo! – What’s up dude? – I stayed a week and a half. (gasps)
– You did? – In San Francisco? ♪ This feels like a good day ♪ – Is it still just best friends? – Woo, yeah, Resee! (laughs) (laughs) – What’s important is
you got your friend back. – Yes. – All right Resee. Well, it’s good to see you man. – Bye.
– Bye. (laughs) All right, let’s call Brendan.
– Brendan. – [Travis] Brendan. – [Travis] So we just got
off the phone with Resee. – [Travis] Do you think
you’ll ever ghost again? – All right Brendan.
– All right. Great to talk to you.
– Peace out man. – Bye.
– Bye. Job well down. I feel good.
– I do too. On to the next one, right? Hopefully they’re all as
good as Brendan and Resee. (sobbing) – [Travis] Have you ever been ghosted? – The texts weren’t going through. – [Travis] Totally left in the dark by someone you care about? – He was my best friend.
– No texts. – I called him, I left voice messages. – [Travis] No DMs. – All of a sudden I was blocked. – [Travis] Nothing. ♪ I watched you vanish ♪ ♪ Into thin air ♪ This season on Ghosted. – [Rachel] We’re traveling
the country looking for love gone missing. – I cannot move on. – I’m Travis Mills.
– And I’m Rachel Lindsay. – You ready for us to
track down your ghost? – We’ll investigate the
clues and follow every lead to track down the ghost. Who’s McKenna? – Found her. – You found her really quickly. – That’s what I do.
(laughing) – Are you surprised that
Dell has ghosted Julia? – No. Revenge is sweet. – Karma is a bitch. – She done change her
number, she done moved, she done did everything. – Do you remember me at all? – [Travis] But every ghost has a story and it’s our job to get them to tell it. – My friend is missing, I
don’t know where he’s at. – [Travis] We will bring
them face to face to reveal the shocking reason why they were ghosted. – We just wanna know if you’re open to sitting down with him. Are you ready to meet your ghost? – I’m ready. Nervous, but ready. – You’re gonna get a
chance to say everything that you’ve been wanting
to say for the last year. – I just couldn’t face you.
– No Destiny, please. – I’ve been in your
life how long? (sobbing) – The real reason that I
ghosted you is because… (sobbing)
(dramatic music) – Just give him one second. (sobbing)

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