MUST HAVE TOOL For Fish Breeders and Hobbyist

MUST HAVE TOOL For Fish Breeders and Hobbyist

How’s it going everyone. I’m raising three different guppy strains in
12 outdoor tropical tubs. I leave these tubs outside all year since
it stays warm 365 days of the year. It’s a pretty simple process. I don’t have any filtrations systems, lights,
or gravel. These guppies grow extremely well in these
tubs. 10 to 20 percent water changes once a week is enough to
keep these guppies healthy. It’s a fun hobby for me. It’s very satisfying to see the guppies breed,
give birth, and see the fry grow up into beautiful colorful mature adults. In this video, I’ll show you something that
I recently purchased that really saves me alot of time, raising and breeding these guppies. Here it is. Since the guppies don’t get big, this small
net is perfect. It’s very easy to catch one guppy at a time
with this net. Because it’s keeps it shape and it’s really
small. These are juvenile male dumbo mosaic guppies. Before purchasing that small white net, I
used to use this larger blue net. It’s really difficult and time consuming to
catch a guppy with this net. For this case here, I’m going to try to catch
that guppy right there. But there’s so many guppies in there, I just
have to slowly and slowly try and catch this guppy by itself in this net. And, finally, there it is. Now I’m going to use this small net. I’m going to try and catch that guppy right
there. As you can see it was really easy. That was an easy one to catch. And, let me try for another one. I’m going to catch that one right there. Let’s see how this works out. I’m going to go in. Slowly, and there it is. That was really easy. I also use this small net to sort out my guppies
by males and females. These are juvenile dumbo mosaic guppies. And, that was a female I just caught. That was pretty easy. I’m going to try to catch that other large
female there. That was pretty easy also. It goes by pretty fast. Now I’m going to try catch that male guppy. And, there it is. I’m finishing up sorting the dumbo mosaic
guppies. And, after finishing, now I have all of these
dumbo Santa Claus guppies to sort. This is going to take me awhile, and I hope
you enjoyed this video, and thanks for watching.

86 thoughts on “MUST HAVE TOOL For Fish Breeders and Hobbyist

  1. 😍 live guppies used to have a 20 gallon long full of them & breed for me but moved & haven't gotten in the hobby since no space.

  2. Yes small little nets are very good for catching specific fish .. they are also very good for catching fry out of tanks to move them to grow out aquariums.

  3. ….!!!!!! Титров не было на русском!!!!!
    Гуппята просто суппер!!!!
    Океан….удочки….осталось только забросить!!!!!
    Когда на рыбалку!!!!????

  4. OMG! I wish I could have dumbos like these or atleast close to these beautiful guppies ❤️
    Thank you again for this video

  5. Thank you very much for the information just wondering is there any chance that in the future say a year from now you possibly might consider shipping Guppies love to have some of your Dumbo's don't even care what color, guppy betta lover Illinois

  6. nice video,i like and subscribe your channel , if you like planted tanks with snails, shrimps or frogs look at my vids to chill,nice greetings from germany-;: ;:–:;;

  7. I went to aquarium co op yesterday in Edmonds and got a few guppies from them and drove home 4 hours they did great in the car also saw their huge famous puffer cool lil store

  8. I honestly cannot stop watching your videos and I absolutely LOVE your guppy strain, I’m currently in high school right now and I’m really interested in guppies, would you consider selling some to me? Even if you sold some of the lesser looking ones to me I wouldn’t really care because they’re all very beautiful compared to other dumbo guppies I’ve seen and I’d just love to be able to raise some of these gorgeous fish myself!

  9. Love your videos and would like to purchase some guppies from you when available. I live on Oahu too. How can I contact you?

  10. That's a nice net. I have a small net too, not as good as yours though. I should get it out of where it's stored and use it again.

  11. That's a good and useful small net ! I'm interested in getting one . is this the proper response to this video ? hope so.

  12. I AM from India and IAM also using your ideas to raise dumbo Mosaic and redtail platinum guppies outdoor but got a problem what to do in winter when here is lot of cold for my guppies

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