Must watch Singapore turtle eating (feeding) peacock eel

70 thoughts on “Must watch Singapore turtle eating (feeding) peacock eel

  1. Cool vid. These retards thing that its animal cruetly. There frickin turtles they are carnivores the proper term for the people like +Deion Ross is "Dumbfck"

  2. wow. people are bitching over the "poor eel" when really people should be pointing out the fact that a turtle is not going to live very long in that aquarium. it literally has everything that a turtle aquarium shouldn't have.

    1. sand and/or gravel

    2. large fish that could easily harm the turtle (or the other way around)

    3. way too deep water

    4. and from what i can see, no basking dock.

  3. whoa!!! this tank is fucking horrible! so many incompatible species in the same tank! i really hope you're out the hobby.

  4. Wait so basically some guy feeds a dead eel to his carnivores fishes, then a bunch of assholes who don't have the average human IQ, start complaining like assholes despite the fact that they barely know what's going on.
    PS: turtles are carnivores they eat meat you can't give him salad… idiots…

  5. See the stock. It's like a show aquarium we see infront of a shop no shit is given to any fish. Definately not a hobbyist but just someone who wants a Tank and some fish. Fishes dies new fish but good business for exotic fish seller.

  6. Anita turtle can live with fish peasefully.. I have heard about turtle eat all fish in aquarium? This is true

  7. Good aquarium i must say cuz u aint put any louhan cuz if u did thenn idk about your fish is still alive…

  8. Wow. Here is yet another example of a small turtle in a tank getting his dinner

  9. Snack fish fire mouth parrot Oscar angel sb ek sath rkhoge to ese he hoga agla number ab angle ka hai Marne ka

  10. I hope that turtle doesn’t live in that tank full time. If so you really should have some type of floating platform or large rock it can rest on (above water) so it’s not constantly having to tread water. Also I’m pretty sure that’s not a Singapore turtle lol

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