MY 10 BEST Magnet Fishing Finds To Date

If your new to my channel and you havent subscribed already, subscribe so you get notifications of all my latest videos just found this bike dumped in the river brand new bike a brand new bike correra kraken hardly any rust on it what do you think it is? parking machine? i dont think its a grenade like last time The ammount we are finding is crazy been here about 5 minutes 1, 2, 3, 4 5 6 7 its still cocked wow thats amazing wonder why its still cocked something big in the water keeps falling off what is in this water come on im getting bubbles wow WHAT! O M G ! omg WOW SO THIS IS WHERE I FOUND THE CROSSBOW AND IVE JUST FOUND THIS THAT IS A KNIFE GOT A GOOD BITE ON THIS ONE feels the same weight as the man hole cover ive just found O M G O M G Found an UZI that is heavy i wonder if its real? Im going to have to hand this in to the police No magazine on it found the magazine to the UZI and a knife found the magazine as well

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