my 55 g fish tank

my 55 g fish tank

hi i just want to show you my 55 gallon fish tank fresh water and just for the beginners who’s out there to figuring out how to start it it’s really not that hard the bigger the tank you got that the less work you got to do to it and I have this tank four five six years now and it’s really not a lot to it as you can see I have a lot of guppies in there and actually because of all the vegetation on the bottom of it I have a newborn’s like every day you can see the smaller ones in there and I don’t put no breeder tanks or nothing else just they just bread in there I started off with like maybe 10 of them you can see how many i got now and I didn’t do like I didn’t bread it on purpose they just they live breeders the filter i got is uh I have a canister filter i bought it for $35 works really nice I really do like it you can see right there it is I believe it’s sunbeam no san sun filter it’s the cheapest canister filter you can find on the ebay with forty dollars and if you want to subscribe or to my channel I will be making more videos and see how my light is one of them was broken it’s not it’s not the same light that one’s original and this one is it’s all broken and i will make a video and i want to make a hood out here for the put the four feet lights in there and in the back i actually do have one more whisper filter where there and i will make a video after how to make your own filters like this see it dirty needs cleaning but i will show you how to make that filter yourself that way it’s a lot cheaper than if you were to buy it so you want to subscribe and I’ll see you next time

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  1. I have a few questions What type plants do you have in the tank ? Also what substrate do you use ? And do you use co2 in this tank ?

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