My best Aquascaping Contest result ever! Final update 60x50x40cm IAPLC 2019 Aquarium

My best Aquascaping Contest result ever! Final update 60x50x40cm IAPLC 2019 Aquarium

Hey guys, welcome to another video here
on my channel. Yeah we’re here and talking about my big 60 aquarium. And
this is gonna be kind of the last update on this aquarium. Mainly because I
want to rescape it. It’s been running for almost a year now.
And it’s just about time. And it’s also time to talk about the IAPLC result of
this aquarium. So if you have watched the introduction to season 2 video, I kind of
teased it already. So in this video I’m gonna open my IAPLC letter and reveal
my rank kind of officially. I’ve been spoiled before. And yeah guys I would
like also to talk about some sort of balance in between you know the amount
of work required to maintain an aquarium. And the results you can achieve. And how
important it is to have your aquarium in perfect balance. And this aquarium is a
perfect example for exactly this. So let’s get into it. Okay guys first things first, I just want
to get it done and open my IAPLC letter. Here it is. Hopefully it’s the right one.
I have one from last year not opened yet. No, last year I did it. Probably from the
year before. Anyway it will be fun if that’s the
wrong letter or the wrong envelope. And for some reason I’ve been keeping the
letters. I wanted to film it and I never got to it. But because you get to see the
results online you will find out your rank even without opening a letter. So
hopefully that’s the right one from 2019. Uuhh looking inside, pretending I don’t
know my rank. Just in case you don’t know my rank yet, pause the video now go down
and comment. Write it down below your best guess and keep watching find out if
you’ve been right. We don’t need this one. Here we go right to the letter.
Yeah it is the 2019 letter. And here is rank 126. And top 127 are known as the fine works. I guess it’s the dark, the black pages. So that’s definitley an
achievement. And that’s my best rank ever in the IAPLC contest! The best one I
had before was like 218 or 230. And I’ve been dreaming of getting into the top
200. It was like my big goal. And I would have never thought especially with this
tank to get into the top 127. This tank has been running now for almost a year.
Pretty long for my standards actually. And yeah it’s it’s been a backup for
IAPLC. Originally I wanted to introduce the 120 that I have over there. But it
took me way too much time to glue the rocks. It’s still kind of empty
now. Just some rocks inside. You will get to see it in the future videos how I
finalize it. So eventually I will get there to enter in the IAPLC 2020 contest.
So this one was backup. I did a picture, it wasn’t perfect at this time. The stems
were actually overgrown. But you know for me IAPLC it’s not about the
result itself. Of course it’s nice to achieve a nice result but in the end
it’s about just taking part. And when you take part in a contest you kind of
evolve. You know you you kind of work harder, you looking into how to take
pictures, how to improve. You just take stuff more serious. You also get
connected with other people. You make new friendships and I think in general it’s
just a great way to network. And yeah just have more fun in the hobby! And yeah
if you are thinking about you know entering the contest, there is also those
awarding ceremony. It’s not just from the IAPLC but also you know the European the
American contest. And those kind of get-together events with all the
participants. They’re just amazing! You know, so many like-minded people, that’s
just mind-blowing. Let’s get into detail on this tank. I’m
gonna talk you through like how the tank is looking right now. And at the end of
the video I would like to talk about the balance. How the balance has worked out
from me on this tank. So Right now this tank is
slightly overgrown and that’s basically due to the way I’ve been treating this
tank. I don’t like doing maintenance on a tank every other day. I´m more of
the lazy guy. And yeah I have no problem to say this on camera. So for me the
tanks they have to be easy maintained. And what that means: the state you can
see right now, it is exactly like one week after the last maintenance of this
aquarium. One week ago I cleaned the glass, I did the water change and I trimmed
just some of the Pinnatifida because it’s becoming really massive. And growing
all over the place with its runners. I love this wild and bushy look of the
Pinnatifida. But it can be also very overwhelming for the layout itself. On
the final picture that I’ve submitted to the IAPLC contest I had just
small Staurogyne Repens on the left and right. And I have added like a little
like streets of the cuttings of the Staurogyne Repens to the foreground. Just to
create more tension to kind of underline the flow of the tank with this vertical
wood that is in the background. And yeah those Crypts that are on the left and
right, they’re basically just filler material because after I did the final
picture of the tank, it wasn’t long time after did a maintenance. The water was
quite low and if you guys have followed me on Instagram, I had a massive plant
melting. So I figured out the reason for this was, I did a big water change and I
have added the minerals for the RO water while the water was still very low.
So what happened: the salt probably when it kind of dissolved in water was still
a little bit aggressive. Also a sudden change in TDS has caused the plant
melting. And usually I have done it. It was: I will do my water change, I would
refill the tank and just thereafter I would add the minerals. Usually if you
have like 50% water column still in the tank it’s no problem to add the minerals
and then refil RO. But I did a big water change and it
was just too little water too many minerals. So this problems caused the
melting. And I had gaps and I just planted whatever I had around. Happened
to be this Crypt. So just to fill in the empty gaps. And yeah it has recovered
quite well. Since than it has grown massively. And on the foreground you can see as
well I kind of cleaned out the Monte carlo that has overgrown the
Marsilea Crenata. And now you cannot see the Crenata anymore again because the
Monte Carlo has overcovered it again. And yeah the back is very much overgrown
with stems. I really love the bushy look of the Rotala Macrandra. It’s just so
lush and nice. The Rotala H´Ra in combination with Rotala Green. Just
the strong contrast between the green and the reds. I really love it. And I
have a new addition to this tank. It’s in the back. It’s the brand-new Rotala
Vietnam from Tropica. It is in the limited range. So I don’t know, maybe one
day it will hopefully make it into the standard range. It looks kind of similar
to Rotala Wallichii. It spreads out, becomes really bushy on its own. And is
just I feel like more of an easy plant while Rotala Wallichii is really an
advanced plant in my opinion. We have little Anubias Coin Leave.
It’s also now in the limited range of Tropica. I received it ahead of time for
testing. It’s just the tiniest and smallest Anubia on the market. I really
love it! It’s I don’t know for me competing with one of the really small
Bucephalandra species. Some of them I have here as well. They were a
little gift from Adam Paszczela from a trip to Poland and the Mini Fissidens. If you
guys remember from the kind of interview with it on the 60p aquarium where Adam
has damaged the hardscape a little bit. So that’s the moss and some Anubias from
this tank. And the livestock has also changed a little bit over time. So now I
have some dwarf live breeders added to the tank. They were rare. I saw them in
the shop. I wanted to have them. But what is really exciting the black
Dario Tiger, they started breeding on their own. So I have baby black Tiger
fish all over the place going on. And it’s something that’s holding me back
from tearing this tank down. And guys I don’t know I would love this tank to
maybe keep it running but I really need the new tank! I want to do a new scape
to show your new content. So I’m literally considering selling this tank.
The entire system as it is. Of course this needs to be picked up in person. If
you live nearby just reach out if you’re interested in it. If not it will be a
pity and I will have to tear it down but I will take care of the livestock and
try to catch all the baby fish. Finally as I have announced earlier the balance
of this aquarium. I literally have done so little
maintenance on this tank. And you know guys a lot of people they aim for the
high-end look but they don’t want to do the maintenance is required for the
high-end look. I know many aquascapers out there, they have wet hands every day.
You know they’re working on the tank. Trimming every leaf off that doesn’t
look perfect and replanting and doing stuff. And scrubbing the glass and doing
a water change two or three times a week. I try to find the balance where the tank
kind of you know 20% effort 80% results. You know this kind of ratio.
I use the Tropica specialized. It’s kind of all-in-one fertilizer in here. I can
give a little bit. Haven’t dosed any ferts to this tank in one week time
since the last maintenance. And yeah everything is kind of perfect balance in
here. No algae. The plants are not perfect by any means. But it’s healthy,
it’s looking good. It’s just a joy to look at this tank. Every morning I’m
having breakfast nearby so that’s what I’m looking in the morning. And when I’m enjoying my coffee. So guys here we are. End of the video. I hope you appreciated the last update in
this aquarium one more time. And let me know in the comment section what I
should do in this tank in the next scape. Hit the like button, subscribe,
smash the subscribe button if you haven´t done so yet. And I gonna see you in the
next one.

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