My Reply to “Blood test session with Dave Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof Coffee, in 2016”

My Reply to “Blood test session with Dave Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof Coffee,  in 2016”

Nick Delgado here I’m streaming to you
live from my office in Costa Mesa California about a breaking story that I
think you need to hear about regarding Dave Asprey of bulletproof coffee and
you’re gonna see an actual video where we examine his blood with a high-powered
microscope and the colas Tech lipid profile and you’ll see the truth about
whether keto diets are safe or not let’s jump right into the show and take a look
here let me just pull it up on the screen here and so this is basically the
most ripped 62 year old physician I’ve ever met in fact the most rip 60 row guy
I’ve ever met he’s been doing all sorts of live blood cell work where you look
at live blood to see what’s happening a lot of medicine is looking at dead stuff
to try and figure what happened it’s like looking at it’s like looking at
smoke to see what happened in the fire but maybe I just look at the fire I’ve
been looking at blood for 40 years in fact he’s been trained about some of the
top guys in Germany who invented the field of dark field microscopy President
Eisenhower he Tana Lagarde the physicians of the President Eisenhower
discovered dry oxidative stress testing the live blood goes back over 100 years
because 100 years blood hematology right so I used textbook type training and
then I integrate that with some of the latest discoveries about oxidative
stress now everyone’s talking about free radical damage and antioxidants and free
radical damage right it shows when you look at Nicky’s been paying attention to
free radicals in the mitochondria for a little while these doesn’t look or act
or have the strength of your typical 60 something your old guy this is what
happens when you start biohacking when you’re 30 or 40 or 20 that you get
the major benefits that happen later in life so you feel better right away but
then as you age like you basically can kick all your friends asses if you want
to not that you would say your friends and all that stuff but you basically
they’re like what are you doing when you look so good it what is it fair that
you’re not fat and I’m fat I’m tired and I have diabetes and all that well you
start early and you do the stuff that works the best and you get the data what
we’re gonna do here Scenic’s put on some gloves here is he’s going to stick my
finger we’re gonna get some blood we’re gonna look
we’re gonna do an oxidative stress test now you might notice I’m a little bit
very useful we have dramatic crappy lighting here but I drank four glasses
of really nice biodynamic French wine from 2003 last night which is more wine
than I’ve had in one night then in like 10 years
I’m a little puffy you can see it right here like there’s a little bit more like
in my face so I’m less wrinkled than I should be
so I’m guessing my oxygen else will be higher we’re gonna find out what
happened okay so Dave Asprey himself is giving a drop of blood to me so we can
look at his actual blood and by having it streamed on his Facebook page
I certainly have an implied consent to talk about it but I think you need to
understand because he’s often advocating the benefits of keto diet and the
ability to consume large amounts of fat in fact arguably he advocates 50% of the
calories come from fat he calls him good fats I don’t call him good fats because
he’s including what I call processed fats because in nature you would never
find coconut oil separated from its coconut meat you have to process it just
like you have to process the use of coffee from the leaves you have to
process these things so what he’s advocating using butter and coconut oil
which he claims is rich in MCT oils and somehow it has some beneficial effect
the reality is that’s not a good thing we’re gonna see the reality of what
happens under a high-powered microscope and also backed up by what’s called a
CLIA waived Cola stack machine meaning that it’s so accurate that is it is
licensed around the country to perform the test which we are doing here at the
Las Vegas Convention back in 2016 where he was a guest speaker the very next day
by then Dave Astri was getting a lot of publicity because of his bulletproof and
his advertising and marketing and large investors that put a lot of money into
him and everyone wanted to hear that a typical high fat high protein diet which
is representative of what most Americans consume that you can even go to a higher
extreme even more fat and supposedly be healthy
and benefit from that type of approach you’re gonna find that’s far from the
truth let’s continue and I think you check your blood sugar level on a fairly
regular basis yeah so my blood sugar is usually R and if it’s fasting on 87 yeah
which is what you want it to be in my clue COEs tolerance is very good and okay so he says his glucose is at a good
level his insulin sensitivity is as good as it gets he doesn’t say what the level
would would be and the thing that you have to understand is he emphasizes the
word fasting but I want you to look up what’s called post perennial meaning
getting your lab work done after eating particularly an hour two or three hours
after eating because that kind of catches you in the real world most
people do not walk around fasting they they just they just don’t most people
are not on a fasting program day in and day out so my point is that when you
measure blood you start by you reveal more by looking at blood during the
regular day under real conditions and there is evidence to this to show that
medical journals and doctors and scientists in one of my blogs I quoted
this that postprandial that is doing laboratory lipid levels in glucose after
eating is much more accurate and reveals the real world and correlates much more
so to heart attacks strokes and diabetes and hypertension than fasting test
because really think about it fasting is artificial you’re going without eating
for 12 hours in other words after dinner you don’t eat anything in the morning
just water and you get your blood test well mostly anyone can pass that test
and the reason we encourage people to do fasting blood tests is because for years
individuals have eaten so much fat that doctors kept saying well I don’t know
what’s going on but you have too much fat your blood come back after fasting
and let’s check you again they only did it because most Americans would never
pass that test yet cultures around the world where they have the longest life
the cleanest blood the healthiest level including myself we check our blood
after eating just as you can see I eating a bowl of whole fresh vegetables
mixed in with oil-free dressing really tasty whole natural food so let’s go
back to this discussion again and let’s see what we were gonna find from the
shocking findings of this lab result I said how to become diabetic in six hours
I have a famous video that actually if you type in is olive oil healthy it’s
about a forty eight minute video on our YouTube channel here and it’ll shock you
which you find out because it is not like he implied you heard him say
coca-cola sugar although it is toxic and not good for you in excess it directly
just like glucose IVs does not generally elevate triglycerides near as much as
direct oils whether it be MCT coconut oil or olive oil or any other kind of
vegetable oil or fats particularly from cheese or meat it is very very toxic so
let’s let’s dispel each myth as he brings them up and then backtrack saying
as you notice he set the stage hey I drink four glasses of wine I never drink
four glasses of wine in a night look how puffy I look he’s trying to explain he
always looks that way I see him whenever I see him he looks the same inflamed and
puffy but let’s let’s go further so we’re starting to move away from
fasting tests and now looking a lot more postprandial happy matters does that
yeah that the clinical studies all correlate with heart disease diabetes
based on how people’s real lifestyle fasting isn’t a real lifestyle it’s not
how we walk around all day long not generally you know so what postprandial
means is that the postprandial blood sugar spikes is right after you eat
there we go we’ve got some blood coming out here
but what that means is that basically you’ve got I’m basically you’ve got a
short spike in blood sugar that happens just about 20 minutes after you eat it’s
maybe 15 minutes what time line do you like after you eat yeah there’s a little
spike I think your your biggest changes actually occur within two to four hours
actually yeah I I look I look six and I look tan in 12 hours after okay
particularly with triglycerides and glucose with triglycerides but there’s a
very strong spike so I’m so to 140 or even 180 that only lasts for a few
minutes that probably causes a lot of aging so this is why you might want to
eat sent him in with with something sweet okay so he’s saying that blood
sugar will spike to 140 to 170 within minutes after eating I guess he’s saying
which isn’t quite the case it will if you have a blood stream loaded with oils
and fats like he typically eats then if you ate something with say sugar in it
and so forth it will spike higher because your insulin sensitivity is
lower it’s fat that desensitize the insulin not sugar itself certainly if
you’re eating a candy bar that has both sugar and fat that’s the worst but the
point is that he’s barking up the wrong tree that the reality is we need to
check blood two hours after eating for hours and even six hours as I mentioned
because that’s when you find the truth about what’s going on not 12 hours after
a long fast but within hours of eating not even within minutes and although
I’ve measured probably more people’s blood in the world I don’t know if
anyone who’s done tens of thousands of tests over the last forty years using a
high-powered microscope and using the blood lipid profiles to measure people
instantly and so I’ve measured people all the way from Tony Robbins to very
famous people to athletes and I’ve seen things that would shock you and I even
published a paper on it on six hundred ninety seven people that I monitored
after ten days of eating a whole oil-free plant-based diet and the
results were amazingly good so let’s go back to
this-this-this seen here in the segment and let’s see what what transpires or
chromium or something to keep the blood sugar down okay so he’s saying that
chromium a van de Ville sulfate that you need to have something if you take in
sweets to kind of calm down or minimize the spike of blood sugar and to a degree
that’s true but that’s not the real issue the real issue is you shouldn’t be
eating processed foods to begin with but let’s let’s take a look here as we
continue because I’ve got his blood I put it in the coal stack machine now I’m
using a coverslip and to get his blood on the microphone
or look at the bloody nose it’s gonna be on the screen so I can show people I’m
gonna put live face contrast oxidative stress on this screen and then the big
screen I’m going to put the free radical damage
oxidative test so cool for the dry blood I noticed that that’s very cool
lots of turmeric and I take my pen case recommending to bulletproof collars for
a long time breaks up thrown bin when I was 29 I hey I think by the way I think
it’s a good idea to use tumeric we use it in a product called live detox I
think it is really beneficial from an anti-inflammatory standpoint from
detoxification and now he’s talking about his own history of having well
here in a moment but extremely thick blood and using enzymes I think enzymes
are fine too but let’s listen in was diagnosed a very high risk of stroke and
heart attack because within 10 seconds I had full coagulation in my blood so I’m
in a very different place than I used to be heady so he’s saying that he was at
high risk for a stroke because he had excessive clotting tendencies and that
certainly may be true I’m not sure at what stage he was in terms of the food
he was eating at that time if he was on a standard Western diet
some people have genetic tendencies that put them at greater risk I fully agree
and appreciate that but I know my situation it wasn’t genetic I was eating
massive amounts of meat cheese eggs and dairy product and you’re gonna hear what
happened to me from following a typical Western diet above and beyond
more like Aikido or Paleo diet because I thought it was just important to avoid
sugar like everyone teaches and so forth but let’s listen and I was avoiding
dairy product but eating massive amounts of
eggs and meat and cheese and things like that well cheese is obviously a dairy
product but I was eating that at the time since I could tolerate better than
regular milk it was you know fermented but let’s go on he’s 23 I had a 22 I had
a TI a a transient ischemic attacks my first small stroke and I had
hypertension during all of high school on blood pressure medications so it was
after that I made dramatic changes I realized you want to be a biohacker it’s
easy just be old in your 20s that’s what happened to me I’d arthritis I was obese
that tastes like pre tighten pre-diabetes all that crap you’re like
okay I got to do something about this everyone else waits until they’re like
45 and it sucks so okay so so Dave brings up a good point that both he and
I had a serious concern in our 20s of having risk factors that put it at great
likelihood that we would have a stroke or heart attack and very likely take our
life in my case I understood clearly because I was able to acquire the
information reading the book live longer now with Nathan Pritikin and following
that program in meeting with Pritikin six months later and working with him in
Dave Astra’s case he somehow did go plant-based as I understand in his
history and it helped but then he said he had some other issues probably food
compatibility issues that could have been detected but let’s take a look and
see what he has to say so what you guys can do is just watch this and I’ll
answer questions if I can hey Marge what’s up and just basically see what my
blood looks like and then you can actually find probably in your town dark
field microscopy and live blood analysis is a little hard to find it particularly
by someone who’s trained well I have a sample physicians that I’ve trained many
years so we have an approved list that will post that yeah yeah so dr. James
Lorentz and Michigan does blood morphology along with the lipid testing
the the way I taught him and dr. Mitchell Gann is familiar with I’m not
sure if he’s actually doing the live blood analysis in his offices dr. Tara
Grossman at one point was doing the test became very enamored he’s the doctor to
Google dr. Kerry Terry Grossman in Denver area but you know some of the
doctors have not embraced the study not that they don’t believe in it dr. Ron
cloths who is the president of American Academy anti-aging medicine believes in
it very to the point where he thinks every doctor’s office should have this
kind of testing so we do have an online course that we provide now and I did
teach a course in Orlando in 2012 that was CME credit am a approved which which
was really well received but here let’s go further yeah and then just so you
guys know I just walked it I know of Nick he knows of me so we ran into each
other on the show floor I’m like hey let’s do a Facebook live get some of my
blood so there’s no commercial interest here this is just this is just me being
a biohacker and curious and sharing it with you guys because I think you like
it hey David yeah so so thank you Dave for giving me recommendations and he
knew about me and one of the leading anti-aging educators and doctors as I’m
not an MD I’m a PhD but I do find that looking around the world at the
literature you know that we can really make a big difference in people and
helping with publications and articles and just just kind of sharing the truth
so let’s go further with what dave has to say this is Detroit got to get you
some activated charcoal there in your water filtration system in fact well
Detroit so I was talking about that I don’t care where you live your water is
probably crap I have great water from a well I still have a baby
block charcoal filter and a membrane filter because you have no idea who’s
gonna pee in your well when you’re not looking or who’s gonna spray glyphosate
on the land area or whatever else out look at your blood right here all right
this is your live red blood cells these are some triglycerides you mentioned you
might have eaten something heavier out of the norm finger I drank a bunch of
wine last night okay so he mentions he drank a bunch of wine last night you can
actually see on the screen if you can see this cursor in the background these
are the red blood cells but in the background because I’m up close I can
see massive amounts of fatty particles in his blood called chylomicrons and
those chylomicrons are the way in which we transport essentially fatty particles
and food but they’re a conglomerate particularly from excessive oils and
fats because if you ate a oil-free complex carbohydrate plant-based protein
diet and did not overeat your background of your blood would would spike a little
bit but nowhere near as high as as Dave’s he’s blaming on the wine I would
like to show you a challenge where my blood is really clean
pretty much morning and night whether I’m fasting or not fasting and I’ll go
ahead and take his challenge and drink four glasses of wine check my blood
every hour for the next like six hours if you want me to do that study not that
I drink wine I don’t essentially ever drink alcohol except once in a great
while maybe a half a glass or something he goes on to say that he drinking four
glasses that night is like something he would have hardly ever done in the whole
year so you know I I do appreciate him trying to explain the situation but the
explanation is his keto diet that’s why there’s so much fat circulating in his
blood and the lipid levels that we’re gonna reveal to you is rather shocking
but I’m gonna jump the gun a little bit and just tell you that his measurable
fat levels of total lipids came up rather high so let’s go ahead and watch
the show and I think you’re gonna find this even even more impressive and by
the way these are white blood in the background he seems to have an
over activity of a particular type of eosinophils that show up under food
compatibility issues and delayed food allergies often seen in people eating a
lot of animal product but let’s go on okay here’s your white blood cell here focus like I’m going to turn the camera
around guys so that you can see that this is like a cool site which sometimes
shows up when there’s delayed food allergies okay so you see a really good
close-up here the fatty particles in the background moving because of Brownian
movement not not because they’re moving of their own volition Brownian movement
comes from molecules so small they hit the smaller particles and move them
around here in the middle you see an amazing white blood cell that we all
have in our bodies of the immune system and you can see it it’s almost like a
pseudo pod movement moving along looking for viruses and bacteria and protecting
us as it should but if we see too many of those white cells or should only be
one white cell per say four or five-hundred red cells but I saw one or
two per se 50 red blood cells that that would bear additional testing food
compatibility which could solve Dave’s inflammatory problem not by going to
this extreme high-fat diet high protein diet and avoiding all complex
carbohydrates that doesn’t make sense because you need fiber you need complex
carbohydrates but but let’s let’s let’s go a little bit further because I think
the story will become quite clear as you find out that is triglycerides actually
measured 208 which is not terribly high in the middle of day but it’s higher
somewhere over to 250 the blood starts to clump quite a bit more but it’s kind
of the beginning level I know they were serving butter at his at his booth and I
certainly wouldn’t take a big slab of butter to thinking it’s healthy for you
I mean it just doesn’t make sense but go ahead let’s watch for
a lipid profile and over here on the and we’re gonna scan real quick for any
heavy modes check this out see that black ring yeah I’m gonna take you over
to that other booth we’re gonna measure 14 different metals and see if there’s
any kind of exposure of mercury okay so we’re picking up okay so he said his
mercury slightly high some of his heavy metals were high this is not I want to
emphasize a definitive test under dry blood as it’s drying to detect heavy
metals it is a proposed theory that we’re working to validate particularly
when we do see those big black rings we often will go ahead and follow up with a
proper heavy metal test from both hair analysis blood and urine by all three
samples oftentimes most experts including dr. crocheted will admit that
sometimes heavy metals can detect escape detection under one type of sample but
if you do all three oftentimes you find this in children on the spectrum you
find this in individuals with heavy metal toxicity particularly if they work
in an industry where they’re exposed to a lot of metals or if they eat a lot of
fish like Tony Robbins recently who was eating a lot of big game fish it caused
him a big serious problem of heavy heavy mercury but let’s get back to the point
because we want to see the whole idea of oxidative stress and corals was 550
curls in one hour by Stuart Berle from the UK and April 2010 I picked up 50
pounds in front of three judges and the film crew and I did 1038 curls in one
hour you kicked his ass I doubled the world record the Guinness World Records
and so this is basically the most ripped 62 year old physician I’ve ever met
okay so let me jump ahead here it picked up the beginning of the show so give me
a moment here okay we got that give me a second sorry okay there are certain things you have
to do to allow you to be able to do the test we do this Cola stick because
that’s what’s called CLIA waived that this will allow us to do the test and
then this has only supposed to be a screening otherwise it’s high complexity
is very hard to register yeah question from Daniel Vaughn
about taking activated charcoal every day I manufactured the I take it every
day I think it’s a great idea as long as you’re taking it away from food or
supplements or okay so the beauty of this test is instant we can see what’s
going on and you can change your protocol your diet your exercise your
supplements and you can see within hours if not days changes so you can really
when you’re talking about biohacking you can really zero in and know how to
fine-tune just just to the perfect level a nice where’s your glucose your
triglycerides you know where you out with what are these pointy little
bastards right here okay these are red cells that are sticking a little bit to
the slide and when they get coated with some of the triglycerides they get a
little bit of stickiness and they’ll stick to each other so you want to get
that blood viscosity right where you wanted to be and dialed in so those guys
are generally pretty well okay okay so he’s saying his triglycerides are
generally pretty low and yet we measured him out at 208 which I’ll put it at
moderately elevated not terribly high but certainly not a level that walking
around throughout the whole day you know into the morning by morning of course it
would clear in most cases but someone following one of these extremely high
fat keto diets is gonna have better levels when they fast and worse levels
in the middle of day when they’re eating the opposite is true of someone on a
plant-based oil-free diet these individuals will have their best levels
throughout the day actually because you’re getting glucose your body doesn’t
have to release free fatty acids into the bloodstream and upon fasting the
levels may be slightly higher for triglycerides because fasting is an hour
official state and the body perceives the lack of food to want to quickly try
and release fat in the blood to make up for lack of calories we know this from
starvation studies we know this past fasting more than a day or two the
triglycerides actually start to go up we know this in people who get a fever the
body has a primitive way of releasing fats in the blood when it it perceives
that your body has to kind of stay in the cave and heal so let’s let’s go
further here and see what the next section I will find this quite
interesting I have some thoughts about were there out right now but here let’s
first take a look at the obvious sushi with rice for lunch okay see how that’s
a little bit oval can you see how that’s different than the round white so four
people in facebook there okay I’ve been seeing some very strange amoeboid like
flagella bacteria that swim in schools and I was just talking with dr. Stephen
Fry who’s published a paper about that he said this this is a really rare thing
there is ringing so someone grabbed it so Dave was saying that he had eaten
sushi he was also saying that there there’s some kind of amoeboid bacterial
microbe he was exposed to this microbe he said came from Arizona that there was
some tainted water or food I didn’t quite follow exactly the origin of that
but let’s go further to to again understand what’s going on in Dave’s
blood this is very very revealing so that being said he said there there’s
some very dangerous microbes out there that’s either waterborne or foodborne so
it tells you really have to be careful your filtration systems amiibos
something for jealous and I picked up actually in Phoenix
where there’s a problem with water shortage so they keep recirculating the
water and it’s usually something you get like one person no travelers get it but
it trust me the trash might got pretty bad okay so your cholesterol is 258 HDL
27 triglyceride 208 I was figuring in the 267 if I invite you your blood and
send it okay so he first mentioned about the recycling the water in Phoenix
causing exposure to me Boyd type organism and that he had to take
antibiotics okay so that’s a different issue but when I actually gave him the
readings and he started questioning the results of the machine well a coal stack
is what’s called CLIA waived extremely accurate if you drew blood from a person
I’m about to say this send it off to Questor LabCorp one of the big labs they
would come up with in in my experience five points or so of the readings that’s
why this particular colas tech machine is so accurate we choose to use it but I
go on to say his cholesterol of a listen is a whopping 258 he even goes on to say
that he tends to have a cholesterol of between 220 and 260 which shows he’s
walking around like a time bomb very high risk to have a heart attack or
stroke younger than your ears his LDL
cholesterol in this case is 199 I go on to explained Dave that his HDL the good
cholesterol is too low at 27 particularly in relationship to his high
LDL bad cholesterol and his ratio is nine point two I think it is your ratio
should be under 3.0 terribly terribly high his non each deal is 231 so that
means the VLDL portion that is particularly when triglycerides are
higher you’re gonna see a higher level and his glucose level was okay at 87
just a matter of time before his glucose level would go up if he continues to
sustain that way of eating and living so let’s go a little bit further here it
off Clea waived the cassettes are calibrated that’s gonna be pretty close
the 258th does this doesn’t bother me I go between 220 and
260 but the HDL is shockingly low side LDL of 1 189 that’s also pretty off oh
so there could be just the wine effects cuz in effect and in the middle of day
eating because you’re normally doing a fasting and I’m doing postprandial so we
got a there you go nany til 231 total cholesterol – II still racial 9.6
glucose 87 so ok so his ratio is actually 9.6 which is even worse than I
said and he said he had a giant sushi lunch ok so what was in the sushi a lot
of fish he might blame the rice that was in it
but you know does he have trouble following his own diet I mean I’m not
quite clear why he mentioned that a giant sushi lunch that that’s what he
ate is is that on a keto diet ok maybe he just adds the the raw fish it’s
hard to say he didn’t elaborate on that but what I’m concerned about is is
highly elevated his levels are and one of my lectures I did recently one of the
participants who has a ten in my talks before said Dave astrally publicly
stated recently that he has excellent lab levels well he already went on to
say that his cholesterol routinely is between 220 and 260 that’s not excellent
that’s where most people have heart attacks and strokes so what does he mean
by excellent get Dave to show his current lab work then it’s been two
years maybe I’ll see him again and catch up and let’s corner him and and look at
his blood under microscope look at mine look at the lipid levels have a lab draw
our blood send it off that same day as I did my blood test yesterday I’ll be
happy to share my lab results let’s let’s see what his are I would bake I
would beg the point that his levels are probably dangerously high as they tend
to be based on this test it’s been two years since but if his diets still the
same I can tell you he’s a serious risk and you should take his advice if this
is what’s going on in Dave’s blood so let’s take a look further ok so let’s
take a look now to finish part of the component
pause for a second here and you guys know that I truly don’t count
cholesterol as a particularly meaningful thing I look at inflammation markers I
don’t say I’m relatively inflamed right now – which isn’t a good thing okay
so first he discounts the tests after he questioned the results and I was able to
explain to him these results are very accurate but then he admitted his
cholesterol tends to run to 20 to 60 now he’s saying hey if you follow me you
know I only look at inflammation I don’t look at cholesterol levels because
they’re unimportant really unimportant all the studies
leading up throughout all of science has shown they’re absolutely relevant
Cleveland Clinic and other large published studies by dr. Barnes on
10,000 autopsy reports correlated directly the higher cholesterol level
the higher the incidence of heart attack and stroke and on autopsy that was
confirmed and in the countries at a plant-based Whole Foods diet their
cholesterol levels were clean and absolutely immaculate at the time of
death they died of either old age or just you know an accident or whatever it
was but he’s blaming inflammation on most all these chronic diseases is
inflammation really the cause of all these chronic diseases and so let’s
let’s go further in here what what Dave has to say in his explanation of his
poor laboratory results and I think dr. Joel Khan the cardiologist who debated
Dave Asprey recently in a google talk I say recently about a year ago would find
this video very interesting because it shows the truth of what Dave’s lab
levels actually are and not just him telling everyone how healthy is so let’s
let’s take a look and go further but I know just from lots of blood lab tests
what my normal ranges are here and it’s it’s pretty interesting so what we’re
gonna learn some more and it could okay so he says Dave says he knows what his
normal lab levels are it’s pretty interesting clearly he’s aware fasting
or maybe he’s not is not the gold standard when you’re trying to compare
people who are at greater risk for heart attack and stroke postprandial is truly
a more accurate way to measure you know I I’m here in my office Studios
with all my books and textbooks and I can just show you you know study after
study in my research research library laboratory and and library as well so if
you’re following this you can get one of my earlier books grow young and slim and
I reference this and my newest cookbook simply healthy cookbook I think it’ll
give you a lot more information to go about but let’s go back to Dave’s actual
results see the long haul influences left a little bit of Candida seriously
white patches candida fungus okay so he’s saying he I pointed out that he has
Candida in the blood under the high-powered microscope and then he
admits he’s on antibiotics Wow people are really overdoing the use of
antibiotics but he I think made the point that he got exposed to some amoeba
in in Phoenix Arizona and he’s been trying to recover from that but man
antibiotics rip up your gut health they really do they’re really really
hard on people particularly if you take them routinely as many people and here
is in the health industry why is he taking antibiotics well he says he got
exposed to water that was bad and recycled okay well then maybe if he knew
that he would carry his own fresh water with him and drink it or at least
cold-pressed juices and that would have been safer but let’s go further let’s
see what Dave has yes got it okay so if so he mentions later
Nizoral and some of the the Candida fighting
medications to fight fungus and I don’t deny that some people have depressed
immune systems they tend to have more of the candida fungus he would probably say
that you know comes from fruit as some people claim you know fruit is healthy
whole fruits and vegetables beans and peas are all good certainly sugar is not
good for Candida and Candida will feed off of it but let’s let’s again go go to
the rest of them it was me I would use some caprylic acid to knock this out
okay yeah it’s a coconut derivative okay so I mentioned caprylic acid in capsule
form I didn’t say or a dry form is a good use
he says he has it and his octane fuel caprylic acid because it’s a coconut
derivative I don’t think you should use an oil to try and knock out Candida and
if it did work how come he has so much Candida so it’s a little bit of
contradictory so let’s again go to what he says it works really well so let’s
take a look further what do you think about prescription I found this nice roll and so forth or I try and work
around them you mean have you people with chronic I mean if you can find
elegant way to clear it you know so I mentioned the the prescription
antifungals that it’s best to work around and build up your immune system
in a healthy natural way I have some more comments about that we use a very
special product called a green odmg which has been very helpful in helping
to combat fungal forms but there are at times I will say that some people need a
prescription and it should be short term use if they do use it and so let’s let’s
take a look for so I’m seeing some oval shaped cells so you know I’m gonna want
to look at you know again a little bit more of an absorbable beat so guys this
is how much you should know about your own okay so I don’t know why do there
there was a jump cut there Dave was mentioning that he has the genetic snip
that doesn’t allow him to use the some of the methylate errs 5-methyl
tetrahydrofolate which is very helpful in getting good shaped cells he shows
some ovale sites it’s called miss shaped cells it shows poor absorption of
certain of the B vitamins particularly methyl cobalamin and 5-methyl
tetrahydrofolate which you can get also from fall seen from a lot of green leafy
vegetables that he clearly doesn’t eat enough of and also the fact that when he
drank alcohol like he admitted drinking four glasses the night before you know
I’ll call itself depletes the storages of B vitamins and so that’s not a
healthy thing as well so let’s go further
biochemistry if you want to live a really long time you got to know what
vitamins work for you so here we’ve got well I tend to agree with what he’s
saying you have to know what vitamins work for you and be personalized do
proper laboratory tests and evaluations symptom evaluation and we have a
wellness questionnaire at our website if you just simply go to life performance
dot store forward slash form you’ll come across some very extensive
questionnaires and information that will help you I’m sure guide you but in the
interim let’s let’s go further see what what Dave has to say
now I could give them a perspective what we’re looking at we had the drop of
blood not covered by the coverslip you know and these are the individual
same red blood cells that was at over 3,000 magnification okay so I did want
to mention that we finished his live blood analysis some people refer to it
is blood hematology evaluation the shape the quality of the cells and for sure
the lipid levels for his HDL LDL non-hd LVL deal and ratio and glucose and
cholesterol but now we’re doing what I consider to be an experimental study of
oxidative stress to measure what’s called free radical damage the are back
up studies that were trying to perform now to cross-reference with lipid
peroxidation Genova lab and there’s a breath analysis
you can do that measures free radical damage an oxidative stress
there certainly are other indicators as well but it’s a simple easy test and I
describe it so I I want in this segment for you to kind of get a little sense
about it and particularly people exercise a lot tend to have better look
of fruit less free radical damage and healthier looking blood but let’s go
this is at about a 400 magnification and all I’m doing is looking for patterns so
the patterns that I’m looking for are what is the level of oxidative stress
and free radical damage so when I see a little bit of hypercalcemia right here
see that little Street yeah take a look at at that that little bit of look so I
would be looking at the pituitary as well and making sure that we have an
optimum level maybe some protein peptides would help points without some
live and you know would be really cool famous
all famous all is a protein peptide to knock out yeah to knock out some of
Candida and some of the fun okay so to backtrack for a moment I wanted you to
see where I was showing the what’s called hypercalcemia and in the blood
here just take a look again I want you to see this they’re they’re like level
of oxidative stress and free radical damage so when I see a little bit of
hyper calcium’s right here see that little Street yeah take a look at at
that that little bit of look so I would be looking at the pituitary as well and
making sure that we have an optimum level maybe some protein peptides which
helps with a balance of live and you know it’d be really cool if I’m
assault famous all is a protein peptide to knock out yeah to knock out some of
Candida and some of the fungal forms that were say yes so I mentioned thigh
muscle which is a peptide it’s interesting he mentioned you could
barely hear but something about he I thought he said he has some kind of a
pituitary issue and so let’s go further what his summary is so guys one of the
things that you probably don’t know is that there are documented studies
showing that exposure to environmental toxic mold you know I did the document
on that actually trigger an autoimmune response to specific parts of the
pituitary gland which I probably have although that’s very hard to diagnose
but all of my downstream hormones have been dysregulated and ivory regulated
them which has been a work of progress over the last ten years
lots of detail here but hey I’m just gonna share with you cuz it’s cool ok no
stress okay so he did confirm there was some kind of a burr to eteri issue he
claims that he was able to deal over a 10-year period with his dysregulation
and he wasn’t very specific about how he went about it and I’m not gonna pry into
his medical records and information but he’s sharing openly which is really good
I have to commend Dave Asprey for coming on a livestream quite unexpected and
airing this but I don’t think he realized I would show it at a later time
and I hope he forgives me and wants to come forth and and prove his program to
be effective or not based on current levels cuz from to over two years ago it
didn’t look good at all he his dry blood his live blood analysis his lipid
profile did not look good and it needs attention and in two years if he hasn’t
made improvements or changes towards a proper food compatibility testing whole
food eating certainly he advocates exercise but he also talks about a bio
hack where you can exercise just a few minutes a day or a few minutes a week
something like that I I’m not sure what his current philosophy is about exercise
but we can go further here it’s these medium-sized holes so your
body may not be producing at this time enough cortisol so it’s
more on adrenaline and then the tiny little holes are usually an allergy
response and that’s why I’ve seen a high white cell count so there could have
been something you ate that was incompatible recently okay
certainly as a 300-pound obese kind of unwell guy if you can tell me how to
turn all of them off it’s I’m halfway down from I used to be yeah I use a
dimethyl glycine for the liver and ashwagandha and then I use adrenal
cortex okay I put together pollak adrenal dmg and I think I use it a few
times my adrenal pretty much every adrenal on
the on the plant okay so it’s kind of cool we were
talking about adrenal function and dysregulation and I mentioned a product
that we have made available to the public adrenal dmg for the last more
than 15 years and he said oh yeah I used that product my product he said that the
product that is from the formulations and the Delgado protocol approach so I
was encouraged to hear that he he and I have some similarities and some
agreements about biohacking about supplementation about bile integral
hormones yet with diet were 180 degrees opposite each other but let’s let’s go
further I mean what do you think of my own replacement I think it’s amazing for
the first year and after that you should be able to work out a way to stabilize
the adrenals where they may not have to depend on it at all or as much it’s been
my experience that takes somewhere between a year to two with Wilson’s
protocol with his adrenals and glandulars and my protocols and we can
usually get the adrenals to function properly and
for facebook listeners Wilson wrote one of the first books about the dreaming
dysfunction every every health acts were you here today talking about adrenals is
basically parroting his work and some of your work dr. Delgado yes yes so he’s
saying that dr. Wilson and his book adrenal fatigue and he mentioned the
work that I do dr. Nick Delgado and parroting our work almost anyone
referring to a cortisol or adrenal dysfunction certainly I want to mention
one of my mentors dr. Terry Hertog who originally enlightened me about adrenal
fatigue and what I was suffering from which I’ve been able to correct over the
years and sustained really amazing good adrenal levels but that included going
coffee free getting quality sleep making sure I eat whole food diet get a lot of
daylight during the day and get it real dark at night these are a number of the
steps that dr. Wilson agrees with and dr. tidal bomb in his sunshine Ackerman
and you should watch that Jacob tidal bomb from Hawaii and how he and I and
dr. Terry Grossman agree about the intervention so we we are somewhat the
pioneers if you will in helping people to restore from adrenal fatigue and
certainly as I mentioned cortisol hydrocortisone the book’s safe uses of
cortisol by William McKinley Jeffries again very important works in science
and research to reduce flus colds build up the immune system very important to
regulate your energy levels to regulate your body weight cortisol is one of the
most important hormones if you don’t know this without which you would die in
minutes if you didn’t produce enough cortisol it’s also the source of when
you don’t produce enough people have addictions to food to drinking alcohol
using prescription or non-prescription drugs so there’s a whole story behind
that we won’t get into at this stage but let’s go further because it’s getting
really interesting and working as a starting point so these are the original
pioneers in the field sure taiking uncovered
a little backdrop there so what we’re looking at is this is healthy blood
healthy blood has little or no oxy of stress or holes in it unhealthy blood
has these big massive white shows all over the place so when you exercise you
want to exercise so intensely that you’re breathing heavily during the
entire hour hour and a half you got to really hit it don’t don’t just stroll in
the park I mean if you’re not able to exercise go
longer distance and you know do do your best but that that intense breathing
usually translates into much healthier looking blood okay well the good thing
is I got all the necessary information here and I’m able to assess where rat
with oxy of stress and I’m gonna like you to look at the hydrogen protocol I’m
gonna introduce you to all right I think that’s gonna help reduce the little bit
of free radical damage that I do see we just did a Facebook live yesterday with
the hydrogen guys so if you’re not subscribed to the YouTube channel or
YouTube sorry to the Facebook join now you can actually click little like like
just notify me later because tomorrow – after my keynote presentation here all
right so hydrogen is something I do use on a regular basis at home okay good and
what your hydrogen protocol the clay I like to use a combination of hydrogen
tablets I drop them into water make sure the waters filled all the way the top
and I put them in a special Bev h2 container because molecular hydrogen
will each write through stainless steel or plastic or metal glass excuse me
and so I drop the tablets in seal it in and wait about five minutes and I just
chug that puppy down all right and I also use molecular hydrogen drops these
like Patrick Flanagan things it’s my I still see it Paul makes them the echo
drops so we use that and lastly I use a device either an echo device or living
water device to produce enough hydrogen in addition okay and yeah so it’s
important to hear that Tyler LeBaron who’s arguably one of the
better read individuals that’s presenting the research out of Japan on
over 500 clinicals he’s now verifying the importance of
molecular hydrogen and the intervention and Dave Astri just started looking at I
was already deeply entrenched in it I was looking at water devices I was
looking at novel ways with tablets to introduce molecular hydrogen the the
latest ones I call the ultimate antioxidant very very effective very
potent and I see that it does seem to play a role in reducing oxidative stress
or free radical damage as I’ve observed under the under the microscope let’s go
a little bit for this you if you’re listening you never heard of this it
turns out that your your body uses nitric oxide which might heard of like
the juice and all that but hydrogen is kind of the next nitric oxide where
we’re just discovering it really matters as a signaling molecule for quenching
free radicals and it doesn’t on selected bases it’s kind of cool so you know here
more for me about that this year and everyone else probably health field this
year okay so he mentions the nitric oxide coming from beets I have a beet
vitality product I was working and learning with Nathan Brian and I had a
product in the early days that had nitric oxide producing capabilities but
now he’s saying Dave is and I agree that molecular hydrogen all the health
experts are gonna be talking more and more about it because it’s proving to
have quite a bit of efficacy molecular hydrogen plays a big role in reducing
inflammation and oxidative stress and free radical damage which I’ve been
studying for a better part of 40 years so it’s interesting that Dave Asprey is
catching up to on the science mmit some of the things that we’re talking about
here this is kind of my favorite segment of it now that we’ve kind of dispelled
the diet issue we’re talking about essentially what he likes called bio
hacks I talked about the long term and the short term science of what it takes
to be in great health and and sustain a long quality life let’s let’s go further
see what he has to say I think in summary you know the things to do is to
continue to fortify the adrenals make sure
you you balance and maintain good healthy thyroid levels okay so I’m
giving a summary of what not just Dave but people in general should do balance
the adrenals make sure your thyroid levels were healthy levels get not only
a thyroid panel but get a free t3 test that measures the bioactive form of
thyroid very very important so let’s continue on here with the discussion
that I’m summarizing there’s probably about 20 different protein peptides and
hormones that really need to be looked at to get into really optimum state and
doing that together with identifying the delayed food allergy if it was me I
would do in a low test to send it off for 184 foods I do know how cat I’m fine
test for them saij medicals another one I’ve done split samples where I’ve
actually drawn and sent you the same draw to four different labs that work
yeah because then I can see which ones fall in the same range you’re allergic
to all three labs and which ones fall out of the the range
he mentioned cyrex lab I’ll have to look up that and put post my comments in the
show notes I’ve used in comparison sage medical doctor Dan Dan Dennett le
NIH who’s done some review of food compatibility I’ve looked at monarch
program under a microscope evaluation which it takes quite a bit of
sophistication that even dr. Dan Dennett le and missus is a very elegant way to
look although it’s just too time-consuming
Alcatel is another and a lettuce and food inflammatory test those two last
tests are done out of Boston that we currently do at this time now let’s see
what Dave has to say so if I’m allergic to that I know about per gallon
religiously and it makes a huge difference and if you’re listening you
don’t know you alright question from Patricia how do
you find a doctor locally to do all these tests yeah I mean III know who the
best ones are I’ll post some some guys up there for you here this week at Nick
Delgado comm all right and you can find some really good guys that know this
stuff well I was like yes so James Lorentz in Michigan there’s only a few I
can I can really tell you or doing some some good work with this blood
morphology is kind of a unique specialty and I’m encouraging everyone to check
our microscope online course to learn more about it
so let’s go a little further handful so what I’m gonna do now because they’re
just turning the lights out for us is I’m gonna end the podcast answer some
questions for you on here – it’s not even a podcast or anything inside
whatever Facebook live you’ve already seen the background here but there’s my
Delgado there’s his info this is like one of the
leaders in the anti-aging field so thank you perfectly honest so guy who’s work
is pretty he’s pretty famous so what did you guys do so that’s really cool I mean
he said Dave commented that Nick Delgado under the leading experts in the
anti-aging field I I thank you very much for the comment I hope I didn’t come
across too strongly on my assessment of what my observations are but we all have
to seek the truth we have to know you know what information can we trust how
do we go about using this information and what can you do to be your very best
on a day to day basis and short-term and long-term what doctors can you trust and
who’s giving the right advice about diet health and exercise so you know with
something so complex as health there’s so many different theories but that’s
what I’ve dedicated my life to even Dave acknowledged that I’m one of the leaders
in the industry so I’d love to sit down with Dave and educate him a little bit
more I extend my time wherever possible I’m excited to hook up again with dr.
John McDougall he wants me to fly up and visit with him joel fuhrman is another
good friend and I won’t say friend but a good researcher scientist
and you know people like Caldwell Esselstyn the work that he’s done and T
Colin Campbell the plant-based whole food people dr. Ron Rothenberg in his
search for ideal hormonal balance there’s some really great leaders in
this whole area so if you just subscribe to the YouTube channel go to Nick
Delgado com Nick Delgado comm and you can register
for some coming events and also you can click on the YouTube icon and subscribe
so let’s see any last final words from dave to learn this stuff people asking
about thermo Ellen got any thoughts on summer Ellen we’ll take one question
before we go yeah the smaller protein fragments GH r 2g char 6-1 to 134 they
do stimulate the release of your own growth hormone I think they’re good I
think a OD 96 is really effective it’s closer to the strand of 191 so there’s
about 10 different ones that I’m experimenting with and researching I’ve
been looking at this Australians we’re way ahead of us okay and follow us down
that’s an interesting unique peptides so there’s a whole wave of peptides and
selective androgen receptor modulators which I likes arms to it stimulates
release of your own test stops to use them I have I probably tried about
everything out there you and me both my goals to be the ultimate in anti-aging
be the oldest man in history to have sex on it one hundred and thirtieth birthday
and keep going so my goal is 180 plus I think we’ll both MIT I think you can do
130 absolutely and I was said because like the speed of technology change over
the next 20 years is going to give me an Vantage over you alone 30 is not
unreasonable guess your that 62 years old he’s looking at 113 he spent 40
years looking into stuff that is actually legit
that’s not my endpoint that’s when I have sex on that lovely note with one of
the top experts in anti-aging you can count on bulletproof – just take it to
the very baseline there okay I’ll see you later
just make sure you follow on or whatever say notify me of these things you’re
gonna see about two more of these with like top experts because I’m at the show
and I’m giving a talk here so this is just a neat opportunity to learn from
top people in the field Wow guys I hope you enjoyed the show kind of a lot of
insight talk about advanced therapy and research it’s my pleasure to to have
shared this segment with you because anti-aging is here to stay we all want
to learn how to live longer and a better quality life the question is are you
doing what it takes are you following the guidelines you know what what what
is it that is gonna set those of you who want to accomplish these goals is really
delving into the science and studying like I have over 1,000 interviews that
I’ve done and posted over the last 10 years over my 40-year career I’m not
here to brag to you I’m here to tell you that that’s why I brought Dave Asprey on
this YouTube channel because I wanted to sort through there’s some really
valuable things he’s saying and some things that are completely not verified
by the actual clinical lab results and I’d love Dave to come forward and show
us his current lab work I’ll bring my equipment to him I’ll fly to wherever
he’s at I will be at the American Academy anti-aging medicine here in Las
Vegas coming up December this year I won’t have a booth but I’ll be available
to talk and interview and meet with people so this is dr. Nick Delgado be
strong be well it’s been a pleasure and love you all

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