My Transparency Video 2019

My Transparency Video 2019

So I believe in being as transparent as
possible. So every so often I like to make a “transparency video” so that people
don’t have misconceptions about me; and also so that I don’t accidentally
portray myself to you viewers as somebody that I’m actually not. So today
you’re gonna learn a little bit more about me than what you would just by
watching one of my videos. Right after the channel intro: Okay let’s get this
started: first this is not a real goatee, this is a fake goatee, this is something
that I wear to help conceal my appearance. Now don’t click off the video
just yet, believe it or not this goatee does a pretty good job about
changing my facial appearance I’m not trying to hide myself from
the government, I do not care if the government knows who I am, the government
does not care about me. So again I’m not trying to conceal myself from the
government or something like that. What I am trying to protect myself against is
any internet crazy that could have wandered across one of my videos, in one
of my videos where I show on YouTube (for the whole world to see) my firearms and
other items that I have stockpiled.What I don’t want to have happen is for
for an Internet crazy to have watched one of my videos and see all the food that I
have put back, and see my firearms, and recognize me in general public and decide to follow me
home so they can see where I live at so they can break into my home and to steal my
firearms and my stockpilew. Now my house is hardened, and it would be pretty
difficult for somebody to break in, but my real fear is that they wouldn’t break in
while I was home… my real fear is that they would break in when I am NOT home
and only my wife and my young son are actually the ones home. And
if you don’t think that this can happen, there have been numerous people on
YouTube whose homes have been broken into, and they have
suspected it was because somebody somebody recognized them in public from YouTube. So
this little goatee changes my facial appearance just enough for what
my needs are. If you know me in real life, you will recognize me in one of my
videos. However if you don’t know me and you only know me by the goatee: if you
were to see me in general public without it, you’re not going to recognize me. I’m
gonna look just pretty much like in everybody else that you’re seeing. And
that’s all I’m wanting. And with anything with operational security, you just don’t
want that happening to begin with. Like I mentioned a couple
seconds ago: my house is hardened and it’s gonna be hard for somebody to actually
physically get into my house.But I just don’t want them here to begin with.
Hey, I’ll completely admit it: after eighteen years of being a police officer…
yes, I’m a bit paranoid. And if you you’ve been a cop for the past 18 years,
you’d be paranoid too. And then also while I have been a police officer for the past 18 years, I work for a small Police
Department in a small conservative area. I do not work for a large police
department like the LAPD or someplace like that. And I am NOT getting into foot
pursuits and vehicle pursuits and police action shootings and stuff like that
every day. Also I am a police academy certified firearms instructor and then
also a use-of-force instructor, but I am no tactical SWAT operator. I am not this
runnin and gunnin type of cop. I mean I gotta face it, I’m almost 50 years old and I’m a little
bit overweight, so I’m not running and gunning like the younger guys do. So
the reason why I say that is: While I know a little bit more about firearms and Use
of Force issues, I know a little bit more about those issues than the average
person out there.But if you are somebody that lives and breathes firearms and
tactics and training, then you probably know more than I do. Now with having said that: and I haven’t really spoke about this
yet on my channel, and this will be a special video down the road: while I do
not get into foot pursuits and vehicle pursuits and fights and stuff like that
everyday: obviously in my 18 year career I have been involved in many fights and
I have been involved in vehicle pursuits and foot pursuits, and then unfortunately
I have also been involved in a police action shooting where we were forced to shoot somebody So while I don’t get involved in this
stuff every day, I do still have the experience in Use of Force and then also
the Deadly Use of Force. I also want you guys to know too that I do not live on
hundreds of acres out in the middle of nowhere that would be the perfect
bug-out location like most Preppers would want to live. I live in a suburb outside of a city. Now
with having said that: me and my prepping group: we do have a solid bug-out
location that is located out in the middle of nowhere that we can evacuate
to should the need arise. And then also I just recently purchased another a
secondary backup bug-out location that’s a little bit closer and that would
would be a good solid bug-out location for us to go to if need
be. And I am in the process of putting a cabin down there at
that secondary bug-out location, so I just wanted to make sure everybody knew
that I was not living on some bug out location in the middle of nowhere. Just to remain transparent about that.
Now let’s real quick, let’s make a lot of people really mad and talk about
politics a little bit here in the video. I am very old-fashioned and I am very
conservative. And going with the old-fashioned part: I have a lot of
old-fashioned values. I support traditional marriage, I also I do not
drink alcohol, nor do i gamble. I also believe that a person should
be faithful to their spouse. And you also do not hear me curse in my videos because of the traditional values that I hold. I’m not trying to judge
anybody else, if you choose to drink I don’t care, that’s fine. If you choose to
gamble, I’m cool with it. This is just what I choose to do with my life.
Also while you see me do a lot of gardening videos, please know that I am
NOT some master gardener or somebody with a super green thumb (I am no
Prepper Potpourri). I am still learning, and as I learn things about gardening
that is valuable to the prepper community, then I pass up that
information off to you in my videos. I also am NOT where I want to be with my
prepping. I do have over like three(3) million calories worth of food for my
family that would give each person a little bit over 2,000 calories a day
(almost 3,000 calories a day I think, I don’t remember the exact numbers) but I
am still not where I want to be with my prepping. I actually feel like I need
more food for my family. And a huge weakness of mine is on the medical side
in my medical preps. I’ve basically got just your basic band-aids and
antiseptics and fish antibiotics and basic bandages and stuff like that, but
my medical knowledge is pretty low. Luckily there are some people in my prepping
group that have medical knowledge (actually that’s their career), but I
personally am NOT where I want to be in my prepping. And I’m not trying to pass
myself off in my videos as being this master prepper or that I know everything and I have
everything under control, and I can do no wrong. So if anything in this video has
surprised you about me, then talk about it down in the comments section; and then also comment with your thoughts on the subject. And
eventually after shtf, store-bought bleach is going to run out and preppers
need bleach/chlorine so that they can disinfect things, whether it’s
disinfecting their water or disinfecting food preparation areas. You
we’ll need chlorine (aka bleach) after shtf. So to see a video where I show how
simple it is do you make your own homemade chlorine, then click on the
video that should be appearing at the top of the screen just about now. And to
see a Sun Oven that is very popular with preppers; a Sun Oven that takes the free
solar energy of the sun to cook your food, whether it’s summer or winter, and that
will allow you to still cook your food when liquid fuel runs out and then also
when everybody else around has taken all the wood and anything else that can
be burned for fire: then click on the video that should be appearing on the right
side of the screen (just about now) Anyways folks, if you made it this
far: hey thank you very much for watching, and I pray that you have a good night.

63 thoughts on “My Transparency Video 2019

  1. Who in there right mind would give him a thumbs down already, Geezus whoever you are get a life. I agree with your OPSEC, paranoia will keep you alive, believe me, it heightens your senses an make you very aware, call it a 6th sense. Nope I'm with you on 99% of everything you brought up, yeah, no med stuff for me either, hopefully somebody will enter that picture down the road, cause I'm "DEFINETLY" not med qualified at all.

  2. Time to get digging into Prepper University and all the many books and vid courses on medicine, infectious diseases, medicines, anatomy, physiology, fitness, health, healing, herbals, essential oils, emergency first aid, dog and cat first aid, … DDDD

  3. Lol, as I've mentioned before, I haven't watched all of your vids and very seldom comment, but I do know what you look like without the fake beard/mustache, however, i do agree with most everything you put out there, although, being a former Marine I do indulge in a cold beer from time to time and every now and then some good Scotch and a Stogy, my only vices. You put out some great info and valuable insight into a wide range of topics and I thank you for that, keep up the great work.

  4. I hope your happy, all l heard was 'I am a badass' which l already knew because you cant teach the disciplines you teach without being one. Granted you seem like a nice guy hence you are a ,' Compassionate Badass'. 50 is young and you are not fat. Anything else you need me to tell you let me know. Lol.

  5. Not gambeling or not gambeling for money?
    Board games and other "traditional games"( in a "Spielesammlung", very budget friendly but i don`t know the translation to english for this) can be great in general to have ones mind working and to socialise especially with children and/or elderly as well as when the grid is down and/or there is downtime. Can also help with the moral of the group.

    Your medical & maybe other things: Since you`re in the US look for Ed Calderon aka Eds Manifesto and look for "Austere Medical management." I haven`t been in this course but from what i get is is likely perfect for preppers and people on all skillevels get something out of it.

    Be aware (and you probably are) that cabins are usually easily broken into since they are usually easily spotted with google maps.

    Transparency : And i thought you show us your address + social security number 🙂

  6. Brother I may or may not be flying out to the west cost. My father in Law is not doing well. I have been a CPW guy for the last 19 years. I do not go out the house with out my side arm. Hell most the time I have one on me 24/7. I can't have my side arm with me. I will have a long gun there but my CPW is not good in the state.. What can I do or buy there that may help if needed.. Thanks and God Bless..

  7. In public if you had no gotee, sunglass on and a hat on, you would look completely different for sure. Good video as always sir!

  8. For any freebooters who might be so stupid as to rob a prepper who is as intelligent as this man is, let this be a warning. Be aware that it is a simple matter to add some ground up VERATRUM FLOWERS to a #10 can of freeze-dried food, and then re-seal the can at a cannery. The can is then marked in such a way that only the rightful owner can recognize the marking. This same technique can be done with many common grocery store foods as well.

    Every part of the Veratrum flower (which are found on nearly mountain in the northern hemisphere) is lethally toxic. If enough of the toxins are absorbed, they block the sodium ion channels and cause the diaphram to contract resulting in death within minutes. The Veratrum flower is just one of many dozens of ways to protect one's stuff.

    This type of a delayed boobytrap is sometimes called PHILOSOPHY OF DENIAL. Basically it means that if you steal somebody's stuff you might not be able to use it either.

    A THIEF WILL NEVER KNOW IF SOME FOOD (or other gear) IS SPIKED OR NOT. ONLY AN IGNORANT FOOL WOULD ROB A SERIOUS PREPPER. I wish I could say more but I don't want to reveal too much.

  9. As for me I was fine with you not showing your face at all. I completely understand and didn't blame you for keeping it blocked from open view. The one thing I love about your videos is I never worry about foul langue.I Watch, learn and enjoy great job keep them coming. Fight the Good Fight, Keep the Faith, Love Till the End! God Bless.

  10. I live in a town of 2100 people. We have had a gas station broken into and 3 cars stolen in the last couple of weeks. My point is, that even in a small town you are not immune from crime. You’re not being paranoid, your being realistic. I’ve also seen your face without the facial hair, and I was going to suggest growing a full beard. 😂😂😂

  11. Transparency & honesty are in short supply these days…I really appreciate and respect yours. And, the go-T is so much better than the paint 🙂 Go meet your neighbors at 2nd spot, make friends. understand that they probably/possibly used your land before you bought it. know that they may not be happy about an outsider taking control of something they've had use of.

  12. I appreciate that you’re strong and steadfast in your personal beliefs….and that you don’t throw stones at anybody else’s decisions/choices. To me, that’s a true Christian.

  13. EP I actually read what is written under the name. I am glad you protect your wife & son. Yeah I know what you look like, you cutie you. Wife probably made you wear the extra face hair. Didn't help, your still a cutie. Teasing you.😊. I appreciate all you do sir. I enjoy reading comments. God bless stay safe. Merry Christmas.

  14. My fellow LEO if concealing your identity is your goal you may want to do something about that commercial about that fancy Halo XT solar flashlight!

  15. I'm all about respect and personal responsibility. Was a LEO almost as long as you. Kicking the idea of going back into it around but I'm sure enjoying the break. Thanks for doing what you do brother!

  16. I appreciate your honesty. I would imagine most people aren't where they want to be with their preps. Just keep moving forward

  17. Total respect! You have restored some hope that there still are good police officers out there. Thank you for your videos.

  18. Did he keep saying plublick??????????? First ima subscriber, but 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  19. And what was that address?? JK!🤣🤣🤭🤭….i enjoy your channel immensely! Thanks for all you do!! Much 💜💜to you and your family 😊

  20. Thank you for all of your contributions to society. I would like to make videos someday, but I also do not like the idea of complete strangers recognizing me in public places. I may come up with some sort of disguise too.

  21. theres a cheap disguise usually found in gumball machines at the grocery store , glasses,big plastic moustache , and we all know whom you are , your a communist infiltrotor from UGANDHA , dang bush man infiltrator LOL

  22. I used to indulge in alcoholic beverages, but since I got my CDL 8 years ago, I decided to give up alcohol. Also my main reason to be abstinent, is I like to be able to carry my firearm, whenever possible. In my state(Indiana), it's illegal to be in possession of a firearm while intoxicated. Also, I am one of those extremely paranoid individuals that refuses to drive after consuming just one beer. I like being able to just hop in my pickup truck, and go somewhere, whenever the need or desire arises. While I used to consume copious amounts of alcohol in my early twenties, I never got busted for DUI/DWI, because I refuse to drink and drive. Too many of my friends and neighbors were ruining their lives with this kind of behavior, and I refused to be part of that statistic. Now I just view it as a unnecessary expenditure that I can otherwise use the money to purchase things like more firearms and ammunition.😁

  23. Your values are your values. you are entitled to them I appreciate that you don't judge others for theirs. Yeah I am just a person on disability who is prepared for temporary emergencies.

  24. Great video man. I've been thinking of doing one of these, but sorta spoofy. We'll see. Good to see stuff from u more often, ive been trying to get my output up

  25. I appreciate your conservative values, I dont watch channels with bad language, thanks for all you share and for keeping it clean, blessings and Merry Christmas to you and your family

  26. Actually you're not hiding anything from anybody order got to do is take a picture of you without your beard and I know what you look like so now it wouldn't work my friend..

  27. 3:12 Paranoia is the new word for Hi tuned Situational Awareness . That is a good mental development. You've got the 1st hand experience with some nasty criminals and their mindsets.

    Situational awareness or situation awareness (SA) is the perception of environmental elements.

    Situational awareness is not only important for recognizing threats, but it also serves to identify criminal behavior and other dangerous situations. … Ignorance or denial of a threat make a person's chances of quickly recognizing an emerging threat and avoiding it highly unlikely. Bad things will & do happen

    7:08 Prepper Potpurry is awesome ….but just so you know.. it was your (EP) early growing food videos that inspired my food garden into new directions, for long term prepping … You shared alot of successful tips on many techniques, I never thought about.

    9:30 I really enjoy viewing those black and white b-film inserts of the good younge days , when work was really work and prepping was a way of life.

    The family & I appreciate all your great videos, for the prepping community .. Keep up the Good Work Sir.

    Cheers 😎👍

  28. Having watched a lot of your videos and have had discussions about some of them I knew a lot of the things you mentioned about yourself. You never pass yourself off as an expert and seem to be an upstanding guy who I think I would enjoy spending the afternoon grilling and spending time with. You've already heard my thoughts on the goatee lol.

  29. Thank you! Especially for your honesty! Would watch your videos with you wearing camo make-up as well. Keep up the good work!

  30. And this set of admissions is why I always watch Ethical Prepper. I don't curse, traditionally minded, I DO drink, but I have also spent time in politics. . . which works out.

  31. That is awesome, coming out and being transparent on your situation. Much love for that, we need more honest people like this in this world.

  32. The long-time followers know this stuff about your, my brother. And it is your humbleness and willing to help that draws us to your vids. To all the others watching your vids… Give this patriot a donation of $1 a month on Patreon; has he not entertained and informed you to at least that value? Thx EP! -Infantry Vet and Oath Keeper

  33. I love your content, camouflage face, blurred face (I would be very cautious of exposure in your position) doesn’t matter. Protecting yourself & family is #1!
    I identify with all of your values, I struggle understanding the evil that has split traditional families into biblical abominations & have trouble loving individuals in these deceived, seared minds. I try & ask Jesus to help me with this. I am struggling in gardening, struggling with prepping and about the same age trying to “catch up “ in weapons training.
    You are one of my favorite channels. Stay encouraged that we as viewers (outside of the trolls) are grateful for you sharing your honesty and skill set with us.

    I am indebted to you for your years of police service. It seems a very thankless job these days.
    Thank you sir.

  34. I am also a old fashioned conservative with biblical values. It seems more and more people like us are becoming dinosaurs, However no surprise there. I appreciate your willingness to do these videos I have learned a great deal from them. I agree with you about not being totally prepared, I know I could do more than I have but also am reminded of the saying "the enemy of a good plan is a perfect plan" God Bless and be safe. And Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  35. It's not paranoia if someone really wants to hurt you. In this world, you always have to be prepared. So keep being prepared and keep up the training.

  36. I got to be honest here I do not agree with ll your video's , with that being said however I do respect your point of view and you get the brain thinking, provoke thoughts.. I appreciate them and this one , your openness and sincerity cheers and salute Sir!

  37. I have been watching your work from almost the very beginning. I enjoy all of it and very often learn new things. I also am reminded of things I had forgotten, things I need to improve on and almost always agree with your opinions. Thank you for all you do. I like the goatee better than the cammo face and the masked face . As I have stated often, wish I lived closer. I would enjoy a good cup of coffee and good conservation with you.

  38. Prudent. Not paranoid. Please forgive me for my initial misunderstanding. When I first encountered your videos a couple of years ago or so. I’m glad everything sorted itself out.

    Thank you for your efforts in bringing us viable decent prepping vids. I actually like the way you operate.

    God Bless.

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