Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! I’m really excited today, because we’re back in the studio. Our good friend and colleague, Tommy also known as “Fast-Handed”, is gonna scape this Beta tank for this guy, whose name is Gruber. [Gruber] That’s Mr. Gruber to you, mister. I’m sorry… Alright, so we’re gonna do this whole thing in one take. It’s gonna take 15 minutes , Let’s see, if Fast-Handed Tommy is gonna be able, to scape this tank in 15 minutes. You guys are not gonna miss anything! Let’s go! ♪ Time won’t stop, so gonna get on the ride ♪ ♪ Twisting and turning through life ♪ ♪ No matter how rough it gets, I’ll get back ♪ Hello guys! Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! I always wanted to do that! So today, we’re gonna bring you a very quick aquascaping session. I’m gonna build a new home for Gruber, our Betta fish, in fifteen minutes. In this new Beta tank. ♪ I know that every day will bring me something new ♪ So, first thing first, I’ll need to put on my gloves. If you have a ring, definitely remove it, because it’s gonna just make a hole in the gloves immediately. And then… [Balazs] What did they say about the gloves? Some people said that we’re just basically making more trash in the world by using gloves. But if you are into aquascaping on a daily basis, you know how much of a pain it is, to have all your fingers dirty all the time. So you’ll definitely need it. So, we’re gonna start with the Dennerle FB1 substrate bacteria. [Gruber] Bacteria? You’re putting bacteria in my aquarium? Yes, you’re gonna need it, don’t worry! [Gruber] I’m a Siamese Fighting Fish, why would I need that? It’s actually…. The balance of the tank is gonna be built much faster, if you use bacteria in the substrate itself and not just the water. Next thing I’m gonna put here is also Dennerle DeponitMix, which is the main substrate for the plant. [Gruber] You said I could have a black tank again. What’s that? That’s not black! [Tommy] Yeah, it’s gonna be black, because that’s not the final layer. [Gruber] I don’t want promises, I want results! What’s the final layer? [Tommy] You will see soon. We just need to make this flat. [Gruber] Yeah, yeah. [Tommy] And then just make sure you don’t see it from the sides. [Gruber] Dude, I don’t see the aquarium from the sides! I’m inside it! [Tommy] These dudes don’t make the 15 minutes easier. ♪ Time won’t stop ♪ [Gruber] Do you even know what you’re doing? [Tommy] Yeah, mostly. [Gruber] Mostly? [Tommy] Yeah yeah yeah. Don’t worry! I’ve built quite a few tanks. Actually I’ve never built one for a Betta, but you’re gonna be my lab rat. [Gruber] “My lab rat”? Yeah! [Gruber] Lab rat… It’s not enough, that I’ll have to live alone my entire life in a single aquarium, but you’re gonna call me a rat at the same time?! [Tommy] Yeah yeah yeah. But you’re not gonna be alone, don’t worry! [Gruber] I’m not gonna be alone? [Tommy] No, you’re gonna have some algae eaters there, as friends. [Gruber] Algae eaters? Those guys are so boring! [Tommy] We hope that you won’t eat them, so please be nice with them. [Gruber] If they’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to them. But nobody is ever nice to me. [Tommy] Yeah, they’re gonna be. So now comes the Dennerle… [Gruber] Ah there we go! [Tommy] …quartz. And then you can have your blackness. [Gruber] Yeah! That’s style! [Tommy] I knew you’d love it! [Balazs] So actually you can see that Tommy starts from the sides, with the black gravel. [Tommy] Let’s try to pour it right in the front, so that it doesn’t wash down the substrate. Just… All in! So! [Gruber] By the way, I think those gloves are stylish! [Tommy] Yeah, they are! We just wear them for the coolness, but don’t tell anyone! [Gruber] Fish don’t speak, man! So like this! This is the first layer of the quartz gravel. I’m gonna need more, but I’ll start with putting in the hardscape first. And then we’re gonna see, how much more… [Gruber] Dude, I think you’re gonna need a lot more, than that! That’s barely enough! [Tommy] Yeah don’t worry, we’re gonna lift it! [Gruber] Oh, that’s a nice rock! [Tommy] I knew you’re gonna love it! [Balazs] And I’m not gonna be busting the show, but we’re already 4 minutes into show. We’ve got 11 more minutes! [Tommy] Don’t you worry about that! [Gruber] 11 minutes… Not that it matters. So actually we just glued small pieces of rock on the bottom of this bonsai tree. So it doesn’t float up from the first minute. [Gruber] Yeah floating trees, I hear it’s a problem around here. [Tommy] Yes, they are! You’ve never seen a tree before, so this is gonna be new for you, but actually I’m gonna build you a proper Bonsai. [Gruber] Does it matter that you’re getting rocks on the tree? [Tommy] No… I just want to lift it. And it’s easier like this, that I pour in and then I have the new height built up. Like this. I saw leaves on the tree already, but I didn’t plant them, so I have to check from up front. It actually starts to look nice! [Gruber] Yeah. A fish living under a tree. Original. [Tommy] I have some small rocks as well. I’m gonna put this one… [Balazs] Alright, in the meantime I’m gonna just tell you, that this is a Beta Compact 30 tank. It’s 30+10 liters, which is 8+2 US gallons. Tommy, what are the 10 liters – or two gallons? [Tommy] This aquarium actually has a built in filtration in the backside. [Gruber] Did he say backside? [Tommy] Like they used to do it on marine tanks, for a long time now. It’s quite new for normal aquariums. But it’s actually a very good idea. A lot of people, with these small sizes, they don’t really want to have a cabinet underneath the aquarium, that is used up by the technical parts of the aquarium itself. So this way you don’t have to use an external filter. You have the filtration in the back and you can use proper filter media inside, that you couldn’t do in an internal filter. That’s gonna be enough! So now we actually have some sponges, some Seachem Matrix – about 1 liter, and 100 ml of Seachem Purigen in the filter, inside the tank. There is an Eheim CompactOn 300 in the back. That’s gonna… [Gruber] I want some action. Can I see the filter? [Tommy] Yes sure! [Balazs] Can you open the top? [Tommy] I can open up the top like this, then you can look inside. Here is the CompactOn 300 under there. Here is all the filter media. [Balazs] Can you take the sponge out, so that we… [Tommy] Yes! I take out the sponge. There is the Seachem Matrix. And there is the Purigen underneath. [Gruber] That’s all nice, but I won’t see any of that, it’s in behind the black foil. [Balazs] Sorry guys about the Sony autofocus, we still need to work a little more on that. [Gruber] That too… So, the water will come through here and then go through the filtration and come back to the water like this. This is also built into this adjustable outflow, so this is actually very good for Betta, because they don’t really like high flow, so you can just make it go upwards, and that way there’s not gonna be a huge flow in the water itself. [Gruber] What do you mean I don’t like high flows? I love high flows! [Tommy] No, you don’t! [Gruber] I love everything with “high” in it. [laughter] No, it’s not that kind if high. But it’s a family YouTube channel, so we don’t even know what you’re talking about. [Gruber] Tell that to your t-shirt, man! [Tommy] Behave yourself, please! [Gruber] Do you wanna fight? [Tommy] So… [Gruber] I’m a fighting fish! [Tommy] We’re gonna make the quartz a bit wet. [Gruber] You’re so attractive, you’re making the gravel wet. [laughter] [Tommy] So I can start planting. It actually makes planting much easier. And then, we’re gonna start off with Marsilea Hirsuta in the front. It’s actually a very-very slow-growing carpet plant. But the reason I went with this one, I don’t usually use this, because of the slowness, but now we’re gonna have quite warm water in the tank. [Balazs] What kind of water? Warm water! [Gruber] Yeah, cause I like it when it’s warm! Yes, because Gruber likes it! So we’re gonna have a heater inside, which we actually never use in an aquascape, but this is mainly a Beta tank and just secondarily an aquascape. [Balazs] Uhh, we forgot to introduce you, Patricia. She’s a great help with the videos. She’s helping us with all our videos. [Balazs] Also helping with the planting and everything. [Gruber] I thought it was just the leftovers of your salad from lunch. [Tommy] No, they’ll actually need some time to grow like a carpet. They always look like this at the start. They would need about two weeks to grow together. But I know you’re very very impatient, so… [Gruber] Not only am I impatient, but I love carpet! I’ve never had carpet before. [Tommy] Yeah I know. [Gruber] I like that! You’ve barely seen any gravel before we put that in there. [Gruber] I don’t care much about gravel, just as long as it’s black. So actually… Usually it takes some time, but since you’re being impatient, We’re actually gonna use the starter bacteria from Dennerle, and you can put fish in your tank in 24 hours, after setting it up, which is pretty quick. We usually go waiting for about two weeks, before putting any animals inside. But with this new product, you can actually put them in after 24 hours. [Gruber] Wait, you mean I’ll have to wait 24 hours, before I can move in? Yes! [Gruber] I thought it was a 15 minutes thing and I’m moving in today. No, you won’t, actually. You’ll stay there for another day. But it’s still worth the wait. You’re gonna have a much nicer home, than you ever had before, so don’t worry! [Balazs] In the meantime, I’m just gonna tell you, that the size of this aquarium is 30x40x30 cm, which is 12x16x12 inches. Sort of. [Balazs] Sort of. [Gruber] That’s a much bigger cell, than my previous one. [Balazs] What kind of light do we have above it? We have a Twinstar 300C, which is… actually the C series lights are not too powerful, but powerful enough for simple plants. Usually most of the plants that can bear the heat, of about 25-26 degrees, which we are aiming for… – degrees celsius, of course. Those plants usually don’t need a lot of light. So that’s why we went for this one. With this amount of light, with an aquarium of this size, you don’t need to add high pressurized CO2. So, that’s another thing for these plants. For Marsilea you don’t need CO2. You have to be very, very patient, until it grows into a carpet. But you can do it without CO2, which is quite rare in the carpet plants. [Balazs] Are you also planting Marsilea in the background? [Tommy] Yes!
[Balazs] We’re not gonna see that! [Gruber] I’ll see it, what are you talking about? [Tommy] Yes, Gruber’s gonna see it. Also, the tank has gotten a place in the store, where you can… well not walk around it, but you’re gonna see it from two sides. [Gruber] Look, I don’t wanna rush you, but it’s been 11 minutes so far. [Tommy] Already spent 11 minutes? [Balazs] No, it’s actually 12 minutes, so we have 3 more. Hurry up, Tommy! Well, my new introduction is that I’m gonna make you an aquascape in 25 minutes. [Gruber] Don’t change the game rules, man! We’re gonna have to wait it out. [Gruber] I’m not waiting. So… [Balazs] You know that Peter McKinnon in the Two Minute Tuesday session. He always passes the two minutes. Yeah, I know! If he can do it, I can do it! [Balazs] We’re great fans of him and he has a very nice YouTube channel. Let’s shout out to Peter McKinnon! While is Tommy planting really slowly. Really, really slowly. Do you need help with that ? Should like Paty jump in and start planting as well? Well if you can, you’d be a lot of help. I think we’re gonna run out of the 15 minutes. [Gruber] I, the great Gruber can fight off 10 males from my territory, in that amount of time. So actually the name, Gruber… Who came up with this idea? I wanted to name you Snowflakes, or Snow white. But then I realized that you’re a male, so it won’t fit. [Gruber] I’m also a fighting fish, remember? Who named him? [Balazs] I did. You did?! Do you like your name? [Gruber] Do I like my name? I never had a name. Nobody I know has a name. Gruber sounds good. Snow white, or what was it? What he said? Snowflake… That’s actually kinda nice! I’m a nice guy by the way, so you know, you can say nice things to me. Just cause I’m impatient about getting into my aquarium. I mean you would be too, if you lived in a box. [Tommy] Yeah, I’m sure! [Gruber] Glass box… [Tommy] After the Marsilea, I’m gonna plant some Eleocharis pusilla from Dennerle. And usually, it’s a no-go without CO2 But actually this plant can stay alive without CO2. It just won’t grow too fast. So you can’t make a carpet out of it. But you can make some nice details, whithout adding CO2 to the tank. So I’m way out of the 15 minutes, right? [Balazs] Yeah, I can already see that you’re stressing. Don’t do that! [Tommy] I actually am. [Gruber] Take your time, do it right! I’m gonna be living in here, for the rest of my… short fish life. [Tommy] Yeah. Let’s hope, it’s not gonna be too short! [Gruber] I can live five years, if all goes well! I don’t wanna die early! [Balazs] Then we’re gonna blame Tommy anway for that. Yeah, yeah. Let’s blame me… Easy part. Actually I have no idea how it looks from the front. [Balazs] 15 seconds, Tommy! Please, someone… [Balazs] Do something about it? …see if it’s good enough. [Balazs] 10 seconds! Now the final part! We’re actually gonna make this. [Balazs] I can see his… [Gruber and Balazs] Four, three, two… [Tommy] Don’t rush me guys! [Balazs and Gruber] One! It’s already gone! [Balazs] Push the button, yeah, there we go! [laughter] [Tommy] Don’t stress me out!
[Balazs] Tommy, you’re overtime now. Yeah, I know. [Balazs] We’re almost ready! [Balazs] Please don’t go away! [Tommy] Gonna be nice. So if it’s quick enough, it’s gonna look good at least. [Gruber] Yeah, it’s starting to look good! Whenever you build an aquascape, don’t try to rush yourself! If you don’t have enough time for it, don’t even start it! [Gruber] I agree with that! Do it right, make it nice, I’m gonna be living in there. [Tommy] Yeah, exactly. So as you can see, I don’t glue the Anubias to the trees. I just try to find some spaces, where it fits. This way it’s way more natural. They’re gonna grow to the tree quickly. You can’t do it with all kinds of fish, because they sometimes take the plants off, But Gruber is gonna be nice. [Gruber] You bet I’ll be nice. So it’s not gonna take off the plants. [Gruber] Man, that actually looks really good! I hope so. ♪ Everyday will bring me something new ♪ So does it start to look like a tree now? [Balazs] Absolutely! [Gruber] Is that what trees look like? Yeah, I wanted to show you, because you can’t see them from underwater. Yeah, you’re gonna have you own tree! How many friends of yours have trees? [Gruber] I don’t have any friends. [Tommy] Okay! So! [Balazs] So let’s give a big shoutout to Filipe Oliviera and he’s the Tree Man, he was the one to invent this whole style. It’s his merit to have it. Yeah, he’s actually over them. He doesn’t do it anymore, so now we can have a go at it. But yeah, Filipe, thank you inventing all this, underwater. And it’s been 17 minutes, but we’re actually done, so now we just have to fill it up. There’s actually one more thing, the heater itself, which is an A-heater. And this is a very small stuff, you can put it in the backside, beside the filtration. This is preset for 25°C. So you don’t have to adjust it, or anything. And this was it! I’m gonna say thank you to you, we’re… We’re a bit late. 17:38. Boom! This was it, thanks for everything! We’ll fill it up with water and you guys are gonna see, we’re gonna shoot tomorrow, when Mr. Gruber comes into the tank. Thanks for following us, Subscribe, if you didn’t do so yet, hit the like button, if you like the quick 15 minute session at Green Aqua, with Tommy, the fast-handed – not so fast handed. We’re at 17 minutes, but it’s fine. Hit the bell button, to get notified of our future uploads. See you next week, bye! Bye-bye!


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