Nasi Goreng Seafood | Resep #346

Hi! I’m Alvin Maulana, back again with me on Masak. TV Thank you for those who have subscribed to Masak.TV’s Youtube channel and don’t forget to follow all of Masak.TV’s social medias Today I want to make a seafood fried rice This fried rice is very delicious, it has a lot of seafood and it’s going to be terrifyingly tasty The first step I’m going to do is to chop all the ingredients, yeah There are garlic, shallots, and chili, then we’ll go for the stir-fry and then mix them all up together, it’s going to be real good! This is garlic and I’m going to crush it, then chop it rough Done! Next, shallots, just take two cloves of them Then Big Red Thai Chilli, I’m going to slice it like this Okay! We’ll slice it in match stick shape Scallion, slice this Okay! And we are ready for the stir-fry So we’ll heat up the wok pan first, then I’m going to crack an egg Stir this Since it’s now properly heated, we’re going to add some oil Egg goes in We’ll just scramble it and then put in the shallot and garlic first, okay Stir until the onions smell nice Okay, then I’m going to add these fish Shrimp And squid Stir it for a while The color has changed, so we can put in soy sauce Fish oil And oyster sauce Stir it again Since we’ve put in the seafood, they get a bit watery from it Maybe we can add a bit more oil Alright, enough I’ll put the rice in This is enough I will put in the scallion and chili We’ll add a bit of granulated sugar A pinch of white pepper And salt Okay, last, just let it heat up a bit Add sesame oil last, for the scent Yup Stir it evenly Okay Looks done, so next platting Hmmm I’m going to add some fried shallots And don’t forget, since this seafood fried rice is a la restaurant We need to add a sunny side up egg Amazing! Put a little bit of garnish for the look And crackers Wow This is the last step, a must do Taste it! It’s crazily good! Absolutely a la restaurant Thank you for watching today’s video, don’t forget to watch our other videos And always stay tuned on Masak.TV! Always terrifyingly tasty!

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