Natural ADHD Solutions

Natural ADHD Solutions

Hey guys, Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today we will be talking about natural ADHD
solutions. I was diagnosed with ADHD and ADD every year
almost since birth. In fact, my parents almost put me on medications
because my symptoms were so bad. So this is something that’s sort of near and
dear to my heart. And in this video I’m going to go through
the top essential oils, the top vitamin, supplements, and diet, and things you want to stay away
from, all of these things that can really help ADHD. And hey, do me a favor, be on mission with
me right now. The number of people that are being diagnosed
with ADHD and prescribed synthetic medications with serious side effects is staggering. Take a minute right now, punch that Share
button, and click that Like button. Let’s teach the world how to use food as medicine. Let’s dive right in. Here we go. Foods to avoid. Number one, this is the big one, its processed
sugar. Added sugar will cause insulin and blood sugar
spikes. What that’s going to do is cause a lot of
those hyperactivity reactions. Now the other issue with sugar is that it
feeds candida in the body. When candida or excess pathogenic microbes
start lining your gut lining, they will literally produce poisons that start to eat away or
cause inflammation of your intestinal lining. When that happens it can cause a condition
called leaky gut syndrome to where proteins, toxins, and bad bacteria can leak through
the gut wall into the bloodstream causing inflammation. And this can cause again ADHD and ADD, a lot
of those symptoms to where the child can’t focus, pay attention in school, or the adult
for that matter. So again, sugar probably the worst when it
comes to causing symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Now the next one here is gluten. Again gluten a similar thing, it will cause
intestinal inflammation, getting into the bloodstream and cause issues. Now gluten not only will cause leaky gut syndrome,
it can also contribute to issues like autoimmune disease over time. But gluten, a big thing you want to stay away
from, if you’re a parent or an adult either way that has a child with ADHD or you yourself
have ADHD. Another big thing you want to stay away from
is conventional dairy. Now listen, if you were doing a little bit
of goat’s milk yogurt from your local farmers market, or sheep’s milk yogurt, or kefir,
that’s fine in small amounts. You’re going to do fine with that, most kids
will do fine with that. But conventional dairy especially conventional
milk and cheese products, they contain a protein called beta casein A1. And this A1 casein is actually worse than
gluten. In fact, there are more receptor sites in
your body, it could be anywhere from 2 to 26 times more inflammatory to your body if
your body is not doing well with casein, as well as lactose is in there as well. So the milk sugar, that can be difficult for
some people to digest. So again staying away from conventional dairy
a big one you want to get rid of and can be a major trigger for ADHD. Food dyes. There are studies showing that food dyes and
food additives can cause outbursts in people with ADHD, which was a study that was done. So you can see here, these colors, these artificial
colors and food dyes are something that can absolutely cause a reaction. So here’s a big thing, if you flip over a
box of food, if it says like, yellow 5, or blue 22, or red number 4, or anything with
a number, or anything that doesn’t sound like a real food ingredient, you shouldn’t eat
it. The person or a child with ADHD shouldn’t
eat it. Stay away, big thing to avoid. Refined carbohydrates, remember refined carbohydrates
are essentially, they’re going to turn to sugar within your body in minutes and cause
major inflammation. Most refined grains contain gluten and sugar. So in fact, they might be worse than straight
sugar, so stay away from refined grains. All of the cereals, the breakfast pastries,
the food bars, all of these things that contain refined grains, you want to stay away from
them. Nitrates or nitrites, these are found oftentimes
in lunch meats. They’re found in breakfast bacon and things
like that. These are found in processed meats, these
nitrates. They cause major acidity in the body, and
they can cause major gastric inflammation, you want to stay away from nitrites. Artificial sweeteners, listen, just because
it doesn’t have sugar, it doesn’t mean it’s not inflammatory. The product, sucralose actually has chlorine
in it which can kill off probiotics in the gut. One of the most important things for anyone
struggling with ADHD is that we build up those good microbes and probiotics. Well artificial sweeteners have been linked
to short-term memory loss, causing issues with the brain, issues with the gut, that
gut-brain connection that’s so important for people with ADHD. Artificial sweeteners destroy that gut brain
connection. You want to stay away from those. And soy, soy is very high in phytoestrogens. Now, if we’re talking about a fermented soy
like a miso or like a natto for instance, that’s going to be fine. Your organic natto, a fermented soy used often
within Japanese medicine. But other soy products, soybean oil, soy protein,
these are inflammatory to the gut, they tend to be very high on the allergen spectrum of
things that many often times adults and children are allergic to. So I would stay away from all soy and grains
and flip over, read bottles. If it says soybean oil, don’t consume it. Food sensitivities, here’s another big one. Many different foods can be somebody’s kryptonite. So think about this, when Superman gets around
this green kryptonite it weakens his body. It doesn’t weaken others. The same thing can happen with you. You might have a food sensitivity to eggs,
it could be certain types of nuts, it could be certain types of dairy, and your body,
it just wrecks it. So one of the things you can actually do,
if you have ADHD or someone you love, you can get something called an IgG food antibody
test to see if your body is really reacting strongly to certain foods, you can cut it
out and see how you do. Or another option is going on an elimination
diet where you just add in a food at a time. And really journal and pay attention to, after
you eat does your nose run or does their nose run, do they get stuffy, or is there any redness
anywhere, is there a change in bowel movements to where they become too loose, or constipated. All of those are warning signs that you have
a food sensitivity. And another big one is peanuts. Many kids today and adults are allergic to
peanuts because they have those mold allergies that can be associated with peanuts as well. So again, be leery of food sensitivities. Here are some great natural remedies to support
the brain in ADHD. One of my favorites which is used over in
Eastern medicine is bacopa. Bacopa has been shown to help nourish the
brain and overall improve focus. So again, bacopa is great because it actually
calms the mind and improves focus at the same time. So this is a great herbal extract you want
to look into for ADHD is bacopa. The next one here, omega-3s. Omega-3s, if you can get fish in your diet
like wild-caught salmon, mackerel, sardines, wild tuna, these are great superfoods to support
the brain. Now if you can’t do those omega-3s, I would
recommend taking a fish oil supplement, a fish roe supplement, and whether it’s a liquid
or in a gel capsule or regular capsule, but I would recommend omega-3s. You typically want to be getting about, depends
on the milligram dosage, but again you typically want to be doing about two, one to four capsules
a day of those omega-3s. And omega-3s are high in, specifically if
it comes from fish, EPA and DHA and that’s more important than getting the omega-3s that
are found in flax, and chia, and hemp. But EPA and DHA have been shown directly to
support the brain. In fact, there’s a study on children who took
a fish oil supplement and it showed a significant improvement in their ability to focus and
concentrate in school. So again, omega-3s is an absolute must I believe
in terms of supplements for anybody struggling with ADHD. And again, you can add flax seeds to a smoothie,
and chia seeds, and things like that. But ideally, getting wild-caught fish in the
diet or if you can’t do that taking a good fish oil, or cod liver oil, a fish roe supplement
on a regular basis can go a long way at improving ADHD symptoms. Probiotics. Remember, you are not what you eat, you are
what you digest. I mean to a degree you are what you eat, but
you’ve also got to be absorbing those nutrients. So again, probiotics, most of us have had
probiotics wiped out. I really believe this is at the root cause
of a lot of kids that struggle with ADHD and ADD today. And I’ll give you an example, here’s how this
works. From birth, if the mother does not have enough
probiotics oftentimes she doesn’t pass off quite enough to her child. And then if a child is born C-section and
they are not born through the vaginal canal, that’s really when the child is flooded and
first exposed to a lot of microbes. And so if they’re C-section they can be probiotic
deficient there. Then kids are typically given antibiotics
for ear infections, for common colds, for flus, for eczema, for all kinds of things. Those prescription antibiotics destroy a lot
of the probiotics in the gut. And then they consume foods like conventional
dairy products with antibiotics and pesticides in the food supply. And they’re not in touch with outdoors, with
nature and being exposed and building up their gut microbiome, so what happens is most people
today, especially our youth, are majorly deficient in probiotics. So it is more important than ever before that
we are getting probiotics in our diet on a daily basis. I recommend finding a good SBO, that’s a soil
based organism, probiotic supplement, so look for SBO type of probiotics. And I would also get probiotics in the food
you’re eating. Some great sources of the probiotics are sauerkraut,
is one of the best things you can get. There is kimchi, kombucha in small amounts
to a degree, coconut kefir can be very beneficial, and then sheep’s milk yogurt, goat’s milk
kefir in small amount as well if someone tolerates dairy well enough. But again, probiotics are key for building
up that microbiome. And listen, probiotics are incredible. Probiotics themselves in your gut produce
vitamins and minerals like vitamin B12 which supports the brain and focus, or other types
of B vitamins. They support the absorption of zinc and other
nutrients that can help focus and concentration. So getting more probiotics is key. By the way, if you’re enjoying this live training
right now on how to overcome ADD and ADHD naturally, do me a favor. Help me spread the word that food is medicine,
punch that Share button, and click that Like button. More people need to know, because you know
what’s happening? There are so many parents that are bringing
their kids into doctors, they’re being prescribed medications out there today with serious,
serious side effects. I mean the side effects are mind boggling. In fact, after this episode go online and
do a Google search for ADHD medication side effects or look up things like Ritalin and
Adderall, look those up and find out for yourself what the side effects are. So I want to say thank you for everyone who’s
sharing this message right now. More people need to know the truth. Let’s talk about another incredible form of
natural medicine for ADHD, and it’s essential oils. Essential oils have been used for thousands
of years. They’re referenced in Egyptian medicine, biblical
medicine, Greek medicine, and Chinese medicine, and they are powerful. My favorite oil for focus concentration is
vetiver. There is a medical study done showing that
vetiver helped almost all kids improve their overall focus. So vetiver, a powerful essential oil to use. Another great one is rosemary oil. Rosemary oil has been shown to help memory
and then along with that cedarwood is great, and lavender oil is great as well. Lavender is very calming, if you want to use
that oil if there is really a lot of hyperactivity issues there. Lavender can calm the body. Rosemary helps with that memory, that alpha-pinene
and the other compounds in rosemary oil, and then vetiver. So what I would do is make a blend. I would do two drops of each oil and rub it
on the neck, the head, and even a little bit of the temples of your child who’s going into
school, or yourself if you’re struggling with ADHD. But use essential oils, especially if you’re
homeschooling, another thing you can do is get a diffuser and add those oils the vetiver,
the cedarwood, the lavender, the rosemary. Add those into a diffuser and having it diffuse
around the home. And I know professors and teachers who have
actually diffused them around their classroom, in their classrooms both in elementary school,
in high school, and in college there as well. And by the way, I’d love to hear from you. If you’ve ever benefited from an essential
oil when it comes to the brain or memory, or use that for ADHD, or focus, or memory,
or concentration, let me know your favorite essential oils. Also let me know if you’ve used them to help
improve your memory, focus, concentration there in any way. Coconut. Coconut is a great form of healthy fat that
can support concentration. It contains medium-chain fatty acids that
really help keep your insulin levels balanced. When you’re consuming a food, let’s say a
meal, here is a big one. A lot of times today, we consume a meal that’s
very high, it may be high in a lot of carbohydrates. If you consume excess carbohydrates and your
body can’t absorb them right then and your body can’t store them as glycogen, it really
causes this major up and down blood sugar spike. I’ll give you an example. This happens with lunch especially. Kids at school eating school lunches or adults
for that matter. Well let’s start with school lunches. They’re eating the pizza, they’re eating the
little snack cakes, they’re drinking dairy, they’re getting all this stuff. And teachers, you know what I’m talking about,
you get to about 2:00 in the afternoon or right after lunch and kids are either in a
carb coma or they are bouncing off the walls. It is like crash and burn. And same thing, if you’re at work and you
ate a lot of carbs at lunch you go into this carb coma at your desk. That happens when you get too many carbohydrates
in your diet at lunch and not enough healthy fat, not enough protein, and not enough fiber,
and not enough foods that are loaded with vitamins and minerals and that are energizing. So your lunch and breakfast, especially for
kids, should be loaded with protein, healthy fat, and fiber every single meal. Here’s what the perfect meal would look like
for someone with ADHD. You wake up every morning for breakfast, and
you have a bone broth smoothie. You do one scoop of a protein powder that
comes from bone broth, one cup of a coconut milk, one handful of berries, and maybe add
a little bit of cinnamon in there. I mean that is the perfect recipe. You’ve got protein from the bone broth powder,
you’ve got healthy fat from the coconut milk, you’ve got fiber from the berries, perfect
for breakfast. And for lunch, you could do, let’s say, rice
with some organic vegetables, and with some meat, or a big superfood salad with chicken
breast and spinach, or a healthy soup, like a healthy chicken vegetable soup is something
great that kids love, or even a healthy sandwich can be okay. Use some Ezekiel bread, some organic turkey,
and things like that. But you want to make sure you’re not doing
a lot of excess carbs and processed foods for lunch, and breakfast for that matter. But again, every meal you want protein, healthy
fat, and fiber. That is the secret ingredient for fitness,
it’s a secret ingredient for keeping blood sugar balance, and keeping focus, and memory
good in fighting ADHD. And then exercise. We are created to move, we’re created to release
some of this energy. I believe and I can tell you this, my parents
and I’ve had teachers who said this, is that when children are playing sports it actually
helps their focus and concentration, and actually helps their self-discipline. Karate and martial arts can be a great thing
to do, any type of sport such as soccer, or basketball, or volleyball, just any type of
gym exercise, kids working out, going out for a run, or just doing some push-ups and
pull-ups. But exercise increases circulation in the
body, increases blood flow, and nutrients getting to the brain which overall can help
the body heal, can help with so many things. So again, exercise has so many benefits for
supporting your body with more nutrients, releasing that pent up energy. And remember, we are created to move, it’s
part of how we nourish and heal our bodies. So again, exercise and sports for adults and
for kids can be huge at combating ADHD symptoms. By the way, if you’re enjoying this live training
right now, help be on mission with me. I remember when I was a kid diagnosed with
ADHD, the doctor put me on medication. I took it for a day. I felt like I was a zombie. I immediately got off of it when I was a kid. But there are parents today still that feel
like they have to do that because they don’t know the natural ways to help people with
ADHD. So take a minute right now, click on that
Share button right here on Facebook Live, and YouTube Live, as well as the Like button
right now as well. So again, big things you got to get out, get
rid of sugar, get rid of gluten, conventional dairy, food dyes, refined carbohydrates. Really anything if you look at a food box
and you don’t know exactly what the ingredient is, don’t consume it. Packaged meats which are full of nitrates,
artificial sweeteners, soy products like soybean oil, and foods that are high of sensitivities
oftentimes like peanut butter. Almond butter, cashew butter, are better options. Here are some things you want to consider
doing. Taking bacopa as a supplement, omega-3s, probiotics,
essential oils like vetiver, cedarwood, lavender, and rosemary oil, coconut, protein, healthy
fiber and fat, and exercise. I’ll mention one other here, a vitamin B complex. Vitamin B complex has actually been shown
in clinical studies to support those with ADHD especially vitamins like vitamin B12. So again, that’s the other one I would consider
up there. So again, kids in terms of supplements with
ADHD, an omega-3 supplement, a probiotic, and a B complex would be the best along with
maybe a protein powder that comes from bone broth in a morning smoothie. Listen, if anybody follows this advice and
plan, I’m telling you, you will absolutely see results in ADHD. I’ve seen it myself, I’ve worked with thousands
of patients with ADHD and have seen improvements. I know it can help those you love. And I want to say thanks again for everybody
that’s on mission with me in helping change the health in the world by spreading this
information and this live video. And think about it, if you know somebody who
may be a parent who has a child with ADHD you can go on to the Dr. Josh Axe Facebook
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to use food as medicine. And if you’re not subscribed here to our channel
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how to overcome ADHD naturally, just Google search my name or go to my website, look up
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the topic on my website. Guys, have a great week. Hi, Dr. Axe here. I want to say thanks so much for checking
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  1. Recommending fish? Really what about all the toxins in fish? Fish is really not safe to ingest due to the fact that we are killing our oceans with pollution and over fishing. You need to show more scientific evidence for a great deal of these. Food dye I can agree because they are just bad for everyone. High fat and high protein is not proven by any means, excessive refined fats will just clog arteries along with animal protein will just create health problems in adulthood. Refined carbs can suck, but carbohydrates fuel the body and brain. We need the good healthy carbs, potatoes, whole grains, brown rice. The best diet for almost any issue is still whole food plant based. Bone broth has no actual scientific backing. I feel like these are all things that have been said for ages about ADHD but have not been scientifically proven in any way. Recommending that we avoid something because it can cause allergies to some or theorized to cause autoimmune or leaky gut I find baffling in this video, are you suggesting or saying that there is a direct link to these disorders and ADHD? If this is what you are suggesting please show links to studies to support this claim. Please provide actual evidence that all soy products are bad for ADHD and explain how you come to this conclusion, saying that some people have sensitivity to soy does not prove it to be detrimental to those with ADHD. I will agree that some soy products are not great such as highly processed soy isolates, but minimally processed tofu or some soy beverages are ok, the best way to consume soy would be in its natural bean form: protein and fibre, good source of vitamin K. I like that you suggest avoiding dairy but I would change it to all dairy, nothing in dairy that is meant for humans. Dairy is meant to grow baby animals big, human milk is completely different from cow or goats milk. The only milk humans need is human milk and we only need it as babies, adults do not need milk. Any calcium that we need should be obtained from healthy plant sources. Milk is actual detrimental to health. I love the idea of treating ADHD naturally, but every time I watch or read one of these itโ€™s always filled with stuff that isnโ€™t or hasnโ€™t been scientifically proven or it makes connections to other research that isnโ€™t completely correct. Even more irritating is when any doctor keeps recommending diets that are bad for the planet: agriculture (meat) and fish diets are unsustainable and destroying the ecosystem.

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  3. my add medicine always upsets my stomach. Iโ€™ve talked to my doctor and she said itโ€™s because I donโ€™t have a big breakfast. I had homemade Pancakes this morning and my stomach still hurt. I also had a panic attack today. Someone PLEASE help me Iโ€™m desperate.

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  8. Dr. Axe is always spot on and when it comes to diet and overall well being, I take his word as gospel. He has helped me through a kidney cleanse, and has helped me improve my overall lung health. Now I am taking on a much more challenging task in addressing my child's ADD/ADHD. Thanks for everything Dr. Axe!

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  13. Long story short- Go on an elimination diet. You'll have to look online further but basically you cut most food out and just eat foods that are very unlikely to cause allergies in people. Slowly add foods back in to see if anything causes a reaction.
    Supplements bacopa, omega 3s, and probiotics.

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