Nearly CHOMPED by a SHARK!

Nearly CHOMPED by a SHARK!

– Alright Coyote, so I
think we need to talk about what everybody
wants to know… How close were you to
actually getting chomped by that tiger shark? ♪Fire♪ ♪A fire on the mountain♪ (fiddle music) – What’s going on Coyote Pack? And welcome to another
episode of Base Camp. Now this one’s gonna be
a little bit different because instead of
reviewing and old episode on the Brave World
on this channel, we’re gonna review
the new series that just launched,
Blue Wilderness. – It’s out, it’s finally out. – The fist two episodes, yeah. – We’ve been developing this
for a very, very long time and I hope everybody
is liking it so far. It’s just the beginning but we
start out pretty, pretty big. – Yeah, tiger shark big. Nothing’s bigger than a two part diving with tiger sharks episode which took months to get
through post production. This was a big undertaking. – Yeah, it was a big story. Well you know the series launch, we wanted to give
a nice backstory, tell everybody what
the series is about and uh, do it justice. – We want it to start
with big splash. Dive into the deep end. – I see what you’re doing, I
see what you’re doing there. – Now usually we
start an episode with some Coyote Pack artwork, but unfortunately
today, we don’t have any Blue Wilderness oriented
artwork from the pack. Which means, you guys have
a homework assignment. Everybody needs to work on either making some
Blue Wilderness logo art or drawing
sharks, draw an octopus, draw the Loch Ness Monster,
whatever it might be, send it in to the P.O. Box
so we can start sharing Blue Wilderness artwork
here at the Base Camp set. – Yeah, and you know,
knowing that we may not have artwork for this
particular Base Camp, I didn’t make any artwork,
but I do have an artifact. Mario, I actually, it’s right
over there by you. Grab it. – Oh, here it is. Oooh what’s this buddy? – [Mark] You remember that? – Oh is it heavy – It’s heavy, it
might be expensive – It’s a little bit heavy – Yeah, put it back – I do remember this,
from the manatee segment? – [Mark] That is correct. So this is our very first underwater camera housing,
sort of the beginning stages of Blue
Wilderness, if you will. Um, which you know was
now almost three years ago that we filmed that, but uh,
it’s sort of a relic now, not something that
we’re gonna use again but I thought we could put
it up on the wall and… – Yeah, it’s kinda
fun to see this because the manatee segment,
besides being really cool swimming with the manatees,
it was our first like, true underwater segment, right? – [Mark] Yeah, it
was and uh, you know, starting with the manatees and leading up to
the tiger sharks there was a lot of baby
steps along the way like not only learning
how to film underwater and learning about
the different housings but also getting dive certified which, Mario, you only
got dive certified a week prior to swimming
with sharks, awesome – [Mario] Thank you, thank you. Yep, I basically went
the accelerated route I got dive certified and then – Speed certification – A few days later
I was on a boat heading to swim
with tiger sharks – And the other different
aspect is that Coyote went from being in
front of the camera to behind the camera,
you guys didn’t see me behind the camera
a lot but I was getting some of those shots and Mark took over
as the show host, so tell us, what was it
like getting in front of the camera for the first time in full perspective,
like, we know you’ve been on camera before but, this
is from the host perspective – Well, I have to
first and foremost man, not an easy job by
any means at all like, I mean, so much
respect for all the videos that we made together, you
stepping in front of the camera for the team, uh, it’s
not easy to deliver lines especially when there’s like
a crowd behind the camera and the boat’s rocking, and there’s so many
distractions going on so sort of keeping your focus becomes a challenge in itself. But beyond that, it
was really humbling. Now having this, you know, the full perspective
of all the roles, hopefully will not
only make me better as a new host, but
also a better director for the main series which,
speaking of directors, Mario made his directing
debut on these videos, Mario, what was it like? – [Mario] Well, in line
with what you said, I now have a better perspective as to the difficulty
of being a director. And there’s a lot of
responsibility that
a director feels um, you gotta make sure
you got all the shots all the cutaway shots,
so as you’re filming, I was also thinking of, alright
this is the next thing to do uh, Mark should say
this instead and… You know, it’s difficult
but I certainly appreciated the challenge. – But you had fun – [Mario] I did! – I know you had fun,
every time you said cut it was with a
smile on your face. – Cut, do it again, do it again. – Now just for
audience clarification, because a lot of
people have written in the comment section
on social media, is Mark quitting
Brave Wilderness? No, Mark’s not quitting
Brave Wilderness, Blue Wilderness is a
show that’s gonna be housed on the Brave
Wilderness channel. However, we’re also creating
the Blue Wilderness channel because we’re looking
to diversify the
content on YouTube. Not only through shows,
like Blue Wilderness, and Beyond Dinosaurs, but
also by building new channels. So hopefully, it’s just
gonna attract more people to the world of animals. – Absolutely, this is
about being versatile, all of us have roles that we could actually
intertwine, and switch, and just be really good
at what we’re doing. – And you’re gonna be
out there again with us under the ocean surface, right? – We’ll see, as long as
you don’t get seasick. – Seasick, that
was the big reason, obviously, I can’t
host everything and with the idea of
diversifying the channel, we want to start
plugging different people into different
roles to branch out. Now yes, I get
seasick quite a bit but actually didn’t get
seasick on this voyage strangely enough,
like we really had this whole scene planned
where it was like oh, Coyote’s gonna be
puking over the side, it’s gonna be funny, but… – You had the Scops patch – Yeah if you guys looked,
like we were wearing Band-Aids, those actually keep you
from getting seasick. – One thing I do have to say, I take a moment to
thank Jonathan Bird and his amazing team
with Blue World. We could not have done this
production without them certainly was the primary
factor in keeping us safe and aware for our very
first shark encounter. So, definitely check out
Jonathan’s channel, right here he’s got BlueWorldTV, lots
of amazing underwater videos and I don’t think this
is gonna be the last time we’re gonna work with Jonathan
and those amazing guys so stay tuned. – Yeah, they are a
goofy bunch of guys that loves diving
underwater and just so much fun and I know one thing that a lot of people noticed
and commented on was like, Whoa, you guys are doing your first shark
episode with no cages? I mean that was the
thing that I think was really crazy
for us and probably anybody out there
watching is that we’re getting into the
water with all these sharks and most of the time you see people in cages, but
this is one of those unique spots in the
world that you can go and get in the water with
sharks without cages, so… – Yeah, it’s all
very calculated, we certainly didn’t just go
off and dive with any sharks, this area is a known dive spot, this occurs year-round and
we were with professionals. – Alright Coyote, so I
think we need to talk about what everybody wants to know, how close were you to actually getting chomped by
that tiger shark? – Pretty close, closer
thank I think anybody would ever want to get with a tiger shark,
a 14 foot predator I know a lot of you
have been asking Coyote, when are you gonna
get bitten by a shark? Never, certainly
not intentionally but this, this was close. – That was close. – It was very close, and I
distinctly remember underwater after it happened, everybody
was looking at each other like did you see that? And everyone, I think we got
like four different shots everyone’s like, oh yeah we saw. – Yeah, good thing all
the cameras were rolling to get the shot. – Yeah so we have the
footage here today why don’t we take a look
at all four of those clips and then we can examine just how close things
actually got for Coyote. – Sure, perfect, let’s watch
it all through once first. – Here we go. Alright so, big tiger
shark’s coming around you’re filming, you’re
filming, ooh oh! So that was kinda tough, ’cause you were blocking
the camera there so you really couldn’t
see how close you got. – I like how I went
right back to like oh, and I’m just filming now. – That was commitment. – I think that was my shot, I
think this is Jonathan’s shot yeah, this is the close one. Woom, that one you can
actually see how close you got. – And you see how I really
had to pull my arm back and good thing he
drifted off to the side and I just continue
to get the shot. – That’s your shot – This is, this is your shot actually kinda blocked but bump ah man, you definitely see
under the shark’s nose. – Yeah, I had to
kinda lose my hold on the camera at one point. – Look at you,
you’re like, like… – I tell you what, my heart
was racing at that point – No like, we know,
Coyote, we know. Alright. You know, looking
at it in slow-motion without the dramatic
music from the episode you know, you may not
know how close that was but I think down there in
the moment, we all knew. – Well here’s,
here’s what happened what we were instructed, is that when sharks come
straight at you, you hold your ground, right the sharks will almost
every single time drift off to the left or right we experience this
with all shark species like we would stay there
and the shark would come at you, come
at you, come at you almost like a game of chicken and then it would go
whoop off to the side – I think this is an
important point to make too because when we first
got down to the bottom, the sharks are very cautious,
they’re very apprehensive they’re not like
coming in right away and making a beeline for you like, they’re actually
gonna scope you out first before they even think about
getting close to the cameras so, actually when
you get down there, you’re hoping the sharks
get closer to you, you try to remain calm
and still so hopefully you can get that epic shot but, inevitably they
do get confident and they get closer, and
closer, and closer, and closer and then the contact comes – Well, and certainly
at a point where they’re in an experience
where they’re feeding and they’re like oh, maybe this
person has something for me they’re gonna come
over and check it out – [Mario] Certainly, yeah,
and that’s a great situation, or a great example, maybe
not so great for you but uh, that shark coming
up approaching very slowly it wasn’t like just
going fast and mouth open it was approaching slowly
and when it bumped into you you did something where you accidentally touched kinda
the bottom of his snout. – Yeah, I don’t think it,
I think it was like this ’cause you got caught off guard – Well, he bounced off
the front of the camera and the shark was so
close at that point I couldn’t really see
what was happening it was just like, whoa the
shark didn’t go to the side – You can see right here – You can see there, the way
that I had put my hand up ’cause I couldn’t
see through my mask and you could see all the
bubbles in front of me once that shark
collided with the camera I didn’t know where
to put my hand, I couldn’t see where
I was putting my hand so I hit the underneath
part of his nose and he came up, you could
see his eye roll back and the white come over like, – The teeth come out – He was ready to bite – Essentially, you just
triggered a feeding response because the professional feeders when they actually have
the sharks approach they put the fish
underneath their snouts ’cause as we know, sharks
have the Ampullae of Lorenzini all these receptors
around their snout, as soon as you
touch one of those they’re gonna open their
mouth reflexively, right? – I should’ve put the
camera into his mouth – You should have – Just given him
something to eat – I mean, I’m just
glad you didn’t get bit I mean, what were you
thinking in that moment explain, ’cause you know,
when you’re down there like you know, after this is all done and we’re looking
at the footage now, it’s easy to be like, oh
yeah man it was no big deal swimming with sharks, but
like when you’re down there you are on guard. – Yeah and when you’re looking
down the little viewfinder of a GoPro camera, underwater,
through a dive mask, everything’s disorienting
so, what I saw was the shark getting that close, in the
moment there I was like, oh it’s hitting the
camera, I started to move and then those bubbles came up just like in Jaws
or something like (low pitched aggressive cry) and I could see down
the mouth of that shark and the first thing
I just thought was, move to the side,
and you can see I kinda pull my hands
back immediately knowing that like,
oh man, if the shark feels something in its mouth,
that’s when it’s gonna grab and shake its head. – Yeah you know that,
that’s a good point underwater during
the experience, it seems so much more intense
and essentially faster I was behind you
when that happened I got that initial
shot, that perspective and it was such a quick
movement that you did spinning, turning,
shark’s gone, back to you and we’re just like,
that just happened – Well I mean I was
immediately thinking oh man that might be the
shot of the tip right there I better keep the camera
going and in frame and with everybody that
was down there with us I think I was the only one
that actually got chomp- well like, we consider
it a chomped at, but it was a nonaggressive
move on the shark’s part which was clear
once it went past and it’s like, oh there was
nothing here for me to eat okay I’m gonna
circle around again, – And, and to be
fair, I don’t know if we told you this beforehand but Mario and I, we
did a lot of research before we shot
this video, clearly uh but, we were told
by many people like, hey you may want
to reconsider this to be your first shark dive because the sharks
do make contact inevitably, they do get
confident enough to come in and test you out and it’s not an aggressive
like, I wanna kill you test you out, it’s a like,
what, what are you man? – Yeah, hey, do you have
any fish for me or something yeah uh, you know,
right after that shark just kinda circled
around everyone and went back to feeding – Yeah like nothing happened
and it is surprising just how easy it is to
move such a large animal away from you underwater, which, here, I’ll show you I brought one of my clips. This is what ideally
you want to happen this is uh, yeah,
here you can see the shark is approaching me and you wanna keep
your palm down and push the shark away from you see there you go so, and
then just push it away. – Yeah so you made
your move a lot quicker I let the shark run into me which, if I had
earlier on been like, I mean, my low
angle too, I think I was at a disadvantage
too, right from the start being as low as I was,
and not really having anywhere to go, other
than hoping, alright the shark’s gonna
go to the side. – Yeah but, but yeah,
that’s exactly, Mark, Mark put his hand on top of
the shark, kind of push down he didn’t trigger that response
which is reflexive, right of opening the mouth, yeah. – But I have to say, I
think the big takeaway from all of this is that those
sharks are super intelligent and amazing to be
around underwater like, I honestly can’t wait to
go back and do it again. – It was uh, it was fairly
surreal to be in the water and then having these
massive predators just kinda pass right by you and at some points
you will look at them directly in their eyes, and
they’re looking back at you – And I, I think you
lose sort of like, it’s not that you
ever lose respect for what those animals are but you do start to get
comfortable in that environment. At first, you’re like, holy
cow, there are sharks everywhere and then it’ll just be like,
oh you’re getting one shot and before you know it, you
know three or four sharks are just coming past
the side of you like, whoa, it’s a good thing
that nobody got curious and decided to bite onto
my leg at that point. – You know, we will say
as well, at all times, we were instructed to always have your head on
a swivel, right so you’re constantly,
you’re getting the shot but you’re also looking
over your shoulder, right. If you see one of your buddies,
a shark coming from behind they’re not aware, give
them the signal, right. So we’re always kind of aware
and always looking around. – Which, what’s
the shark signal? Shark! And how about, what
if it’s a tiger shark? Big shark! – Run, swim, whatever
it is but I mean this was cool, I
think the audience gets a really great perspective of what it takes to make
these underwater videos by us analyzing the
scenario and pointing out instances there were almost
really pretty catastrophic, just, tell you what, you
get bit by a tiger shark that far out in the ocean like, – [Mario] It’s game over. – [Coyote] It would’ve
been really bad. – [Mark] Thankfully
you didn’t get bit. – Close call, very close call. – Yeah, about as close
as you ever want to get but, if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to go back and check
out the tiger shark videos there’s a two part episode,
episode one right here, and uh, yeah lots more to
come from Blue Wilderness – Stay tuned, lots
more to come for sure – And don’t forget guys, send in your Blue Wilderness
artwork to the P.O. box so that we can start debuting
it here on the channel. I’m Coyote Peterson, – I’m Mark Vins – I’m Mario Aldecoa – Be brave – [Together] Stay wild – We’ll see you on the
next Base Camp adventure. – Let’s take a look at that – Yeah, one more time If you like this
episode of Base Camp, make sure to go back and
watch the series premier of Blue Wilderness, where
we went face to face with giant tiger sharks. And if you haven’t yet,
follow us on Instagram so you can keep up with all
the behind the scenes action on our latest adventures. (fire roars, bird caws)

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