Nev Rolling His Eyes For 5 Minutes Straight | Catfish: The TV Show

Nev Rolling His Eyes For 5 Minutes Straight | Catfish: The TV Show

– [Taylor] Hello? – Hey Taylor, what’s up? – [Taylor] Hey
Nev, good morning. – Eh, this is so funny. – I just wanna be able
to look at the camera all day and roll my eyes. – It’s almost like. – And know that
you’re gonna use it. I just wanna know that like – You know Jim from The Office, where you’re like. – Right, right. I feel like each of us should get an eyeball
eye roll camera, yeah. (dramatic music) Yeah. – I’m like, well
let’s Face Time. And he’s like, “Oh
I can’t, ’cause my camera’s broken.” – That’s weird. – Have you guys
ever video chatted? – [Woman] No, because
he doesn’t video chat. – Right – [Woman] I really
thought that was weird. – Like I will buy you a webcam. And he’s like, “No,
you’re not spending money on me.” – That’s bogus. – I added her on like Instagram, but she won’t Face Time me. And we’ve talked on the phone. – Oh my God. – And he would
say that his front camera is broken. – What’s the video
chat situation? – Her phone is broken. – Love can make you
do crazy things. – What does she do in the Navy? – She’s like I’m a nurse. – [Max] Okay, so. – She’s like, “Oh, I
couldn’t find a baby sitter for a little seven
year old child.” Or, “Oh, I’m stuck at work.” And the only thing I can do, is just continue to have
positive vibes about it. That has to be her. – [Nev] It can only
be picked up by someone showing ID? – Yes. – [Max] Well, that’s something. – That’s all really
helpful, appreciate it. – [Man] All right,
thank you man. – Okay, well okay. – She really wants
to pursue her dreams, so I wanna make that happen. – What are her dreams? – She wants to become
a successful model. (dramatic music) – [Man] If she need help just. – She knows he’s lying, I mean come on. She’s doing a lot of research. She’s looking at the
page of the club, and seeing making sure
the photos he’s sending aren’t from there. Alright, so. – Ever maybe created
a fake profile or took over one of
Sierra’s profiles? – [Woman] I could see
something like that. – And he said don’t
come and meet me? – It was just bad
timing I guess. – Bad timing? – She’s gonna be, she’s gonna be hurt. (dramatic music) – What things have
happened in the last few years? – [Girl] Um, like his mom dying. – Come on. (phone ringing) Uh-oh, that’s a lot of rings. – [Woman] Hey guys,
sorry I can’t answer your phone call, so text me. – [Woman] He said,
“Oh, we’ll meet up.” Like I waited like for hours, and he was like, “I just
have the gas to come.” – [Girl] Has he ever asked you? – All he does is
talk about Mike, and how he wants to meet him. – [Woman] Yes – Did she say why she did it? – [Man] She said
that she had no life outside of her
own, so she had to. – And she’s got another
sister named Lexa. – Right. – Me and Sammy were
going through some stuff when I went on IMVU. – The only real
piece of evidence was the phone number
that he used to use, and now his brother Shawn uses. – Right. – That was the only thing that was still kind of
like a weird thing for me. – Let’s just wait
until we get there. – Right. – The question is
where is Dartalius now, and is he in control
of that Tallie account? – She was just always like my, you know silent situation
over here, you dig? (dramatic music) – Was supposed to meet
up with her back in July when she apparently
got kidnapped. – If there’s any chance
that it is her though, I wanna follow this through. Because, I know if we do meet, that physical chemistry
is gonna be great. It’s like, “All right
bet, let’s just do this.” – Do you remember what
she changed her name to? – [Man] Yeah, Lexi, Lexa, Alexa. – [Woman] I got a
message from his phone saying that it was his friend. – [Nev] Classic. – [Woman] She said
if I loved him that I would send him money. – What?! – And what did you do? – I sent it. – Oh my God! – [Woman] I just kept
on saying where are you? An hour and a half later
he texted me saying sorry he fell asleep but why would you do
that if you know someone’s coming to meet you? – We thought maybe
we’d show that to you and be like ‘Oh my God, yes!’ – Can’t say that. – My dad, he was in
the Navy, so we moved all the time. – Why don’t we just
come over there. Sit tight, we’ll see you soon. – Okay – Alright – So what’s the plan? But what if one of
them could be the one who’s talking to
Katherine secretly? Using his accounts
to talk to her. – True Could that be her nickname? – Yeah, so then I say to her – The silver lining
though, is that maybe if he’s lying about
something like his name, then your lie all of a sudden becomes less harmful. (laughing) This doesn’t look so good. – Then we gotta go help her. – I have butterflies,
a lot of butterflies. – We were curious if
you could give us a little bit of
background about your friendship with Alicia. – [Woman] Um, sure,
she dated my brother for a while. So that’s how I know her. – Okay – It’s not what you
wanted, but you yourself have done that. – Right – I’m still confident
that she is who she says she is. Like, personally but not visually anymore obviously. – I just really
can’t say anything more than that. I feel horrible and also bad.

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  1. CTFU me in everyday life. I'd have hours of footage in a single day LOL 🙄🙄🙄🙄 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  2. Whoever edited this video is a genius. Also, I love how Nev's eye rolls have different levels, from "wow this person is kinda stupid" to "i can't believe this idiot just said that and meant it"

  3. I’m sorry but literally no one’s webcam should be broken unless you’re literally hammering it down to break it 😂😂😂 this is not the early 2000’s when webcams were separate from the computer, goodbye lol 👋🏾

  4. I need an eye roll camera in my life, i do this allllll the time. I eye rolled my toaster because my bread popped out still soft

  5. I think we all rolled our eyes 1000X at the girl that had the baby she never met with the girl that she'd never met 🙄

  6. My video chat hangs up calls and lags and wont even load sometimes so it can be a valid reason yeah these are catfishes but it also makes no one believe me when I say I cant video chat

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