Never Wanted To Find This Magnet Fishing…(Could have Killed Someone)

Big Dave just hooked on something big right here and he’s pulling it up. That’s the same guy. He’s following us There’s not a little magnificient guys. Welcome back to another episode. We are at new location check this place out. Hopefully it’s pretty promising So make sure you stick around see if we find anything Well if I got Hey, that guy’s look like I got chained to some sorts shine Like I’m pulling it real slow Oh Check that out. Oh, it’s definitely something Hey, that guy’s my big day. Just hooked on something big right here, and he’s pulling it up Whenever this is guys it’s big All’s another one of those things we’re gonna get so much hate we throw that back in like last time This was metal pole – oh My god All right guys, look at that some people over there. They got their dogs and they’re jumping in the water That’s how unsafe those things are dude It’s conservation. I Think so So that there’s been a little magnet fishing Yeah, there’s one right next to the dock right there Did you want that spiky thing out of the water that’s I Hate to see somebody jump on it Yeah We pretty much cleaned that place out All right, guys, we’re leaving right now That was the city Moberly It seems like they don’t really want us over here doing this and you all saw we got that spike thing in the water And he told us not to pull it out. So we’re gonna head out and go somewhere else You’re at a new bridge We were told about this place people said there’s a lot of stuff get thrown off of here washing machines dryers all that good stuff Did bring the 1,500 pound pool magnet, we will throw in. Hopefully we find something Over here, okay plenty fear of calming a hater guys fishing No, we just bought throughout two times already just Be careful, yeah All right, thank you All right guys, that’s the same guy he’s following us Definitely something on there. Oh, yeah. Yeah that Oh, Hole or something take a look at that. Not too bad. Oh Yeah, I got something Do that guys old chain Alright guys, take a look what we found real quick. We’re gonna find a whole lot As you could tell that city worker from last time showed back up again Anyways did find its old chain Found this pipe and a couple of nails, you know a whole lot and This this we got something out of the water. Well, thank you for watching I really appreciate it and see you on next episode and make sure you hit that subscribe button. Thank you

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