NEW AQUARIUM SETUP Hardscape Part 2: Rookie Mistake

NEW AQUARIUM SETUP Hardscape Part 2: Rookie Mistake

(intense music) – [Dustin] Uh I need a towel. (intense music) What’s up fish tank people? Dustin’s Fish Tanks bringing it to you with part two of my
neighbor Marniece’s tank. How’s everybody doing? I hope you’re doing well. In today’s video I show you the hard-scape and I love the way this video ends when I hand it off. This is a two brick lookin’ piece. It’s not, there’s nothing sexy about it. So we’re gonna break it up and I’m gonna hammer it out on their driveway. I’m sure they’re thrilled. I’m gonna leave this open area over here just for now. She said she doesn’t
want a lot of driftwood and I was trying to explain to her like the driftwood will be
softened with the plants so yeah there’s all kinds of crazy ways we can go. – [Marniece] Yeah the kids
that were doing that contest on one of your videos that was neat. – [Dustin] That makes me cry every time every time. (talking over each other) Cause that’s what I did. Well I mean I see it in you when you’re telling me that like – [Marniece] I know I would’ve
been one of those kids. – [Dustin] I could come
out the top here too. Would that way be kinda cool. So that’s gotta be trimmed
in order to keep the flow. So we’re gonna trim that. I think that’ll be perfect. Alright, so this is a cool piece. I haven’t really gotten
into the flow of this yet. And everybody who’s
followed my scapes before watching this, I always
start left to right. I’m starting right to left. I’m trying to be ambidextrous these days. That’s a creative thing
that I’ve struggled with so I wanna kinda challenge myself to go another way. It’s my standard
hard-scaping material though nothing uh nothing too crazy. Couple of critiques on it. The height of these two. That needs to be higher up to cover the pipe more and give me more flow out. And speaking of higher up, I do like to bring my scapes up a little bit more vertical and I told you this week would be the 900 gallon aquarium but we have some more
work to do on that video. But you can see we do bring
that sucker up quite a ways so hit subscribe button to make sure you get that video when it comes out. I like the attacking look of the driftwood so I’m trying to work
complimentary pieces together. So like this piece could work. This is an amazing piece with the structure on there
– [Marniece] That is cool. – [Dustin] I like the
point with the tension but I gotta get up higher to secure that or I could cut here. But that’s definitely gonna work its way in the back somehow. Ooo I can make that work. Alright I can trim that. So that’s gonna go in the back there. So this can come the full length. It’s a little too straight for my liking but it makes up for it with
the character on the end. That’s actually gonna
be a runner right here so we gotta figure out how
we’re gonna get that in there. (intense music) – [Marniece] That’s neat. I like it poking out at
the top a little bit. – [Dustin] Okay – [Marniece] Yeah cause why not – [Dustin] You’re cool with that, alright. – [Marniece] Now where
would the water lilies go? Like how would they play in? – [Dustin] Well they come in a little later. In fact we’re not even
talking about them until – [Marniece] You’ve got
to think about plants. – [Dustin] Yeah I don’t
do any planting at all until the hard-scape is done. It looks like one, I gotta get this piece. – [Marniece] And I want a cave. – [Dustin] I know, the cave is gonna be the challenging part over here. We’re gonna do a blacked out spot I gotta break that piece of this the ugly piece of wood. She originally wanted a grotto I had to talk her out of the grotto. So I don’t like the way this comes out. Because you lose the negative space. You want negative space between there and the surface and then we can go up out through but right here your eye needs to
be left right about here so – [Marniece] You can lop it off some. – [Dustin] I’m gonna go lower uh like this. And that’s getting there. There we go I’m taking that. What do you think? That’s coming. Yeah that’ll work. Now I gotta get a third piece. The tension on that’s good. Now I gotta come with this one right here. And so that kinda ties it in. – [Marniece] It looks
really heavy there on that on the right side. – [Dustin] Yes it is
heavy on the right side and that’s because I
need to get more gravel. I don’t know I was thinking about going do you wanna do a duel? Cause I can get more of this rock I can build this other side up too. I was kinda thinking about grass. – [Marniece] Well and there’s
gonna be a bubble thing. – [Dustin] I think the bubble
thing should go over there. – [Marniece] Okay – [Dustin] Leave it there. And you’ll notice that she said it’s a little bit heavy on the right side it’s actually intensional because the way this tank sits in this room its in that corner so I wanna be coming up out of that corner versus having the scape aim into the corner I think it kinda fits into
the corner of the room and pulls you into it. I like the height of that. That works really well. And then see you got this
little edge right here you don’t have to worry about that because this will be
covered up with plants cause we’re gonna plant
all the way down in there. And we can get a little
secure that down there. Actually that’s common. Alright I need something. It needs a little bit
more fightiness that way. Like something more aggressive. (intense music) And uh I’m gonna get
away from it creatively, I’m gonna go outside
and break up this rock. And I’m gonna build this
piece up a little higher and I’m gonna slap some more dusty dirt kinda like rock work in there. Keep it rolling. (hammering) This is the character you want. This is what you want. You want the character you got your angles you got your edges. I learned every single bit of that from Oliver Knott. I thank him all the time cause I learned more in 15 minutes hanging out with him. Back inside. (intense music) And that looks a little awkward there because it’s like off you know. But when you get plants in there it won’t. (intense music) – [Marniece] They’re asking
if the tank is drilled again. – [Dustin] Yeah it’s a drilled Fluval F90. So yes it’s drilled. Which you can always undo. You can clog the holes
but yeah it’s drilled. I’m not even gonna put
any plants in there today. – [Marniece] What’s the
name of the brand again? – [Dustin] This is a Fluval F90. This tank is a Fluval F90 Rimless with a Fluval stand its got my LED lights on it. But it’s a Fluval F90 Aquarium. Cool let’s fill it up. It’s a Fluval 306 canister. In my humble opinion, Fluval makes the best canister. Everybody screws this up. You gotta undo the take these out of the package. I’m actually not even
gonna run carbon in this. Little filter trays are awesome. With the little handles on them. These are great. So you can use your own media. I would double down on these. I don’t use the carbon. – [Marniece] And once
you put this together you can’t take it back apart? – [Dustin] No you can take it apart easy. – [Marniece] Oh you can? – [Dustin] Yeah. It’s cool its got this
little lever I’ll show you. So what we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna fill it then we’re gonna turn the
filter on and everything. I’m gonna leave that part empty. You always wanna make sure
this has the little lip. That’s the only spot that’s different. That’s how you screw it up. This goes here, clip, clip. So this is slick. You slide in here. – [Marniece] So if the power goes out, you have to figure out how to
keep the pump running right? – [Dustin] If the power goes out you unplug the pump if its been off for more than a half hour. Cause the bacteria in the pump will die. Alright you fish tank freaks I’m gonna stay here for a minute. If the power goes out this is important write this down. If the power goes out in your aquarium for more than like 20 minutes 30 minutes half hour or whatever, the beneficial bacteria
in your filter will die. So you wanna make sure
that you unplug your filter when the power goes out and dump all that nasty skank water out of your filter before it kicks back on or you’re going to kick
ammonia back into your tank. Ask Steve Edie click the link below he tells a story about one time he had a beautiful cardinal tank and all of his fish died when the power kicked back on and turned the filter back in and killed all of his fish
with the ammonia water. Don’t do it. Unplug it. Drain it. Yeah this little lever right here. – [Marniece] Okay – [Dustin] Kills everything here and then this is the disconnect. – [Marniece] Okay – [Dustin] This is gonna go here and then the cool part there’s no mess. I actually could shorten these tubes slightly but these are gonna go right up onto here like that. And those are going on there. And you’re in, you’re out. My only slight concern is the power strip being directly underneath them but we can move that. That will all go behind. We’ll get rid of this ugly guy. Ugly guy, we’ll go to the clear guy. It’s a little more aesthetically pleasing. And now, we will slowly add some water. It’s gonna look terrible. Cause it’s gonna have all the dust is gonna float up and everything with the rocks and the
branches are gonna go places but then were just gonna get water in it and get it running. And then we’re gonna stare at it. And then were gonna work on the plants. (intense music) (filter running) We got something spilling down here. We got spilling. – [Marniece] Is the electric right there? – [Dustin] Yeah. – [Marniece] Don’t shock yourself. I’m getting a towel. – [Dustin] I’m coming in. I need a towel. – [Marniece] Here’s one. Do you want the empty bucket? – [Dustin] Nah we’re good. Shoot. – [Marniece] Don’t electrocute yourself. – [Dustin] Hey unplug that
over there behind you will you? I didn’t put the seal in. – [Marniece] Here’s a bucket for you. – [Dustin] Gotta open it up Dusty. Fail. – [Man] We won’t tell. – [Dustin] Forgot the seal. That’s a rookie mistake right there. – [Marniece] I’m glad you didn’t die. – [Dustin] Oh no. (intense music) We’re gonna test this filter out. Here it goes. Alright slick. (intense music) So I want her to do it cause I want you know. Catch your fish, you can eat for a day, teach you to fish, you
can eat for a lifetime. You’re putting in the hardest plant that we’re going in here with. Where would you like
Nymphaea Tri Color to go? Nymphaea means low. – In a very visible place. Now what’s she like. Like a wanna put the
bubble thing in the back I don’t wanna disturb it too much so. – Well we’re gonna do – Cause when it comes up to
the surface it’ll bloom right? – Here you go, give her the weapon. So you take that and then you take this
big piece right here. Every master was once a disaster so you just have to go in and play and you have to get into it. Cause it’s more fun for you to get it in. – [Marniece] Is the
branch gonna tear it up? – [Dustin] No Mar. Just shove it way down. The trick is you want to shove it as far down into the gravel as you can. Pinch it and stab it way down in there. Way in there. – [Marniece] This is like
giving a shot at our clinic. – [Dustin] There you go. – [Marniece] You don’t
wanna hit the bone man. – [Dustin] There is no bone here. You can go. Now you’re better off having more of that plant down low than up high cause it’ll absorb nutrients from there. – Oh my gosh Hello little buddy. Do I put it in the same place? – [Dustin] I would put it near there yeah. Put it like an inch away from that. – [Marniece] I’m not
gonna hurt the roots am I? – [Dustin] That’s it. This is above water growth right here. And then it’s gonna shoot
out new leaves here. So this is all gonna die. But that’s okay. Take this. And this is a heavy root here so we’re gonna have to (intense music) How bout that folks? Dustin doing a fish tank for a change. The best part about this entire video is the fact that she wanted
to take control of it and I actually walked out of the place while she was scaping it herself. Do me a favor drop me a
comment on what you think about this aquarium. Stay tuned next week for
the 9 hundo at the new port. Tank on everybody. Later. (intense music)

59 thoughts on “NEW AQUARIUM SETUP Hardscape Part 2: Rookie Mistake

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