NEW AQUARIUM SETUP, Nano Tank Out of the TOP

NEW AQUARIUM SETUP,  Nano Tank Out of the TOP

– What’s up fish tank
people, Dustin’s Fish Tank’s bringing it to you on a Sunday baby. How’s everybody doing? I hope you’re doing well,
this feels like the way it used to be when I used
to just make the video. Hit upload on Sundays, now
we edit them during the week. But anyway, I have to see, two days after the summer solstice
at greenhouse 2.0, I was doing this when it was a field. You gotta take care of your family, you gotta take care of your kids. You gotta be around for
them, Sunday is definitely a family day for me, which is why my man Andrew is helping me with
uploads, love you Andrew. You’re editing this out, you are the man. And yeah, you gotta do it,
but when they’re all asleep, and you’ve had a cup of coffee, and you wanna see it,
and it’s a beautiful day, you just go, so that’s the advice. When your kids are sleeping,
just take advantage of it and do what you gotta do. And this is something that I’m dying to talk about, this is three days removed from the summer solstice,
the longest day of the year. When the sun is all the way over there. And I had to plan this all out before I built the building,
which side you want the build to go on and what have you. And as you can see, the sun is reflecting right off of here, right
up there, perfectly. And now it’s headed back this way so that in the winter
time, it’ll be over here. But in the summer, all
the way up until June, it’s all over there, so I have to say, I think I nailed it, boom. This is for the people of the sun. So this was the original design. Was to have this as the back wall, well three years, four
years later it’s coming. Then this plant, which I thought was the Red Stem Thalia is not. And it’s over shading because
it survived the winter, the Red Stem Thalia. So the Red Stem Thalia is
not getting enough light and is being over shadowed and
out competed for nutrients. So the Red Stem Thalia is coming with me. (electronic music) Separate it, because I’ve got this one, big one’s gonna stay in the pond then I’ve got another one
I’m gonna bring to 2.0. There we go, and I’m
actually gonna move it to a better spot in the pond. So, original design was over here. Thalia was too short, so now
we’ve moved her out here. She’s already getting more light. And that may not be the
permanent resting home, but that’s where she’ll be for now. I actually wanna scoot
her over just a tiny bit. But it is what it is, so
we’re gonna take this, and we’re gonna roll to
Greenhouse 2.0 with the Thalia, the Red Stem Thalia, I love
this plant, I love this plant. (electronic music) What’s up Fish Tank people,
Dustin’s Fish Tank’s bringing it to you on a Sunday baby. How’s everybody doing? I hope you’re doing
well, in today’s video, it’s Dustin’s Fish Tank, so we’re actually gonna set up a fish tank for a change. I’m excited, I’ve got one
of these little rimless from our friends at Planet Aquarium. Super pumped to be rocking this one here. It is a rimless tank, I wanna
go above the rim with this. And today it’s Sunday, it’s specie Sunday. I’m gonna bring in one of
my favorite pond plants divided from Greenhouse
One to Greenhouse 2.0, and actually get some
vertical action going on in here today, the
rimless from our friends at Planet Aquarium,
they have also sponsored the kids’ aquascaping contest
at Aquacello one and two. So good folks, I’m excited because I want to play with this
tank because it’s rimless. And for me, a rimless tank,
you just gotta come up out of the rim, and now
we have a clear canvas. I’m gonna use some of the Fluval stratum. And the goal is to bring it up out of the top of the rim,
the first plant that we have is the all mighty Red Stem Thalia. Now this is a full sun, full Monty plant. And having it out here
where we have maximum sun in 2.0 is pretty awesome,
quick note about the sun, this is for the people of the sun, it’s coming back around,
we are three days removed from the summer solstice,
the longest day of the year. I’m gonna just get straight
up woo woo with you about it. I absolutely went out here a million times while this thing was being built, and while this thing
was being constructed, and I stood, because I had
to design the greenhouse the way I wanted, people
in lives aren’t gonna get what they want because
they don’t know what they want, what I wanted was the sun to come and hit. I’m super jacked because right now, the sun, as you can see right here, is actually coming up this way. So the design that I had
on paper, and came out here and stood out and watched my
shadow was actually working. So I’m super excited, and now the sun’s gonna slowly head back that way. So, definitely excited
about the way the sun is hitting the greenhouse,
with that rant aside, here comes the Red Stem Thalia,
which also likes the sun. I wanna get a closeup of this, my beloved Andrew, camera
man that I love so much. All right, so this is the plant as of June 25th, one, two, three, four, if you wanna count that,
five, six, seven leaves. Count it now, because this
thing grows like a beast. So I’m gonna take the Fluval stratum and I’m gonna feed it
at its roots down here, because why not, and I’m
gonna grow this sucker out. And note this plant in my pond with my koi doesn’t get eaten and actually has a lot more nitrates available,
which the plant loves. So I’m hoping I can get rampant growth. I hope it fills this whole thing in. I’m gonna make this the
starting point of the scape, then I’m gonna work
everything else around it. Put a layer of this
stuff in at the bottom. Start from there. This is just the food right here. (electronic music) No, I don’t worry about
breaking the glass. You know what, if you break a tank because you’re putting big rocks in it and you break it, guess what. You’ve got a cool story,
yeah I was trying too hard. Big tank needs big rocks, you know what, sometimes a little tank needs big rocks. And it’s always best to wear long sleeves and long pants in a
greenhouse in almost July. It’s the best move you can do for your perspiration,
it’s always recommended. Do me a favor folks,
you know I’m having fun setting up aquariums in
here in Dustin’s Fish Tank setting up fish tanks,
what kind of aquarium setup would you like for me to
do here in Greenhouse 2.0? Maybe it’s a Cichlid
tank, maybe you want me to do some crazy tetra
tank, maybe you want me to set up a brackish
tank, drop me a comment on what style of aquarium, and size, you wanna see me do in here. I wanna take a measurement, I’m gonna like mark this plant or something,
where this one comes out. Because the growth rate
that plant gives you is second to none, it’s not fair, because it’s got the aerial advantage, so it comes up out of
the top of the water, so it’s got readily available CO2, full Kentucky atrium style roof sunshine. But regardless, this thing is about to really, really take off,
so I’m super excited about it. I’ve seen these plants grow in six degrees from the equator in Peru, and
now I’m gonna mess with them in this tank, I’m intentionally gonna grab some of the swords that
are already coming out of the top of the water,
and I’m gonna grow these up out the top. So I like that the swords
are a background plant. Always remove the wall,
always remove the rubber band. Because of the nature of this rock, it’s gonna make a mess when I fill it, which I’m fine with, because
obviously I’ve got the ability to dump it in a greenhouse floor. But for those of you at
home, you can drain then fill and you’ll be just fine,
now I wanna bring some color to the front, I wanna
bring the Alternanthera because I know it’s come on top. I like the way that that front piece is kind of overpowering it. Have you seen a Lilacina boys and girls? Have you seen it? Because it’s all up in your booty, oh. Lilacina coming out the
top, that already had aerial advantage growth on
it, so we’re gonna use it. (electronic music) Notice there’s no driftwood in here, yet. Something we can play with. But I wanna kind of hit like a little low thing in the front
here, that’s kind of like this big cascade, and then there’s a bunch of little action down below,
the Stauro we have right now is off the hook, I’ve
also got the tenellus. Shout out to Prana Pants,
you can get these things wet. Although, we’ve got some options here. So I’ve the Stauro, narrow,
nobody has Stauro like this. I’m sorry, and then this
is Lobelia Cardinalis. This is actually a fun one, I
might use this in the front. This is converted too, nice job to my team converting this, Lobelia
Cardinalis comes in and has these like real
big above water leaves. Then it grows these little
smaller ones underneath. So, super stoked, long
stem, and this will actually be a perfect foreground plant, lot of room to work with on these, Lobelia Cardinalis. And it’ll give me that little round spot in the front that I’m looking for. So the goal is for me to
make this little like, chill area at the bottom
of the big canyon, right? Not that I feel like being outside chilling at the bottom of
a big canyon or anything. Hypothetically speaking of course. And the Lobelia’s gonna
lose the big leaves but then keep on with the smaller. I like that, so that’s got the little low, like underground, I don’t wanna say fern to get people confused,
because it’s not a fern. But like if you go in a forest. Now this is the part that people don’t, they don’t wanna mess with. But it’s the fun part, and
it’s also the messy part and notice, I’m doing this whole scape without any water in it, which I didn’t do for years, for years. But this is the nasty, kind of like, got a little slime on it type rock thing. And all these little pieces are critical because they hold everything in place. (water splashing) Thing I love about small
tanks, they drain super fast. Initial fill’s cloudy, then we’ll slowly pee drip this thing, yeah. Oh look at that. Go like this. And … Slowly fill. That tiny little bit of
rust is not gonna effect it if anybody disagrees or agrees, feel free to drop me a comment. Because first of all,
it’s not even gonna go all the way down in the water, only that little bit once
it gets low, it’s fine. Just drip this like this. Make sure our plants all stay wet. Slowly fill it up. And what you can do, is
you can get real fancy and you can siphon out simultaneously the bottom layer, this little cloudiness. That won’t be that bad once it’s full. But you just wanna make sure everything gets a little touch of
water and let it fill. Now the Red Stem Thalia has a new home. We’ve used Lobelia Cardinalis,
we’ve used a little Lilicina. We’ve still got some more
work to do mixing it in, but not bad for an hour aquascape. (electronic music)

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